The Republican health care bill makes no sense

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  • The bill doesn’t know what problem it’s trying to solve.

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    Republicans in the House have finally released a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare: the American Health Care Act. The GOP healthcare bill keeps some of the most popular parts of Obamacare, like letting young adults stay on their parents' health insurance until age 26 and requiring insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions.

    But the Republican bill gets rid of the key element that made Obamacare work: the individual mandate. Now that people aren't required to have insurance, healthy people could leave insurance pools en masse, leaving sick people who are more expensive to cover.

    Hypocrisy is a minor sin in politics, but still, it is remarkable how much of it there is to be found in this legislation. A core Republican complaint when Obamacare was passed was that the law delayed many of its provisions in order to reduce public outcry and manipulate the CBO’s score. The GOP bill is similarly aggressive with such tricks, delaying changes to the Medicaid expansion until 2020 and pushing Obamacare’s tax on expensive insurance plans out until 2025.

    Because Republicans aren’t even trying to win Democratic votes, they’re stuck designing a bill that can wiggle through the budget reconciliation process (another thing they complained about Democrats doing). That means they can’t make major changes to insurance markets like repealing Obamacare’s essential benefit standards or allowing insurance to be sold across state lines. That last part is particularly striking, given that it was one of President Trump’s five demands in his speech last week. I’ve always been skeptical about the savings Republicans could wrest by changing those regulations, but now they can’t get those savings at all — which means sacrificing a key part of their theory of cost control.

    This bill has a lot of problems, and more will come clear as experts study its language, the Congressional Budget Office release its estimates, and industry players make themselves heard. But the biggest problem this bill has is that it’s not clear why it exists. What does it make better? What is it even trying to achieve? Democrats wanted to cover more people and reduce long-term costs, and they had an argument for how their bill did both. As far as I can tell, Republicans have neither. At best, you can say this bill makes every obvious health care metric a bit worse, but at least it cuts taxes on rich people? Is that really a winning argument in American politics?

    In reality, what I think we’re seeing here is Republicans trying desperately to come up with something that would allow them to repeal and replace Obamacare. This is a compromise of a compromise of a compromise aimed at fulfilling that promise. But “repeal and replace” is a political slogan, not a policy goal. This is a lot of political pain to endure for a bill that won’t improve many peoples’ lives, but will badly hurt millions. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.

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  • Vox
    Vox  5 months ago +383

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    • NC29mom2
      NC29mom2 5 days ago

      DARK VADER as a Heath care professional, this dude has no clue. So sick of Democratic echo chamber "tax breaks for the rich" pure Democratic propaganda

      DARK VADER Month ago

      Leonard knight it isn't just about meds. Just saying

    • Leonard knight
      Leonard knight Month ago

      GOP just want to lower medicine, for people, so much more people, can be covered, just saying. lol

  • Alex Z
    Alex Z Day ago

    You can't force people to do things. You can't force the health insurance system to work by clenching down on government laws. As much as you might like to think it would work great.

  • BBSouthern Boy Hometeading

    obamacare's downfall was it being insurance, insurance is bad, horrid thing in healthcare

  • Cheyenne
    Cheyenne 6 days ago

    I'm attracted.

  • Jose
    Jose 6 days ago

    I mean everyone knows Obamacare is flawed. It's like the first time a bill of its kind was passed into law. But if truly want to better the country, you have to be willing to work with the opposition for the better of the people. Republicans just want to repeal without considering anything or be willing to improve Obamacare. Just because a democrat came up with the idea they have the need to replace it. Well look what they came up with, an even worse plan than Obamacare.

  • mark1952able
    mark1952able 8 days ago

    What else is new? Ignorant people do not understand.

  • DLRS Nova
    DLRS Nova 10 days ago

    It's so we have to pay a lot for medical bills after 70% of the world gets leukemia from the nuclear war that's about to break out

  • M Dee
    M Dee 12 days ago

    I live in a state with expanded medicaid which covers those who fall in the income gap under the ACA, including myself and 700,000 people.

    When I tried to explain this to someone who supports the Republican bill and who's main complaint is high premiums for low income, they replied it doesn't matter what state you live in, called me a moron, and said only libertards would believe the left-wing propaganda.

