Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Movie Review

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  • Majorc27 Rocketgunner
    Majorc27 Rocketgunner 8 hours ago

    I just felt that the acting and overall plot was more satisfying in the first one. There were some memorable parts but overall
    Vol.2 felt overdone in my opinion

  • Cho Tube
    Cho Tube 18 hours ago

    I wanted like it but in the end i couldnt even sit through it. Yondu was the best out of the movie though.

  • LiK
    LiK 19 hours ago

    The likes to dislikes ratio is pretty impressive, Chris.

  • The Glitch
    The Glitch Day ago

    Is it just me or this dude looks like Star Lord!?
    I mean shit..even his name is Chris!!

  • Jesse Hamilton
    Jesse Hamilton 3 days ago

    Drax was the least interesting character to me in the first one and the most interesting in the second one

  • The Domanation
    The Domanation 4 days ago

    5 times the explosions is what we want from a Michael Bat sequel.

    DxUNFORGIV3N 4 days ago

    I'm marry poppins y'all

  • DinoD Ray1
    DinoD Ray1 4 days ago

    Um... I didn't know this came out... I need to go outside...

  • Ezra Daßer
    Ezra Daßer 6 days ago +1

    I didn't like it !

  • Marc Sosio
    Marc Sosio 6 days ago

    Third time time in my live (guy who stares at goats, shoot them up) i have to say utter boring garbage and i loved the first one.

  • Thelrin
    Thelrin 6 days ago

    What I liked about the movie is that it kept its theme of  'facing a galactic and cosmic threat but still maintain a funny atmosphere/vibe' similar to the comics. I think that's what Guardians of the Galaxy is about and that's what I enjoyed about it. I never truly debate in my head if this one is better than the first. It kept my interest through its entire run time and generated different levels of emotions for me (humor, sense of betrayal, camaraderie, hope, sadness, etc). Yeah, well, I'm the type of viewer who look to my emotions when I watch shows. I never truly overthink things.

  • Mr Linda
    Mr Linda 7 days ago

    Guardians of the galaxy is honestly just boring and very overrated. The father thing seems to just have come out of the blue, and it doesn't really make any sense. It could honestly just because I don't read the comics, but that's how I feel coming into this movie

  • David Solomie
    David Solomie 7 days ago

    Just watched the movie. Wow...that's all I can say. I think I might just like it more than the first one.

  • shinrahunter
    shinrahunter 7 days ago

    What happened with this review? I can usually count on Chris' reviews but jeez was he wrong on this one.
    Yes, Nebula's backstory was a harsh one but it wasn't impactful because that 'story' took a couple of seconds and then it was back to the same love/hate sister relationship we already knew of.

    Rocket's story progressed nowhere. The gold people were after them because of a Mcguffin, you never for once felt any sense of peril for the heroes, some of the effects were really shoddy.
    The music, whilst fitting with the tone later in the movie, was seriously misplaced for most of it.

  • Ale Zuvic
    Ale Zuvic 8 days ago

    This movie was a disappointment. Not entirely bad but so many things could have been so much better.

    The story is overly complicated for the bad reasons (so many images happening all the time on screen but nothing actually happening story wise), the characters aren't all that great, the jokes were good at times but horrible and forced the next minute, the music is good but much worse than the original, the tone is all over the place (the first was a silly comedy action flick and done, not more needed, this one tries to be comic at first, then it switches gears to a family drama-ish, then goes back to action, then fantasy then... it doesn't know what it wants to be).

    But most important, the action is underwhelming; you never feel the characters are in danger at all. I know is fantasy and all but you need to feel some sort of vibe that "bad things COULD happen to our heroes". But no, they fall from a falling spaceship to the ground and they don't even complain about their feet hurting. After the first scene you know nothing bad will happen to them.

    Yandu scenes and some of the jokes were good. 6/10 being generous.

  • Xad
    Xad 8 days ago

    Loved GOTG 2, don't recognise the criticism mentioned but i''m glad i listened and read to the various reviews before watching the film as i ended up having low expectations and instead loved the film. Even Karen Gillan as Nebula did such a brilliant job, her intensity and emotion was perfect, no over-acting and i loved how the audience and Gamorra find out about Nebula's true suffering and pain she carries, she very quickly became almost like an anti-hero on the edge who could end up killing everyone. Fascinating character.

    Rooker as Yondu did a great job, some really emotional, moving scenes. Pom as Mantis is also a nice addition, some very nice humorous moments, didn't think i'd find Drax funny in this one as i thought we'd seen everything there was in the first, but nope, some very funny moments, and even some emotional moments.

    Even Kurt Russell was perfect and his explanations were very interesting, not boring at all, it helped tie everything together perfectly. Think you should watch the film on blu-ray some time down the line this film is far better than some critics say it is. The Gold people served their purpose of being annoying, pretentious thorns on the side of the Guardians which allowed Rocket and Yondu to have their moments.

