5 Camping Gadgets put to the Test

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  • 1. Mosquito Box Net Shelter http://amzn.to/2sH3jzw
    2. Folding Bucke http://amzn.to/2sXAEG1
    3. Kitchen Sink http://amzn.to/2rZSJ9b
    4. Pocket Shower http://amzn.to/2siZB1Y
    5. Simple Shower http://amzn.to/2sGVfz3

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  • Jesusandbible
    Jesusandbible 6 hours ago

    I may write to James Bond film makers to get you a job showing James Bond his new gadgets.

  • Richard TV
    Richard TV 16 hours ago

    "What does the box say"

  • Julianna Quarto
    Julianna Quarto 1 day ago

    0:40 what does the box say;) the song ok?ok.

  • TKxEliteBeast X
    TKxEliteBeast X 1 day ago

    Maskita net😂

  • Jayant Jain
    Jayant Jain 1 day ago

    They last gadget was really nice

  • Brianna Taunton
    Brianna Taunton 1 day ago

    he's so hot

  • Colleen Giovannini
    Colleen Giovannini 1 day ago

    1:17 "can definitely find a stick somewhere to put this up"

    *struggles to find place to put it up*

  • Filbie
    Filbie 2 days ago

    That bottle shower is actually really cool!

  • Juana Artiaga
    Juana Artiaga 2 days ago


  • Gokukid
    Gokukid 2 days ago

    what does the box say?

  • justin so
    justin so 2 days ago

    Uh What Does The Fox Say

  • Sally Tran
    Sally Tran 3 days ago

    Vietnamese always use that

    STRAWBERRY GERARD 3 days ago

    4:03 absolutely no twenty one pilots fans know what that is

  • Emoxy's entertainment house

    Would've laughed If he fell into the water. No offence lobe the vids tho.

  • Tia Griffin
    Tia Griffin 4 days ago

    Very cool gadgets

  • Hussain Saeed
    Hussain Saeed 4 days ago

    The shower

  • crazy turtle
    crazy turtle 5 days ago

    did he actually camp that day

  • Quirky YT
    Quirky YT 5 days ago

    *Takes shower in pond water, ah yes I am so much cleaner now.

    *yeah no..

  • Ashok Anand
    Ashok Anand 5 days ago

    shower was awesome

  • Kerrigan Smith
    Kerrigan Smith 6 days ago

    Hey there's a new song it's main verse is "WHAT DOES THE BOX SAY " and also I like "the secret of the box it's a mystery from Russian hacker"

  • Boris Johnoton
    Boris Johnoton 6 days ago


  • kalia lee
    kalia lee 7 days ago

    The shower ones are the coolest

  • Kobi Earl
    Kobi Earl 7 days ago

    go fishing in the little pond

  • DaBagel999
    DaBagel999 8 days ago +1

    6:54 careless whisper starts playing.

  • RorySellarsVlogs
    RorySellarsVlogs 8 days ago

    wash weggstagles😂

  • shelbey randolph
    shelbey randolph 8 days ago


  • john Lawrence sales
    john Lawrence sales 8 days ago

    realy amazing .

  • Blue Donut 21
    Blue Donut 21 9 days ago

    Imagine seeing a russian guy w/ a camera showering himself. AND HE WASNT EVEN CAMPING JUST SHOWERING IN THE WILDERNESS FOR NO REASON LOL

  • Chloe Rogers
    Chloe Rogers 11 days ago +2

    0:40 "Wait what?" *pauses in black and white with sad depressing music*

  • Sae E.
    Sae E. 11 days ago

    im a116513452

  • Aya Tsuyuri
    Aya Tsuyuri 11 days ago

    i love this guy

  • Ajay Dasrath
    Ajay Dasrath 12 days ago

    For the first gadget I think your supposed to setup your tent first then put that thing up

  • randomluna
    randomluna 12 days ago

    wooh yeah

  • Ayse Yildiz
    Ayse Yildiz 12 days ago

    He littered ;-;

  • alshli22
    alshli22 12 days ago

    Couldn't understand a word

  • SkylenTheBeast
    SkylenTheBeast 12 days ago

    At 6:55 seriously LOL

  • Francisco Data
    Francisco Data 13 days ago


  • Dr Cutsyour Boobsoff
    Dr Cutsyour Boobsoff 14 days ago

    How do I get free stuff like you?

  • Extreme Outdoors
    Extreme Outdoors 14 days ago

    Do a hunting, trapping, and farming hacks

  • Braden Bishayee
    Braden Bishayee 14 days ago

    kitchen sink and shower

  • Francis H
    Francis H 15 days ago +4

    I like the mini shower gadget very useful.

  • dinal senarathna
    dinal senarathna 15 days ago


  • Athallah haidzam
    Athallah haidzam 15 days ago


  • Juss Monty
    Juss Monty 16 days ago

    I really liked the pocket shower

  • Mr.Fishy
    Mr.Fishy 16 days ago

    I have a feeling he really was naked.......I mean Russians are crazy

  • Lang Tov
    Lang Tov 16 days ago

    I just watched a Russian guy have a shower with a bottle 😬🙄

    I have no life

  • playing with greninja!!!

    6:54 oOooOh yeAh

  • Anna,ema and Crisatian
    Anna,ema and Crisatian 17 days ago +2

    I wouldn't like to take a shower with dirty water or wash my dishes with it like if u agree

  • SCP-513
    SCP-513 17 days ago

    i got an ad that said date beautiful russians...