    I'm not aligned with either party, but this level of labeling and name calling by fellow citizens on important issues is the most disturbing thing to me. Trump didn't elect himself, MILLIONS of people with this level of emotional intelligence are what got us where we are today. I'm just glad I live in a state where they care enough for their citizens to have expanded medicaid.

  • michael de santa
    michael de santa 13 days ago

    Kill all the Republibcans can make a wonderful world.

  • Olga Rodriguez
    Olga Rodriguez 17 days ago

    LORD REVEAL your SAINTS Trump is the Christian deceived 666 precursor. Wake up those who are on your list. One of the confirmations was that he would begin firing everybody to place fear. The other one that he would accuse others in staff of what he was doing, like blocking communication, disenfranchising the constitution. And much more

  • Olga Rodriguez
    Olga Rodriguez 17 days ago

    AMERICA is Under Gods judgement. SAINTS get ready for sheer disaster of this world and persecution of the true BORN AGAIN JESUS ERS.

  • Olga Rodriguez
    Olga Rodriguez 17 days ago

    AMERICA UNSEE Gods judgement ... last days/years. Ppl get ready get right w God before Trump the Christian deceiver persecuted True Chrustiabs

  • Olga Rodriguez
    Olga Rodriguez 17 days ago

    STOP RUINING POLITICAL CAREERS AND LIVES. MAKE TRUMP STOP. But unfortunately another 3 years for Trump 666 predecessor to continue w last days of this country

  • Olga Rodriguez
    Olga Rodriguez 17 days ago

    TRUMP 666 THE CHRISTIAN DECEIVEDR IS refusing to budget for and pay providers for healthcare, that is why care for taxpayers paying for trump administration and family are being reejected and insurers scrambling . Get it right ppl. He is returning life saving care to high risk. Ppl will start dying again for lack of care. The beginning of our suffering.

  • Gene In TN
    Gene In TN 17 days ago

    YOU make no sense to me....MORON

  • Gregory Mendoza
    Gregory Mendoza 19 days ago

    The point is, Trump and his buddy has to paid insurance for sick people that aren't related to them. And they hate it, because is just free money they have to give away, that is all about. Those Republican that trying to repeal instead to fix or find better to make more affordable, are getting bribe for biggest sharks.

  • Ian Ritchie Stewart
    Ian Ritchie Stewart 19 days ago

    If you don't mind, may we "THE PEOPLE" be treated by the same medical service provided to Congressman Steve Scalise and Senator John McCain? I mean, our Federal Taxes paid for their insurance and they "DO" basically work for us! WHY NOT?????????

  • Patton44 (Glo)
    Patton44 (Glo) 21 day ago

    Here's the problem with the individual mandate: the insurance is so shitty MOST people are paying the fine. That's why you can take that piece of paper in your hand and shove it up your ass.

  • 4Nanook
    4Nanook 21 day ago

    What they are trying to do is isolate the healthy and sick pools so the sick won't have effective coverage.

  • Yaphette Costello
    Yaphette Costello 21 day ago

    Ive had ins since was 25 and a job...

  • Yaphette Costello
    Yaphette Costello 21 day ago

    We will see whos right no point intended

  • L X
    L X 23 days ago

    What incentive is there for healthy people to be insured as things stand now? It's a lot cheaper to have a small fine for not having insurance than actually having insurance. Get sick? No problem! Just get health insurance.

    With this *evil* Republican plan, there actually is incentive to have insurance. Don't have insurance and get sick? Pay an extra 30%. That isn't "weaker."

    Should people be able to get car insurance after a crash and then get a new car and their medical bills taken care of? Or should someone be able to get home insurance after their home burns down and get paid for rebuilding their burned down home? It's the same thing with health insurance.

    NOT SURE 23 days ago


  • Aran Sharma
    Aran Sharma 24 days ago

    gd serves all the stupid americans right

  • ejtullis
    ejtullis 24 days ago

    So the only answer to FIX this problem is SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE then the GOVERNMENT can reduce cost by not providing MEDICAL CARE because its FREE!

  • Lauren Sun
    Lauren Sun 25 days ago

    Canada guys. Canada.

