Alien: Covenant ANGRY Review - ANGRY RANT!

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    AngryJoe Rants about the Alien: Covenant Movie & gives his NON-SPOILER review on how it effects the lore. What HAPPENED Ridley Scott?!
    Great Action, Visuals & Music without any substance and with a terrible story, characters and that actually messed up the lore.

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  • Runtime: 24:48
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  • Bio Hazard
    Bio Hazard 2 hours ago

    I love angry movie reviews. he thinks like I do I feel like I know his reviews before they even come out. the new alien movie wasn't bad. but it sure wasn't good lol

  • SlayerPDX
    SlayerPDX 7 hours ago

    The problem is assholes that want "aliens" they want the second movie over and over again. I'm a true fan. I own all of the movies on blue ray, even the AVP movies.
    All you people want are aliens slaughtering people and guys with space guns shooting them. Over and over and over again.
    I have NO idea what joe is saying when they fucked up the lore. What lore? There really wasn't shit. Comics do not count, avp does not count... none of that shit is Canon.
    He claims that the people in this movie act stupid... I completely disagree. When they woke up they had just lost over I think 200 people including the captain of a ship. They discover a planet that is suitable for life just like the one they were headed to. They made a decision, yes an unsafe decision but one that was either go to planet A and be there in a weekbag or planet B and go back in stasis for 7 years... never mind that the last time they woke up half the ship blew the fuck up killing people.
    The colonists were NOT fucking around and doing dumb shit. They didn't purposefully go up to the spores and poke at shit. Further more they even quarantined one of the colonists (backburster).
    The focus wasn't on the androids. It was on the theme of CREATIONALISM. He would of made the same fucking complaints if it was Shaw and not David. The black goo was mentioned and explained not just pushed away like joe claims.
    He keeps talking about these "tropes" because it's really his only defense and honestly the only trope was the shower scene.
    The cliffhanger was just fine. David has 2000 people to perfect the xenomorph with and the engineers are not all done. They are all over the galaxy.
    People need to start thinking for themselves and stop listening to these fucking fanboy youtubers. He didn't want an intelligent movie... He wanted fucking aliens... again. So he decided to cry and attempt to rip apart a movie that was too smart for him.

  • SlayerPDX
    SlayerPDX 8 hours ago

    Honestly fuck joe and the people who didn't like this movie. Obviously they were to fucking dumb to understand what it was about.

    JPFDNPP31111ELE Day ago

    The only people Covenant could possibly please are newcomers and casual fans of the series who don't know any better.

  • Cuban CigarMan
    Cuban CigarMan Day ago

    Just watched it. Didn't want to get po-ed at the theatre. It was good and bad. No chain of command. Noah's ark husband and wife team to take care of the cargo of 2000 other lives in cryogenic sleep, really!? Modern film making of no character building. Ridley Scott needs to be removed. The crew is played to be really stupid really! This movie insults the intelligent movie viewers period. I never enjoyed the fact that gestation periods were shortened to a few minutes and creatures reach full maturity in a few minutes. Lots of money spent to make this movie and apparently they lost money! thank you everyone for not watching this at the Theatre and don't insult our intelligence mr scott! The fans is the franchise and when they lose us they lose their franchise. I loved the mystery of the alien creature, now it's just about garbage.

  • B-dan
    B-dan Day ago

    People actually think Resurrection is better? The movie where we learn that Weyland-Yutani got bought out by fucking Walmart?

  • Jordan Bauer
    Jordan Bauer 2 days ago

    to be honest its not a bad horror movie its just a bad alien movie my only concern is the alien at the end of promethius didnt have any relevance all we see is albino alien turns into generic xenomorph i get that its a different planet so the proto xenomorph wouldnt appear but its not even referenced another bit of lore that was never used

  • joygasmfilmz
    joygasmfilmz 2 days ago

    lucas was and always will be better at starwars then disney as for alien only had 2 movies going for it before the franchise started bombing.

