Found Human Remains Underwater in River! (Police Called)

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  • In this video while searching for treasure in Columbus, Georgia I found human remains! If you want to see more videos like this make sure to click the like button! Let's aim for 10,000 likes! • New? Subscribe and help me reach 2,000,000 subscribers!

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    Location: Columbus, GA

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  • madigan1323
    madigan1323 3 months ago

    I totally get it. You found it, but recognized that if you put it back someone else might find it and not be respectful to the decedent. You also recognized that it was not your privilege or place to decide what to do with the remains, so you asked an authority. I think you acted with the utmost honor and respect to not only the person, but his family as well. Yours did a good job raising you. No doubt they are proud.

  • Grouchy Dude
    Grouchy Dude 36 minutes ago

    Wow! The underwater video is so clear! Great camera!

    • KID LIFE728
      KID LIFE728 32 minutes ago

      Grouchy Dude when they say human remains is it like the organs or what?

  • Bailey Howard
    Bailey Howard 2 hours ago

    Thats not a doggy tag on it?

  • ULTRØN PanYaSoKo
    ULTRØN PanYaSoKo 5 hours ago

    Il lui lèche quand même pas mal le cul au policier

  • James Ball
    James Ball 5 hours ago

    Why is there toothpaste in your mason jar

  • Legends Of God
    Legends Of God 8 hours ago

    This can't be, you can't just go in the water and find something awesome...When I go under the sea or in a lake all I find is seaweed and rocks...Man your one lucky dude

    • Jon Watson
      Jon Watson 3 hours ago

      alot of it is where he goes, he goes where people fish, tube, etc

    • Diego Hernandez vlogs
      Diego Hernandez vlogs 4 hours ago

      Legends Of God f u

    • Yasmin Miah
      Yasmin Miah 8 hours ago

      Legends Of God no he probably does it quite often but doesn't find things so he doesn't bother putting it on YouTube otherwise it is boring for the viewer

  • Steven Roberts
    Steven Roberts 9 hours ago

    "Aaaahhh omg this is so nasty" lol

  • Улпан Бекенова

    что там?

    • Darko Simic
      Darko Simic 5 hours ago

      Улпан Бекенова не разумем те мала хехе

  • LpsGamer Vlogs
    LpsGamer Vlogs 14 hours ago

    I think it's an April fools prank because this was made on April fools day

  • Mna Miat
    Mna Miat 23 hours ago

    My name is tristan

  • Destiny Jacquez
    Destiny Jacquez 1 day ago

    Jake : awhh my gahhhh das so nasty!!!!

  • Chris Chamberlain

    3 drama queens fags

  • kaytlin lahti
    kaytlin lahti 1 day ago

    That was weird

  • Devin Grooms
    Devin Grooms 1 day ago

    3 drama queens

  • Jozlyn Serrato
    Jozlyn Serrato 2 days ago

    is that Brandon from Logan paul

  • crizK brik
    crizK brik 2 days ago

    Wow Tristan is my name

  • Ethan Knapp
    Ethan Knapp 2 days ago


  • niko kasalo
    niko kasalo 2 days ago

    what is in bag

    • Brianna Ponce
      Brianna Ponce 1 day ago

      niko kasalo its a person that they cut up and threw in the water

    • Chandler Flan
      Chandler Flan 2 days ago

      niko kasalo ashes

  • Maria-Alexandra Iordanidou

    The way he screamed when he found the remains scared me.....

  • VW3 Witte
    VW3 Witte 3 days ago

    What is it in the box?

  • Katie Willis
    Katie Willis 3 days ago

    ya'll haunted af now

  • Nick Capelli
    Nick Capelli 3 days ago

    dude some put the ashes of a loved one in the river.i spread the ashes of my grandpa in a river

    • Nick Capelli
      Nick Capelli 1 day ago

      yeah i guess you got a point there

    • Louis Laszlo
      Louis Laszlo 1 day ago

      Yeah, but instead of spreading the ashes so they could dissipate naturally they left them in a container that will never decompose.

  • Hillary Jimenez
    Hillary Jimenez 3 days ago


  • August Beay
    August Beay 3 days ago

    you are supposed to leave it in there because when a person dies you can put them where they would love to be, hence the river so that was ment to be there

  • FusionXM
    FusionXM 3 days ago

    Why call police just leave it lol!