  • Deadlyxreaper28
    Deadlyxreaper28 17 days ago

    6:04 Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Yasser Saleh
    Yasser Saleh 17 days ago

    you look like a real Megeamine.

  • hans unicu
    hans unicu 17 days ago


  • Angela Anderson
    Angela Anderson 18 days ago

    I would like to see him go on an African safari!

  • Jay Is awesome
    Jay Is awesome 18 days ago +1

    Is it your forest of the government/councils forest?

  • Pathetic Tv
    Pathetic Tv 18 days ago +6

    What's up everybody welcome back to my forest
    *100 years later*
    What's up everybody welcome back to my planet

  • Pauline Joy David
    Pauline Joy David 18 days ago

    The first one ,In the pilipines it is kulambo

  • Mr Duckington
    Mr Duckington 18 days ago

    I found this guy taking a shower in the middle of the woods on google maps

  • Livingston rc
    Livingston rc 18 days ago

    Mosquito box in January.............smart

  • Kidboo377
    Kidboo377 19 days ago

    5:53 captions. Sexually plenty.

  • nick kowalik
    nick kowalik 19 days ago

    i luve gadgeks

  • VirtuallyThatGamer
    VirtuallyThatGamer 20 days ago

    6:54 Close your eyes

  • Justin Elijah Chester
    Justin Elijah Chester 20 days ago

    Both the showers and the sink

  • Wolfie Gia2005
    Wolfie Gia2005 20 days ago

    I love his accent 😄

  • Sam David
    Sam David 20 days ago

    who TF showers in the middle of a forest

  • Karm SE
    Karm SE 20 days ago

    6:55 oooooh yeahhh 😂😂

  • Tajay Shaw
    Tajay Shaw 21 day ago +1

    I just wanted to see the camping shower

  • Nick Yb
    Nick Yb 21 day ago

    He so hot

  • Smallcoops
    Smallcoops 21 day ago

    Was he fully naked?

  • Riadh Bentorki
    Riadh Bentorki 21 day ago

    you are the best youtuber tatras keep up I learned a lot from you God bless you

  • Blanca Ricalday
    Blanca Ricalday 22 days ago

    l like the pocket shower

  • Majestic Melanie
    Majestic Melanie 23 days ago +2

    Hoi I'm TeMmiE, leave me a like if you know who that is!

  • Soul GamingZz
    Soul GamingZz 23 days ago


  • Anime Fan Gurl
    Anime Fan Gurl 24 days ago

    Is this the guy from yo mama 😂😂😂😅

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 25 days ago

    I... REALLY loved that pocket condom!!@

  • Rosalind Haugabook
    Rosalind Haugabook 26 days ago

    why are u naked outside near a house bruh .my favorite was none of the above 😂💀😂😂💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • RaZe 360
    RaZe 360 26 days ago

    What does the box say

  • Jaden Woods
    Jaden Woods 26 days ago


    TOP 5 ALLTIME FAN 26 days ago

    Is it your forest??

  • Bad actor Productions
    Bad actor Productions 26 days ago

    You forgot the one

  • Rodneytyson Tycam
    Rodneytyson Tycam 26 days ago

    I like the shower

  • Rodneytyson Tycam
    Rodneytyson Tycam 26 days ago

    You the man 4real thanks

  • Hanish Woona
    Hanish Woona 26 days ago

    Pocket shower is the good one

  • Skeleton Clique
    Skeleton Clique 27 days ago


  • robert sanchez
    robert sanchez 27 days ago

    De bobble

  • Ethan Combs
    Ethan Combs 27 days ago +1

    wonder how much those "safety glasses are worth"

  • Alex Colon
    Alex Colon 27 days ago

    I just watched a Russian man take a shower 7:02

  • LostGeburah
    LostGeburah 27 days ago

    - Taras Kul -

    The "boom" always makes me smile xD

  • shawn mendias
    shawn mendias 27 days ago +1

    at 2:36 did he say i need to find water sause

  • Koby Bostock
    Koby Bostock 27 days ago

    The boots with the camp pants look awesome

  • discoverydavid
    discoverydavid 29 days ago

    The shower bag is the best, it can multi-task: shower, water carrier, storage bladder, dry bag....

  • Sun in Leo
    Sun in Leo 29 days ago

    shower and sink

  • Llamma_ Squad
    Llamma_ Squad 1 month ago

    please say with the pocket shower he had pants

  • FutureGaming Alex
    FutureGaming Alex 1 month ago

    Mom: what are you watching?

    Son: watching a Russian man taking a shower in the woods

  • Joel Baboolal
    Joel Baboolal 1 month ago +2

    you should make a video when you go camping for a weekend and use all the survival gadgets👍👍

  • Alex Rosieur
    Alex Rosieur 1 month ago

    Imagine going for a bush walk and u see this guy talking to a camera ... naked ... and pouring a bottle of water on him self 😂😂😂😂

  • Hope F.
    Hope F. 1 month ago

    Captions at 5:53

  • Ben La
    Ben La 1 month ago

    6:55 oooooohhh yeah

  • Linden Barbour-professional savage

    i had the shower and gave it away :(

  • Evan
    Evan 1 month ago

    day 3 in the wild

  • Kristini The genie
    Kristini The genie 1 month ago

    6:56 "oooohh yeahh " I love that reaction

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