Hillary Comes Out Of The Woods And Wonders 'What If?'

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • Much like the President, Hillary Clinton hasn't been able to forget the 2016 election results.

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  • Harpreet Jandu
    Harpreet Jandu 23 days ago

    Donald Trump's victory materialized from the exploitation of 3 population groups:
    1. The elite that wanted to keep their money.
    2. The middle-class who were beyond fed up with political corruption, betrayal, unkept promises and struggling economy who wanted ANYONE but her in hopes of a miracle.
    3. The numbskulls who were too gullible to fall for smoke and mirrors.

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog 26 days ago

    Hi, I'm Frog.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez Month ago

    It wasn't misogyny or sexism that kept Hillary Clinton out of office it was Hillary Clinton being a criminal liar and a thief. Stephen Colbert won't say one bad word about Hillary Clinton. G I wonder why. Does the network he works for funds the Hillary Clinton campaign? I'm pretty sure that is a yes. Same with John Oliver. I like how he uses CNN as his source. Lmao. Sorry your candidate lost. But it's time to get over it. America has spoken.

  • sailtheplains
    sailtheplains Month ago

    "My first 100 days had more days than any other president."

    That. That's it. Right there. That's what this feels like.

    "Brace yourself."

    because seriously, we all went, "oh...goddammit."

    6:40 #nerdcred

  • carlos lucero
    carlos lucero 2 months ago

    Wish in one hand and shit in the other and we get the new guy

  • SpaceMonki
    SpaceMonki 2 months ago

    damnit mysogyny always stealing my president

  • GrandNoble
    GrandNoble 2 months ago


  • ChristianMission
    ChristianMission 2 months ago

    Colbert says she takes responsibility for her loss, but that is not what she does. She says she takes "absolute responsibility" yet goes on to blame Russian hacking (which has not been proven), Infowars (a fringe conspiracy site), "Trump people," Wikileaks, James Comey’s letter and sexism as having cumulatively played a decisive role. So she's not taking "absolute responsibility" and acknowledging herself to be the decisive factor in losing; rather, she blames everyone and everything else but herself for losing, as do her fellow Democrats, particularly Russia.

    Maybe if she focused on policy and addressing the concerns of the majority of Americans living in between her bases in New York and California left behind by the supposed wonders of Obama's presidency, people that libs look down upon with unbridled scorn, marginalize and dehumanize, she may have won their votes. But libs are irrelevant outside California, NY and the lib media. The Presidency, Congress and 33 governorships are held by Republicans.

  • F T
    F T 2 months ago

    Her logic about why she lost the presidency is like blaming the video camera company for painting the corrupt thief in a bad light. This is also the bullshit logic of the democratic establishment. It doesn't matter how the information was leaked, geniuses! This is why, ladies and gentlemen, the democrats are on the path to losing another round of elections.

  • miguel angel
    miguel angel 3 months ago

    you are so hot and sexy Hillary I see you every night in my dreams

  • obvious_humor
    obvious_humor 3 months ago

    Very ironic that Hillary talks about her presidency being a big deal when the subtitle clearly reads "I did support Syrian strikes". Clearly it wouldn't be any different to the world. Just like the subtitle also says "I take absolute personal responsibility for loss" at the same time as she's making excuses and blaming it on Comey and WikiLeaks.

  • ev0lv3n0w
    ev0lv3n0w 3 months ago +1

    We know. Hillary wants a women in the White House. She doesn't want the best person to do the job there, she just wants a woman. Seems kinda sexist to me. What did Armanpour say? 00:37 "...who are looking for validation..." Sure, that's what the presidency is all about, a specific group's _feeling of_ validation.

  • shakk3n
    shakk3n 3 months ago

    if there woulb be a female president. that person should not be hillary clinton. however, Elizabeth warren is a much better option.

