Melting All My Nude Lipsticks Together

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  6 days ago +13178

    this was difficult to do but i think the lipstick we got in the end was a good one!! what do u guys think? did u like the ending color? and, what should it be called?? xo, saf

  • Christina Nicole
    Christina Nicole 4 minutes ago

    Fun video :)

  • Leah Vaistij
    Leah Vaistij 5 minutes ago

    Coffee mate

  • Kathy Dahl
    Kathy Dahl 12 minutes ago

    Shit! The outcome was really flattering on you!

  • Anonymous Awesomeness
    Anonymous Awesomeness 12 minutes ago

    Coffee mate!!

  • Nur Nisa
    Nur Nisa 32 minutes ago

    You looks like Fazura Malaysia

  • teelay
    teelay 48 minutes ago

    I totally loved this video! Such a cool idea!!! 😋

  • Jamie Osburn
    Jamie Osburn 49 minutes ago

    Bikini bottom

  • Jasmine Guier
    Jasmine Guier Hour ago

    My friend's mom works at potbelly!

  • CircusofDamned
    CircusofDamned Hour ago

    coffee mate all the way

  • Kat Louise
    Kat Louise Hour ago

    Oh wow! I love how the lipstick turned out! ❤️ i'd buy that anytime! ☺️

  • BenoChan1
    BenoChan1 Hour ago

    coffee mate is so perfect

  • Marissa Cooreman
    Marissa Cooreman Hour ago

    I love her videos but I still get a lot of buzzfeed vibes from her so I'm not like complaining cause I like buzzfeed still and I love her too but I still get those vibes lol

  • MarkiplierGeek
    MarkiplierGeek Hour ago

    Coffee Mate

  • Saitocore
    Saitocore Hour ago +2

    Try not to wear black for a week? Like if you agree

  • Raven Seyana
    Raven Seyana 2 hours ago

    i like bikini bottom

  • Maria Irias
    Maria Irias 2 hours ago

    Coffee mate

  • baby spice
    baby spice 2 hours ago

    coffee mate!!!

  • dancinginstylinson17
    dancinginstylinson17 2 hours ago

    A lot of these initial nudes looked SO weird on camera - like they were concealer more than nude lipsticks

  • Marylynn Pollard
    Marylynn Pollard 2 hours ago

    I think it's lighter than you thought because you put a lot of white in it from that white lipstick (:
    I love the color at the end though!

  • Gia Hanna
    Gia Hanna 2 hours ago

    I like either cargo shorts or mutt because it's a variety of lipsticks like a variety of breeds or heritages

  • stephane purdy
    stephane purdy 3 hours ago +1

    title says
    *melting all my nude lipstick*
    but I read melting all my lipstick and started to get angry

  • Ally Koong
    Ally Koong 3 hours ago

    coffee mate

  • HopeK24 Sing
    HopeK24 Sing 3 hours ago +1


  • Emz Mello
    Emz Mello 3 hours ago

    You should do franken sticks for all your colors and name it the Frankenstein monster collection

  • Skyenne Soriano
    Skyenne Soriano 3 hours ago


  • Chloe Lomax
    Chloe Lomax 3 hours ago

    There is a drugstore matte lip almost same color and has great coverage

  • Vanessa Nguyen
    Vanessa Nguyen 4 hours ago

    I chose coffee ☕️ mate❤️

  • faureamour
    faureamour 4 hours ago

    I still like Frankenlip or Frankenude.

  • Abby B
    Abby B 4 hours ago

    I got a buzzfeed ad :/

  • Gabryela Leonardo
    Gabryela Leonardo 4 hours ago

    Ok BuzzFeed! Let's make the exact same video in your channel...

  • Daniella Bastidas
    Daniella Bastidas 4 hours ago

    You should call it coffee mate

  • J. Basílio
    J. Basílio 4 hours ago

    I love that shade! Call it coffee mate, it looks good on you as well.

  • Calla YH
    Calla YH 4 hours ago

    Definitely not cargo shorts 😂 I'm torn between Bikini Bottom or Coffee Mate... :|

  • Comander JC 125
    Comander JC 125 4 hours ago

    Wish she would post more I love safiya :(

  • Harry_Potter_Fan_Girl _101

    Bikini bottom

  • Eva Pavlik
    Eva Pavlik 5 hours ago

    Coffee mate

  • Mariel Medina
    Mariel Medina 5 hours ago

    If you find a dupe let us know!!

  • Prisilla Cope
    Prisilla Cope 5 hours ago +1

    How fun....I mix up my eyeshadows when they're running out.....makes me want to blend my shimmery nudes with a red....
    I used to mix black & red lipstick in high school (1992...) a nice blood red color... 😉😎💄💋☕
    -plain donut

  • mochi Halo
    mochi Halo 5 hours ago

    Coffee mate

  • Argolin MC
    Argolin MC 5 hours ago +4


  • Alyse Lynch
    Alyse Lynch 5 hours ago

    Bikini bottom

  • Brianna H
    Brianna H 5 hours ago

    She should react to lady like painting with their period blood

  • T I A
    T I A 6 hours ago

    Frankenstein's nudes

  • Kirsten Lewis
    Kirsten Lewis 6 hours ago

    Bikini bottom

  • Emma Ingram
    Emma Ingram 6 hours ago

    Coffee mate

  • Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova

    I bought 54 lip pencils for $15 on Amazon and that's what I'm going to use for the rest of my life, lol. I like lip pencils way more than anything else because they stay on for hours.

  • Stephanielol28
    Stephanielol28 6 hours ago

    Bikini Bottom

  • Cadence Follansbee
    Cadence Follansbee 6 hours ago +1

    Honestly I'm amazed. That was very satisfying.

