Nick Cannon Is Over the Mariah Carey Jokes | Wild 'N Out | MTV

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  • Gully Al
    Gully Al 4 hours ago

    Straight from the Flossy New Heat Alert

  • Supercalifragilistice Worry

    In my opinion I think its kinda disrespectful to be talking about his ex-wife like that I mean his music career jokes are funny but the Mariah jokes are old

  • Jam Jar
    Jam Jar 2 days ago

    man rob dyrdek need to be on that show

  • Akil Brazier
    Akil Brazier 4 days ago

    People have thin skin. Including Nick. Nobody can take a joke anymore. "The Mariah jokes and the jokes about my music career are tired and need to stop." So you're basically telling the cast to not roast you or they're fired? What else is there to really roast Nick Cannon about? It's not like they're making fun of a friend of his who died or him having cancer or some shit like that. These jokes are harmless. ESPECIALLY the one about his music career. That one shouldn't phase him as much as ex wife. Those jokes will always be funny and never get old. Especially if they keep doing it in different ways. Like, come on Nick. If you really do enforce this, it takes most of the fun out of the show. It's all supposed to be good fun.

  • Bernardo Cal
    Bernardo Cal 4 days ago

    nick but your music does suck

  • luther yang
    luther yang 4 days ago

    "We'll answer that question later" my dude Nick is fuckin every single one

  • heather chapin
    heather chapin 4 days ago

    he has other baby mommas?! lol

  • Ijanae Reed
    Ijanae Reed 4 days ago

    All ya exs??? Dude they only talk about Mariah , you wish u was that relevant 😂😂😂

  • derek a.
    derek a. 5 days ago

    starting to look like an old head

  • unique caleb
    unique caleb 6 days ago

    Mariah jokes are a classic though.

  • michael jones
    michael jones 6 days ago

    being real though im kind of over them to its like when its nicks turn to get roasted all we hear is that shit

  • jeremy miller
    jeremy miller 6 days ago

    i like the song at the end...does anyone know that song?

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown 6 days ago

    they make at least one joke about Mariah or his music career in every episode. Even I'm tired of it lol.

  • Elijah Gilbert
    Elijah Gilbert 6 days ago

    he's way better off without her now at least he's not busy getting drunk and partying half the time now these days. I feel sorry for her she screwed up her life now.

  • Rocky Jeter Webb
    Rocky Jeter Webb 6 days ago

    I agree with Nick. The jokes about Mariah Carey and his music career are old and tired. The cast needs to come up with some more new original jokes and material to make the people laugh. There's more to Nick than Mariah and his music career.

  • Takyon
    Takyon 6 days ago

    Nick cannon is awesome

  • What Ever
    What Ever 6 days ago

    "all my baby momma should come on the show at the same time "

  • The Only Jodz
    The Only Jodz 6 days ago

    he the only dude that wonna see his baby mommas together hope he got a big bank account

  • chrizpher
    chrizpher 6 days ago

    Nick canons a bitch lol

  • Them_Eyes_Thou
    Them_Eyes_Thou 6 days ago

    just wanted to comment tbh

  • BlackZ!Fighter
    BlackZ!Fighter 6 days ago

    What about the Nickelodeon jokes lol

  • John Martson
    John Martson 6 days ago

    Since you're over the Mariah jokes bring Eminem on

  • Geshawn Miles
    Geshawn Miles 6 days ago

    nick cannon go get a wife

  • Junior Nkansah
    Junior Nkansah 6 days ago


  • Conor Ainsworth
    Conor Ainsworth 6 days ago

    Nick complaining about people going for over done angles against him yet whenever he goes against Conceited, it's always short jokes from him etc. smh

  • Beatz206 Blue Moon Ent


  • littleslugjr 02
    littleslugjr 02 6 days ago

    nick just mad because eminem started jokes and they wont stop.i wish em would go on the shoe and put nicks clown ass back in his place

  • najmah Z
    najmah Z 6 days ago

    Yea the Mariah jokes are getting old, and annoying, but the ones about his rap career and movies be funny

    iAM GIANNI 6 days ago

    Nick hittin them girls oms

  • Gkill Gkill
    Gkill Gkill 6 days ago

    Why does nick look like Steve urkle

  • asterisk francis
    asterisk francis 6 days ago

    cringefest, they're not over with their corny ass jokes tho

  • Vikki DC
    Vikki DC 6 days ago

    I'm sick of them too

  • Keon Hart
    Keon Hart 6 days ago

    yea the music career and mariah jokes are tireddd that annoys me I know how much it pisses him off

  • Avion Lu
    Avion Lu 7 days ago

    They should make a video about Tim being over the Asian jokes

  • LovingJesus 98
    LovingJesus 98 7 days ago

    He needs to get some rest!

