Do Glasses Ruin Your Eyesight?

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  • Hank brings the answer into focus.

    Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • Fyah Ice
    Fyah Ice 2 days ago

    Disagree, when I wore glasses every year my prescription has gotten stronger. Stopped wearing glasses for almost 10 years now and it has remained the same. It could depend on what is wrong with your vision but glasses made things worse for me.

  • Canyon F
    Canyon F 5 days ago

    "glasses make your eyes worse!"
    Well I already can't see jack without e'm so...

  • Ted forgetaboutit
    Ted forgetaboutit 6 days ago

    why can i tell if a person who wears contacts, that that person wears glasses usually, just by the look of their eyes?

  • Charizard Freak
    Charizard Freak 8 days ago

    Trust me I started using my glasses a month ago I could see alright but ones I started using them they effected my vision so much I can't read signs in stores or anything so should I stop wearing them or keep wearing them

  • GreenFlash Sunset
    GreenFlash Sunset 12 days ago

    I bet the farm that 95% of the people that viewed this video are all FOUR-EYES who checked to see if glasses really DO ruin our eyesight 😂

  • Golden Stain
    Golden Stain 13 days ago

    thats what they did to me dose fuckers

  • Vu Nguyen
    Vu Nguyen 15 days ago

    My son is near sighted and my wife is far sighted.

  • I am
    I am 19 days ago

    The reason I clicked on this video is because I've noticed that since I started wearing glasses my general eyesight without them has gotten much worse. I did't even go to an optometrist for my eyesight, I went because I had scratched my eye lens months earlier and was still experiencing a weird sensation. But after examining me and finding nothing wrong as far as the scratch goes he handed me a prescription because I kinda do need glasses, mostly for driving at night. So I filled it and started wearing them for night driving. But as I've had them for two years now I've become dependent on them to keep things in focus, even during the day. I can absolutely believe that they make your eyesight worse, at least worse faster that what they would've without the glasses... I'd like to point out that I'm not trying to denigrate glasses. Just that from a subjective perspective I can understand how it's possible for glasses to worsen you unaided eyesight.

  • Maya The MiniBee
    Maya The MiniBee 21 day ago

    0:37 both focal points are inside the eye... xP

  • Otie Brown
    Otie Brown 21 day ago

    Put a - 3 diopter lens on all normal eyes - and you will have all eyes myopic in a year. Objective science. You do not know what you are talking about.

  • AshErika Michaela
    AshErika Michaela 26 days ago

    technically, I should wear glasses (according to my last checkup), but whenever I try, it gives me a massive headache and nausea. my vision isn't anywhere near bad enough to make it worth it

  • hamsterama
    hamsterama 26 days ago

    At least glasses make you look smart. That's pretty much the only consolation for having poor vision.

  • Andrew Roberts
    Andrew Roberts 27 days ago

    Well. It turns out SciShow was wrong. Glasses do cause myopia. Latest study here.

  • Shekhar Singh
    Shekhar Singh 28 days ago

    sir I want to get rid from myopia help me sir plz plz plz .sir I am your huge fan

  • Watch that PUH
    Watch that PUH 1 month ago

    when I used to be a kid I could see fine, I use my glasses all the time and now I see blurry with out my glasses.

  • sbhtk Apps
    sbhtk Apps 1 month ago

    "The only effect they may have on your eye muscles is reducing excessive strain on them" If you are myopic your eyes suffer from OVERLY EXCESSIVE EYE STRAIN - glasses expand the rays of light causing the image to appear closer to the eye the closer an object to your eyes the more strain they are put through to let you see a crisp image so wearing - glasses WILL cause eye strain and will worsen your eyesight if you are using them from close

  • compactc9
    compactc9 1 month ago

    So nearsighted that I can't see the computer screen without my glasses or contacts.

  • PopeKurt
    PopeKurt 1 month ago

    good to know

  • Twoheaded Head
    Twoheaded Head 1 month ago

    could my eyes "adapt" when not wearing glasses, because my eyesight remained same since I stopped wearing glasses regularly

  • Dan Peterson
    Dan Peterson 1 month ago

    What if you have perfect vision and wear your friends glasses for a long time?

