Alien: Covenant Everything Explained

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  • Kenneth Johnsen
    Kenneth Johnsen 2 hours ago

    I'll do the fingering

  • Majed Al-ossaimi
    Majed Al-ossaimi 1 day ago +1

    Probably the best explanation I've seen, thanks

  • Hellmarch
    Hellmarch 4 days ago

    These movies had so much potential... but they turned into a fucking mess. :(

  • eren mori
    eren mori 4 days ago

    Does the movie tie in books coming out soon answer questions from this movie?

  • J C
    J C 4 days ago


  • Citizen of Kekistan
    Citizen of Kekistan 5 days ago

    I sense Mass Effect plot here. The engineers wanted to kill humanity because humanity has created Androids who one day will create something that can kill all life forms in the galaxy ( xenomorphs )

  • Thomas De Pauw
    Thomas De Pauw 9 days ago

    I didn't expect it, but this movie is even worse than Prometheus.
    See it once and then flush it down the toilet.

  • lurkerrekrul
    lurkerrekrul 10 days ago +1

    How did humans miss finding the Engineer's planet when it's much closer than other worlds that have been surveyed, and up until a decade before the movie, contained a thriving, technologically advanced civilization? How can space travelers be so stupid as to not realize that a sudden, unexplained sickness that causes a formerly healthy person to start vomiting blood is caused by an alien pathogen? Why are the aliens created by these spores white? Why do they seem immune to bullets? Why are they scared of a flair, but not being shot? Why does David have brown hair in the present and the flashback to his creation, but blonde hair in Prometheus? How does David now have long hair? Does synthetic hair grow? If David's model of android made people nervous, why would they continue to use the exact same face for newer models? What happened to the giant structure that David docked the ship with? If he docked the ship, how did it end up crashed on the mountain? How can the captain be so stupid as to trust David after he's just admitted to trying to perfect a killer species? How does that other guy remain conscious after the facehugger attaches itself? How can the other guy remove it so easily? If Walter can self-repair, why didn't his hand grow back? How did David defeat Walter, strip off his clothes, strip off his own clothes, put on Walter's clothes and then cut off his own hand, all in the space of a minute or two? Why wouldn't the survivors run a full diagnostic on him when they got back to the ship? Why does nobody question how the second alien got on board?

    Don't try to explain, Alien Covenant is just plain stupid.

  • Andrew Macdonald
    Andrew Macdonald 10 days ago


  • Rob Bower
    Rob Bower 11 days ago

    Excellent review agreed with EVERY point made, shining the light on the biological creature bringing out the shadows shows us their evolution better. And as you say davids interactions and intentions and indeed feelings. And yes , there be loadsa engineers left I wager !!!

  • abbas raza Rizvi
    abbas raza Rizvi 12 days ago

    ridley scott has no idea what to do , 2 movies and 2 fuckign fails ... boring as fuck, Thor Ragnarock anyone?

  • Aaron T00xGR1M
    Aaron T00xGR1M 13 days ago

    so if the human/xeno DNA created that type of xenomorpth (the one we are familiar with) in 2104 to 2122 then why where they on ancient earth as a right of passage for the predators and an alien queen locked up in a underground pyramid I understand it isn't canon but it's kind of a contradiction and also where are all the xenos that must have been created upon David wiping out that race did he have a safari park for them somewhere on the planet was they asleep ??? who knows

  • Hooligan Babla
    Hooligan Babla 14 days ago

    What happens to Walter? any news?

  • fulanitoflyer
    fulanitoflyer 15 days ago

    engineers wanted to destroy earth because of the Jesus (really an engineer) crucifixion thing

  • Romeo X10000
    Romeo X10000 16 days ago

    imagine if a bladerunner is sent to kill david

  • American Born Patriot.

    Engineers discovering and investigating what caused their creation ' s destruction, meaning, they will have quickly ascertain that David was the cause including realization that their other experimental humans were not eliminated and had evolved beyond what they were supposed to.


  • Frank Lopez
    Frank Lopez 18 days ago +1

    Prometheus was way way better comparable too inception, the dark knight, the departed!!!!!!!
    While this movie is more like Independence day 2, any Michael bay movie etc etc!!!!!!