  • Zara-Leigh Lewis
    Zara-Leigh Lewis 7 days ago

    They best episode was with Snoop Dog and Joran Sparks

  • Cesar Ortiz
    Cesar Ortiz 7 days ago

    Get KYLE on the show

  • Glitch The Dancer
    Glitch The Dancer 7 days ago


  • Jamie c
    Jamie c 7 days ago

    Nick smashing the whole crew

  • Kuhlio99
    Kuhlio99 7 days ago

    We need you on AGT

  • DavidFiggs
    DavidFiggs 7 days ago

    "All my baby mommas should show up on the show"

    You can tell he regret saying that the moment it came out his mouth

  • Isaac Guzman
    Isaac Guzman 7 days ago

    He is just butt hurt

  • Billy Sanchez
    Billy Sanchez 7 days ago

    Stop getting in your feelings bro you making money people love the show and all the ex jokes sit back and smile you hit a bad bitch

  • Ice Vonshipen
    Ice Vonshipen 7 days ago

    Imagine xxxtentacion on wild n out

    The cast: hey what up man
    Xxx: fear is plentiful repent your sins our death will be bountiful
    The cast: yh goodbye man

  • Alicia Swaby
    Alicia Swaby 7 days ago

    that's true Nick they need to stop I bet if you bust out one of there secret in the rap hardcore on them that make dem feel so bad they would want to walk off and I bet they stop like if you agree✊✊✌✌✌

    • igi Reaper VI
      igi Reaper VI 6 days ago

      Alicia Swaby no likes for your sensitive bitch ass lololol

  • lucky9084
    lucky9084 7 days ago

    Nick Cannon I believe you. The jokes are not funny any more. Get new material WNO dudes and girls!

  • Julian Monroy
    Julian Monroy 7 days ago

    hahaha he's sooo butthurt

  • JayTheEidolon
    JayTheEidolon 7 days ago

    you talked about mariah, she made all the platinum and the gold
    but whyd you go back to christina milian looking for a home?
    you never learned your lesson nick you really need a smack
    whats the matter dog, are you really black?
    how come with all your exes, youre always running back?

  • Bella Yang
    Bella Yang 7 days ago


  • just me
    just me 7 days ago

    she's​ not just another baby mama, she's​your ex wife. Put some respek on her name. dumass

  • Saharra M
    Saharra M 7 days ago

    Nick hurt.

  • Deante Mckinley
    Deante Mckinley 7 days ago

    Get Drake and Future for the show

  • Moses Roberts
    Moses Roberts 7 days ago

    We haven't heard EVERY joke 😂😂

  • Deante Mckinley
    Deante Mckinley 7 days ago

    Win or loes I got Floyd

  • niajef
    niajef 7 days ago

    aint nobody asking that question, we all know nick banging wild and out girls...the only question is, who, how many, how often, and do they get paid for it

    • niajef
      niajef 6 days ago

      obv not the actual guests...i mean he might, but thats a bit harder to pull off for him...but the girls who are just walking around or standing there or w.e, like the no name bitches, but also fine as hell

    • Ckandybhear
      Ckandybhear 6 days ago

      The girls on the side lol

    • Flexotic
      Flexotic 7 days ago

      Yall mean the girls comming on the show like amber rose and shit or like the bad bitches always on the side?

    • Ckandybhear
      Ckandybhear 7 days ago

      niajef he answered that in a previous one. He said something like all the ones you see one season, but don't see any other season, he most likely smashed and that's how they got on lol

  • MarcleYT
    MarcleYT 7 days ago

    Mariah joke is dry humor

  • Nico Rodriguez
    Nico Rodriguez 7 days ago

    after Vic Mensa I wouldn't blame him

  • Vivian Ikama-Obambi

    He only got 2 lol..." I would like to have all my baby mommas on the show" lol could just said both

    CASSO BLVCK 7 days ago

    They're not jokes though

  • Nicole Wink
    Nicole Wink 7 days ago


  • Nicole Wink
    Nicole Wink 7 days ago


  • XSean
    XSean 7 days ago

    People always call Nick corny, but out of all the entertainers hes one of the most honorable to me. Very humble and not full of himself to allow others to come on a show, which became a platform for black comedians and artist to flourish, and diss him.

    • XSean
      XSean 6 days ago

      Marc The Robot lol yes, women to. I forgot that. he made these ig models popping like tory brix

    • Marc The Robot
      Marc The Robot 6 days ago

      XSean I never saw it that way, he truly has created a platform for black comedians and women on the show💯

    • senseiLeebri
      senseiLeebri 7 days ago

      XSean and the fact that he's cool with all these dudes dogging him makes me respect him even more

    • Maequn The Entertainer
      Maequn The Entertainer 7 days ago

      XSean right 💯💯

  • Ariana Martinez
    Ariana Martinez 7 days ago

    I love The Mariah Jokes 😂💀🤷🏻‍♀️

  • vT Misery
    vT Misery 7 days ago

    You can tell he still thinks about her

  • Donald McOmollo
    Donald McOmollo 7 days ago

    Please guys tell me which site ...should get All the wild and out seasons .......

  • KeAvion Bryant
    KeAvion Bryant 7 days ago

    Nick just now confessing this shit?