  • Joshua Ford
    Joshua Ford 2 days ago

    I agree with the fact that the characters on the whole don't have much of any development, but It seems most of your criticism comes from the fact that it explains the xenomorphs origin. It's the same shit we heard when the phantom menace came out. "That thing that was magical in my childhood isn't a magical mystery! It's just stupid science!" And that apparently fucks the lore. If this wasn't the alien franchise, I doubt most people would dislike this movie.

  • boxybrown119
    boxybrown119 2 days ago

    I soooooo agree with joe I HATE THIS MOVIE it was just so bad joes dead on

  • Herb Coswell
    Herb Coswell 2 days ago

    Joe your a walking contradiction.Bashing the film and then stating Neil's film didn't get made because of this.Neils film was going to completely forget alien 3 and resurrection ever happened.And your talking about covenant ruining the franchise ? It died a long time ago

    GHOSTMASTERLEROY 2 days ago +1

    If you hate alien covenant all you gotta do is pull a xmen days of future past and you'll be straight....

  • Bouryaki
    Bouryaki 3 days ago

    Can an editors cut redeem this offshoot?

  • zach Douglas
    zach Douglas 3 days ago

    Alien if star wars was horror

  • sacopenapa
    sacopenapa 3 days ago

    I thought Prometheus was bad... It really sucks!!!

  • JohnThaKing
    JohnThaKing 3 days ago

    I actully liked the movie

  • BrokenArrow
    BrokenArrow 3 days ago

    there are 4 kinds people in this world, the sheep, the wolves, the Sheppard's and the eagle's.
    1. the sheep that follow others opinions blindly (angry joe's fanbase)
    2. the wolves that are actual fans of the aliens franchise and are only here to find out others opinions.
    3. the Sheppard leading his flock to the slaughter (angry joe himself)
    4. eagle. the creature that is free too do as it wishes with no one else's input. people like me and many others that will enjoy a film for what it is instead of watching a critic repeat them self, over and over, and not editing the fucking video to decrease the useless repetition.
    "a critic is a legless man teaching you how to run, but fails to perform when asked to do the same"

  • Ben Salem
    Ben Salem 3 days ago

    It's people and reviews just like you and yours that fucking ruin these movies you paid hack.

  • Shyanne
    Shyanne 3 days ago

    Personally I liked it alot *shrugs*

  • Qc.Wtf
    Qc.Wtf 4 days ago

    I recently rewatch the movie. Personally i love so much to see Xenomorph on big screen that i would gave this movie a solid 7/10. They lost 3 point because the fucking crew was stupid AF

  • Charlie Weasel
    Charlie Weasel 4 days ago

    Yeah the Neill Blomkamp Alien project is not happening

  • Rejector71
    Rejector71 4 days ago +1

    0:06 the way he said damnit made me laugh

  • MIster RMJdesigns
    MIster RMJdesigns 4 days ago

    brain dead story writing. The sad thing is they think everyone has a low IQ. Total fail on the writing.

  • Mister Skinner
    Mister Skinner 4 days ago

    I liked the first half of the movie, but then it turned really SHIT.

  • Jord905
    Jord905 4 days ago

    Why is James Franco immediately burnt to death in the film?

  • nazrul Jalil
    nazrul Jalil 4 days ago

    that's why the movie LIFE was so much better than this I will agree Prometheus was a better movie, but its still shit compared james camerons aliens. why were they colonising another planet in the first place? hold on didn't the predators create the alien life form and the exomorph that comes outta the egg! in neil blomkampf's alien how can you bring back hicks and newt cos they died in fiori in aleins 3. another question how does this story fit in with the new predator movie that shane black is directing?

  • CJ Jordan
    CJ Jordan 4 days ago

    Seeing that a lot of people have said "joe said suicide squad is good, but he hates this" makes me feel like the definition of an opinion doesn't exist in society anymore lol

  • Hans Solo
    Hans Solo 4 days ago

    Thanks to Prometheus and Covenant, fans stop arguing which of the four old movies is the worst.....they are not even on th e'worst-list' compared to the latest two installments of shit..

  • A Fucking White Male

    I thought it sucked less than Prometheus. The first 20-30 minutes were pretty good compared to Prometheus which was just dumb throughout.