  • Kelly Heinrichs
    Kelly Heinrichs 3 days ago

    6:05 look in the background

  • TurboChargedDad
    TurboChargedDad 4 days ago

    It's ashes, it's not a real person anymore. It's ashes... AsHHoles.

    • TurboChargedDad
      TurboChargedDad 1 day ago

      Alfred29100 no, its not did uou bother to read my comments? Its not a person, its not even human remains. It's ashes, police, funeral home. They all had their turn in making sure this was all legit and a non issue. The crematorium converted him from "human remains" to "ashes". The news paper ran their obituary etc. It's not something these idiots should be bothering someone with, period. "Dud".. now to the little bus with you.

    • Alfred29100
      Alfred29100 1 day ago

      TurboChargedDad so a dead person is not a big deal k dud

    • Joshua's channel658
      Joshua's channel658 2 days ago

      Maci the girl I was the first to like your comment

    • TurboChargedDad
      TurboChargedDad 4 days ago

      That's my point. They didn't need to involve the police and such. They made a big deal out of nothing.

      Wasted the police department's time, my time and everyone else that watched these snowflakes mishandle the situation. The person was already dead and the situation was handled by all levels of law enforcement. They don't want to mess with it anymore.

      They are in fact not "human remains", they are ashes of a cremated person. That person no longer exists. Throw their opened bag of ashes and throw them into the water. (technically illegal in most places) Be done with it, don't snowflake out. Just sayin.


  • princes of heart
    princes of heart 4 days ago

    no hide ever crime

  • MonopolyRSV
    MonopolyRSV 4 days ago

    Stop worrying about "respect." The soul left his/her former body and no longer gives a fuck what you do with those ashes.

  • Adventures Forever
    Adventures Forever 4 days ago

    he finds it at 1:15

  • Roy BM
    Roy BM 4 days ago

    Good job calling the police but what a weird manor from the crematory to just throw plastic pieces into a river. Just pollution of the environment.

    İsa _OFFİCALL 4 days ago

    Türkler Nerde???

    • Enes
      Enes 3 days ago

      İsa _OFFİCALL burda

  • TheMushAsh
    TheMushAsh 4 days ago

    April 1? Suspicious.

  • yozora
    yozora 4 days ago


  • Federico Spadone
    Federico Spadone 4 days ago

    Dumb decision: someone else will find them and find himself in the same "problem".
    The correct thing to do would have been dispersing the ashes in the water (clearly the intent of whoever put them there) WITHOUT the plastic bag and box which are just littering the river bed.

  • growlingcheetah
    growlingcheetah 5 days ago

    It's against the law to do that in Canada. You can sprinkle a small amount they give you in a little jar , but the rest can not be disposed of at all. So it has to stay in your home for example or buried etc..

  • Yesenia Castaneda
    Yesenia Castaneda 5 days ago

    What Ar. Yur. Duyn

  • king of games229
    king of games229 5 days ago

    kaka hhahaa

  • Darkhorse3211
    Darkhorse3211 6 days ago

    Very respectful. Very good video---you did a great job. thanks for sharing.

  • José Eric Estrada Rodríguez

    hey, totally like your videos, I just subscribed, I have a question, what camera is that you are using on your front shots when explaining the situation ? is that a Go pro or some other camera, I believe that is a DSLR? Thanks in advance.

  • FlashHawkAssassin
    FlashHawkAssassin 6 days ago

    Aren't you supposed to dial 311 if you need the police but it's not an emergency?

    • Federico Spadone
      Federico Spadone 4 days ago

      Kind of an emergency? How?

    • Joshua Willaby
      Joshua Willaby 5 days ago

      FlashHawkAssassin it's kind of and emergency considering it's burned remains of a person but I agree

  • Justin Silva
    Justin Silva 6 days ago

    Bunch of idiots called the cops to prove that they are three douche bags. Dumb asses

    • Justin Silva
      Justin Silva 4 days ago

      They should have left it alone, it was obviously placed there by the loved ones. But idiots like these do anything to get views. It didn't end up there by accident, any moron knows that.

    • CzyEli
      CzyEli 4 days ago

      How are they douche bags?? Would you want a dead loved one that you purposely put somewhere, to be messed with?

    • Aritro Saha
      Aritro Saha 5 days ago

      Justin Silva What? How are they douche bags?

