Lil Yachty - Peek A Boo ft. Migos

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  • Official video for "Peek A Boo" from Teenage Emotions. Buy + stream now:

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    Director | Millicent Hailes
    Producers | Sam Green & Knia Bonds
    Production Company| RiTE Media
    Executive Producer| Jen Herrera
    Directors Rep| Lasbandas - Jen Herrera
    Label Commissioner| Capitol Records - Kevin Kloecker
    Director of Photography | Justin Dombrowski
    Editor | Jen Kennedy
    Colorist | Nick Sandersat Ntropic

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    Music video by Lil Yachty performing Peek A Boo. (C) 2017 Quality Control Music, Capitol Records and Motown Records
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  • Runtime: 4:08
  • Lil Yachty  Migos  Teenage Emotions  PeekABoo  HipHop  Rap  

Comments: 46 646

  • Autolycus Axxis
    Autolycus Axxis 45 minutes ago

    I always Skip yachty part

  • Porn Hub
    Porn Hub Hour ago

    Stop hating on menz yachty on a real🤙🏽

  • meghan miles
    meghan miles Hour ago

    the hell is this

  • Nihal Singh
    Nihal Singh Hour ago +1

    So fucking dead song...I wonder whether 421K people are mad or what. ....
    This is shit in the name of Rap..I can rap a 1000 times better than Him...
    Lol..Eminem will die if he will see it...

  • Данил Бeзбожный

    русские есть?(

  • ya boy snuffles
    ya boy snuffles 2 hours ago

    0:00 "Ricky Reacts" Lil Yachty's new reaction channel?

    also the lyrics are terrible

  • Gabriel Cabria
    Gabriel Cabria 4 hours ago

    *Who else here only for **0:53** comments?*

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro 6 hours ago


  • Jaden Pablo
    Jaden Pablo 7 hours ago

    This guy is bad

  • Big bellied beautiful Girly

    Why the f$ck is there a snake in this video

  • Marcolectrocutioner
    Marcolectrocutioner 9 hours ago

    Gotta catch all of these hoes like they Pikachu!

  • John Marek
    John Marek 11 hours ago +2


  • TankG
    TankG 11 hours ago +1

    0:53 when ur watchin porn in public but your earbuds isn't fully plugged.

  • Noah Moore
    Noah Moore 11 hours ago

    Your song is dum you should not rap

  • Yung Sav97
    Yung Sav97 11 hours ago

    Aye everybody look at my vid I just posted. It's PROVES that lil yachty is a fraud.

  • Lil Boat Sailing team
    Lil Boat Sailing team 11 hours ago

    You know what's funny. On those 4 guys alone there is at least a million dollars. Maybe even 2

  • not today
    not today 12 hours ago +1

    I'm waiting for 21 Savage to make issa bitty spider

  • Mallorie Marsan
    Mallorie Marsan 12 hours ago

    This is so scary to watch at 1:00 AM😂

  • Alex Galvan
    Alex Galvan 12 hours ago

    Foo look like the "it" clown 😂😂

  • ʀᴇsɪsᴛᴀɴᴛx {ᴀᴄɪᴅ}

    0:53 when your teacher for your homework you didnt do

  • ʀᴇsɪsᴛᴀɴᴛx {ᴀᴄɪᴅ}

    Peekaboo Ispy whats next hide and seek?

  • ronnie 2k
    ronnie 2k 13 hours ago

    worst song ive ever encountered

  • Billy Rae
    Billy Rae 14 hours ago

    Can. Rap with you fan. Of lil yotie

  • Alonzo Wilson
    Alonzo Wilson 15 hours ago

    To watch when when lil boat makes a inappropriate re make on wheels on the bus

  • Mallalai Battle
    Mallalai Battle 15 hours ago

    0:53 when you hear a noise in your house, but your home alone...

