Out of Control Owner Attacks His Own Chef! | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Tarek Dabbour
    Tarek Dabbour 1 hour ago +1

    Tbh Michael had the right to push him
    The chef was acting like an asshole

  • Valerie Tomlinson
    Valerie Tomlinson 14 hours ago

    I feel like when his daughter gets pregnant, Gordon's gunna say:


  • senna reacts
    senna reacts 16 hours ago

    Hello my name's NINOOOOO.

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    Even more.


  • Iosif Belea
    Iosif Belea 22 hours ago

    I love these videos, the titles are never click bait

  • Dániel Nagy
    Dániel Nagy 1 day ago

    after 9 years in development, girl:hopefully it was worth the wait. XDD

  • Isaac Gonzalez
    Isaac Gonzalez 1 day ago +1

    Legend says that he's still waiting for the food

  • Jimin's Favourite Apple

    ''Staph it'' x100 *DO SOMETHING WOMAN.*

  • Andre Barba
    Andre Barba 1 day ago

    best dance move 3:51

  • Yusuf_chill Farooque


  • DrawnToLove
    DrawnToLove 1 day ago

    Michael: Dead beat good for nothing brother

  • ReggiGamez
    ReggiGamez 2 days ago

    Is it just me or do half of these people sound like they have their noses pinched?...

  • Adam 1
    Adam 1 2 days ago

    Honestly, I felt like the guy was kind of asking for it.

  • Chino
    Chino 3 days ago

    If this was Godfather, he is Santino..

  • TobimeisterALT
    TobimeisterALT 3 days ago

    "It wuz mai fawlt, cahm daiown!"

  • agenthelios1
    agenthelios1 3 days ago

    I don't see why everyone is trying to blame Michael...the chef Al was out of control and acting hysterical. Seems like Al wanted to act like he owned the kitchen, naturally he started to get on Michaels nerves and then the last straw was him waving his arms around like a maniac. You can clearly see at 2:30 Al was out of line.

  • Lennon Quinn
    Lennon Quinn 3 days ago

    Michael is an idiot.

    THECHIEF AMP 3 days ago

    I want to work at carabas or outback

  • khaliq moore
    khaliq moore 4 days ago

    Is the ice cream fresh or frozen?
    -Uh what Gordon?
    Is it frozen?
    -It is frozen yes Gordon?
    Fuck me....dreadful.

  • Andrea Castro
    Andrea Castro 4 days ago

    from the thumbnail, i thought it was ian somerhalder

  • commodore665
    commodore665 4 days ago

    many years ago , as a 16 year old I work as kitchen porter in a hotel in Cape Town , one of chefs, a Dutchman , was throwing pots into the pot wash sink , after doing this about 10-12 times , and being asked not to , the other KP a 6 foot Serbian , grabbed the Dutch chef around the neck and lifted of the ground and literally threw him into the sink , The Head Chef , who was French , sacked the Dutchman on the spot , and told him it served him right . Point is , in kitchens things get heated .

  • CoolGirlDorkie
    CoolGirlDorkie 4 days ago

    What season and episode is this?

  • Crimson Blu
    Crimson Blu 4 days ago +1

    He wnt to snd the fckin food outtt

  • Kwolf
    Kwolf 4 days ago

    2:48 Micheal must work for united airlines

  • Hashim Azam
    Hashim Azam 4 days ago


  • Salem chevy
    Salem chevy 4 days ago


  • Da Stig
    Da Stig 5 days ago

    michael mcintyre is that you?

  • Wise Old Man
    Wise Old Man 5 days ago

    michael looks like the karate kid

  • OneJazzKid
    OneJazzKid 5 days ago

    Tyler1's brother.