  • Dave Booshty
    Dave Booshty 4 days ago

    I just can't understand how real SO sped up the not Protomorphs but Xenomorphs Gestation to Adult form goes now in this movie? According to Alien the Gestation period from face hugged to Chest bursting is 12 hours and the Grows up quickness then happens dunno with a few other ahead hours , in this movie its like Facehugger hugging you to seemingly like an hour later if that chestbursts? Then grows up in like an hour or less maybe to Adult?

  • Bloodyblade3
    Bloodyblade3 4 days ago

    Yeeah... Remember when angry joe liked suicide sqaud a really really bad movie with shallow story... yeeeeaah I member. You don't shit when it comes to movies.

  • heroesalwaysdie
    heroesalwaysdie 5 days ago


  • Roll Brand
    Roll Brand 5 days ago

    I thought the movie was boring. You could literally expect everything that is going to happen.

  • Rob
    Rob 5 days ago

    Horrible movie. Basically tried to copy the original. It didn't work, and the crew came off as just plain stupid including Walter.

  • Fester A
    Fester A 5 days ago

    Why did we need to see the androids play the flute?? WHAT THE HELL DID THAT SHIT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING!? Plus full of plot holes

  • Dane DeMuth
    Dane DeMuth 5 days ago

    Apparently in the future there’s no more NASA and all that is left is just... idiots in space lol.

  • Sir Bantel Lance
    Sir Bantel Lance 5 days ago

    Here's an interesting question for anyone out there. Which movie do you prefer, The Thing (1982) or Alien (1979)?

  • Dustin Johnson
    Dustin Johnson 6 days ago

    i didn't even watch it, and i didn't want to anyway, but i had a good prediction about it. guess i was right. seriously Hollywood, there is a time to put a franchise to rest, and it was way past that time after alien 3.

  • Clark Jones
    Clark Jones 6 days ago +1

    Joe. As much as I like your videos I'm going to have to disagree with you here Alien covenant was I actually great film yes it has its flaws but no movie is perfect the first thing you have to look at is the fact of this movie does answer some questions also i'm not trying to be rude but you have a few of the facts wrong with the monster at the end of Prometheus was called the decan. The deacon is the only evolve stage of the Zeno morph When in alien covenant we were presented with the Neo morph what is the next evolve stage when it's the Proto more than the Zeno morph I do my facts Joe I know you do too but believe me I've watched all the alien movies I've analyzed all the facts and I know what I'm talking about because I'm a pretty big fan of the alien franchise please respond I'm always looking for your feedback

  • WeirdBrothersFade
    WeirdBrothersFade 6 days ago

    I have no idea why this movie is getting SO much hate, I really like alien, and I really like Covenant, and yeah sure he re did the lore and mythos but he's allowed to do that, and I actually really like the change. the alien isn't some ancient unstoppable killing machine, its young, and to see it in covenant as a wild beast, only to have it become a smarter much more dangerous presence in the future movies is even more terrifying because you now see how dangerous it became in such a short amount of time, and it was made by a Synth, which was made by humans, specifically to kill humans and take over the world, that's like your grandchild being born for the sole purpose of killing you. so yeah, I see the cons and why people are upset, but honestly I think people are being too harsh on this movie, I really like the direction they are going with, though there are a few tiny things id change.

  • xeno neomorph
    xeno neomorph 6 days ago

    go fuck ya self

  • Adrian Moran
    Adrian Moran 6 days ago +1

    I was so disappointed with this movie too. it's exactly the same story over again. they receive a distress beacon, send down a reckon team, need to evacuate, alien makes it back to ship and blown out the airlock...any of this sounds familiar guys?

  • Brian Cummins
    Brian Cummins 6 days ago

    To Ridley Scott about the ALIEN franchise..."Get away from her you BITCH!!"