  • Feeso
    Feeso 3 months ago

    There will be a female president and it will mean a lot but she just isn't the woman who will make that step. Frankly I didn't like either candidate, one was experienced and corrupt and the other was not the status quo but said some very concerning things. In the end trump won, but I don't think it's cause she's a woman, I think it's cause of a combination of the electoral collage system and the damaged trust she had with voters going into the election. That's my outlook, but of course I maybe completely wrong in my conclusions.

  • FatFreddysKat
    FatFreddysKat 3 months ago

    It is a big deal for the US. But Countries like India and islamic papistan already had female leaders in the last century. Currently Bangladesh has a female leader

  • Lola Bur
    Lola Bur 3 months ago


  • marlonious
    marlonious 3 months ago

    The advert looks and sounds like a Scientology advert 😑

  • mark welsh
    mark welsh 3 months ago

    by the power of Grey ahem I mean Numb Skull

  • ngia' atanga
    ngia' atanga 3 months ago

    Trump will win in 2020

  • Barbara Minchew
    Barbara Minchew 3 months ago


  • briz1965
    briz1965 3 months ago

    if if and and's were pots and pans they'd be no need for tinkers..

  • tuseroni
    tuseroni 3 months ago

    "i take full responsibility, and i woulda won if it wasn't for russia, wikileaks, and comey"

  • CR2504life
    CR2504life 3 months ago

    *lock her up*

  • PollyMamedePsi
    PollyMamedePsi 3 months ago

    Ok America, you still deserve Trump, talking about a woman that is in fact a real chance to have a female president, and a great one, she´s not perfect but I can tell you guys that Bernie is a lost cause, he knows that, he knows that he can´t win in a country with voters that are aware that America has too much to change in less than 8 years, Clinton should be your president but you guys choose the crazy one or are still calling for a socialist that can´t win in a captalist country, in here and other countrys Bernie was just a cute idea, one that could break your country inside, Hillary was a safe bet for everyone, if you don´t want her we take in a second!

  • Isabella Fleming
    Isabella Fleming 3 months ago

    Did he compare my beloved Stephen King to the first Orange-American president...?

  • Sarah Hill
    Sarah Hill 3 months ago

    YOU CAN'T SAY AMERICA IS BECOMING ENERGY INDEPENDENT WHILE CITING KEYSTONE XL. I've seen that argument before, and unless Alberta became a state recently and I missed it, that oil is coming from Canada.

  • JamBear
    JamBear 3 months ago

    Too bad the US prefers human cheetos over women in power

  • J Garcia Arizaga
    J Garcia Arizaga 3 months ago

    Trump cock holsters be mad about this I bet haha love Colbert. he's on fire. #FireColbert he's like a Pokemon fire edition.

  • first last
    first last 3 months ago +2

    The "Trump 2020" campaign is just a way for him to not get into trouble with the Emollients Clause. Any bribe or money or gift he gets is now legally defensible as campaign contributions. This man is the snake of all snakes.

  • Hans Jørgen Furfjord
    Hans Jørgen Furfjord 3 months ago

    Who the hell were those sick fucks clapping when he said Hillary was coming back ??

  • Jean-Sébastien Savard
    Jean-Sébastien Savard 3 months ago

    USA is pathetic. Not only did you guys elect a bankrupted con man promising to make the "greatest coutry in the world" great again .... but you guys think electing a women for president would have a huge impact on the world ... fuck off. You guys are 10 years behind the world on this one. Get your head out of your ass and your troops out of europ. Bad guys are you now

    Great show mister Colbert, i love it. I really do.

  • Vinitha
    Vinitha 3 months ago

    Apparently, Cobert's audience can be easily manipulated. who even votes for Hillary

  • MissFunkyJuice
    MissFunkyJuice 3 months ago

    Are people aware that this is PROPAGANDA ?! like, Stalinian propaganda. 1984 type of propaganda. the BAD KIND. Oh America...

  • ErykaSoleil
    ErykaSoleil 3 months ago

    Don't you sully He-Man's reputation like that!