  • Random Dayday
    Random Dayday 16 hours ago

    I still don't get why they painted them black😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  • yanky_olabode
    yanky_olabode 16 hours ago

    Why did so many people dislike..? Just curious

  • Ferdinand. C. Fernanddi Sthilaire

    0:53 When cashier said you can't pay with food stamps.

  • Gesler Montoya
    Gesler Montoya 17 hours ago

    Wtf is this video

  • hatty hobs
    hatty hobs 17 hours ago

    0:53 When you farted and you hope nobody heard😂😂

  • Millie Nduna
    Millie Nduna 18 hours ago

    When mom about to woop yo ass

  • arman gaming
    arman gaming 19 hours ago

    Happy birthday yachty

  • Critic
    Critic 19 hours ago

    I didn't like this type of music at first but I have a teen son in its rubbing on me

  • Alonzo Wilson
    Alonzo Wilson 19 hours ago

    How do you play with pussy

  • Silvano Duarte
    Silvano Duarte 20 hours ago +1


  • Amanda Gibson
    Amanda Gibson 20 hours ago +1


  • Ferre Van Geert
    Ferre Van Geert 20 hours ago


  • Lautaro Moltrassio
    Lautaro Moltrassio 20 hours ago

    0:53 when your uncle gets into your room with his pants down

  • shane_boi
    shane_boi 21 hour ago +2

    intereseting video.

    GHST STORM 21 hour ago

    What makeup is that I wanna be African for Halloween

  • Annakay Dickens
    Annakay Dickens 22 hours ago +1


  • Samuel Arellano
    Samuel Arellano 22 hours ago

    Fucking trash

  • Justin Trent
    Justin Trent 22 hours ago

    This shit go so hard

  • beauty lips
    beauty lips 22 hours ago +1


  • Jose Santos
    Jose Santos Day ago

    This dude is weak asf only takes a beat nowadays

  • Trey Lewis
    Trey Lewis Day ago

    0:53 "You know how i feel about locked doors"

  • Anthony Ladewig
    Anthony Ladewig Day ago

    lil boat gang

  • Chaz & Gabby
    Chaz & Gabby Day ago +1

    Sub to channel like peek a boo 👀🔥‼️

  • Dahli Conway
    Dahli Conway Day ago

    Broke @ss Bitch @ss nigga im not finna play wit you.

  • 88 88 vlog
    88 88 vlog Day ago

    Dammmmmmm Me Nigga

  • Reiner Braun
    Reiner Braun Day ago

    0:53 when your friend opens the gallery of your phone and its full of porn videos

  • Horus Osiris
    Horus Osiris Day ago

    the version by slim thug and killa kyleon is way better. it actually has lyrics! :P

  • Ronald Mwangi
    Ronald Mwangi Day ago

    wow. this hit kills it

  • Dimitris Jimmis
    Dimitris Jimmis Day ago +3

    0:53 when she see the D

  • F4ke xd
    F4ke xd Day ago +2

    0:53 When teacher calls u to the board on lesson, but u can't stand up by erection

  • tones mac
    tones mac Day ago

    Wtf hot trash

  • Robert Beck
    Robert Beck Day ago

    0: 53 When your mom ask you where is your reportcard at back in Elementary School....

  • Swenky
    Swenky Day ago +1

    i thought he said blow that dick like a cholo as in a latina bitch

  • Balisong noob
    Balisong noob Day ago

    0:53 say ooh say oooh

  • Reid Xanders
    Reid Xanders Day ago

    pick a poop

  • Melicia Pastorek
    Melicia Pastorek Day ago +1


  • chandler chiasson

    0:53 when your mom tell you to get of game

  • Roschell franks
    Roschell franks Day ago

    I just want to get out my body on dis shit .. follow my ig doe @roe_sinatra

  • Sociade Anonymia

    wtf is this

  • CCNesquik _
    CCNesquik _ Day ago

    1:04 u cant blow a cello 😂

  • S B
    S B Day ago

    This immediately turned me on ! lol hahahahaha

  • zakel Warren's channel zwc

    When you bored and make a song bout pussy

  • Liam Pernell
    Liam Pernell Day ago

    Offset 💰👀

  • kj on feek
    kj on feek Day ago


  • eperez112178
    eperez112178 Day ago

    WOW 419,690 idiots and counting....