  • Drexler Status
    Drexler Status 20 days ago

    You said when the alien was shot it "respected" David BUT after it was shot that's not what David said... He actually said "It trusted me!"

    • Drexler Status
      Drexler Status 18 days ago

      All good man, thanks for the vid. The only reason I caught your TINY mistake was bc I watched a leaked copy of it the other night haha.

    • BryceMakesFilms
      BryceMakesFilms 19 days ago

      You're right, I guess I just got lost in thought haha

  • LVrJ100
    LVrJ100 20 days ago

    There is a twist, did you notice the Xenomorph tails, they have a striking similarity to the Engineers' planet docking station. The xenomorphs might be the actual inhabitants of that planet. The engineers invaded their planet and destroyed their species. Now David much like in Bible, fights for their (Xenomorph) side against the largest, mightiest race, Humans and engineers. The black goo bomb is like hitting the Goliath's temple with the catapult stone.

  • Temno
    Temno 22 days ago

    The worst alien movie ever, and the fact it was directed by Ridley only makes it worse...

  • Chris Black
    Chris Black 26 days ago

    I thought robots don't age

  • tony weir
    tony weir 1 month ago +1

    i have a brilliant theory, when David and Walter fight for the second time maybe Walter defeated David and then took Davids memory chip and uploaded it to his memory which he saw what David saw and done and went through so Walter became David, uploading Davids memory is like overwriting his own memory chip so Walter is David, which would explain peoples confusion over how David changed into Walters clothes so quickly when there is no time for that its because Walter is now David thats why no clothes changing is needed...

  • martin gomez
    martin gomez 1 month ago

    alien covenant was a bit shit for changing the origins of xenomorphs

    • martin gomez
      martin gomez 14 days ago

      Well let's just leave it at this opinions and theories were both correct.

    • TheSmashingTesticles
      TheSmashingTesticles 14 days ago

      martin gomez I really don't know where you're getting any of this info and what human made virus are you even talking about? None of the movies have ever mentioned a virus that was created by humans. David used the black goo by the Engineers to create the Aliens. The Aliens are not this ancient species that evolved naturally. Only the old comics imply that but the comics are obviously not canon.

    • martin gomez
      martin gomez 14 days ago

      The xenomorphs were first a species on a planet. Xenomorphs had always become a species in the natural way. They always were a species, they were never created with a virus that was made by humans, which then prototype xenomorphs that come directly from the virus are then quickly evolved by david.

    • TheSmashingTesticles
      TheSmashingTesticles 14 days ago

      Alien Covenant didn't change the origin of the Aliens. Before Covenant, there was no official Alien origin. There was nothing but a bunch of dumb fan theories and non canon comic books that say the Engineer is some giant elephant man.

  • moonblink
    moonblink 1 month ago +1

    Question: Why don't these astronauts wear protective space suits? Even if the air is breathable, there are still micro organisms that could cause them harm.

  • Glitch Fantom
    Glitch Fantom 1 month ago

    great vid

  • April R Turner
    April R Turner 1 month ago

    the alien wasn't scary to me they just grew too fast... didn't give you time for it to sink in so use to them in close quarters with no way out. plus it was dark and they were moving fast.. that's why... well, for that's why

  • TheCriticom
    TheCriticom 1 month ago

    Possibly the worst voice ever!

  • DatBoiNayt
    DatBoiNayt 1 month ago

    I'm glad to see minimal Alien:Covenant hate in the comment section

    Keep that up

  • SpikeXtreme
    SpikeXtreme 1 month ago

    I think they made David too strong!, as he now shows us his 'micro-pressurized hydraulic actuator system' and 350kg lifting ability.

  • Snuggle Pop
    Snuggle Pop 1 month ago

    so I should've watched prometheus before

  • Maurits Kool
    Maurits Kool 1 month ago

    Great video! But one questions still stays with me. So in prometheus they find the ship, it had these vases with the snake like facehuggers (I guess the first generation facehuggers) through which the 'first' xenomorph was shown at the end.

