1 Hour of Dark Fantasy Country Music

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  • I do not own the rights to any of the music or art used here. I just made this mix as my interpretation of a Dark fantasy frontier style journey using Country/Bluegrass/Dark Country. Like something out of Jonah Hex or The Dark Tower book series.

    1. The Builders and the Butchers- Bringing home the rain
    2. Gillian Welch- Annabelle
    3.The Steeldrivers- If it hadn't been for love
    4. Highlonesome - Devil at the door
    5.Strawfoot - Damnation Way
    6.Angry Johnny & the killbillies - Highnoon in Killsville
    7. The Hackensaw Boys- Gypsy
    8.William Whitemore - Digging My grave
    9. Strawfoot - Wayfarin Stranger
    11. The Devil Makes three - Worken man's blues
    12.Gillian Welch - The Relevator
    13. Union Station - The Boy that wouldn't hoe corn
    14.Union station - on the outside look'n in
    15. The Steeldrivers- Blue side of the mountain
    16.uncle sinner - Poor Pilgrim of sorrow
    17.The Bootleggers- Fire in the blood
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  • Runtime: 1:19:12
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  • TheCrazedClown
    TheCrazedClown 5 hours ago

    Now this is good country.

  • alec christiaen
    alec christiaen 18 hours ago

    gonna run a d&d campaign with a western setting.
    gonna use this for character soundtracks.

  • Tracy Jones
    Tracy Jones 2 days ago +1

    Love your choices, and love the pictures!

  • steelwebspider
    steelwebspider 2 days ago

    no.10 = Brown Bird - Bilgewater, which is possibly the best tune of the lot ^.^ thanks for uploading this!

  • Tommy Wolf
    Tommy Wolf 2 days ago

    "Dark Fantasy Country Music". And no Ghoultown?!?!
    ok, not garbage, but still... you need Ghoultown on that list, dude.

  • AI:James
    AI:James 4 days ago

    This music is amazing. I got into it watching The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.

  • Danijel Gračan
    Danijel Gračan 4 days ago

    OMG this is great. I just took a whiskey bottle and take a sip or two.

  • Charleston Roice
    Charleston Roice 4 days ago

    What about the image of background? Any info?

  • Rich Wagner
    Rich Wagner 4 days ago

    Thank you Kingdom! This is great stuff

  • Robson Lopes
    Robson Lopes 6 days ago

    Damn, this playlist is awesome.

  • Kurt Freitas
    Kurt Freitas 8 days ago


  • Scott Nichols
    Scott Nichols 8 days ago

    Thanks for a new world of great music!

  • comancheo
    comancheo 8 days ago

    Thanks for this set! :-) I was never into "this" music like now I am.

  • Brian McNulty
    Brian McNulty 11 days ago

    I come from a death metal background and I must say this is awesome.

  • charles cummingsworth
    charles cummingsworth 11 days ago


  • Armand Potgieter
    Armand Potgieter 13 days ago

    Country fantasy..? what like elves and shit?

  • Noll Noller
    Noll Noller 16 days ago

    Any reasons why you forbid people from Japan to see your video?

  • Timanaky
    Timanaky 16 days ago

    What happend? Yesterday I could play it. But today I can't :(

  • Nate the Indigo
    Nate the Indigo 17 days ago

    Where is Blues Saraceno?

  • Naidarim
    Naidarim 17 days ago +1

    49:02 is "I Hear Them All" by Old Crow Medicine Show. Otherwise, this is a great playlist!

  • Kothlim
    Kothlim 19 days ago

    Definitely something to read Preacher by.

  • Michele G
    Michele G 19 days ago

    This some Great Country! Thanks so much!

  • Eric Scott
    Eric Scott 20 days ago

    The direction country music should have gone. Not this pop-country shite they feed us on the radio.

  • Prothius83
    Prothius83 20 days ago

    OUTLAW COUNTRY WOOOOOOOOO!!!! but srsly this is a good mix.

  • Mr Ronzou
    Mr Ronzou 21 day ago

    God the title sounded fucking ridiculous but goddamn this is good music.

  • James Delong
    James Delong 21 day ago

    But so many of those pictures make good desktops....I just dont have enough monitors.

  • Bert Stepto
    Bert Stepto 21 day ago

    Specific af

  • NeoLudditeDave
    NeoLudditeDave 22 days ago

    Sixteen Horsepower would fit nicely too. I refer to them as hillbilly goth.

