Good people don't brag about how good they are

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  • Gumus Zee
    Gumus Zee 44 minutes ago

    Playing at 1.25 speed makes this a surprisingly catchy tune.

  • Death Machine
    Death Machine Hour ago

    eat that shit, Jake
    jack dabbed on a pic of you earlier, ya know why?

  • Tropical 962
    Tropical 962 2 hours ago

    better than ricegum

  • sarah Osmani
    sarah Osmani 2 hours ago

    I am in no way. Shape. Or form. A jake pauler. However he did have a point in his youtubers diss track where he pointed out how the media only shows everyone the bad things and never the good. BUT I REPEAT I AM NOT A JAKE PAULER. I REPEAT NOT A JAKE PAULER SO DONT HATE ON ME cause I really don't like jake. Just an observation🤗

  • Jessica Bernet
    Jessica Bernet 2 hours ago

    @ jake paul

  • Brendan Kapp
    Brendan Kapp 4 hours ago +1

    A new sub and now I'm a hella fan, how did I miss such good creamy content.

  • Leo Fake
    Leo Fake 4 hours ago

    I really like how markiplier makes money for charity, and that never caused a lot of drama, it's just a genuinely nice thing he does. Remember the Keemstar exposed videos? The thing about the internet is that no matter how much drama there is, there will ALWAYS be the people that do good, and it's sad how we all overlook that.

  • Breezy B
    Breezy B 4 hours ago +1

    @ jake paul. WHY CANT WE DO GOOD TO DO GOOD!!

  • Jimin You Ain't Got No Jams


  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan 6 hours ago

    Lel i subbed

  • foxzee
    foxzee 6 hours ago

    This song is so true. Well done c:

  • Luke
    Luke 7 hours ago

    i bet you the 2k dislikes are all jake paul fans

  • John Bianchino
    John Bianchino 7 hours ago


  • Kellie D.
    Kellie D. 7 hours ago +2

    You are awesome.

  • Fatal Peasant
    Fatal Peasant 7 hours ago +1

    how come the subtitles half way through the video?

    • Evan Johnson
      Evan Johnson 6 hours ago

      He doesnt use subtitles for the chorus

    • Fatal Peasant
      Fatal Peasant 6 hours ago

      Evan Johnson the video starts with subtitles but if you skip a bit they go away.

    • Evan Johnson
      Evan Johnson 6 hours ago

      Fatal Peasant What

  • Clarissa Stewart
    Clarissa Stewart 7 hours ago

    finally someone who said it. just dab deck them.

  • zane Đai Viêt
    zane Đai Viêt 8 hours ago +1

    Jack drops the realist shit on this website

  • WarpGhost
    WarpGhost 9 hours ago

    I did not know Hugo Weaving could sing

  • Tanner Gallegos
    Tanner Gallegos 9 hours ago +1

    What was that vid that cyr filmed

  • *мαяу кιтту*
    *мαяу кιтту* 9 hours ago

    the bass reminded me of hamilton-

  • Stanislav Shaposhnikov
    Stanislav Shaposhnikov 10 hours ago +1

    So sad he died
    Rip jacksfilms 2011-2017

  • Amna Milic
    Amna Milic 10 hours ago

    You voice is amazing🤗😀

  • Voxle
    Voxle 12 hours ago

    Is this music?

  • ianisgreat
    ianisgreat 12 hours ago

    My favorite song by Jack

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks 13 hours ago +1

    *COUGH COUGH* jake paul *COUGH COUGH*

  • King Gat
    King Gat 13 hours ago

    i hate jake paul j.k. he is me favorite youtuber

  • charlie duncan
    charlie duncan 14 hours ago

    just put: JAKE PAUL in the whole video

  • kyichelle
    kyichelle 15 hours ago

    i honestly geniunely like jacks music @ me all u want hes talented

  • Madeline Arnold
    Madeline Arnold 15 hours ago +1

    When I heard the "Markiplier" part I flipped

  • Quik Chicken
    Quik Chicken 16 hours ago +2

    Dear Jake Paul,

  • Annieice5
    Annieice5 16 hours ago

    Lol all the comments about how he's roasting Jake paul. Well deserved I must say 👏👏👏

  • Annieice5
    Annieice5 16 hours ago

    I need to learn this song I'm literally sitting at my keyboard I need to learn this

  • Ben Cokus
    Ben Cokus 16 hours ago

    Good people don't exclusively wear their own merch

  • Meta Muffin
    Meta Muffin 17 hours ago +2

    I'm going into 8th grade next week and there's going to be so many cringy Jake Paul fans

  • Emerald Shine
    Emerald Shine 17 hours ago

    Who hurt you, Jack

  • FreakyTAO
    FreakyTAO 17 hours ago

    Destroyed, super awesome

  • Cpt Autismo
    Cpt Autismo 18 hours ago

    get this on Spotify

  • May Bee
    May Bee 18 hours ago

    Jack what have you done? I cant stop singing this song

  • Ognjen Trivunčić
    Ognjen Trivunčić 18 hours ago

    is this diss track on roomie official?