    David and Shaw fly away to the planet we see on Alien Covenant. David perfected these facehuggers and xenomorphs as explained in the movie. Now he flies away on the covenant to colonise a new planet.

    Yet in Alien 1 Ripley and her crew finds an engineers ship full of eggs with the facehuggers David designed which creates an xenomorph David also created. So, how did they get on the engineers ship all the way on another planet?

  • Silent Smile
    Silent Smile 1 month ago

    For me I figured David using Shaw as his first experiment was like an honor in his eyes. To give her a chance to be this next level creature. In his twisted views this was a gift to Shaw . Idk to me he's the futuristic version of a mad scientist really .

  • Phase5
    Phase5 1 month ago

    A 9 min video...Fair enough. Here it is in 1 sec. Monumental clusterfuck.

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson 1 month ago

    I like how the video title is everything explained and the first question he answers with is nobody knows

  • Donald Mousseau
    Donald Mousseau 1 month ago

    Why does it have to be explained? If Scott had told a better story we wouldn't need so many videos and opinions to explain the movie. For me he's trying to hard to tell a complicated story while leaving too many plot holes and some ridiculous characters. In Alien and Aliens the characters were people that we really loved or hated. In these latest installments the characters are just unlikable. You can't wait til they meet their demise... I wasn't really pulling for anyone except Walter who was artificial!

  • Belinda Balagtas
    Belinda Balagtas 1 month ago

    nice perspective. I'd always thought the engineers look different than the ones on prometheus.

  • david schneider
    david schneider 1 month ago

    Where did the facehugger eggs come from I thought the queen had to lay them??

  • Samuel porrua
    Samuel porrua 1 month ago

    whad was the song that David play on the piano at the beginning of the movie

  • Aesthetic Medic
    Aesthetic Medic 1 month ago +1

    if David dumped the black goo on the engineers why didn't that create thousands of aliens?

  • Roberto Mizhquiri
    Roberto Mizhquiri 1 month ago +2

    your tone of voice just boils my blood

  • Kirk Meyers
    Kirk Meyers 1 month ago

    I wanted Ridley Scott to follow his plan with Prometheus 2 instead of connecting them so quickly to alien.

  • SeaJay Oceans
    SeaJay Oceans 1 month ago

    Upgrading the human design could make it stronger, more beautiful, and add in a few new things like oh, photosythetic skin, gills, wings, regeneration, and truly beautiful looks. Making a horror cockroach with giant eggs and retractable jaws is nobody's idea of perfect. Upgraded human designs would be much closer to perfect. Alien quiet misses the obvious joy of beauty and bliss of good health and eternal youth.. which could be achieved through upgrades to the DNA Subsystems, self repair and regeneration.

  • AtariBorn
    AtariBorn 1 month ago

    He said the alien trusted him. The respect statement was about breathing into a horse's nostrils.

  • Dorian Hudson
    Dorian Hudson 1 month ago

    can someone explain the black spores/particles that seemed to grow native on the planet in covenant? why does the goo mutant it's host, and why do the spores impregnate the host?

  • Twofacedlist
    Twofacedlist 1 month ago

    I'm still confused on what David did to Shaw, if the face hugger he used on the captain in Covenant was the first of its kind, then what did he use Shaw for? Why didn't he use a face hugger on her in the first place?

  • That Guy
    That Guy 1 month ago +2

    who the hell goes and steps foot on an alien planet that clearly has life on it without wearing spacesuits to protect yourself from some alien pathogen, you have to be a complete idiot they thought they would survive without that kind of protection.

  • Brett Edgley
    Brett Edgley 1 month ago +2

    Just didn't understand why no member of the crew commented or even seemed surprised to come across an alien civilization (the engineers) with structures remains etc... they never even gave the corpses a second look!!! considering they wouldn't have known about Prometheus they would never have seen any type of alien before!! it would have been so easy to fix also a few extra lines with some surprised expressions would have done it.

    • joetca
      joetca 1 month ago

      Brett Edgley Yeah I never understood how they just casually explore the crashed alien spaceship and then camp out in the ruins of an alien city and no one seems to care. Its like this is an everyday thing for them.