  • Amanda Livingston
    Amanda Livingston 1 month ago

    I'm getting my glasses tomorrow lol

  • Jahquan Russell
    Jahquan Russell 1 month ago

    What's in my tears

  • John Gibbs
    John Gibbs 2 months ago

    Ok fine if you're born with poor eyesight. But what about those of us with perfect vision that goes south as we age? That's a whole different story and specifically has to do with stiffening lens muscles. Have studies been done on these folks to determine the efficacy of eye glasses over time? I'd love to know the answer to this as it directly affects me. TY in advance. :). 🤓

  • Remy Kamermans
    Remy Kamermans 2 months ago

    From what i know from information there hasnt been enough studies done to confirm or call it a myth.

  • Lucas ramphal
    Lucas ramphal 2 months ago

    Does wearing glasses when you don't need them affect your eyesight over time?

  • Haris Asif
    Haris Asif 2 months ago

    just recently gout glasses.. thanks for the info

  • john rosenskjold
    john rosenskjold 2 months ago

    But is there any empirical evidence that supports that the statement that over time wearing glasses wont speed up the process that makes the lenses in the eyes getting stiffer as the lenses are not being stretched and contracted as much?

  • MegaMementoMori
    MegaMementoMori 2 months ago

    Your last statement is likely false. If you are a patreon supporter, you are likely more wealthy then average. If you are more wealthy, you are more likely to get a laser correction. QED.

  • Reality Reflected
    Reality Reflected 2 months ago

    Boi. You don't tell people the answer to the question in the first 30 seconds of the video. That's how you get less view time. K bye.

  • Mctittles
    Mctittles 2 months ago

    Same wrong reasoning people keep saying VR will ruin your eyes.

  • Son of a Diddly
    Son of a Diddly 2 months ago

    Why does this need a whole production crew, when other youtube channels put out similar quality content with just one or two people?

  • Romell Cruz
    Romell Cruz 2 months ago

    please dont scroll through the comment section- it's full of bullshit.

  • dodid0
    dodid0 2 months ago

    another proof doctors have no idea what they´re doing and just hitting blind!

  • Dylaan okay
    Dylaan okay 2 months ago

    I had a little eye sight problem with reading and would mix up letters sometimes (I'm not dyslexia at all) I wore those glasses for 7 fucking years and got 20/15 vision it is amazing.

  • Emma Jackson
    Emma Jackson 2 months ago

    question is 20/100 bad vision

  • TunaFish
    TunaFish 2 months ago

    For now on i will still wear my glasses and move the screen abit farther

  • Wayah Rose
    Wayah Rose 2 months ago

    My glasses got broken so I have to wait like a month.

  • Tat0 11
    Tat0 11 2 months ago

    FOOL everyone knows that glasses cause autism!

  • MrZnarffy
    MrZnarffy 2 months ago

    But what is the reason for eyeballs growing too short or long? which pathways control the growth of the eyes? There needs to be a calibration mechanism, and how does that work. I think its too simplistic to say glasses have no effect....

  • h baker
    h baker 2 months ago

    Hank, why is my vision so bad? Every year for 55 yrs since I was in the third grade ( you do the math) they have gotten more and more near sighted where I have had to change Rx yearly and can only see clearly about 6 inches in front of me now. I wear trifocals. If I misplace my glasses I have to have a 2nd pair stored in a specific place in the house at all times for emergency back up to find them.! some say to wear them less to force my eyes to adjust back little by little, like wearing orthodontic braces to realign teeth. Any truth to the myth? can you improve your vision by doing less close work like reading and computers?

  • Dale Stephanson
    Dale Stephanson 2 months ago

    Everyone saying they have "_____ eyesight disorder" and feeling left out of the glasses video. I have practically perfect vision and didn't feel the need to whine he didn't talk about me more. xP

  • Andrew Durbin
    Andrew Durbin 2 months ago


  • Save the Ducks
    Save the Ducks 2 months ago

    I need bifocals, whats the problem with my eyes🤓

  • Buddy Bud-Bud
    Buddy Bud-Bud 2 months ago

    I call bullshit! I myself wore glasses for 3 years and my eyes got worse but when I stopped wearing them I noticed a difference within 6 months that my eyes got better and I haven't worn glasses for nearly 5 years now and I can see just fine... for those that are wondering I was -3.5 and now I'm -0.5 no jokes

  • John Harris
    John Harris 2 months ago

    I'm flat out nearsighted can't see shit far from me and its worst if i forget my glasses my vision gets messed up i can't even see in front of me since im so used to my glasses before i never wore them till i was told too when i was 14

  • Allison Jacobsen
    Allison Jacobsen 2 months ago

    I needed to get glasses in the 9th grade. From about 6th through 8th the world was pretty blurry past about 6ft. Once i got glasses i was able to see things i had no clue existed stars and leaves and grains of gravel on the paths... After a few months i got used to the glasses and when i take them off i can only see about 3 ft, and everything past 12 now is completely blurred. So glasses are better, but once you get used to them its hard to cope without them.