    I loved GOTG 2 as much as the first only the first had the element of surprise. Great job James Gunn, he succeeded in making a great sequel.

  • Rajith Maligaspe
    Rajith Maligaspe 9 days ago

    I actually think Drax for some character development as well. I was able to connect with all the main characters, except for Mantis and Ego, who seems to come out of nowhere and just IS the bad guy (despite the exposition).

  • pikamamma
    pikamamma 9 days ago

    Everytime Drax laughed i lost my shit such a funny character

  • Rey Cabrera
    Rey Cabrera 9 days ago

    B+ Are you high? A- for me, it's just a different film from the first one but it's not worse and the Sovereigns we're definitely not the antagonists! This is the reason why I unsubscribe to Stuckmann!

  • behindthemirror 22
    behindthemirror 22 10 days ago

    at least this is far more acceptable than the emoji movie

  • Alif Meherab
    Alif Meherab 11 days ago

    A massed up movie with a lame movie plot. The ending was dope though.
    I'll give it a C+

  • Turtle
    Turtle 11 days ago

    It's not ripe

  • Kayden Benson
    Kayden Benson 11 days ago

    It would be awesome if Chris did a spoiler review of the movie because then he could go into Ego as a villain more. I thought he was honestly the true villain and was much better than the gold people. But the reveal of him as a villain is a spoiler, so I kinda just wonder what Chris thinks of him

  • Eoin Doyle
    Eoin Doyle 11 days ago +1

    You kinda look like Chris Pratt

  • Artmind
    Artmind 11 days ago

    meh, its lemonade

  • TheCableguy x
    TheCableguy x 11 days ago

    Wasn't a bad film but felt like a wasted sequel. the jokes were okay and some moments we're sweet. What let it down was the story it slowed down the movie so much and didn't have the same flow as the first. Also I ain't been so disappointed in a villain since terminator genisys.

  • SassyFancy ClassyMe
    SassyFancy ClassyMe 11 days ago

    I'm groot

  • Ed Speight
    Ed Speight 11 days ago

    How appreciate you review this film seeing as you're a Pratt lookalike.

  • Alvin Hawthorne
    Alvin Hawthorne 11 days ago

    it's setting gotg up infinity war they have to be a sold team this one showed that following the other

  • Patches O'Houlihan
    Patches O'Houlihan 12 days ago

    The guy who makes this video is a beta male.

  • Patches O'Houlihan
    Patches O'Houlihan 12 days ago

    I enjoyed this movie.
    Simple as.
    No need to get too empirical.

  • Sontawila
    Sontawila 12 days ago

    Fake Review

  • The Shadow Master
    The Shadow Master 12 days ago

    I simply don't get it. People in the comments loved Power Rangers, really didn't like Spider-man: homecoming, and now this? I get it, different opinions etc. But the thing is, I was completely sure when watching any of these movies that everyone would think the exact opposite, and I tried very hard to watch it from a _film_ standpoint, very much like Chris does, yet everyone says things that I simply cannot understand.

  • The Shadow Master
    The Shadow Master 12 days ago

    Bummer, I really hoped he'd talk about Yondu, he was easily the best part of the movie.

  • Rafael Teles
    Rafael Teles 12 days ago

    Basically... Guardians 1 was dumb and fun, charismatic. Guardians 2 is dumb.. and dumb. Really, such a goddamn stupid movie, lol I know people are alienated to like Disney stuff, but everything has a limit. The movie is watchable at least. Anyway, I getting too old for this kind of film, I became stoic just like Drax, lol Maybe the constant repetition of the formula finaly reached the breaking point, I literally don't care anymore about the MCU or the DCEU. Still, I had tons of fun with the Injustice 2 story mode, I believe the MCU formula needs to change a little bit. I am part of the minority, I know, Disney will milk this forever.

  • Echoingdolphin
    Echoingdolphin 13 days ago

    Wait, wasn't "Aint No Mountain High Enough" on Awesome Mix Vol. 2, not 1? I mean, Peter played it as the first song on Vol. 2 at the end of the first movie, right???

  • stoo murray
    stoo murray 13 days ago +1

    i thought the humour was really forced, and it ruined many scenes for me, mostly scenes with Drax laughing hysterically (soooo forced), and that Gold chick doing the same, just felt cheap. They kind of turned everyone into the comic relief.