  • tjpm
    tjpm 1 month ago

    This movie was a slasher film. I was giggling while watching it.

  • Giyan Vice
    Giyan Vice 1 month ago

    Mother could not tell the difference between Walter and David?

    • Giyan Vice
      Giyan Vice 1 month ago

      Hi thanks. Well most of the people on the internet think that David swapped the body with Walter. That is why mother could not tell the difference.

    • Desiree Macdonald
      Desiree Macdonald 1 month ago

      Giyan Vice She does accept Walter's code from David but also David's own. Considering they are both made by Weyland, she may be programmed to accept any other model of android.

  • Numba1Stunna
    Numba1Stunna 1 month ago

    So David's now manning the ship. Why did he send out a transmission as Walter saying everyone died but Tennessee and Daniels? And why only keep Daniels and Ten alive? Also, the ending scene basically tells how there is a species of Aliens right? All because of David regurgitating the Alien embryos and putting them by the human embryos (which will create a whole population of them) ? And one more thing. Could Tennessee be Dennis from Alien? I never watched alien but looked at the characters and one was Dennis. I could of swore someone in Covenant called Tennessee by his real name which was Dennis or I could have just misheard, but could Dennis become Tennessee in the upcoming movies? Lol movie was SICK.!!!!

  • Jacques van den Berg
    Jacques van den Berg 1 month ago

    I don't understand why this movie got such a lukewarm reception from critics? I think when you put the story in to context of the first 3 films you will clearly realize that Mr Scott has finally found his footing after the few slips he took with Prometheus. Brilliantly acted, beautifully shot, imaginative score, CGI felt so real and tactical and finally he left us with more interesting questions than the films predecessor. The dialogue was always engaging even with the cannon fodder characters who were just there for the scares. Which comes to my only gripe with the film. The movie wasn't scary enough. I wasn't terrified of what I saw, I never had a moment when I had to look away because I couldn't take the tension of the scene. That is what makes Alien the superior of all the films in the franchise. Nevertheless when people view this film in a few years and view it as a piece of a larger story, including it's hopeful sequel, they will be shown to be wrong, just as they were wrong when they saw Blade Runner in 1982. A cult classic is born from one of the worlds most under appreciated directors. Give the man an oscar already and while your at it give one to Michael Fassbender too, he was mesmerizing.

  • American Born Patriot.

    The belief that seeing less of something retains the horror may be true , as the 1979 movie served that purpose as nobody , at that time, knew what to expect, however, anything beyond that afterwards would naturally have to evolve into a suspense and explore further by evolving the idea of a phenomenon that is alien and beyond human understanding.

  • American Born Patriot.

    There's no wreckage of the mother juggernaut. I say that it escaped to report to it's installation or homeworld.

    David will be punished.

  • Michael Gregorek
    Michael Gregorek 1 month ago

    Franchises With Time Travel Cannot Be Combined

    I hope that Alien, and Predator are combined with Blade Runner for the equivalent of the DC or Marvel mash up. Soldier always interested me because it made me think of Terminator before Blade Runner. But as I read about grand mash ups, including Alien, Predator, Blade Runner, Star Trek, Firefly and more, I think we have to prune on the basis of time travel. Imagine the Alien timeline in the wake of Terminator, or Star Trek. How could any timeline survive with the time traveling franchises rebooting the probabilities? Granted the Connors keep seeing SkyNet reform and even the crew of the Enterprise suffer from deja vu. But really, the Earth in Blade Runner is different from the Earth in Star Trek is different from the Earth in Alien (particularly 3). So continuity cannot be maintained with the time traveling franchises, right?

  • Joe BLo
    Joe BLo 1 month ago

    What I don't understand is that the movie establishes that Dany creates a necklace using the little spike which she uses to stab David in the chin, but nothing came from it later when David switches places with Walter. She doesn't check under his chin to see if it's him when she's stapling his face? So if there is no hole that means it wasn't Walters body and David injected his consciousness into Walter. How did he do that?