  • XSuper SimsX
    XSuper SimsX 5 days ago

    That thumbnail though 👌👌

  • frrd kelp
    frrd kelp 5 days ago

    If that bitch was my mom I would rock her ass

  • WarfledSigns
    WarfledSigns 5 days ago

    Michael's mom "Stop it stop is stop it stop it stop it"

    Michael = calm down calm down calm down

    Gordon = Stop, just stop

    everyone = *stops*

  • Jin Hui Saw
    Jin Hui Saw 5 days ago

    fucking crybaby

  • Medievalist
    Medievalist 6 days ago

    when everyone is more angry than gordon ramsay

  • Luis Angeles
    Luis Angeles 6 days ago


  • Silent nova
    Silent nova 6 days ago

    What's the episode

  • SF Rila
    SF Rila 6 days ago

    Why is everyone just blaming him? Don't they see the strain?

  • DPS Bidden
    DPS Bidden 6 days ago

    The mom sounds like the wife from family guy

  • JaySunHong
    JaySunHong 6 days ago

    michael scott is that you?

  • Allan Youmaran
    Allan Youmaran 6 days ago +1

    The poor Asian dude

  • Ronnell McConnell
    Ronnell McConnell 6 days ago

    It's fuckin snow Joey

  • The Two Pandas
    The Two Pandas 6 days ago

    I feel bad for that one Asian chef...

  • Karolini Eduarda
    Karolini Eduarda 7 days ago

    Mike ( who looks really drunk and snob) is the kind of people who just want to be the big boss without working really hard and became the big ass. The asshole shouldn't be a chef a at all!

  • Max Andreassen
    Max Andreassen 7 days ago

    chemical celebration no feel visible drunk alien.

  • Alfred Jodl
    Alfred Jodl 7 days ago


  • Crystal E
    Crystal E 7 days ago

    This was dreadful to watch :/

  • justin rhey fremista

    They sound like loonie toons

  • Wootsand
    Wootsand 7 days ago

    1:40 scripted af lool

  • Chara Fan
    Chara Fan 7 days ago

    proof that LOW DOG spic wop dago guido rat kikes are savage, subhuman, low pitbull nigger dog folk, cannot be controlled or reasoned with. 1488 kill them all

  • Enzo Fanenzo
    Enzo Fanenzo 7 days ago

    Michowl stahp it, stahp it now michowl

  • Vladimir Ortega
    Vladimir Ortega 7 days ago

    and its michaels fault. becausr hes fucking around and not working

  • Ninja AL
    Ninja AL 7 days ago +2

    3:00 Family Guy?

  • Leke RAMA
    Leke RAMA 7 days ago

    86 the chef

  • Yogurt Slinger
    Yogurt Slinger 8 days ago

    @2:49 when I'm trying to beat my meat and my grandma walks into my room

  • Ryan Campbell minecraft player


  • Corey Moncure
    Corey Moncure 8 days ago

    Ramsey wouldn't think twice about manhandling his own staff, over much smaller insubordinations.

  • Saman Salih
    Saman Salih 8 days ago

    Michael is so fucking kind hearted you can tell and the guy was telling the other person to calm tf down but nah he was fucking hit by a rage spell (clash Royale reference) so Michael was right to go 0-100 👏🏼Just👏🏼Like👏🏼That

  • Saman Salih
    Saman Salih 8 days ago

    Who tf is nino

  • Daniel - Broseidon Incarnate

    Is that you Robin Williams?

  • The8Bit
    The8Bit 9 days ago

    Since I am asain,I feel bad for Asians the most

  • Two Little Ponys
    Two Little Ponys 9 days ago

    i know that owner is one of the problem that there restaurant is failling,but that chef needs to remember whose his boss he needs respect

  • Alexander Lanzon
    Alexander Lanzon 9 days ago

    So this is where michael went after the sopranos

  • HeroePlayz HeroePlayz

    this is why you never mess with gordon

  • Alisha Thomas
    Alisha Thomas 9 days ago


  • Alisha Thomas
    Alisha Thomas 9 days ago

    can michael be the next Nino?

  • Alice Kat
    Alice Kat 9 days ago

    "Stop it. Stop it, Michael. Stop it. Stop it." Are you saying something just to have some kind of input???

  • •The M3ssage Man•

    Holy shit I would love to be a cameraman for this shit!