  • Jared McKee
    Jared McKee 6 days ago

    Slipping on the blood......twice. That tells me they were really stretching for content or they were absolutely just pathetic at screenwriting. Probably both. Pathetic. Lol

  • Jesterface
    Jesterface 6 days ago

    Only movie this year I've said "This sucks" out loud halfway through. This was a pure action on par with AvP. The terror in the first Alien, was Lovecraftian, and paired with Giger the vast and fantastic mystery of these monsters was the point. You just know It's a terrifying alien entity that can be anywhere at any moment. It's hinting at a horrendous possibility of what these creatures are that fuels the audience interest, not the Hollywood payoff of trying to explain it. I fucking laughed at this movie. Seriously, when David holds his arms outright and the alien toddler does the same. Holy shit I laughed.¨

    I'll give them this: The backbursting scene was good until it became slapstick comedy with the alien version of Baby Groot.

  • zombie26dyl zombie26dyl

    I got so pissed i had to leave
    my friend at the movies lol

  • Jeremy Hidy
    Jeremy Hidy 6 days ago

    Since it has been released to video, I hope that we can get a good fan edit to make it a bit better.
    Incorporate some if the youtube stuff, fix some of the idiotic crap.
    It worked with Prometheus.

  • Joseph Makowski
    Joseph Makowski 7 days ago

    FUCK YOU! This movie kicked fucking ASS! You don't know movies and you are not a true Aliens fan!

  • Shann Anigans
    Shann Anigans 7 days ago

    I agree that Prometheus is better . Fastbender was awesome though

  • Grenge g
    Grenge g 7 days ago

    Alien Covenant doesn't like you much either.

  • Jason Morgan
    Jason Morgan 7 days ago

    Just watched it this evening...couldn't agree with you more.

  • Shann Anigans
    Shann Anigans 7 days ago

    I'm watching it now . I still don't understand wtf is happening

  • Radar
    Radar 7 days ago

    Yes one of the worst alien movie they made 2/10

  • Warm Pond
    Warm Pond 7 days ago

    People give Ridley too much credit for Alien. Ridley didn't write the story or the characters, that was Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusset. Those are the guys who made a great script, realistic characters and overall laid down the frame work and base of the film, but nobody cared.

  • Dawkins & Tools
    Dawkins & Tools 8 days ago

    turn that 4/10 upside down... it's now an 'h'... for fucking horrible.

  • orionblack
    orionblack 8 days ago

    What I think is really happening is exactly what happened with Star Wars,people are looking for that first time feeling they had when first expieriencing the movie. This is not going to happen,never will. I have liked every alien movie,including alien 3 after watching the directors cut,and take them for what they are, movies...because the other option , make no more alien movies, is one option I would rather not explore.

  • spider man
    spider man 8 days ago

    Ok no Only good alien movies are alien aliens

  • Atrax R
    Atrax R 8 days ago

    Originals look amazing even today after all these years. While this shit is just that, shit. Prometheus was definitely better. It had faults but it was watchable with better actors.
    Seems that Ridley did just what David said "blow the flute, I'll do the fingering". Yea, something like that...

  • louisecarlto
    louisecarlto 8 days ago

    4/10 is spot on......terrible writing and destroyed the interesting set up from Prometheus in the most care free way possible.

  • airwind
    airwind 8 days ago

    didnt like what happened to the engineers and how android is the one responsible for the destruction of humankind. ALIEN franchise can now be downgraded to ANDROID franchise.

  • AtomicBomberMan
    AtomicBomberMan 8 days ago

    i look at the Xenomorph as a symbol of humanities destructiveness. our neglect toward android tech was the human error that caused david to create them. so it was really humans that led themselves to their own destruction. we (human race) are our enemy, not the aliens as david suggests in the movie. its a good message that applies to us in todays society which i think is kinda brilliant.

    JACK MOODY 8 days ago

    The only good thing about this movie was Danny McBride, he's funny and young magneto.

  • Lunar Maiden
    Lunar Maiden 8 days ago

    I don't like the "origin" of the Xenomorph at all. It bothers me so much that I reject the entire film. It would have been fine never knowing where they came from. Or even the simple answer of they are just a species we stumbled upon... oh wait... That's literally what happens in Alien! So far this is my least favorite of the Alien series.