    How about the Alien eggs? We never saw an Alien queen, where did the eggs come from? Did David create a Queen somehow? How without any subjects other than Shaw. Also why is there a mural of a Xenomorph in Prometheus if David hadn't created them yet? If someone created the Xenomorphs already then that would make David's motivations as a "creator" moot and pointless.

  • Ryan Gulliver
    Ryan Gulliver 1 month ago

    It appears we humans were the first attempt at their creation. The "engineers" on that planet appear to be a lesser form of them.. maybe like a newer attempt at creation. Better then us and appear more like them but still less superior. The engineers have black eyes like they are the black goop or at least made of it whereas those other engineers have our traits (like normal eyes) with similarities to them but appear less perfect like deformations on their bodies and skin. The engineer we saw in prometheus was incredibly physically fit and seemed to have no imperfections on his face/body.

  • Immortal Pharaoh
    Immortal Pharaoh 1 month ago

    that damn alien was scary as fuck. Since when the fuck does an Alien stand and walk like a human😂😂

  • Katee Rose
    Katee Rose 1 month ago

    I just want to know how they are going to explain the xenomorph art on the wall in Prometheus.

  • Shizy Mcnizy Gaming
    Shizy Mcnizy Gaming 1 month ago

    if david created the aliens how do you explain the mural in promethius?

  • Dean Slegos
    Dean Slegos 1 month ago

    whole movie was trash

  • Council Of Rick
    Council Of Rick 1 month ago

    AC is a box office bomb bigger than ghostbuaters 2016.

  • Irvin Hoover
    Irvin Hoover 1 month ago

    15 dollars to have some Hyundai commercial blasted into my head at 120 dB.

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White 1 month ago

    Can't remember which which discussion video it was. But someone highlighted that the plant spores were a more efficient way of infecting people with xenomorphs. This is true, however it is very sedentary and requires someone to disturb the plants. If people realize this then they will just eradicate those plants. I think perhaps David thought about this so he therefore created the xenomorph egg which would be more resilient than the plant, in addition it would create the xenomorph David wanted and actively seek out a host, which might explain the aggression. In all I think it was a case of controlling the path of creation for David's xenomorph.

    • Daniel White
      Daniel White 1 month ago

      It's not a theory, I was merely trying to offer an idea as to why the eggs are being used in favour of the spores in Covenant.

    • Julie Hobbs
      Julie Hobbs 1 month ago

      We saw eggs in Prometheus with Covenant being a sequel to Prom your theory is not possible

  • TheKsalad
    TheKsalad 1 month ago

    I'm on board with all of this guys' explanations but holy shit you talk like Brian's retarded girlfriend from Family Guy with all these *inflections* as if all of your statements are *questions*

  • potter
    potter 1 month ago

    the way the commentator talked with a funny Indian assent that you normally hear it from the Indian takeaway chicken masala. the geeser Must be an Indian.

  • Ben Rogers
    Ben Rogers 1 month ago

    Great video. You could, however, record a slight pause between sentences that the whole video doesn't seem like one long sentence.

  • Admiral Ackbar
    Admiral Ackbar 1 month ago

    David even comments the black goo never results in consistent results, hence why I think it's on purpose and represents their inability to back engineer their own technology from their ancestors. Even at the start of Prometheus they're treating it less like a controlled scientific endeavor and more as a religion, which to me implies that even then, they may not really fully know how it works anymore.

  • Admiral Ackbar
    Admiral Ackbar 1 month ago

    Did you ever consider that the Engineers are regressing as a society? Start of Prometheus: ship the size of a city. During Prometheus: much smaller ships with missing body paneling and holographic imaging that appears to be somewhat on the blink. Covenant: I think of that world as a colony world of their main society, sort of in an "old West" state. They react like YAYYY when they see the ship... possibly because their supply lines are stretched just THAT thin as a culture and they almost never get a ship coming to resupply them? Remember David's comments about the humans... "they're dying... they're going extinct... that's why they want to colonize... well I won't let them". The humans are creators. The Engineers are creators. I don't think it's a "different faction" anything. I think a million years ago the Engineers did it because they could and because they were at the stage where they'd just passed the apex of their technological abilities, and they had just began to sense their own decline, much as how the humans are at a stage of creating life and just beginning their decline. Further supporting this: they used black goo to seed all life on Earth. Now? It's volatile, it makes monstrosities, and most importantly those monstrosities are never consistent. They're always kind of random. This isn't to give the movie creature designers something to do, it's on purpose. Add to that their own base gets wiped out by their own black goo. It's almost like they don't understand how to make it work right anymore. Which goes along with the decline theory. Like you could picture a society 100 years from now that couldn't make a nuclear power plant to save their lives, but they can stuff the shit in a bomb casing.