  • jonrms
    jonrms 26 days ago

    Do you have a copy you can email me or can you please point me in the direction to obtain one?

  • 1400IntruderVS
    1400IntruderVS 26 days ago

    Everyone approaches the healthcare issue wrong.

    Obamacare is what essentially amounts to a fourth party insurance broker (by it's own admission).

    Trump seems to be trying create the same system with some refinements. A change just to say he change something.

    Either way, it does not work and will not work.

    The three most important ingredients needed to reduce the over all cost of health care insurance are missing from the current plan and seemingly ignored in all the proposals to replace it.

    1. Remove regional limitations, that prohibit selected health insurance corporations from reaching a nation wide market.
    These restrictions exist to secure health care monopolies by simply not allowing competition.

    2. All health care insurance providers must cover existing conditions. If that requires offering plans at an additional cost, that may be acceptable. However plans covering existing conditions should not be priced individually as per what the existing conditions may be treated.

    3. Purchasers of health care insurance should not be limited to who they are purchasing insurance for.
    If some one is willing to pay for a plan, they should be able to choose who that plan covers. Regardless of familial relation or age.

    We don't need the government to provide our healthcare insurance. We never did.
    If the nation was an open market, competition would bring down cost in just a few short years.
    A few simple regulations could insure a less discriminatory market, which will additionally expand offerings. While the additional competition creates cause for insurance plans that more favorably structured.

    Washington is afraid of losing money from lobbies. That is why there is a vested interest in securing regional healthcare monopolies.

  • Robby Reese #1
    Robby Reese #1 27 days ago

    obamacare lite 😂😂😂

  • Dromedary Legendary
    Dromedary Legendary 27 days ago

    Mitch McConnell said exactly what he did worse.

  • Slime
    Slime 27 days ago +2

    I can't believe the Republicans went through so much trouble to make a carbon copy of ACA just because a black man made it

  • Surud Patel
    Surud Patel 27 days ago

    Folks it is all in the Name given to Healthcare. Obamacare or Trumpcare or should it be Republicancare. Give me a break. How is it that A country such as America claims to be Exceptional / Extraordinaire in the world is lost in translation of the meaning of the word Healthcare

  • Logan Brogniez
    Logan Brogniez 28 days ago +1

    Just nationalize Healthcare where government controls hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, doctors, and the instruments used on people like in china, cuba, russia, ect.

  • alexdapostman
    alexdapostman 28 days ago

    Vox I hate to disappoint you the United States government is not responsible for paying for your health care.

  • Shauna Alvarez
    Shauna Alvarez Month ago

    I have been paying for private insurance since 1980 & premiums have gone up every year and there was no obamacare. so why did the premiums go up? GREEDY CEO'S

  • dacrl lynk
    dacrl lynk Month ago

    good news, poor people often times can't even exempt themselves because their not qualified enough to do so causing derision so grab 'em and throw them out of creation - yea the cops will help and then ~ anyway's helpfull post thankks much!

  • dacrl lynk
    dacrl lynk Month ago

    how can you wage a war against the poor? i've just decided to call them super dip-shit's

  • Sam Spade
    Sam Spade Month ago

    Seems simple... Everyone gets access to same insurance plans that senators and congressperson so have access too...

  • Dan Tyler
    Dan Tyler Month ago

    Republicans are RUINING themselves trying to kluge together any version of this.
    They should step aside, move to something else, and let nationalistic healthcare die and burn.
    A couple years from now (2017),
    Republicans can sift through the ashes of oboymacare and, THEN, maybe, take the next step on govt medical care.
    But, until then, let the garbage completely incinerate itself.
    And stay, 100%, dumbocratic.

  • Dan Tyler
    Dan Tyler Month ago

    No nationalized healthcare can make sense.
    Nationalized groceries?
    Nope, competition sees to that.
    Nationalized pet care?
    Nope, again, conpetition.
    Nationized autocare?
    Precious little is nationalized.

  • EverestYourself
    EverestYourself Month ago

    American people VOTED for this. So they should have what they VOTED for. I cant understand it as spanish, but you should RESPECT what people VOTED for.