  • 21 Pinofs
    21 Pinofs 19 hours ago

    I love this👏🏻👏🏻

  • TheRamenProductions
    TheRamenProductions 19 hours ago +1

    Jack Pole is me favrite memer ha *dabs on the haters*

  • Elena alison Male
    Elena alison Male 19 hours ago


  • Testing Roo
    Testing Roo 20 hours ago

    I really wonder if jake Paul saw this
    Also a message for jake paulers you guys are fucking delusional

  • LunaticLuna
    LunaticLuna 21 hour ago

    I love how you dissed Jake without even MENTIONING him oh ilysm

  • Strike
    Strike 21 hour ago +1

    I watch Jake but I don't support him to the point where I press like on his videos or buy his merch. I just watch his videos cuz there ain't nothing else to watch.

  • Melonpie 33
    Melonpie 33 22 hours ago +1

    What the fuck, John? His headphones are hardly covering his ears

  • Bloody 'Ell M8
    Bloody 'Ell M8 23 hours ago

    Aggahem ---Kendrick Lamar--- gahhahahem

  • sarcASStic
    sarcASStic 23 hours ago

    The comments saying "Dab on Jacksfilms" clearly dont get the target of this song lmao

  • Dakota Marin
    Dakota Marin 23 hours ago

    You forgot about pall jake

  • Pearl The Squid
    Pearl The Squid 23 hours ago +1

    Fuck clickbait.
    We have silent dissing.

  • GiantFunnyShark -

    I can't decide whether Jack can or can't sing. It's annoying me more than it should.

  • Adam Griffin
    Adam Griffin Day ago +1

    I love me some Dougly, but these songs with the same lame ass voice effects are getting so damn old. I believe in a day when Jack will make songs where he just sings with his regular, god given voice. We love you jack. You are clearly a talented musician and lyricist. So please stop ruining your songs by hiding your potential like the government hides proof of memes curing cancer.

  • Hayley Z
    Hayley Z Day ago

    i saw the title and knew it was about jake hahahaha

  • Ice Scream
    Ice Scream Day ago +1

    new title for the video:

  • willie uadiski
    willie uadiski Day ago

    Hey there fun-sized doggy DILF been bouncing on my boy's dick since the Dexter parody days and loving every forehead-sweat drenched second of it. Maybe some day you can borrow that dog catapult and launch a specific Italian greyhound into the fucking moon. Or maybe into the White House. Your choice buddy ol pal. Bet then you'd break 5mil pretty quick.
    blastin off yo 8=======D~~~~~~~~ <that's jizz

  • NUTrition
    NUTrition Day ago

    a comment section that actually makes me laugh

  • Devs
    Devs Day ago

    he’s like the unattractive version of cole sprouse

  • Zayyan A Gaming
    Zayyan A Gaming Day ago

    tell this to Jake paul

  • GD ReXer
    GD ReXer Day ago

    Still better than his most recent song

  • Sunny YesItsMyRealName

    This was a wake up call to me. Seeing as how my entire friend group always makes fun of me because I'm always like "I'm a really good person"

  • Silvy Care
    Silvy Care Day ago

    You know you're boss when you diss someone without even saying their name and everyone knows it.

  • razorrozar
    razorrozar Day ago +1

    Jack, I have no idea what you're talking about. Jake Paul is a great person. It's like you didn't even watch his disstrack about how great he is. He told us all how good he was for four straight minutes. I mean, he wouldn't lie, right? He's too good for that.