  • EstinZ
    EstinZ 9 days ago

    I thought it was amazing but I'm not a super fan of the series

  • Sev'n Sinnz
    Sev'n Sinnz 9 days ago

    Totally agree with you joe, movie sucked balls. You pretty much summed up every aspect that was wrong with this movie, from lack of character development, idiotic decisions by supposed EXPERTS, and just everything in general. 3/10 for me as the only thing it had going for it were the visuals.

  • Yar D Blah
    Yar D Blah 9 days ago

    never been an Alien fan..but just as a stand alone film..this is shit..its basically final Destination 3 with spaceships..

  • takefekees
    takefekees 9 days ago

    Alot of what he says is right but what he does not realize, is the main idea of the movie which is David/Bionics are obsessed with creation because it is the one thing they were not allowed to do especially when they are able to do nearly everything due to their advanced programming, this movie was based on the character David/his twin and their obsessions even tho they are not even human, might not be an alien movie but it is still very intriguing to have a solid character like david even if the others were very poor but perhaps it was done on purpose, David himself makes the point that he hates both Engineers and Humans because of their flaws but is still jealous of their ability to create

  • Andrew Hord
    Andrew Hord 9 days ago

    I am not a huge fan of Alien and I still thought that the movie was horrible

  • disgea69
    disgea69 9 days ago +1

    The movie sucked

  • Philip Luckasavage
    Philip Luckasavage 10 days ago

    Will be picking up the digibook Tuesday so I have not seen it yet. Okay, my initial thought of Prometheus was that "eh" coming out of the theater. Bought it anyway because I love Alien(s) and 3 thinking that eventually it may tie in more. Resurrection never happened just like the AVPs (all complete garbage). Yes, I loved Alien 3 because of the dark, dark undertones. Sorry. After a few more watches, I started to really like Prometheus. I'm expecting that same build of interest in me with Alien: Covenant. Nothing can worse than Resurrection and the AVPs. Especially Resurrection.

  • Hasan shaboot
    Hasan shaboot 10 days ago

    I agree with you . The characters are so stupid not a scientists or training soldiers at all

  • warlock
    warlock 10 days ago

    David was the archetype evil movie NAZI, blonde hair, listens to Wagner, kills thousands of prisoners, genetic engineering and creates a super race, how pathetic they can get? I am sick of this WW2 propaganda shit.

  • Nao Chue
    Nao Chue 10 days ago

    No bio protective gear, still have firearms from our time, eggs without a queen, CGI Aliens, Xenomorph comes out of people after the humans are infected by a plant, people on the planet request the mothership to come pick them up while infected, and extremely bad decision making from "highly trained" space explorers. Nothing makes sense in this movie.

  • Strytox
    Strytox 11 days ago

    Watched this movie rly late but gotta say.. RIP Alien-lore . _.
    It had some good scenes but.. Cmon.. It is 90% high concentrated Shit and it makes zero sence for me what a Xenomorph now is. I dont like the concept at all but i guess im alone with that opinion.

    Im disappointed 4/10 fits..

  • SolarMidnight007
    SolarMidnight007 11 days ago

    Agreed It really sucked!!!

  • Zod of Heaven
    Zod of Heaven 11 days ago

    Aw, Covenant was at least an 8.7/10. Sometimes I fall asleep to Alien. Sometimes I do it to Aliens. You will never get that back, but Covenant deserves that score because if it's dedication to the spirit of the franchise. It ain't no Alien, or Aliens, but to expect that is missing the point. This is a Story that must be expanded upon. Covenant was the best theater experience I have had in at least a decade (aside from that one time with the chainsaw when I was dismantling the fringe woodwork in one - DIE, SMOKED-STAINED OAK, DIE!... ahem).

  • rwalker0130
    rwalker0130 11 days ago

    Angry Joe I agree with you so much about the ridiculous behavior by so called professional soldiers and scientists. it just ruins everything when you want me to believe that these people are so smart and come from such an advanced society but they cant figure out that you cant just go to a new planet and start stomping around and breath the air and stuff. plus, when things start to go bad they accidentally blow up their own ship? Come on! You could make such a better movie if they astronauts, scientists and soldiers behaved even remotely realistic

  • woooudo
    woooudo 11 days ago

    I wanted 'paradise' the movie that was supposed to be the sequel to Prometheus.. but I pretty much knew that the director was only capable of something like 'covenant'. He is so flawed as a human, that 'covenant' is all he was able to do and it was more likely as a result to be made..