  • Comic Book Man
    Comic Book Man 1 month ago +3

    the sequel to Covenant is probably called David: The flute player

  • Michael Shaughnessy
    Michael Shaughnessy 1 month ago

    I guessed the plot almost spot on :) did not see the android twists guessed David created the Xenomorphs by experimenting on the planet. Parallels between David and Shaw and Ash and Ripley I thought his twisted obsession David was the real monster in the movie.

  • Henry Spagnew
    Henry Spagnew 2 months ago

    Matthew 5:22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

  • frank wolftown
    frank wolftown 2 months ago

    They never explain how the ship crashes. Why did the ship David was controlling crash?

  • SofaKingLeet
    SofaKingLeet 2 months ago

    so how do these eggs end up on the space jockey ship in "alien" if david just started to create them and perfect them 18 years before the ship is found. secondly the space jockey ship they find appears to be aged well past 18 years IMO.

  • Goliath sparrow
    Goliath sparrow 2 months ago

    shit writing and ego woud cover it

  • sudden lee seemore
    sudden lee seemore 2 months ago

    check out this blog.. you may find it interesting.

  • FolkLaurr
    FolkLaurr 2 months ago

    After Prometheus I stopped caring about xenomorphs even being in these movies.

  • Yvonne Banda
    Yvonne Banda 2 months ago

    why did they make "David" look so older why not be perfect without wrinkles

  • Austin Brown
    Austin Brown 2 months ago

    Ridley Scott better learn from his mistakes with these last two bad prequels, and get us back to the classic horror feel we all want from the first Alien movie

  • Eduardo
    Eduardo 2 months ago

    What happen to the big ass ship that David docked with on the engineer homeworld,
    where did it fly toad who was flying it??

  • André Marceau
    André Marceau 2 months ago

    Those were the Engineers

  • Ana Lisajoy
    Ana Lisajoy 2 months ago

    The guns in the old movies are super futuristic. The ones in this movie has a more traditional ar-15 look. As soon as I saw those, I was like "good luck doing any damage to those aliens with those baby bullets designed to kill mainly humans."

  • Nick Tracy
    Nick Tracy 2 months ago

    I feel like the story is just about this confused lil robot man who experimented with some aliens the end...

  • Gallifreyan Browncoat
    Gallifreyan Browncoat 2 months ago

    I thought Covenant had the right amount of tension. Despite having the idea of what to expect in those scenes with the alien, the tension was still there. It's like Alien Isolation with the xenomorph right there in front of you and you're looking right at the thing. It may not see you, but you see it clearly while having to not get caught by it. Different medium, but hey. My biggest gripe though was the ending. I loved the movie all the way up until the end where they launched it out in to space yet again. Though my heart broke seeing Daniels realize that it was David and not Walter. Still enjoyed the movie. The tension was there and the first scene with the neomorph bursting out the guy's back was terrifying to watch. Or maybe I'm just easy to please and can find the charm in this and Prometheus.

  • ///AMG
    ///AMG 2 months ago

    David faith will be in his creation most likely he will make another hybrid and it will kill him

  • ///AMG
    ///AMG 2 months ago

    One thing for sure David didn't kill all engineers the bio mechanical engineers is who the normal engineers worship.

  • Mr C
    Mr C 2 months ago

    The movie should be called David kills everyone.

  • orgywithpigs6
    orgywithpigs6 2 months ago

    Great video!
    I am a huge fan of Alien, the original being my all time favorite movie, and I do not get all the hate directed towards Covenant. I thought Covenant was great!