  • Travis Johnson
    Travis Johnson 2 months ago

    I was told I needed glasses when I was young, got some, wore them for less than 1 day, and decided against them. 15+ years later, I get by just fine without them. Obviously, my vision is not perfect, but much better without glasses than lots of people my age who grew up wearing them. So I'm glad I never did; I would have been reliant on them, unable to get by without them.

  • Gokul Manohar
    Gokul Manohar 2 months ago

    Do wearing *Zero Power* glass have any problem. Could I use to while working on computers?

  • Eggy Fresh
    Eggy Fresh 2 months ago

    I got prescription glasses in fourth grade and HATED them. Later I figured that I just got a bad prescription and got new glasses. I disliked these even more. I went back to the first prescription. Now, I barely wear my glasses (I'm not able to drive yet) but my prescription luckily hasn't changed in five years. I can't quite explain what I hate so much about them, but it's related to color and it's driving me crazy trying to figure it out. Anyone else have a similar issue?

  • Koala King
    Koala King 2 months ago

    Does anyone know how much (if any) of this video applies to contact lenses?

  • SONGbyrdRYzing
    SONGbyrdRYzing 2 months ago

    And what if you can't see SHIT because of astigmatism??? Anyone??

  • Charlie C.
    Charlie C. 2 months ago

    I'm farsighted and I used to get underprescribed glasses as a kid.... Did my optometrists just not know what they were doing or ? also this was post-2002

  • adsffsdas
    adsffsdas 2 months ago

    have you guys done the research or looked into the matter of proof where glasses actually make your eyesight worse? my brother is completely convinced that the cons by far outweigh the pros and that this is no myth. tbh i wasnt really convinced by this video

  • Tavros Nitram
    Tavros Nitram 2 months ago

    I don't know, I used to have really good vision, then I moved and spent allot of my time on an iPad, that made my vision horrible and I needed glasses (I was 17 when this started and will now be 19 in a handful of days)As soon as I got the glasses I cut the time I spent on my iPad down and when I was on it I would have the iPad further away from my face and use it without my glasses. The more I used my glasses the worse my vision gotThe same is for my brother and he needs his third pair of glasses that are A SSSHHHIIITTTT TON stronger than his first pair

  • Spartan Bruce
    Spartan Bruce 2 months ago

    How is this a thing?! I think some paranoid idiots have waaay too much time on their hands. I wouldn't be surprised if this came from the same people who belive in lizard people or flat earth. Ahhh... what have we come to?

    • Tavros Nitram
      Tavros Nitram 2 months ago

      Just read the comments and you'll find this video is bullshit
      Even in my own experience my eyesight has gotten worse because of glasses and I am a young healthy adult

  • Marie P
    Marie P 2 months ago


  • Ibraheem Andeejani
    Ibraheem Andeejani 2 months ago

    Then there's me being antimetropia (one eye is near sighted and the other is far sighted). I find it amusing when people try my glasses on.

  • Lawrence Lentini
    Lawrence Lentini 2 months ago

    I've always wondered why doctors didn't prescribe eye exercises

  • Luiz Alleman
    Luiz Alleman 2 months ago

    does smartphone light cause eye cancer?

  • Admiral Mudkip
    Admiral Mudkip 2 months ago

    The people that think glasses make your eyesight worse are the same people who think vaccines cause autism.

    • Daniel Daniel
      Daniel Daniel 28 days ago

      check on the interne how lenses work and what your eyes see when they look through glasses, glasses dont "fix" the eyesight they just present to the eye an image in a place your eyes are able to focus the rays of light on the ratina
      if you don't believe me you might believe the site preventmyopia

    • TheStockwell
      TheStockwell 28 days ago

      Interesting theoretical scenario. Is this based on any serious academic/peer-reviewed studies - or are you just using your imagination and presenting unproven hypothetical situations and self-serving speculation?

      No disrespect intended, but where's any evidence to back up your colourful musings and opinions? You know - facts.