  • Simone Owen
    Simone Owen 6 days ago

    Good on ya guys for being respectful

  • Daxter the gamer
    Daxter the gamer 7 days ago

    that scream

  • aternos gaming
    aternos gaming 7 days ago

    I subscribe like the video

  • Jim Dor
    Jim Dor 7 days ago

    the fuck are cops gunna do??? wasting there time

  • J A Kulayta
    J A Kulayta 7 days ago

    dat's prety goog

  • alfred sjöberg
    alfred sjöberg 7 days ago

    The police didnt call.... you called the police -.-

    • Tara Murtagh
      Tara Murtagh 7 days ago

      alfred sjöberg he means he called the police...

  • Jakob Rossehaug
    Jakob Rossehaug 7 days ago

    Soo is it poop or human body parts??

    • one
      one 6 days ago

      Jakob Rossehaug iiiiiiii

  • Iman Hott
    Iman Hott 7 days ago


  • carlo gamerESP
    carlo gamerESP 7 days ago

    que camara usas?

  • Saif ali 110
    Saif ali 110 7 days ago

    fucking guys,z@&

  • Hey I'm Samm
    Hey I'm Samm 7 days ago

    He finds the box at 1:14

    You're welcome.

  • thedark_ninja 753
    thedark_ninja 753 8 days ago

    April fool's

  • Nathan Rundles
    Nathan Rundles 8 days ago

    i thought some body shit in the river

  • ItsRayla
    ItsRayla 8 days ago

    You found ashes if a killer would throw a human in to the water he would not put it into ashes the family probably didn't have enough money to put a grave so they threw it into the water No hate you did the right thing but this is the most logical.

  • Koolgelo Gaming
    Koolgelo Gaming 8 days ago

    Look at the date

  • YusufEren Unsal
    YusufEren Unsal 8 days ago

    biz bulsak carpiliriz mk

  • k'la parris
    k'la parris 8 days ago

    In my situation my Granny passed away and was cremated. Her ashes were given to her piece of shit son in law because my mother wasnt in the state. (We moved away and couldnt get back right then) He told the crematorium he would take them and hand off the ashes to us. He never gave them to us and refuses to tell us what he did with them. We cant even get the cops involved because legally he was the one to take them so they belonged to him and he can do what ever he wants with them. Its been 10 years and we still dont know what he did with them. If this were my Granny I would be thrilled, but Im pretty sure I heard your say "he" so Im not even going to ask. You did the right thing calling the police.

  • Fernando Atuaia
    Fernando Atuaia 8 days ago

    Should've smoked it....

  • SlimeLover26
    SlimeLover26 8 days ago

    First thing I do is check the date XD

  • Ericthammavongsa Thammavongsa

    if I died I would tell my mom to me in a coffin

  • ello evah
    ello evah 9 days ago

    Jeez guys this was back on April fools day...

  • zStormLord
    zStormLord 9 days ago

    "Put it back."

  • David De Saver
    David De Saver 9 days ago

    Check the date... APRIL FOOLS?!

  • Polis
    Polis 9 days ago

    I wish that when i die, i get pulled back up by some dumbass with a camera.

  • WeiWei DaWeirdo
    WeiWei DaWeirdo 9 days ago

    Umm..what's her name again...😰

  • Edin Jusufovic
    Edin Jusufovic 9 days ago

    my camera

  • dezu 1337
    dezu 1337 9 days ago

    People still comment on this video? Jeez

  • Becky Cundiff
    Becky Cundiff 9 days ago

    Who is watching this at 3 am?

  • Danny Thomas
    Danny Thomas 9 days ago

    Would of tried to get hold of the family first

  • Sandaime Muramasa
    Sandaime Muramasa 9 days ago

    till this day he never knew the two police officers and the person who cremated the body was the ones who murdered him or her. Little did he know..the city has some secrets they've been hiding.

  • H I
    H I 10 days ago

    The police probably shot if because the box was black

  • Jeannie Welsh
    Jeannie Welsh 10 days ago

    its a humans body parts who know whats in this bag

    • H I
      H I 10 days ago

      It's ashes I think because he said it was from a crematorium, and the other guy used the word "sprinkle" when he said they'd call the police instead of put it back in the water

  • Harvoni
    Harvoni 10 days ago

    I would of just cut the bag let the ashes drain from the bag that way no one will find it again but God on the day of resurrection some one old prolly tossed it in didn't realize the ashes would stay put in that box and bag fo r years or push it into the sand so its covered over

  • Steve penis
    Steve penis 10 days ago

    *Finds human remains*
    "I'm not too sure what to do"

  • Khusubui Rai
    Khusubui Rai 10 days ago


  • Seco Rico
    Seco Rico 10 days ago

    police dont respect nothing why will u call them for. u could of call trump. is the same shit

    • Kevin Alonso
      Kevin Alonso 7 days ago

      Trump is an asshole but most cops are good people.