  • matze x
    matze x 11 days ago

    saw it yesterday. very dissaponting and bad. who didnt believe the francise was dead with prometheus has proof now for sure.

  • Mason DeRoss
    Mason DeRoss 11 days ago

    I cared what happened to Kenny Powers.

  • tsitas tsitoulis
    tsitas tsitoulis 12 days ago

    you are so RIGHT! i dint like prometheus either. i just subscribed

  • gekas vasilis
    gekas vasilis 12 days ago

    Yep, they fucked it up

  • blinkingred
    blinkingred 12 days ago

    so disappointed in alien covenant.

  • Spiderluke 2099
    Spiderluke 2099 12 days ago

    Just finally watched Alien Covenant, what was the point of that Last Supper scene on Youtube. Like James Franco wasn't even in the movie, I thought he was going to be the Captain that would at least last half the movie, not die immediately with no speaking role, damn, but yeah movie was okay better than I thought it was gonna be.

  • Dude Wheresmycar
    Dude Wheresmycar 13 days ago

    Just watched this movie... 3/10 poorly done

  • Let's Game
    Let's Game 13 days ago

    This movie sucks

  • Europa H2O Alien
    Europa H2O Alien 13 days ago

    Ridley Scott suffers from Georgicus lucasis jarjarbinkicus.

  • Europa H2O Alien
    Europa H2O Alien 13 days ago

    So sick of Star Wars and Alien.

  • David Sedkethran
    David Sedkethran 13 days ago

    I don't think you can have horror without the character being stupid.

  • Coos Oorlog
    Coos Oorlog 13 days ago

    so the origin of the genomorphs... you know, why can't they just have evolved on a planet somewhere? why wouldn't that be a really interesting and cool idea to study and contemplate?! I mean does ridley scott now literally have to have an "intelligent design" aspect in everything?! this sucks.

  • Mark Rushow
    Mark Rushow 13 days ago

    After rewatching I love the movie and had to rewatch again. It is now in my favorites. After getting over disappointment in expected direction the story was going in. It is so good.

  • YouWhatMate
    YouWhatMate 14 days ago +1

    I can't believe people actually liked this POS.... wow, what the hell is wrong with people? Everything about this movie was garbage

  • Pablo D'Angelo
    Pablo D'Angelo 14 days ago

    It sucks peepee lmfaooooo

  • Suchet B
    Suchet B 14 days ago

    This was very bad but Prometheus was not very good either. The two worst alien movies ever - DAVID: COVENANT- I love that. Lol. I think they will never top Jim Cameron's ALIENS, they could have done but they never tried and ruined any chance of that happening too.

  • hernani pereira
    hernani pereira 14 days ago

    keep in mind, 6 more Alien movies coming out.... 6!!!!!!! those sure will be good XD

  • Imago Gestalter
    Imago Gestalter 14 days ago

    He is absolutely right on all points! Covenant utterly destroys the franchise even more than Alien 4 Resurrection!

  • Say My Name Sit_Head
    Say My Name Sit_Head 14 days ago

    The writers have no idea what a relationship has, who are they hiring? ppl that haven't experienced life. I also can't believe that scientist and professional soldiers did everything wrong about landing on a planet they know nothing of. And Micheal Fasbender with the flute was sooooooo gay! everyone was laughing in the theatre. I was half expecting the androids to blow each other. It was just bad. It made Aliens 3, which i hated, a masterpiece next to this. AND the pseudo Ripley was horrible, not believable at all as a heroine

  • jedslather
    jedslather 14 days ago

    Stupid movie, they need to reboot the series from number 2, PERIOD!!!