  • Reichsflugscheibenchemtrailpilot der NWO

    Michael dont grow up....thats the Point....every Family got one of These...everyone own me some

  • DesiredGamez Gaming,Vlogs And more

    fick verybody the asian chef is bullied! he got yelled it racisim

  • JChandler36
    JChandler36 9 days ago

    That restaurant is a shit show

  • YetiConfetti
    YetiConfetti 9 days ago

    Micheal kinda looks like John Stamos

    GLORIOUS EUGENE 9 days ago

    Gordan Ramsay, the only YT channel that is not clickbait

    Luka DIMITRIJEVIĆ 10 days ago

    Nino should help by lightning up the mood

  • Chris Antoniades
    Chris Antoniades 10 days ago

    you call that an attack?

  • Supreme Saiyan
    Supreme Saiyan 10 days ago

    In the thumbnail the chef busted his nut

  • PhenomenalVlogs
    PhenomenalVlogs 10 days ago

    Ho-ly shit it's young Eric Bischoff!

  • krishfish
    krishfish 10 days ago


  • BayviewFinch
    BayviewFinch 10 days ago

    How can you take anyone seriously with that accent?

  • Mishkamushi
    Mishkamushi 10 days ago

    In the duration of less than a minute, that women said "stop it" at least 7 times

  • nukeman1303
    nukeman1303 10 days ago

    R.I.P Asian mans sanity working there

  • peter rodriguez
    peter rodriguez 10 days ago

    My name is Michael. Michael Scofield...
    Mama: shut up dumb wit

  • 2kewl4u2here •
    2kewl4u2here • 10 days ago

    this thumbnail is gold

  • Ish Smith
    Ish Smith 10 days ago

    I am doing what im doing!

  • From The Twisted Mind Itself

    he sounds like mike wosowski from monsters inc

  • Gamingfury510 Fury
    Gamingfury510 Fury 10 days ago

    Does anyone else see the thumbnail and think it looks like 2 people doing it ? Or is it just me

  • Serg Kaizen
    Serg Kaizen 10 days ago

    in 30 years I saw 1 plate ever returned to my fathers kitchen

  • Th3_Chick3n '
    Th3_Chick3n ' 10 days ago

    The mom is there saying "Stop it" but isn't helping with anything

  • Howie Mandel
    Howie Mandel 10 days ago

    Michael is like a fucking four year old

  • slippyslide
    slippyslide 10 days ago

    i like the action film music and when gordon does something theres a THUUUUMPHHH

  • BradDa Pad
    BradDa Pad 11 days ago +1

    This is why I eat Chinese food

  • David Lendon
    David Lendon 11 days ago

    His mum sounds like Lois of family guy

  • Gabriel Lord
    Gabriel Lord 11 days ago

    Michael is the owner and the chef. He beat himself up!

  • Alexander Cain
    Alexander Cain 11 days ago

    why does micheal look like the guy from scream

  • Marki Ziza
    Marki Ziza 11 days ago

    1:18 when the intro says "Michael" Owner/Chef & you are thinking where the fuck is that "Out of control owner" who attack the fucking chef :D

  • Commander Waddles
    Commander Waddles 11 days ago

    If he'd do that in front if Ramsay & cameras, I fucking wonder what he's done on regular days in the kitchen, God damn.

  • Owen Nishimura
    Owen Nishimura 11 days ago

    How many times does she have to say stop it

  • The_and Only
    The_and Only 11 days ago

    That guy called aI made me think it was artificial intelligence

  • StanDaMan - Clash Royale and Clash of Clans

    Have y'all seen the show "Burnnotice" on Netflix, the soy or main character's name is Michael and this chefs name is michael, both their moms say stop it to their son and they have the same voice

  • Fires Fury
    Fires Fury 11 days ago

    that old waiter with the accent is the one who explains history to people and you remember it for your whole life

  • Pirate Labs
    Pirate Labs 11 days ago +1

    Customer: "It's RAW on the inside!" She must have been watching this show for a while, ha ha.

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