  • reallifein3d
    reallifein3d 2 months ago

    The most shocking part to me is that viewers couldn't figure out early on that it was David - not Walter - on the ship. Really people? 😒

  • Glenda Johnson
    Glenda Johnson 2 months ago +1

    The Xenomorphs weren't scary in this film? I strongly disagree.

  • Momoko Senpai
    Momoko Senpai 2 months ago

    What I simply don't understand in Alien: Covenant is as to why no one who was exploring the planet actually had any protective gear on. I know it's redundant in the end because either way, David would find them and convince them to take off their gear anyway but that would have added to David's character and the story in my opinion.

    The excuse of them having read the planet thoroughly doesn't fit with any sense when immediately after Daniels and the crew land, they realize that theirs no life and that there is wheat. if they didn't even take a clear read of the vegetation and animals on that planet, they obviously didn't read any microbiological life forms either. So why don't they have gear? That made me really ponder while watching the movie.

  • ALIEN _i_ AM
    ALIEN _i_ AM 2 months ago

    Really, an ION Storm, no communication,... again ?
    Really, a BABY Alien, can crush with his BabyHead through a Window of an isolated Chamber ?

    Not only ONE Stupid Girl slips on the Blood and fells down, NOOOO LETS BE TOTALLY INNOVATIVE and let the second stupid Girl with a Shotgun also slip on the god damn blood...why not ! Come on, lets make her shoot the damn yellow Fuel-Canisters so the whole ship goes BOOM...uhh yeahh !

    Somewhere, in the middle of space,...while a Spacecraft is loading up the fuel cells, a goddamn "totally random" generated spolieralarm "IONIC BLAST" out of NOWHERE hits the ! That sure took you weeks to put up together...damn such creativity is AWESOME !

    And a Guy with his little Walkmen Radio in the Helmet, catches a signal...because spoiler "HE WAS OUTSIDE OF THE NOISE FILTERING SYSTEM of the ship"...yeah damn...that makes sense. 20meters on a rope and you are OUTSIDE of the NOISE CANCELING FILTERING SYSTEM....yeahhh, thats what we all learned in the Sci-Fi School to write such a bullshit...

    The Captain goes into a dark room full of Alien EGGs, and even after shooting the alien that tried to communicate with the crazy Robot and EVEN seeing the DEAD BLOODY HEAD of the Teammember....."hell sure, lets go for a walk down into the dark chamber with the little friendly android that screamed at me not to shoot at the KillerAlien that kills my Team....WHAT CAN GO WRONG!"

    It gets even better...."WHO THE FUCK WOULD EVER, EVER LOOK INTO ONE OF THOSE ALIEN EGGS OMFG"...after such story 2mins before....omfg.


    Ridley,....please,....don´t tell me you did it.

    Even the OBVIOUS BETRAYAL of Mr.Bad Robot omfg...IT WAS OBVIOUS only because you did not show the scene until the end, as he grabbed the Knife....and WTF 2 ARMS out of nothing ?


    Again,...ALIEN 4 WAS BETTER THAN THIS....and i loved Prometheus ! This is total garbage....
    And if the next Movie is nothing with a lots of SPACE MARINES and ACTIOn...then RIP ALIEN Franchise !

    ffs...Ridley Scott,....really ? The clumsy Protagonist Women even KILLS 2 ALIENS, long as we have enough Freighters on Wheels to throw at the Alien, with big spikes in the Front to catch them....

    i am so dissapointed....i would totally want to have my money back...sadly that is not pay and lose.

    0.5/10 Movie

  • Andy Peters
    Andy Peters 2 months ago

    this is prometheus 2

  • crazypigs100
    crazypigs100 2 months ago

    he killed them all because he didn't want to serve his creators...

  • Dene Venter
    Dene Venter 2 months ago

  • justin g
    justin g 2 months ago

    how did David burn his hand off to look like Walter? how were David's codes able to open the doors to incubation on the covenant? did the backburster neomorph survive the lander explosion or were there actually 3 total neomorphs? If he needed humans for hosts, and he killed all the engineers to the point of needing to use Shaw as a test subject, where did he get the source material to make the embryos at the end?