  • khaled khayyat
    khaled khayyat Day ago +2

    Jake paul is a stinky biscuit boy

  • camila howlter
    camila howlter Day ago +1

    the s h a d e

  • Boi
    Boi Day ago +1

    Who could this be about 🤔

    • The Potato Faith
      The Potato Faith 11 hours ago



    • Awesome gaming and stuff
      Awesome gaming and stuff 11 hours ago

      Boi Jenna and her garbage dogs

    • William Berends
      William Berends Day ago

      Boi he's talking about sony pictures about how they don't brag about how cured everyone's depression with the emoji movie

  • Ollie Eagleton
    Ollie Eagleton Day ago

    I'm 13 and I haven't even heard of Jake Paul since 2 months ago.. :/

  • ittzJohn
    ittzJohn Day ago

    MeMe big boy

  • Space
    Space Day ago

    Hey look jacks doing actually doing sketches again

  • Gee Willickers
    Gee Willickers Day ago

    It's much better to imply you're a good person; Bragging is so uncivilized.

  • TorTorTheTrashBag

    Jack should make an Alexander Hamilton 3

  • ReptiFamily Production

    Nice message! My 4 year old requested I play this twice in a row. ☺

  • This is Alice bunny MSP

    Jenna marbles has better and cuter dogs!

  • Fake Email
    Fake Email Day ago

    He's so precious, I wanna adopt him

  • Dying Lights
    Dying Lights Day ago

    only like a week later Jake Paul made a song bragging about good he is. . . .

    • Savannah Echeverria
      Savannah Echeverria Day ago

      Actually this was based off of Jake's video. His came out before Jack's video.

  • CeramicCastle49
    CeramicCastle49 Day ago

    Better than "it's everyday bro"

  • Placion
    Placion Day ago

    Stop being hypocritical.

    • Placion
      Placion 19 hours ago

      I was being sarcastic

    • Maris Molotov
      Maris Molotov Day ago

      He doesn't think he's a good person himself. Also Jack doesn't brag.

    POTAT O Day ago

    Bad peapole (me) don't brag about how bad they are we just put on Jake Paul merch!👍👍

  • Paige
    Paige Day ago

    england is my city

    • William Berends
      William Berends Day ago

      England is my holy land and we must take it back deus vult

  • Erin Grey
    Erin Grey Day ago

    Was... was this a wholesome jacksfilms video?

  • Cavedweller7700
    Cavedweller7700 Day ago

    How the heck does JacksFilms stay relevant making videos less than 10 minutes long

  • HippHippHippy
    HippHippHippy Day ago

    hey, jake paul should see this

  • Water is wet
    Water is wet Day ago

    This is amazing

  • Orin World
    Orin World Day ago +1

    I'm getting a keyboard just to learn how to play this song

  • Amy Rose
    Amy Rose Day ago

    why is this so funny

  • LucyThePuppy :3
    LucyThePuppy :3 Day ago

    Drama's fun, but it glorifies villainy.
    I only understood this on the second view ( Because it's so fucking addicting ) but that quote is so true!

  • jack diamond
    jack diamond Day ago

    This one goes out to that fucker Jake Paul

  • Alpha H.
    Alpha H. Day ago

    Thank you for this, Jack. Seriously.

  • Warsos
    Warsos Day ago

    *cough* JAKE PAUL *cough*

  • Just a Theory
    Just a Theory Day ago +1


  • 0522dux
    0522dux Day ago +1

    so this got on trending?? youtube is dumb

  • Alma Verde
    Alma Verde Day ago

    guys!!! i have news. i subd to jack n unsubd from jake. he just bought a dog from a breeder n i hope he dies. im vegan btw. fuck that jake piece a shit. like r u shittin me? from a breeder? ridiculous. hope he burns in hell. i hope jack adopted his dogs.

  • Felix Ren
    Felix Ren Day ago +1


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    online business Day ago +2

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  • keana172
    keana172 Day ago


  • Ja Mo
    Ja Mo Day ago

    Sorry but I just saw the videos
    A-holes talking to a camera
    Drama is more popular than content
    And good people don't brag about how good they are
    These are the stages of Jake Paul lol
    By the way, great vid! Love your content

  • Jack C
    Jack C Day ago +1

    My cunt sister needs this.

  • F
    F Day ago +2

    The second I saw the title I thought "this is definitely about jake Paul's shitty music video" and I'm glad to see that is what it's about. I'm also glad to see so many
    Non-brainwashed people (like myself)
    Who despise the son of a bitch jake Paul.

    Edit: i want to get this on iTunes. Need a download link haha.

  • Bagels Are Donuts Without Ambition

    This was a good birthday present

  • Asim Miah
    Asim Miah Day ago +1

    I guess I'm not good then...

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