    • Daniel Daniel
      Daniel Daniel 29 days ago

      I will try to give you a short explaination- let's take minus glasses for example because you have written a study about myopia- minus glasses always create an image between the lenses themselves and the focal
      point of the glasses when you look through the glasses you see the image and not the object himself so if lets say you wear a -4 glasses its like staring at a screen constantly from 25 cm away from your eyes which put huge strain on your muscles, but thats when you look at something far away if you read using your distance glasses the strain will be even bigger and will cause a progressive myopia
      why have you study showed those results? your eye condition is based on your life style and how much you look at things from close range and long range if I will compare the eyesight of 10 gamers and 10 athletes who do you think that are most likely to have myopia?

    • TheStockwell
      TheStockwell 29 days ago

      From the BBC website: "There’s no suggestion that wearing the correct glasses will make (. . .) eyesight worse than not wearing them at all. In fact the longest-ever study of the progression of myopia, which has just published its 23-year findings suggests the contrary. Back in 1983 a group of children in Finland with myopia were randomised to various conditions, including reading without spectacles. Their myopia progressed a little faster than those who wore their glasses continuously. After the initial three years of the study, they were all advised to wear glasses all the time. Twenty years on, there was no difference between the groups."

      That's a bit less subjective than saying, "My Uncle Bernie put on glasses - and was blind in a week!" Eek! :)

    • TheStockwell
      TheStockwell 29 days ago

      Daniel Daniel - Could you please repost your comments in coherent English? Thanks! :)

  • lunaevercast
    lunaevercast 2 months ago

    the first ophtamatrist i went to told my parents he could fix my nearsitedness with eye physical therapy once a week i went to the basment that looked like it was out of alice in wonder land and the the "therapist" had me do eye exercises. this of course didnt work as i now have strong perscription glasses.

  • Kratos God of War
    Kratos God of War 2 months ago

    could u guys explain the difference between radiation heat and extremely intense heat? I've tried researching it on Google but no websites I've (which btw is a lot) explains this topic. they'll explain just radioctive heat or convection heat but never the difference between radiation heat and extremely intense heat. thank u in advance.

  • Famida Islam
    Famida Islam 2 months ago

    In my experience, after studying hard for exams in bright light, I got a severe case of myopia this frightened the hell out of me because I did not want to wear glasses because none in my family wears one and to me, its like becoming handicapped as you become permanently dependent on something.
    after some research and focusing on far away objects more and squinting full Asian when in bright light or studying, after about 2 weeks I am back to normal
    i still get myopic when dealing with close work however looking outside the window at the sky and far away trees seems to correct it pretty well

  • samljer
    samljer 2 months ago

    stopped wearing glasses, eye sight got better.
    even stopped having it required to drive.

    so... dunnoo....

  • essennagerry
    essennagerry 2 months ago

    So you say it's NOT the muscles that make the eyesight poor, but the eyeball shape, or WHERE in the eye the focus happens. Then you say diopters worsen because of wekened ability to focus on different things (what the muscles do), when actually diopters are supposed to be determined by where in the eye the focus happens.

    So you say muscles don't matter, then you say they do matter.

    I say they do matter, they're just not the only aspect. Hence why so many people have experienced worsen eyesight right after glasses and why so many people have fully cured their eye sight by exersize, yet simultaneously a lot of people can't do that.

    There are many factors to eye health. I believe the industry wants you to dismiss a whole bunch (like eye exercise and nutrition) and go straight for glasses, then another pair, then another pair... When in reality a lot of people could benefit and some even cure their problem entirely giving those attention.

  • Claudina Napitupulu
    Claudina Napitupulu 2 months ago

    for the sake of eyeglasses industry, yes, you need glasses

  • CodeKujo
    CodeKujo 2 months ago

    When I was young, my eyesight was around 20/15. Then around 12 years old, my vision started to degrade. My prescription was getting stronger such that I was getting new glasses every year. Each time, I would get glasses that restored my 20/15 vision. Then one year when I was getting new glasses, the guy stopped at 20/20. "I can usually see better than this", I said. "Well, I could keep going, but since you do mostly computer work, it's just going to give you eye strain as your eyes have to work more to focus up close."

    I left that day with two pairs of glasses. A distance pair for driving and sports, and a pair that corrected me to 20/50 for computer work. My prescription has been stable since then. I was 26.