  • thura3
    thura3 3 months ago

    6:19 that is soooo close to Nixon saying "good bye" as he boarded a plane too. soon!

  • SpookyDarling
    SpookyDarling 3 months ago

    I love that he referenced something from Strangers with Candy!!

  • masao shiose
    masao shiose 3 months ago

    Trump Voters: A witch! A witch! A witch! We’ve got a witch! A witch! Burn her!

  • christopher tracy
    christopher tracy 3 months ago

    I was so prepared for a hillarybot comment section, and was pleasantly surprised that it was not. Go back into the woods and stay there Hillary. Hillary was a shitty candidate, that is why she lost. #Bernie2020

  • Aidan B
    Aidan B 3 months ago

    As someone who voted for Hillary, it wasn't just sexism that caused her loss. She seemed so fake, and untrustworthy. To many, Trump seemed like a real person to many, whereas Hillary seemed to be a manufactured personality. Also, when it came out that the DNC conspired against Bernie, she lost a lot of support. And some of those people switched to Trump. I wasn't happy with my choice, but at least I can at the end of the day I can say I tried to prevent this presidency.

  • Sadie Blue
    Sadie Blue 3 months ago

    Send that witch back to the woods. Maybe she could go live in Haiti. She is so gross

  • xwers1234
    xwers1234 3 months ago +1

    She didn't loose cause of Russia or cause she was a women, she lost cause she was an incompetent candidate who didn't focus on the key states, cause she thought she would win, her and the democrats need to fix their shit so we can get rid of trump

  • Jonn Mero
    Jonn Mero 3 months ago

    So Hillary never had a look in the mirror to see what REALLY scared voters off?
    The 'nasty bitch' factor never seems to occur to her, nor does 'More Wars with Hillary'.
    Trump is a very very poor choice for a president, - as is Hillary Clinton, and sooner or later the shit will hit the fan!

  • JonathanNeilRhodes
    JonathanNeilRhodes 3 months ago

    She (Hillary) is the reason Trump one. Period.

    And all she had was the women card!

  • Penga Mauwi
    Penga Mauwi 3 months ago

    still dying over "power of numbskull"... gets funnier everytime i watch this..

  • Shelley Gilbert
    Shelley Gilbert 3 months ago

    Glass ceiling and brains. Some people like stupid doctors, clumsy dentists, and dead electricians. They voted for donnie.

  • Delta 6 Music
    Delta 6 Music 3 months ago

    Glad to see Jean is learning the role, his piano skills are fantastic though man.

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 3 months ago

    #Fire this Faggit Communist

  • CuteCatLady MB
    CuteCatLady MB 3 months ago +3

    Donnie likes TV ads because there is no substance and he doesn't have to work. It is just a bunch of empty promises and flashy marketing to make him look good.

  • Seudon Amous
    Seudon Amous 3 months ago

    OMG NO>>>>>u lost when the GNC purged millions of voters. and when the media blacklist the candidate peopel wnted.....U LOST BECAUSE OF U!!!!! Trump IS GOING TO WIN AGAIN UNLESS U FUCKING IDIOT WAKE UP.....and how the fuck is blaming Russia and Comey takeing responsibility....ARE U FUCKING RETATRDED

  • My Coins Your Purse
    My Coins Your Purse 3 months ago

    Wouldn't it be insane if Ivanka ended up being the first female president? Lol, kill me.

  • iluvwhtchix
    iluvwhtchix 3 months ago

    "By the power of Numbskulllllllll!!"

  • Christian Caisley
    Christian Caisley 3 months ago


  • BigErn_Mccraken
    BigErn_Mccraken 3 months ago

    Shillary Clinton. Love you Colbert, but that woman is a fucking corporate cunt who needs to go away.