    ULTRATHEPOLITIC Month ago +1

    It's just Rep want the working man to get some at least little amount of healthcare which Obama Care Destroyed! Obama care the Dems wants the lesser none working people who are not eligible to pay they charge more for the working! It's a mess why is the Government even having health care? What happened to personal healthcare!? What about health care through work? Listen my father had Obama Care not only cost him a lot of money an arm and a leg but when he almost died and really needed health care they weren't there to help him. That's another reason why I hate Obama Care the Republican Bill is too change that based on what type of care they need by age! It keeps switching from Lower to Middle classes. It's a mess!

  • Elizabeth Patricia
    Elizabeth Patricia Month ago

    I'm so thankful to be living in Australia, where healthcare is free, and medications are subsidized considerably.

  • John Townsend
    John Townsend Month ago +2

    The premise of the bill as repeated by McConnell is a lie. The ACA, "Obamacare" is not collapsing. It is not failing. Whatever difficulties the program is having is entirely due deliberate brazen GOP sabotage efforts- both by refusing the Medicare expansion, and by destabilizing the insurance markets through Trump's threats, and the AHCA legislation.

  • Viet. Com
    Viet. Com Month ago

    Would universal healthcare be mo expensive or something?

  • Grahamhg
    Grahamhg Month ago

    Yes it does make sense, its a tax cut for the rich, not a healthcare bill.

  • Mike johnstone
    Mike johnstone Month ago

    The government cannot run a lemon aid stand but if we are required to have insurance itis the government that need to provide it. We must pay huge to these high profit companies? The rich need to pay also. They skip out on taxes, get bailouts and freebies. They pay low wages and get huge profits. the most common way to get rich is rob and steal and that is just a fact. Now we are forced to do business with them? It is not necessary nor is it fair.

    • Mike johnstone
      Mike johnstone Month ago

      It is not fair for Washington to force us to buy insurance form the corrupt and greedy. Washington need to provide it. Make the rich start paying taxes.

    • Mike johnstone
      Mike johnstone Month ago

      The reason we have so many insurance laws is because the insurance companies got the laws passed with huge contributions the corrupt politicians. I think Trump is becoming a politician.

  • davidpar2
    davidpar2 Month ago

    You're certainly entitled to feel that way about it. Guess what you're also entitled to: Not buying it.

    The only one who put forth mandated healthcare for the people, that congress didn't have to purchase while the general public did, is Obama, with Obamacare. Nancy Pelosi championed it and never purchased it, herself. Trump removed the Obamacare mandate the day he was sworn into office. No one has to purchase government healthcare anymore.

    If "Trumpcare" were to pass, no one would have to purchase it, either. Both members of congress and the general public could purchase it or shop for health insurance on the private market.

    During the Obamacare years of 2009-early 2017, the left was mum on the disparity of forced healthcare on the general public vs. congress' exemption from it. Now that Obama and the democrats are out of power, they're suddenly "upset" about it and are actually trying to blame republicans for it. And believe anyone will buy that. You liberals are insane

  • Mountain Dew
    Mountain Dew Month ago

    can US americans buy cheap and high quality healthcare in canada?!?

  • mark1952able
    mark1952able Month ago

    The point of all this is the rich get richer and don't give a crap about middle class americans

  • mark1952able
    mark1952able Month ago


  • ronaproject
    ronaproject Month ago

    Stop penalizing me $700 because I don't want health insurance. Goddamn. Choice is a fundamental concept in order to have true freedom.

  • Jack Dudley Austin Jr.

    The jig is up!!! We now see what the Trump administration is up to on healthcare. The Trump regime wants to stop 1 Trillion dollars that is now going into medicade and turn this money that helps all people towards themselves in the form of greedy tax cuts. What the fxxx Trump!!! Do you think the good honest people of congress are going to let you get away with this? You are a disgrace to the human race you filthy fat pig!!!

  • Quespa
    Quespa Month ago

    But does forcing people into buying something by law, which lets insurers up the prices make sense either?