  • Elsa Re
    Elsa Re 13 days ago

    what did he mean at 8.00? what moment? I've watched the movie but i can't remember can someone tell me T_T

  • Alex Johansen
    Alex Johansen 13 days ago

    I hated this movie so fucking much you cannot even imagin

  • ManlyMan TheMan
    ManlyMan TheMan 13 days ago

    a B+ ?.. after seeing your review on alien covenant and this I'm starting to think less of your reviews

  • Herman Taffy
    Herman Taffy 13 days ago

    Wow. Pirates 5 is ho hum, but this is great. Your very hypocritical. This movie is junk popcorn crap. Better Starlord, Zandu & rocket, but comon, its junk

    • Herman Taffy
      Herman Taffy 13 days ago

      Perhaps i over stated, but still GotGv2 is a mess man.

  • Logan Kavanagh
    Logan Kavanagh 13 days ago

    Brings the comedy well? Dude there was literally a poop joke at the beginning of the movie. Didn't think this movie was that great, comedy was mixed, movie went from humorous to serious in ways that didn't flow very well. Also I feel like it really forced the whole family narrative, it's not that I can't see it, it's just that the movie shoved it right in your face.

  • sazude2
    sazude2 13 days ago

    like the explanation, don't like the score. why just B+? no.

  • Nimrod Zar
    Nimrod Zar 14 days ago

    Trash panda

  • ObiWonJulian
    ObiWonJulian 14 days ago

    That intro was great!

  • Toxic Remedy
    Toxic Remedy 14 days ago

    We just did a blu ray unboxing review of this movie. Check it out on our channel right now

  • sammi Last
    sammi Last 14 days ago

    i really liked the movie, but am i the only one that thought chris pratt acting was on 100 in this vol.

  • dinoworld112
    dinoworld112 14 days ago

    I fell asleep watching it. I wanted more Thanos just had a dad god I was so bored.

  • AttentionJunkie
    AttentionJunkie 16 days ago

    I loved it. Rocket could have been written a little better in some parts and Ego's final form or whatever you want to call it felt ill conceived but other than that it was friggen awesome

  • Jay Shanahan
    Jay Shanahan 17 days ago

    Yep you got me I'm there

    I don't know why that made me laugh so much

  • RhinestonePylon
    RhinestonePylon 17 days ago +1

    I suppose I'm the only one who cried at Yondu's death

  • uber- mensch
    uber- mensch 18 days ago

    Man, you look like Chris Pratt.

  • Klootviools
    Klootviools 19 days ago

    i'm marry popins y'all

  • Yash Kapoor
    Yash Kapoor 19 days ago

    Dat intro

  • Comics Champion
    Comics Champion 19 days ago

    DC's amazing villains in movies
    Batman 1989: Joker
    Batman Dark Knight: Joker
    Wonder Woman: Ares
    ... yeah loads of great villains in DC movies 😜
    I like both companies, my DC comic collection bigger than my Marvel one, just saying who are these great DC villains for you Chris?

  • freshtalent
    freshtalent 22 days ago

    Why 97% of American movies are about a white man' s dilemma? this is a proven fact but i am just wandering..

  • Cameron Marshall
    Cameron Marshall 23 days ago

    It's a great movie but how did you rate it higher than Spider-Man homecoming ?

  • Kevin Zefi
    Kevin Zefi 24 days ago

    This is a surprise. I honestly thought he'd hate this movie. Here's the thing, I saw it in theaters with my brother and at the end of the film he said the same thing I did, "It was fun at the very start, but as the film went on it all divulged into a cliche, exposition-HEAVY boring father & son film with fun action in it" OK he didn't say it exactly like that but that is basically what he said XD. I need to go back on it, there were so many exposition scenes I almost fell asleep, no joke. It was very disappointing to me. Fleshing out the characters is good, but if you're not good at it, don't do it, otherwise it will be boring as hell.

  • Segorisk Johnny
    Segorisk Johnny 24 days ago

    I'm Mary Poppins yo! LOL

  • Jacob Bechtel
    Jacob Bechtel 24 days ago

    Vol. 2 is better than vol 1. Which surprised me greatly. Better character development, better drama, and a far better villain. The more I watch vol 2 the more I love it.

  • Hmm...
    Hmm... 26 days ago

    I just hated the extremely childish and cringy humour, i guess that is what you get when it is owned by Disney.

  • Miquelos23
    Miquelos23 29 days ago

    5 times the explosions? So we want Michael Bay to direct all sequels?

  • Donald Stewart
    Donald Stewart Month ago

    Love the intro

  • Taylor Benson
    Taylor Benson Month ago

    Yondu :c

  • Lulu Fiona
    Lulu Fiona Month ago

    The antagonist is the father! the Gold people to me were kind of a comic relief in the sense that they just kept trying to beat the guardians and just failed miserably.

  • Elmore Hairston
    Elmore Hairston Month ago

    gamora and nebula were my favorite character in the movie

  • Elmore Hairston
    Elmore Hairston Month ago

    gamora and nebula were my favorite character in the movie

  • cryogeneric
    cryogeneric Month ago

    Great intro!!! :) BTW, I agree with your review...for me, I'd say it's equal to the original.