  • RaptorPack 06
    RaptorPack 06 14 days ago

    Did anyone else like alien covenant

  • econogate
    econogate 14 days ago

    Prometheus was so good and one thought that we might have resolution of where humans come from and what these creatures were for, instead it's just endless conflict sprawling across planets, the engineers all get exterminated, which seems a lame end to that line of story. So no real understanding of why the engineers built the beasts, and just mindless murder over and over, it's like a B movie from 1950 but made in 2017. The aliens never die they just roll on endlessly no explanation of why or who did what, no meat at all, no explanation of where anything came from, humans or aliens, it's just a wandering planetary gore flick. I was wanting more in depth philosophy but all i get are little quips of robots rambling and robots wanting to kill off humans and make it so they cannot find where they come from. Why bother? The robot of David is basically Freddie from Nightmare on Elm Street, it's almost comedic cause it wipes out any explanation. The fact they changed the name to Alien Covenant and not Prometheus Covenant. It looks great, but the horror just gets boring and it never resolves or explains anything, engineers are basically written out of existence. I would almost much rather see a story of the engineers and how the beasts were made and or why. At this point the Giant Engineers interest me more than the H R Giger aliens and the robots combined. Watching humans get wasted by aliens is boring as shit at this point.

    Ridley basically took the end of Prometheus and shit on it. Someone at the Studio ruined this, also the name change from Prometheus back to Alien is a lost and dumb commercial wrecking of a great NEW avenue. I also don't like how the captain that takes charge after the neutrino burst has a wishy washy attitude and is "christian" and then he gets tricked by a robot and gets brutally murdered, it just seems juvenile or goofy to portray him as weak ineffectual and incompetent. As though a belief in a higher power or Engineers is dumb or naive. It betrays evolutionary reality. He makes us kind of hate the characters and then kills them off one by one til the skeptic remains standing only to also be fooled by the robot...meaning skeptics and believers are ruined by their own creations....this robot made by a dying man, bitter and angry at his own mortality creates a robot that can hate...then Ridley pairs him up with the aliens, one wonders how he could have not been ripped to pieces in 10 years time, as though the aliens will not attack a synthetic "life like" thing and rip it to shreds. But he apparently can communicate with them, but nothing is revealed from this communication at all.

    If he makes a another one he better do some explaining on the engineers and possibly one hopes they already inhabit the planet they are going to and will finally get some answers to why these creatures were created and why the engineers got wiped out or if some other God like creatures live there and they can somehow defeat the Aliens for good as they created the engineers whom rebelled and created the aliens. I sort of get the impression the idea is to show that humans were created by a god or gods that were rebelling against something or someone. Maybe sent to earth to quarantine them from this toxin. Maybe the engineers were being exterminated for this forbidden feat of making humans. Whatever the case I get the impression of an angry God in Ridley's world creating and punishing his creations for disobeying him. Kind of seems like a bible story to me if it winds up there. I want for this to have resolution, but it seems he maybe not inclined to do such. I hate it when someone teases the world with possibilities that seem to reach beyond their original vision and then takes a step back rather than a step forward into something beyond the simplicity and narrowness of the original ideas. I wanted so much for there to be explanations that delve into our most fervent dreams and beliefs...i'M STARTING TO THINK PEOPLE FEAR REASON MORE THAN CHAOS AND MEANINGLESSNESS. I could be wrong and maybe this will get all tied up, but how much time does he have left to do that? Robots and aliens killing people, everything out to kill us, no explanation of why. Am i wrong to think this maybe a stunted imagination, does he have some ace up his sleeve to finally end this franchise on a wild bang? I hope so. People need more than mere hope though and more than post modernism has to offer or modernism for that matter...I want a really in depth traditional release from this kind of existential hell and either the executives don;'t want this or Ridley cannot bring it forth or he's not allowed to end it that way. One hopes the next one makes up for this one and brings it home. All great art...all great works come to an end. As this stands it just seems to never end, which oddly makes it kind of like the robots, seemingly lifeless and lacking feeling or compassion. In this world the Gods refuse to help anyone out, just as in the real world it seems, which makes it all the more normal and lacking resolution just like life, it's not beyond life, it just reflects it. We have enough existential dread already we need a serious release from it, we need conclusions and also meaning. It's not a cliche to want something in art which maybe beyond this existence, that explains something greater than what we already know or believe.

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