  • Deante Mckinley
    Deante Mckinley 7 days ago


  • Tyler Lackney
    Tyler Lackney 7 days ago

    Nick you know everyone is going to keep doing the Marian and they might do Kim next

  • King Dami
    King Dami 7 days ago

    The Mariah jokes can never get old Nick and tell us if you are really banging the wild N out girls man lol

    • Cocheny Sanon
      Cocheny Sanon 6 days ago

      King Dami

    • Dwyane Wade
      Dwyane Wade 7 days ago

      King Dami He's been holding the answer to that for a long ass time lol

  • Ronald samuel
    Ronald samuel 7 days ago

    Nick stfu u know u still miss Mariah she made u relevant

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 7 days ago

    Nick I can make a maria joke but those are outdated kind a like the shoes you bought from the 80s

  • Feemon Dorley
    Feemon Dorley 7 days ago

    Bro we need more jokes

  • Kamren Chase
    Kamren Chase 7 days ago

    It's so funny tho nobody's gonna get tired of it

  • IamtheDesperado
    IamtheDesperado 7 days ago

    "All my baby mommas should show up on the show" *laughs nervously* *god I wish I could find a compatible lover in my life*

  • D. Destine
    D. Destine 7 days ago

    Damn bet this shit won't get any likes

  • Yatta_Negoy Jr
    Yatta_Negoy Jr 7 days ago

    Mariah would make divorce jokes about him too though 😂

  • cai vue
    cai vue 7 days ago

    Nick say he have sex with Wild n Out girls, what about Amber Rose?

  • Ultimate One Fan
    Ultimate One Fan 7 days ago

    I love the jokes about his music, but the Mariah ones are getting old

    • Jeff Nero
      Jeff Nero 7 days ago

      same. The Mariah jokes are too easy and have become way too repetitive, similar to Asian jokes about Tim.

    • Ultimate One Fan
      Ultimate One Fan 7 days ago

      XSean Actually he does still do music. He recently dropped a music video and... I love Nick but it isn't good lol.

    • XSean
      XSean 7 days ago

      lol why? Nick dont even do music no more. Mariah still in his life

  • kingdon 97
    kingdon 97 7 days ago

    nick is finally pissed off 😂

  • Bianca Torrez
    Bianca Torrez 7 days ago

    that one dislike Mariah

  • Jordan Grice
    Jordan Grice 7 days ago

    I'm sorry but i can never get over the Mariah jokes, especially this joke:
    "Nick, what are those boots about? Click ya heels three times you'll be back at Mariah house"

    • Jordan Grice
      Jordan Grice 6 days ago

      Erik Forsmoo Ik but it was funny

    • Erik Forsmoo
      Erik Forsmoo 6 days ago

      That clip was literally in this video, you don't have to quote it like that.

  • 1-800 -PAPAJOHNS
    1-800 -PAPAJOHNS 7 days ago

    Dammmm I'm #18 comment

  • Jon vo
    Jon vo 7 days ago

    Nick :"We've heard every possible Mariah joke there could possibly be"
    Wild n out crew: "betttttt"

    • Juicy Fist
      Juicy Fist 6 days ago

      Jon vo Bruh I was the 1000 like

    • John Gedeon
      John Gedeon 7 days ago

      They only need to stop because they're not clever. Theyd be better if they were more like that one time conceited said " Nicks terrified hes scared of vending machines because he thinks Eminems (M&m's) in there

    • May Flower
      May Flower 7 days ago

      But he's right though the jokes need to stop

    • aLovelyDay4Love
      aLovelyDay4Love 7 days ago

      Jon vo Right! Challenge excepted! 😂🙌👌😅😅😅

  • Thefadeaway 4
    Thefadeaway 4 7 days ago

    dumn ass I got first comment

  • Flare brownie
    Flare brownie 7 days ago

    first comment

  • Thefadeaway 4
    Thefadeaway 4 7 days ago

    but still got first

  • Hall of Fame
    Hall of Fame 7 days ago

    Like this

  • Hall of Fame
    Hall of Fame 7 days ago


  • Thefadeaway 4
    Thefadeaway 4 7 days ago

    second comment

  • Gene Parmesan
    Gene Parmesan 7 days ago

    You might be over it but we ain't lmfao. Shit ain't never gonna get old

    • Emmanuel Molen
      Emmanuel Molen 5 days ago

      Gene Parmesan LMAO😂😂

    • Rocky Jeter Webb
      Rocky Jeter Webb 5 days ago

      Thank You

    • Karen Owens
      Karen Owens 6 days ago

      Rocky Jeter Webb Exactly

    • Rocky Jeter Webb
      Rocky Jeter Webb 6 days ago

      The Mariah jokes and Nick's music career jokes are old. They're not even funny anymore. Come up with new jokes and material to make the people laugh. There's much more to Nick Cannon than Mariah and his Music Career.

    • Figs3
      Figs3 6 days ago

      Mariah jokes are a cheap laugh. Sure, it'll get a chuckle but as comedians they should want better. They are the dick/sex jokes of Wild N Out.

  • Thefadeaway 4
    Thefadeaway 4 7 days ago

    Aye first comment

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