  • Logical Human
    Logical Human Month ago

    mantis gets hit by a rock
    *20 seconds later*
    drax: "mantis look out".

  • Midnight Battler
    Midnight Battler Month ago

    Story is about Saturn eating his children.

  • Michael Ruben
    Michael Ruben Month ago

    do "Toy Story" REVIEW !!!!

  • Maya Yotsuba
    Maya Yotsuba Month ago

    mines a Sony alkman hich is given to me in the year 2001 brand new and is still working....:)

  • Almighty loaf 54
    Almighty loaf 54 Month ago

    I feel like In guardians of the galaxy 2 I really like the relationship with star lord and his dad and this film surprisingly had a good message

  • Wade Parker
    Wade Parker Month ago

    Chris is pulling that jacket off so hard

  • RDR
    RDR Month ago


  • Miguel Rivera
    Miguel Rivera Month ago

    I'm really getting tired of Marvel shoehorning bad, annoying jokes in allot of there movies. I didn't come to watch an Adam Sandler movie, I came to watch a superhero movie. almost every move they clutter them with constant jokes every 10 seconds to the point that I can't take anything seriously because the movies don't take themselves seriously. PHASE ONE did it right.

  • Pre Retcon Beyonder

    anyone who think this is a good movie is out of their mind,it was vert average,tud joker dont make the movie good,the storytelling does in this case it wwas average and one more thing they are shoving groot down out thorat like yeah we get it

  • HyeoCake
    HyeoCake Month ago

    OH COME ON! Nobody is gonna say he looks a little like Chris Pratt??

    SESWRT Month ago

    Review was just how I felt.

  • The Daedra
    The Daedra Month ago +1

    I honestly fell asleep towards the end of the first one, but Guardians 2 is more entertaining and overall better imo

  • Lion Smile
    Lion Smile Month ago

    Good review. I really wasn't impressed with this one at all. Either a B- or C+ for me. Also does anyone else think he looks like General Hux from Force Awakens?

  • milton velez
    milton velez Month ago

    check it out

  • Police Potato
    Police Potato Month ago +1

    star Lord isn't allowed to say BITCH, but Drax is.

  • Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy Month ago

    This is the thing when you have a good writing.

  • Jakethedog3275
    Jakethedog3275 Month ago +3


  • TheRockstarnumber1
    TheRockstarnumber1 Month ago +1

    This Movie is great. The Gold People are not the villains of this movie and are just there as an intro to their characters so that argument is null and void. The comedy is better and it has so many memorable moments and quotes that are scattered all over the comment section. But the best thing for me is unlike the first movie this movie actually has a final battle. I went to the cinema 3 times to see this movie and came out with a shit eating grin on my face all 3 times. This movie is a 10 out of 10 for me and just as great as the first.

  • Mathijs S.
    Mathijs S. Month ago +1

    Havn't seen it yet, but hearing this, this is the way to build a frenchise!

  • S 1 L V 3 R
    S 1 L V 3 R Month ago

    what's funny about this is

    1. his first name IS chris
    2. he LOOKS almost EXACTLY lime Chris pratt

  • Posthumous Joker
    Posthumous Joker 2 months ago

    Awesome intro lol

  • Tyler Martinz
    Tyler Martinz 2 months ago

    to care??? tazer face??? stupid!!! how can you care about this movie? its cheesy,lame and annoying bro.

  • Jose Barraza
    Jose Barraza 2 months ago

    Chris please do a review about the 2008 incredible hulk.

  • mat sh
    mat sh 2 months ago +2

    No one has mentioned this.
    Drax (Bautista) has the best fake laugh I have ever heard.

    • Mister Who
      Mister Who Month ago

      What do you mean fake laugh?, that's really his laugh, James Gunn told Dave Batista to laugh harder and louder

  • Aquabeing1
    Aquabeing1 2 months ago

    '''Earthers have hangups"'

  • Sufyan Suri
    Sufyan Suri 2 months ago

    I enjoy listening to your voice 👍👏

  • Cole Scott
    Cole Scott 2 months ago

    My favorite line from grut " I am grut

  • Saucy Noodles
    Saucy Noodles 2 months ago

    Trash panda

  • Toolness1
    Toolness1 2 months ago +1

    Drax is awesome. Bautista is like 48, "vitamins" or no, that's impressive.

  • Bleary Vision
    Bleary Vision 2 months ago

    The comics are always better still...

  • Ren
    Ren 2 months ago

    I thought the DVD would be Outlaw Star, lol!

  • Jia Lee
    Jia Lee 2 months ago

    its not ripe yet

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