  • Raw Truth
    Raw Truth Month ago

    population control. A lot of the rich are no longer rich. If the poor want to survive they need to have multiple incomes to survive. Even then there will be a lot of people dying with no health insurance and there will be a lot of rich putting insurance claims on the sick and getting richer off the poor/sick/dead. Over 25 million people with out health insurance with claims over hundreds of millions of dollars for each claim like it's a bet in a casino but odds are in their favor. We have a problem.on our hands America!

  • thebeej1966
    thebeej1966 Month ago

    you even look like a snake in the grass

  • Larissa Martinez
    Larissa Martinez Month ago +1

    The new Health Care Bill expected to pass on or before July 4th. The new health care bill will require mandatory "chip under the skin" for all illegals..😲

  • Theo Kojak
    Theo Kojak Month ago

    Republicans just couldn't accept a black guy in the office so they will do everything to destroy what he has built. Obama care was originally a Republican plan

  • Chad Murphy
    Chad Murphy Month ago

    when you lose your money you go left, when you get money you go right. this whole "politics" thing is annoying

  • James McClure
    James McClure Month ago

    What are the Republicans trying to accomplish? Isn't it obvious? They don't want the gov't involved at all in health insurance - they yell out words like "socialism" as if that should be enough to end all debate. Creating an even weaker bill makes the excuse that gov't mandated health care doesn't work, and they get to eventually drop the whole thing....forget that they are the ones that created the failure - the core Republican base will never vote for the opposing Democrat candidates, a significant portion of the population will either not care (or at least not see why rising health care costs should be worrisome to them) and another portion of the country (alt-right and these types of semi-bigots) see a vote for Democrats as a vote for Black Lives Matter and so will cease involvement in the political process altogether. The Republicans don't seem worried because to them any political backlash to their "Trumpcare" is minimal.

  • Demetria Palmer
    Demetria Palmer Month ago


  • Lynda Henderson
    Lynda Henderson Month ago

    it's not good but the point was to not force people to have to get health care that's all .

  • The Other Suburban Mom

    I personally would like a time machine or rewind button to when our insurance was really truly affordable.... before Obamacare. being a stay at home mom I am dependent on my husbands health insurance through his employer. well enter all the negative sucker punches that is AHCA. If we would have kept the insurance we liked and already had in place BEFORE Obamacare moving forward, our monthly premium would have been almost double our mortgage..... American dream.... that is sarcastic by the way. I got screwed with no thanks but no thanks Obama. In a nutshell if this is even a term, our insurance was basically undone..... all the changes took away our insurance which by the way we were forced to decide do we keep the insurance plan, and the doctors my kids know and are comfortable with or keep our house. I am not being dramatic. There was no way we could afford the insurance after it shot up and still have the so called American dream of home ownership.... I got screwed and didn't even get a dinner....hahaha

  • awesomeman123
    awesomeman123 Month ago +1

    yo just leave it to trump he'll make amarica great again. :)

  • Chet Spalsky
    Chet Spalsky Month ago

    Lol look at all those dislikes. So triggered yet no counter-arguments.

  • Nickoy1 Channel
    Nickoy1 Channel Month ago

    They really just wasted to change the name from Obamacare to Trumpcare or something else that does have the name of Obama in it.

  • Vickie Oglesby
    Vickie Oglesby Month ago

    it is just a tax cut aimed at giving all the money cut from mediCal medicare to the rich..

  • Sam Hill
    Sam Hill Month ago

    Thank you for explaining why corporate health care does not work. Forget the fact that the quality of health care in the US lags behind even some developing countries. Good job Congress, thanks for your decades of uselessness and harmfulness

  • Jason C
    Jason C Month ago


  • madman3470
    madman3470 Month ago

    Ever thought of socialised healthcare?

  • sprybug
    sprybug Month ago

    What are they trying to accomplish? Simple. Tax breaks for their wealthy donors at the cost of American lives. It's pretty simple. Plus you get rid of poor people, you know the people they view as a strain on the country. It's actually pretty simple, and anyone who defends it, doesn't realize what the plan actually does or just simply evil....or just rich.
    BTW, with the newest plan we see, since this video, it's even worse. A lot of that stuff it keeps from the ACA that was in that list, you can cross off now.

  • Lee Johnson
    Lee Johnson Month ago

    TrumpCare is building many large "TrumpCare Cemetaries" All Across America to bury the Americans who died because they never got Health Care Under TrumpCare.