  • rphunt2002
    rphunt2002 2 months ago

    I think Scott actually said there are 2 castes of Engineers, religious and military. The religious use the black goo to create, the military to destroy. The caste seen in Covenant is probably the religious.
    And it would make little sense that the entire Engineer species, being very advanced in space travel, are all in this one little city on a generally wilderness planet.

    • rphunt2002
      rphunt2002 2 months ago

      wintersnoob, Well since this is all made up, anything is actually possible. But a good writer wants their story to make sense, so should come up with a good explanation. E.G., bombing one city on Earth wouldn't even come close to wiping out the human race.

    • wintersnoob
      wintersnoob 2 months ago

      That might be. But it's still worth mentioning that just because a species reached space travel and holographic tech, that doesn't mean their society is overall super advanced.

  • Lewshizz
    Lewshizz 2 months ago

    More questions answered:

    How could David be the creator of the Alien? Wasn't there a mural in Prometheus depicting the Alien?
    The mural depicted older breeds of the black goo mutations, much like the deacon looked very similar to the modern Alien. The murals could easily just be another older depiction of the Alien seeing as just about all of the black goo creatures result in those elongated heads.

    But the ship in Alien (1979) was thousands of years old! How could that ship fit in the timeline of David creating the Alien?
    The ship was thousands of years old but does that mean that it crashed thousands of years ago? Much like in Prometheus David knew how to pilot the ships but did not create them, he simply flew an older ship from the installation. Easily he could have done the same with another ship that ultimately ends up on LV-426.

    • Lewshizz
      Lewshizz 2 months ago

      And who's to say that he doesn't have a new member in the crew, we've clearly seen that he is manipulative. Aside from that we don't know the plots of the planned films, we could just as easily get a story with the engineers involved again, and one of them gets impregnated by David's new Aliens.

    • wintersnoob
      wintersnoob 2 months ago

      That still doesn't explain why it had its chest burst open. Androids can't gestate xenos.

    • Lewshizz
      Lewshizz 2 months ago

      The space jockey was not fossilized, what they thought was a fossil/exoskeleton was part of the actual ship. It was the suit that they dated and the suit in that seat was built directly into the ship. So if it isn't David in the seat it will probably be revealed who it is within the next 2 films.

    • wintersnoob
      wintersnoob 2 months ago

      The Space Jockey in Alien was fossilized and with his chest burst open so no, that doesn't answer it at all.

  • corturia
    corturia 2 months ago

    what you say is partly right, i do think the studio has pressuired scott to make a more direct action movie rather than story orientated either way they went for a movie to hold but further the auidience give them action, little story and further to next movie,its failed completely, fox might greenlight more but there gonna take another loss on this one domestic so ridley might be singing for his new trilogy

  • Stinne Lykke Valentin Nordvig

    Have we seen any female engineer? There seems to be at theme of creator inferiority complex linked to the relationship between men and women. Think of the way the women are both set aside (Prometheus) but seems to be needed (Shaw and the need for the mother) Looking at the original Alien movie it is heavely inspired by Sigmund Freud and the complex relationship between mother, fallos, killing your creator and so on. The theme of hating your creator while having a intens need to create, here in devious ways (not natural via a mother/women) via destruction and/or sacrifice might stem from being a species or entities that can't naturally create (like a droid and maybe the engineers if they have no women or somehow ruined the ability?) This could explain why the movie let David fall in love with Shaw. This love only cements the fact that he cannot create naturally (sex, love and impregnate) thus this need, this longing, becomes twisted and devious (as Freud states souch longings will if not forfilled) . David cannot recreate himself, som he recreates, or tries to, Shaw, so that he can make and create via her. But the twisted need makes for a twisted way that makes for a twisted creation; the alien. Freud states that a repressed sexul (creational) need will become a destruction action. We see this in souch films as Psycho, where the desire to penetrate a lovely naked woman with a fallos (sex and life) becomes the need to penetrate the naked women with a knife (murder and death). Maybe the sins of the engineer was the same as the sins of David? Coming from the desire to create like God and women but ending in death and destruction?

  • Ignacio Rodriguez
    Ignacio Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Dude you sound like need to drink some water.

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