  • s. marty
    s. marty 3 months ago

    who are Colbert's Hoosiers (sponsors) , 20 million people want to know ,
    never buy their products again....only losers companies support losers

  • lsik231l
    lsik231l 3 months ago +1

    I can't believe they referenced their quotes using "fake news"...lol

  • stephen birch
    stephen birch 3 months ago

    She's fucking delusional

  • steven shar
    steven shar 3 months ago

    This current election is a greatest display of sexism. The American people decided to vote in a rich white old narcissist entitled men, if this isn't a display of sexism I don't know what is.

  • Xana rodrigues
    Xana rodrigues 3 months ago

    she was croked, and people want te change...

  • DD
    DD 3 months ago

    I think the world has really gone crazy when someone like Hillary loses and Trump wins.

  • Th33Vultur3
    Th33Vultur3 3 months ago

    Anybody, but Trump

  • BeautyWith Samara
    BeautyWith Samara 3 months ago

    When trump called Mrs Clinton nasty woman and insulted the Mexico broad day light in front children what did FCC do. Nothing about it. Get a better job Abdul be fear

  • BeautyWith Samara
    BeautyWith Samara 3 months ago +1

    This is the United States of America. U cannot take a joke. Trump has insulted many people on live tv and FCC never investigated what up with that.

  • BeautyWith Samara
    BeautyWith Samara 3 months ago

    FCC should investigate Fox News for giving fake news all these years. FCC do the real job. First amendment

  • BeautyWith Samara
    BeautyWith Samara 3 months ago

    Steven is not going no where. To those who are offended by Steve is too bad. Trump has insulted many people than Steve. FCC to even thing about punishing steve is ridiculous. Steve is saying the truth is not alternative fact. FCC that's stupid

  • The Resistance
    The Resistance 3 months ago


  • B Bender
    B Bender 3 months ago

    Hillary needs to stay in the woods as she's unfit to interact with society/civilization. Maybe she can run her CRIME EMPIRE FROM A TENT. A white trash  virago from HELL.

  • jason Blau
    jason Blau 3 months ago

    she is delusional

  • Raymond Harris HANDOYO
    Raymond Harris HANDOYO 3 months ago

    LibFrigginTard Audience ,
    They never learn

  • BrianPratpick
    BrianPratpick 3 months ago

    Everytime I see Trump, I think: There's not enough guns in America....

  • Sandra Caster
    Sandra Caster 3 months ago

    this guy is funny

  • nuber10
    nuber10 3 months ago


  • Walter Gregoire
    Walter Gregoire 3 months ago

    Evecry second of Trump presidency the US is a shame, a disgrace, it's probably time for a solution.
    Trump supporters are brain washed, lets open school for them

  • Jasdeep Singh
    Jasdeep Singh 3 months ago

    I saw 5 minutes of that interview. Hillary talked out of her @$$. #Vote4Warren!!!

  • Stina Marie
    Stina Marie 3 months ago

    Man a lot of Hillary haters.
    listen I wanted Bernie too. But Hillary isn't different from every other democratic politician. With Her, it would of been much of the same.
    With Trump, I have to worry about My Children, and The elders in My Family, and My planet.
    I dislike Hillary, but damn I wouldn't have all these worries about My Son being drafted, or my kids education.....
    I just hope Bernie won't Be too old to run in 2020

  • Aj Brandt
    Aj Brandt 3 months ago

    no Hillary can go away, she lost. the dems need to go with bernie

  • Nati by Nature
    Nati by Nature 3 months ago

    Oh yeah, sexism is rampant in the West.
    I can't stand this discusting & diversive Identity Politics!
    Hillary divides everyone.
    Gender, race, classes...
    Divide & Conquer! But you failed!
    People are better than you think! They are sick of the name calling.

  • Abcde Fghij
    Abcde Fghij 3 months ago

    Should have been bernie

  • Leighton Rose
    Leighton Rose 3 months ago

    Yeah just sexism and Russia.  Nothing to do with pissing off half your base and independent voters.