  • Mcjuggernugget The Third

    so wait... insurance is a ponzi scheme? well I'll be...

  • David Holland
    David Holland Month ago

    Isn't the plan going to bring in the competition from the free market? Won't the free market allow consumer purchasing power to help bring down the cost of premiums by allowing them to choose what they want to buy? Won't that consumer purchasing power make the insurance companies try to earn their business by increasing quality and lower cost? Won't the free market be more efficient at stabilizing health care cost than government efforts?

  • Cheechster
    Cheechster Month ago

    "More people makes the cost go down."

    It is almost like having universal healthcare based on a single payer plan would work best.

  • Jose Ventura
    Jose Ventura Month ago

    Trump gonna make America sick again

  • Phil Pain
    Phil Pain Month ago

    funny.. it was just reviled on 6.22.2017.. so how is it possible you got it before that date??
    amswer this.. how is it possible you got the complete accurate??
    i call bullshit.. lying fool...

  • Kirah Manusamoa
    Kirah Manusamoa Month ago

    Nothing about that "IMBECILE " with no qualifications at the white house makes any SENSE!!! He DOESN'T care anything about this country, only about making himself rich.

  • James Heathcote
    James Heathcote Month ago

    Here in Canada............... You know what, I think you already know what I'm going to say.

  • DudecraftGaming
    DudecraftGaming Month ago

    i'll never understand why the us just doesn't penalize big pharma until they are forced to get the prices down, and then make a small healthcare tax that goes into a fund that is used by everyone.

  • Michael Clements
    Michael Clements Month ago

    gop pro-money not pro -ch

  • Jim Lovell
    Jim Lovell Month ago

    Why is it that no one asks how much do the CEO's of these health insurance companies make either under Obama Care, or the GOP Healthcare bill?

  • endwelfare
    endwelfare Month ago +1

    The major talking points that help sell Obamacare are still in tact But you label the video as "Makes no sense". You are so incredibly bias on your videos its amazing that anyone Likes this Propaganda. Seems like a very Non partisan Proposal but you are to narrow minded to recognize that

  • Tom Durkin
    Tom Durkin Month ago

    I have Obamacare and pay $1200 a monthly with an $8000 deductible. I have never used it and if I tried I would never be able to get any benefit from it because of the $8000 yearly deductible. SO GETTING RID OF THIS BULLSHIT OBAMACARE IS BEST THING PRESIDENT TRUMP CAN DO.

  • Tom Durkin
    Tom Durkin Month ago

    I have Obamacare and pay $1200 a monthly with an $8000 deductible. I have never used it and if I tried I would never be able to get any benefit from it because of the $8000 yearly deductible. SO GETTING RID OF THIS BULLSHIT OBAMACARE IS BEST THING PRESIDENT TRUMP CAN DO.

  • Cat Santos
    Cat Santos 2 months ago

    Trumpcare is like a shitty knock-off/rip-off/mockbuster of Obamacare....☹️🤢😬😪

  • conrad artchannel
    conrad artchannel 2 months ago

    I was a firm believer of Obamacare but after an ER visit last year and adding up the total cost of being required to have insurance, I would have paid a lot less without insurance if this didn't go through. I'm for helping poor and sick people but it's hit my wallet way too hard and just want it to go away now.

  • Rebecca Logerquist
    Rebecca Logerquist 2 months ago

    Stop trying to work healthcare through insurance companies and give us Medicaid for All, Single Payer, Universal Healthcare.

  • HotPepperSeedsForcedIntercourse

    Closed the videı when he said "rich people"

  • Adhi Kusumo
    Adhi Kusumo 2 months ago +1

    (my apology for sinister truth I am about to tell you) no no no.. you are the one who missed understand.. first.. its not republican, it is trump! point is.. about how not to spend money on others. it is nothing about health care, nothing about Paris treaty (earth/pollution), nothing about immigration, nothing about care, nothing about affordable. nothing about long term effect. nothing about you!! it all about where the money goes! you could call it money care rather than health care. for trump a nation is not a nation. a country is not a country, where you shall consider the complexity (human, confidential secrecy, social effect, international relation,earth, science, ideology, people), for trump a nation is as simple as a wallet!!!! where all to be consider is ONLY reduce spend, and add income (no matter its black as coal or might be as red as Russia). that's all. each issue will not implicate nor related, its a simple wallet. all rich people concern a lot on these things. even Rupert Murdoch follow the money. instead of his believe, he made fox follow trump (who he once mentioned as embarrassment). care about the truth noooo.. care about public lies.. nooo.. see.. you are the one who missed understand. see.. understand now?.. make sense? sorry but this is fact.