    • Ferret Droidz
      Ferret Droidz 8 days ago

      Seco Rico u are fuckin retarted

    • AmericanConcrete
      AmericanConcrete 9 days ago

      Illegals should go back to their country.

    • Ka-shoot Up a skool
      Ka-shoot Up a skool 9 days ago

      Police are trained to treat these type of situations. Learn how to spell before bashing on those who protect us.

  • Seco Rico
    Seco Rico 10 days ago

    the police is going to shoot at it and say they were feeling threaten

  • Kayleb Greene
    Kayleb Greene 10 days ago

    y u blur it

  • Artsy Games
    Artsy Games 11 days ago

    when I watch these I forget to breathe

  • Jason Bracamontes
    Jason Bracamontes 11 days ago

    Is anyone else Anxious to know why the family threw the box there like whats the special memory there?🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Seco Rico
      Seco Rico 10 days ago

      Jason Bracamontes maybe he was a dead beat

  • GamerBoricuaYT
    GamerBoricuaYT 11 days ago

    never trow a ded body on any river cuz u will get cought by DALLMYD

    • Sync
      Sync 10 days ago

      Come again

  • Kelly Mercado
    Kelly Mercado 11 days ago


  • Kelly Mercado
    Kelly Mercado 11 days ago

    what is a Romaine

    • literalcondom
      literalcondom 10 days ago

      Jaxon Young cremated* lol

    • Jaxon Young
      Jaxon Young 11 days ago

      Kelly Mercado it is ashes from someone who has benn reincarnated

  • Kittea
    Kittea 11 days ago

    Wow you are a very respectful person!

    *the underwater shriek though*

  • Keltie Springman
    Keltie Springman 11 days ago

    i bet he is hunted

  • Astral Coffee
    Astral Coffee 11 days ago

    The underwater shriek... 😂😂😂

    • Luxmae ART!
      Luxmae ART! 11 days ago

      Astral Coffee I heard it and just started laughing 😂😂

  • varshajewel
    varshajewel 11 days ago

    i was like ok what they did was respectful but when i heard him scream i was like shit!!!!!!!!!

    • AnsonWindy
      AnsonWindy 9 days ago

      I'm surprised you can actually hear him scream (underwater) lol

  • Leon Stark
    Leon Stark 11 days ago

    Just for future reference most police departments have a non-emergency line you can call so that you don't have to possibly tie up a 911 operator.

  • Royaale
    Royaale 11 days ago

    Maybe the dead person wants to stay there, in peace

    • Wolf 3001
      Wolf 3001 11 days ago

      He can't if someone else finds it they might mess with it and destroy it.

  • Matthew
    Matthew 11 days ago

    Could someone tell me wat this is?

    • Sky
      Sky 11 days ago

      Human ash

  • wow -
    wow - 11 days ago

    it's weird that someone would toss the entire box with it.

  • proud to be white
    proud to be white 11 days ago

    a 40 year old with braces

    • Deadroses
      Deadroses 11 days ago

      proud to be white and now ?

  • huckster78
    huckster78 11 days ago

    Made the right decision

  • itz_ninjakitten Girl

    looks like the person was a girl

  • Some random person ツ

    I feel as if the family probably lost someone in the river, perhaps a drowning of a loved one and they wanted the remains to be their.

    SAMMIsLIFE 12 days ago

    Kinda sad, why would someone chuck the whole box into the water? Seems kinda weird..we dont kno what happened but maybe someone threw it there because they didnt want it anymore? Maybe someone lost it somehow? Idk,its so weird.

    • Chris Smeets
      Chris Smeets 12 days ago

      Pretty weird indeed. Maybe the deceased was a diver? :P

  • Charles Ferdinand
    Charles Ferdinand 12 days ago

    Fuck calling the police sell everything on ebay.

    • Artsy Games
      Artsy Games 11 days ago

      Charles Ferdinand that seems to be what everyone decides to do

    KING DUBI 12 days ago

    April fools upload.
    If it looks like cremation, then duh! put it back

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