  • K. K.
    K. K. Day ago

    0:53 when you fart on his leg and check to make sure he dont smell it

  • Xavier Buentello
    Xavier Buentello Day ago +1

    53 when your mom wants to get on your phone

  • James Russo
    James Russo Day ago +1

    Yachy's Grill- When You Eat Lots Of Sticky Stuff And It gets Stuck On Ur Teeth- Maybe The Orange Part Is Pizza Because That Is The Only Thing He Eats

  • Aram PlaysGames
    Aram PlaysGames Day ago


  • Island Boi
    Island Boi Day ago

    this sounds like bad and boujee

  • Anthony K
    Anthony K Day ago +4

    Today the sun be like "Peek a boo"

  • Maritza Valles
    Maritza Valles Day ago

    3:31 best part!

  • eric  zamudio
    eric zamudio 2 days ago

    I came across this so called music... please get the most well hung horse to fuck my ears and blow out my ear drums

  • Bolo
    Bolo 2 days ago

    This one slapping hard AAMF!!!!

  • Xtremegamer 45
    Xtremegamer 45 2 days ago

    0:53 when your mom ask about school

    DEEZ NUTS 2 days ago

    Bruh even though it's bad for lil yachty the 0:53 jokes have me dying

    By the way what happened to the one that said 0:53 when you fart in public cause I can't find it

  • Trunks Alexzander
    Trunks Alexzander 2 days ago

    0:53 When You Looking For The 0:53 Comments And Don't See Any.

  • mudkip vlogs
    mudkip vlogs 2 days ago

    now my little brother love thus man

  • TezyTezyTez
    TezyTezyTez 2 days ago

    00:53 When you wit a chick and you see a better looking one

  • Sprite man
    Sprite man 2 days ago

    when this is lil yatchy and not lil boat

  • Josef K
    Josef K 2 days ago +2

    0:53 when you have a boner and your teacher ask you to write the answer on the board.

  • Moonwalker Abe
    Moonwalker Abe 2 days ago

    0:53 when you just got your dick sucked and she pulls he pants down and says "My turn" 😂😂

  • Tyler Lougheed
    Tyler Lougheed 2 days ago

    Niggaboo niggaboo niggaboo niggaboo

  • Mahatma Hotep
    Mahatma Hotep 2 days ago


  • Gabrielle Bailey
    Gabrielle Bailey 2 days ago

    0:53 when your mom/dad find out you told your grandma you didn't eat

  • West Coast WG
    West Coast WG 2 days ago

    Ouh aa mumble rapper feature

  • Pierre Jackson
    Pierre Jackson 2 days ago

    I love this song😚😚😍😘😗

  • Stephen Lucas
    Stephen Lucas 2 days ago

    Fuck DDG

  • Im Vegan
    Im Vegan 2 days ago +1

    0:53 when you at the store and the cashier nigga keep staring at you

  • paige leah
    paige leah 2 days ago +9

    i don't care if lil yatchy is getting any kindda fame through *A U T H E N T I C VIEWS D O T C O M*

  • Austin Douglas
    Austin Douglas 2 days ago

    Why is this guy famous

  • Manuel Uribe
    Manuel Uribe 2 days ago

    0:00 when you nut but she keeps sucking

  • FullMetal Jesus
    FullMetal Jesus 2 days ago

    Even weaker than clock radio speakers

  • Negro Panthera
    Negro Panthera 2 days ago

    I love pussy. so this song is lit..🌋

  • Jaden Ogletree
    Jaden Ogletree 2 days ago

    0:53 when you see a comment not about 0:53

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