    The role the eye strain played in my changing prescription is unclear from just my experience, but the eye strain is real. If I forget my computer glasses and try to do a full work day using my distance glasses, it's very uncomfortable after about four hours. I suspect there are a lot of near-sighted people who would be a lot more comfortable wearing a weaker prescription at work.

  • WatercoloredSilver
    WatercoloredSilver 2 months ago

    Short Answer: No.

  • Simplychrizz
    Simplychrizz 2 months ago

    why is my Internet so baaaad? i have 100 mbit officially and i get fucking 0,05 Mbit wtf ????

  • Mind over Mindfuck
    Mind over Mindfuck 2 months ago

    ... My optometrist under prescribed me up until I was 19 and I got a different one... I had forgotten how stars should look... I hope people stop doing that now

    • Jormungand13324
      Jormungand13324 2 months ago

      lat one to prescribe me was the military. Don't think they under did it

  • Discoboy
    Discoboy 2 months ago

    Not true. I wear glasses only in exceptional circumstances (driving) and that's why I have same minus(-1) for 13 years+. Basically people who wears glasses or lenses lost more sight. Eyes exercises also help .I work on computers for all my life and if I wear glasses all this time, I bet my vision would be way worse. I don'y it's cool to wear glasses or lenses, because they are not good for a fight, if you are a man.

  • faiaflrt
    faiaflrt 2 months ago

    So how can I know if I was unethically experimented on as a child, as this video seems to imply?

  • Jainil Patel
    Jainil Patel 2 months ago

    To be honest for me [NEAR SIGHTED] one day I was sitting on my couch watching TV WHEN SUDDENLY i realised I couldn't read the 'LG' symbol anymore. I got freaked out and told my parents who thought I was being dumb. Then 3 years later my eyesight went from 20/20 to -3 and -3.5 (basically everything further from ~ 5 metres is very burry)

    • Jormungand13324
      Jormungand13324 2 months ago

      try the blurriness starting at about a foot and a half away.

  • Nameless
    Nameless 2 months ago

    thanks thanks thamks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks iblove u i love u i kove u

  • Nameless
    Nameless 2 months ago


  • Rifleatk1396
    Rifleatk1396 2 months ago

    What about electronic deterioration? Is it different (if it's even a thing?)?

  • Michael King
    Michael King 2 months ago

    you can do eye exercises to improve vision...

  • That Totally Random Guy

    my left eye sees far distances blurry but my right eye is absolutely perfect

  • DeadOrAlive
    DeadOrAlive 2 months ago

    But what about if your eyes are fine and you wear glasses? Are you still fine?

  • Victoria W.
    Victoria W. 2 months ago

    I had an eyeglass commercial before this....

  • QueenofSilence101
    QueenofSilence101 2 months ago

    I've never heard anyone say glasses make your vision worse. Why would anyone think that?

    Even if you aren't a scientist, it should be common sense that this statement is stupid. Right?

    • Tavros Nitram
      Tavros Nitram 2 months ago

      Just read the comments to find that this video is bullshit

  • Songyi Han
    Songyi Han 2 months ago

    hell yea! look nerdy as you! (I love wearing glasses)

  • Jeanette Hansen
    Jeanette Hansen 2 months ago

    *Coughcough* The idea of glasses making your eyesight bad is because of how the chinese handle failing sight (with age). They proscribe paliptating the orbital muscles to try and strengthen the bloodflow to the eye and thus the ability to focus the eye properly. It reportedly works in many cases, but worth investigation.
    (Choosing one solution over the other seems to be a cultural thing. )
    Thinking that glasses will purposefully make your eyesight bad.. nyeeeeh. That's backwards..ish.
    Either way, glasses or exercises, may you always see clearly! ;-)

  • Guoenyi
    Guoenyi 2 months ago

    Ha! Now I can wear my specs even in sleep!

  • Naum Rusomarov
    Naum Rusomarov 2 months ago

    I've had mostly the same vision for almost 15 years now.

  • Neil Doerdan
    Neil Doerdan 2 months ago

    They missed the research that revealed that although glasses do not ruin your eyesight, they certainly can make it worse. The only way to make it better is to stop or reduce the activities that cause the damage in the first place. Too much close up work for too long a period of time in poor lighting conditions.
    Myopia can be repaired by allowing the ciliary muscle in the eye time to relax and return to its normal size along with retraining the eye to regain focus over long distances. If you wear glasses/lenses for close up work you add to the damage that can be done. If you wear glasses/lenses that give you 20/10 or 20/20 vision, then your eye thinks it is good and doesn't need to resize to get back to focus.