  • Elizabeth Medina
    Elizabeth Medina 2 months ago

    I love this man

  • mark navarro
    mark navarro 2 months ago +1

    still people shouldnt be forced to pay for health care

  • Chloe Villarroel
    Chloe Villarroel 2 months ago +2

    Will this effect Medicaid or medical? My mom has a pacemaker and is prone to illness. She doesn't want to stress out about politics because she has to many other things to worry about, so she doesn't really know about what's going on healthcare wise. Can someone please help explain how this is going to effect her, so I can explain it to her correctly?

  • Ivan Escalante
    Ivan Escalante 2 months ago

    based on our age but not our income ? What if a rich young person, who is made tons of money can have a lower health cost? While majority of young Americans, who are working on below or at poverty line !

  • Kevin Worldsavior
    Kevin Worldsavior 2 months ago

    Wanna get rid of the Medical/Political Tyranny? - No problem at all! - Everybody will possess his/her own Health Care, once they start doing my discovery, that will keep us perfectly healthy all the time and by that make us Immortal - We humans can stop aging, ailing and dying (by wiping out all diseases) and live forever (like our Creators from the planet of Nibiru - The Anunnaki) - I got the key to our Biological Immortality - By staying absolutely healthy all the time - By Doing my discovery (just an exercise for a minute a day) - My WVCD - The Weapon of Virus and Cancer Destruction, that cures and prevents any diseases, known on Earth for millions of years, even radiation disease (concerning astronauts' lives on space missions) - I will describe my WVCD to everyone, who sends me a check for one million bucks - Everybody will stay absolutely healthy all the time, living their Endless Lives, for Infinite Health = Immortality and Salvation of the Human Race.

  • Timberwolf0n3
    Timberwolf0n3 3 months ago

    Funny b/c CONSERVATIVE states will suffer pretty badly b/c THEY are the ones with an over abundance of poor-azzbroke pucking rednecks who are now gonna lose their healthcare.

    AND DIE!!

    I actually hope that happens.

  • Casey Schofield
    Casey Schofield 3 months ago

    this bill is going to kill the Republicans in the next election. Now it's going to be harder for me to go see the doctor's I need to see all the dumb idiots voted for Trump we all are going to suffer for their choices. It would be great to get money out of politics

    • Casey Schofield
      Casey Schofield 2 months ago

      +TheBookWorm1718 you can't fully blame Obama for the healthcare bill that is in use Republicans wanted to do all they can to throw it in the trash especially when Obama was in office

    • TheBookWorm1718
      TheBookWorm1718 2 months ago

      And what about all the people who couldn't see a doctor under Obamacare because they went broke just paying the premiums? Or they spent thousands of dollars every year for it, and then no doctor would take it? Who did that help?

  • Comrade Everclear
    Comrade Everclear 3 months ago +1

    And Obamacare did make sense? Tripling premiums and fining those who couldn't afford it made sense?

    Oh wait, YOU DIDN'T READ IT! So you don't even know if it made sense.

    • Afi James
      Afi James 2 months ago

      Comrade Everclear I know thats right

  • Lee Johnson
    Lee Johnson 3 months ago

    The Trump National Health Insurance Plan is: Poor people have no health insurance, Billionaires pay no income taxes.

  • Lee Johnson
    Lee Johnson 3 months ago

    Obama knows what national health insurance is. He created Obama Care where most all of Americans had Health Insurance. Trump does not know what National Health Insurance is. Trump thinks National Health Insurance means poor people have no health insurance and Billionaires do not have to pay Taxes. Billionaires love Donald Trump who is  one of their own.

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