  • Satabdi Mukherjee
    Satabdi Mukherjee 3 months ago

    #WeLoveYouStephenColbert.... don't care what assholes have to say....

  • Brian Yates
    Brian Yates 3 months ago

    He-man is too good for Trump to turn into him.

  • J. McIntire-Stearn
    J. McIntire-Stearn 3 months ago

    Stephen Colbert for president in 2020!

  • c4bb4g3
    c4bb4g3 3 months ago

    The reason Hillary lost: "I don't know about Pokemon Go...but Pokemon...GO to the polls!"

  • Mike V
    Mike V 3 months ago

    Clinton is back? How do we get rid of her for good? Like seriously, it's easier to kill a terminator.

  • James A. Rice
    James A. Rice 3 months ago

    People are dupes. Falling for this guy's facade. Pfff

  • r2c123
    r2c123 3 months ago

    How dare you! Of course I remember Ken Bone!!!

  • Second Kings
    Second Kings 3 months ago

    Why is she STILL sticking to that Russian narrative? Even the most ardent of democratic websites all admit that it was her own missteps, lack of trustworthiness, failure to campaign properly and the content of the leaks themselves that cost her.

    Accept responsibility for your failures. Nobody wants you to be president because you're just as bad as Trump. You're just not as stupid.

  • Rosemary Lemos
    Rosemary Lemos 3 months ago

    Bernie would've won

  • D
    D 3 months ago

    she's so unbelievably out of touch

  • Virginia Whitney
    Virginia Whitney 3 months ago

    Hillary's last name is Rodham. Her husband's advisors suggested that if she changed her last name to his it would improve his chances to win the governorship. She did (along with straightening her hair, ditching her glasses, and affecting a more "traditionally feminine" deference look and manner) and he won. Our founders, rather than making women citizens, chose to follow Coverture practices (we inherited from the British) which turned married women from being humans into the legal property of their husbands. That is why women could not serve on juries (property has no rights and no protections under the law) because women were not considered people. Women have spent 240 years clawing back each right stripped away from them, but one the hardest things to fight is the ease with which our society vilifies women. Hillary is our own version of Eve, and you can never trust an Eve (or any scapegoat) for that matter. Wonder what all the male late night comedian's wives' last names are? Sexism, gosh really?

  • akraxit
    akraxit 3 months ago

    she is so full of herself. good that she lost. now she should get lost forever

  • Marcos F. Molina
    Marcos F. Molina 3 months ago

    Bitch if you loose to FUCKING TRUMP! Don´t blame the emails, don´t blame the FBI.
    You trained for the entirety of tour life for this moment and a fucking clown beat you at your own game. And don´t blame Americans. They elected a black man named Hussein.

  • Vasilijan Nikolovski
    Vasilijan Nikolovski 3 months ago

    0:26 She would've showed that no matter what you have between your legs, you can still succeed by being a corrupted sleazy piece of shit.

  • Matias Flores
    Matias Flores 3 months ago +1

    Fucking hell, "Russian Wikileaks"?! What does that even mean?!

  • puckerings
    puckerings 3 months ago

    There have been so many female leaders of various countries in the world, it seems incredibly self-centred of Americans to think that Clinton winning the election would have had some special meaning for women of the world.

  • WhooFlungPoo
    WhooFlungPoo 3 months ago

    Oh, so podesta didnt write the emails? she still doesnt get why she lost, lives in a bubble. You and the dnc cheated bernie. Now go away, dont come back. You caused all this clinton.

  • Ellie Hrabik
    Ellie Hrabik 3 months ago

    Is it possible for a woman to nod that many times in a matter of minutes?

  • Khang Chau
    Khang Chau 3 months ago

    Is nobody who has witnessed the ad stating out that the ad was reuploaded due to the amount of dislike they had, and then got a bunch of dislike again?

  • Cameron Henry
    Cameron Henry 3 months ago

    Stephen Colbert for President 2020

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