    • Jormungand13324
      Jormungand13324 2 months ago

      I'll look into it, thanks.

    • Neil Doerdan
      Neil Doerdan 2 months ago

      Jormungand13324 relied to that video as well as they avoided covering any of the research into glasses causing the axial length in the eye to increase, which not only leads to higher myopia but may eventually lead to retinal detachment as the eye elongates. Take a look at Jake Steiner for examples of research used.

    • Jormungand13324
      Jormungand13324 2 months ago

      sci-show covered near work in their video "the nearsightedness epidemic".

    • Neil Doerdan
      Neil Doerdan 2 months ago

      The research they referred to at would only use patients who were full time spectacle wearers (and I would assume the same pair of spectacles that corrected the myopia). As such this is what causes what is called lens induced myopia. If you are less than 2 diopter you should never wear your full prescription glasses for close up work, if you wear contact lenses then you can get around it by using reading glasses for close up work to avoid over straining the eye muscles.
      To correct vision from 5 diopter back to 20/20 has been done in less than 3 years. But for many people, 3 years is far too long a time, so easier to continue to wear the glasses for the rest of your life...

  • Marla Jacques
    Marla Jacques 2 months ago

    I tried eye exercises for a month and went from -4.75 to -3.50. Got new prescription from an argumentative dr so now I must keep it up, for sake of curiosity and spite!

  • Sophie Filo
    Sophie Filo 2 months ago

    I've...NEVER heard ANYONE say glasses make your vision worse.

  • Khalid Bin Abdul Wadud Bin Haider Dhali

    also just look cool! :D

  • Guilherme Sabino
    Guilherme Sabino 2 months ago

    Well fuck. I was hoping for it to be true. My glasses broke and its way too expensive for me to get new ones.

    • Guilherme Sabino
      Guilherme Sabino 2 months ago

      They have some nice glasses. But I'm not sure they deliver to *Brazil*.

    • William T
      William T 2 months ago

      Go to Zenni

  • Ainat
    Ainat 2 months ago

    I got rid of my glass with the right "workout" for my eyes. so... yeah. there is such thing.
    and I needed to go without glass or with a lower numer as well. and let them rest a lot... it took my a while but it was totally worth it.

  • shng sam
    shng sam 2 months ago

    Nope, i totally disagree with this video

    as a person with short sighted, I have a group of friends who is short sighted as well.

    Those who were their glasses most of the time, includes me
    having or short sighted getting worse every year

    Those who didnt wear their glasses, or just wear them occasionally, after a few year they no need glasses anymore!

    the real life case is very clear
    and whats even clearer my eyeball size has change since i wear glasses, so does i notice those who wore glasses in my family. These things are so obvious why researcher didn't notice it ?

    I have a severe myopic, and i regret i wore glasses all the time ( starting from age 7 i have perfect vision, 8, 9 years old i have 200 degree, than it just keep on increasing a lot every year )

  • metalperslfx
    metalperslfx 3 months ago

    I need to reduce my time looking at screens.

  • Stefano Liberale
    Stefano Liberale 3 months ago

    Is it just me or you look a lot like Daniel Tosh?

  • Quen Loust
    Quen Loust 3 months ago

    I bet if I wore my reading glasses when my eyesight was good, it wouldn't be as bad as it is now. I'm not blind without my glasses, but I pretty much HAVE to wear them all the time if I want to have a good time.

  • David 0/1
    David 0/1 3 months ago

    Fantastically stupid. Glasses definitely have made my vision worse. You described how eyes work, but failed to address why eyes become more oblong, and jumped to conclusions without evidence. This may be anecdotal, but i have experimented with my own vision and roughly measured changes by measuring the distance from my face where vision can focus - i got definite improvements after periods of not wearing glasses. I wish i could more often, but unfortunately i have to live and work, and need the glasses too much. So people, don't listen to this trash… if you feel fine or 'good enough' without glasses, dont start the dependency. This channel isn't worth my sub anymore.

    • David 0/1
      David 0/1 20 days ago

      that's very interesting. Thank you!

  • Will H
    Will H 3 months ago

    I love how you roll your eyes to the ceiling (and beyond) with this myth lol!

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