    EMILIA FLORES 7 hours ago

    either Coffee-Mate or Bikini Bottom

  • Serena scux
    Serena scux 7 hours ago +1

    TOOOBBBBBYYYYYYYY, like if you know😂😎

  • Ved Star
    Ved Star 7 hours ago

    Coffee mate!!

  • Birdy R.
    Birdy R. 7 hours ago

    Coffee mate

  • Elizabeth H
    Elizabeth H 7 hours ago

    I vote for 'Bikini Bottom' :) It's cute.

  • Kailynn Ries
    Kailynn Ries 7 hours ago

    Bikini Bottom

  • Elizabeth H
    Elizabeth H 7 hours ago

    Love your videos Safiya :) I've melted lipsticks before and I found it best to use a double boiler......just saying :)

  • Viki Law
    Viki Law 7 hours ago


  • natty rose
    natty rose 8 hours ago

    Coffee mate!!

  • Sonia Khan
    Sonia Khan 8 hours ago

    coffee mate

  • Carmin Cornielle
    Carmin Cornielle 8 hours ago

    You have such pretty teeth

  • Mere
    Mere 8 hours ago

    I liked Franken Lipstick the best.

  • Jen Weaver
    Jen Weaver 8 hours ago

    I actually really love the color that's like my perfect nude

  • Katie Shea
    Katie Shea 9 hours ago

    I had to bite my hand to keep myself from screaming when she was cutting the lipstick

  • Joenys Fraticelli
    Joenys Fraticelli 9 hours ago

    Franken was awesome name xD

  • Hannahible Cannibal
    Hannahible Cannibal 9 hours ago

    ... As much as I love the video, I just hate the way she applies the lipstick.

  • Jessica Pankratz
    Jessica Pankratz 9 hours ago

    Coffee mate

  • Jasmine Gonzalez
    Jasmine Gonzalez 9 hours ago

    Sssttttooooopppp 😂

  • Blessahmaezing
    Blessahmaezing 10 hours ago


  • Punchi
    Punchi 10 hours ago


  • RyLee Jordan
    RyLee Jordan 10 hours ago

    Coffee mate

    WYLIE 10 hours ago

    Is this a new apartment?

  • Olivia Rose
    Olivia Rose 10 hours ago

    You should try curology

  • Veronica Zaytseva
    Veronica Zaytseva 10 hours ago +1

    Cargo shorts honestly is the best name tho

  • Jade Scott
    Jade Scott 10 hours ago

    your hair looks soooo good like this!!!! very flattering for your face

  • Naushin Huq
    Naushin Huq 10 hours ago

    Coffee mate

  • FoxFilms
    FoxFilms 10 hours ago

    I love how she calls the waterline part of her mouth a butt hole xD omg

  • elva zheng
    elva zheng 10 hours ago

    coffee mate since ur a coffee fan

  • Brooklin Mincone
    Brooklin Mincone 11 hours ago

    Can we just call it FrakenNude

  • JustMeSara
    JustMeSara 11 hours ago +1

    Now I wanna make my own lipsticks so I can name them

  • Caralyn Schwartz
    Caralyn Schwartz 11 hours ago

    This was so fun to watch. I hope this catches on in the beauty community

  • ZomBiE_TraSh
    ZomBiE_TraSh 11 hours ago

    She should've done a giveaway with it like Cristine did with the polish.

  • Keira O'Connell
    Keira O'Connell 11 hours ago

    I still think Frankenstein Nude is the best name 😂😂

  • Ella Violin
    Ella Violin 11 hours ago +6

    *refers to brown as not a nude multiple times*

    • RizzieDoes ItAll
      RizzieDoes ItAll 4 hours ago

      Ella Violin As a brown girl i was shook 😐

    • Hannahible Cannibal
      Hannahible Cannibal 9 hours ago

      A Brown may not be a nude for you but it might be a nude for someone else. Skin tones are a wonderful thing~

  • Olivia Phommarath
    Olivia Phommarath 11 hours ago

    Coffee mate

  • Joe Gacek
    Joe Gacek 11 hours ago +1

    do a tag pop review!! the online mystery thrift store!

    • Photonograti
      Photonograti 5 hours ago

      liking ur own comments?

    • Joe Gacek
      Joe Gacek 11 hours ago

      i see ads for it all the time on insta and fb

  • Jennbeth24
    Jennbeth24 11 hours ago

    Bikini bottom

  • Alex M
    Alex M 11 hours ago

    1 like = 1 prayer

  • Parker Pendarvis
    Parker Pendarvis 11 hours ago

    Coffee mate!

  • Samantha Bruce
    Samantha Bruce 11 hours ago

    I like the creation :) looks dry tho

  • love_2_invent
    love_2_invent 11 hours ago

    bikini bottom!

  • yriana zambrano corredor

    Bikini bottom

  • Haley Mackay
    Haley Mackay 11 hours ago +1

    You should do one of your "blank got me to buy this" on things buzzfeed suggest you to buy! I am constantly seeing those.

  • Rebecca Star
    Rebecca Star 11 hours ago

    Coffee mate

  • Fatima Al Suwaidi
    Fatima Al Suwaidi 12 hours ago

    coffee mate

  • Kurstin Marie
    Kurstin Marie 12 hours ago

    Hey, that's my work

  • Brelynn Randall
    Brelynn Randall 12 hours ago

    Coffee mate

  • danfranbanan
    danfranbanan 12 hours ago

    Shoulda left the white one out <3

  • Eliza Jane Aitken Curran

    Bikini bottom or maybe cat fur... 😂

  • Rapmonster
    Rapmonster 12 hours ago

    I reported for nudity

    I'm kidding ily saf ❤️

  • GrxcePower
    GrxcePower 13 hours ago +1

    Coffee mate

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