  • karolina piekar
    karolina piekar 23 days ago


  • Matti Paalanen - celtic music - epic music

    Wonderful collection, works really well in the context! Thank you for posting this!

  • sparkpenguin
    sparkpenguin 25 days ago

    i got a solo 1100mi roadtrip coming. thank you for this. i'll add some lovett and be all set.

  • philip adams
    philip adams 25 days ago

    mint tunes :-)

  • gmsk666
    gmsk666 26 days ago

    disappointed that clutch- the regulator isnt on here.

  • Chelsey Hartmann
    Chelsey Hartmann 27 days ago

    Links to the art?

  • JamesStarkweather
    JamesStarkweather 27 days ago

    The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed...

  • Michael 90CH
    Michael 90CH 27 days ago

    Reminds me of The Game: Fallout

  • hagi991
    hagi991 28 days ago

    Such an enjoyable playlist, thanks <3

  • four cats
    four cats 28 days ago

    This is awesome. It made a fan out of me. Thanks!

  • chrisdaco22
    chrisdaco22 29 days ago

    You know, if our local country station played this kind of music I might listen to it.

  • Urilla Graves
    Urilla Graves 29 days ago

    love this

  • zestycarrot
    zestycarrot 29 days ago +1

    HOLY SHIT, real music. My faith in humanity restored. wp talent. wp.

  • Cameron McGee
    Cameron McGee Month ago

    My profile picture should explain the rest.

  • sko
    sko Month ago

    ... gives me Rex Marksley vibes.

  • M. A.
    M. A. Month ago

    Ground control to Major Tom...!

    Check out Trippy Trilby's to blast into Hyper-Futurism!


  • Lion Warrior
    Lion Warrior Month ago

    Mas que merda de musica no inicio!! its is chiet

  • Hesse SixTnine
    Hesse SixTnine Month ago

    Hi @ all ...
    For the first time I want to get rid of the fact that the mix is absolutely cool!
    But I have another question:
    Knows anybody who is the artist who painted the picture of the Hillbilly or cowboy without face (Video Time: approx. 48 m) ??
    The signature I can unfortunately not decipher: /
    Hope someone can help me?
    And sorry for the strange english ... I use the google translator;)
    Greetings from Kaltenkirchen (near Hamburg) / Germany
    Hesse SixTnine

  • Mare
    Mare Month ago

    I'm confused by this song about growing corn. Most of a corn crop should be harvested by the beginning of September, it would be impossible to lose a whole crop to a frost in September.

  • Ra Skies
    Ra Skies Month ago

    Gillian Welch...... WOW!!!

  • B williams
    B williams Month ago

    1:16:05 Snake song, Unsure of artist

  • TheDiogonm
    TheDiogonm Month ago

    Where do I find the image in 37:20??

  • Pat Shelly
    Pat Shelly Month ago

    ye haw

  • אמיר אמיר
    אמיר אמיר Month ago

    great mix!!!

  • Heston kelly
    Heston kelly Month ago

    Incredible artworks....

  • Freezie Pop
    Freezie Pop Month ago +1

    I want to thank you for this playlist Kingdom Cosworks. Thank you for introducing me to The Builders and the Butchers, Gillian Welch, and Angry Johnny. I came from a school where nothing but pop country was played and I thought that was literally all country had to offer, and boy was I wrong.

  • dreamwalker12
    dreamwalker12 Month ago

    nice mix! My kind of country music!!! Thanks for putting this together.

  • SirCouchus
    SirCouchus Month ago

    I knew this would be epic the moment I heard "Bringing home the rain" as the first song

    RAIS GRR Month ago

    10.Brown Bird - Bilgewater

  • Jtracy1698
    Jtracy1698 Month ago

    Too bad there's vocals.

  • Anastasiya Kvit
    Anastasiya Kvit Month ago

    What an amazing genre!

  • Pete Madrona
    Pete Madrona Month ago

    "Boy, you listen to me and you listen to me good. We aren't in our own country now. We're now outlaws in our own home. We can't be heroes. We're good people no more. Wicked, we're branded. And, for us wicked folk, there ain't no rest."

  • Asaf Levin
    Asaf Levin Month ago

    just great

  • C. Holmes
    C. Holmes Month ago

    outlaw country or real country... this shit mainstream music calls country should be outlawed..

  • Mootthemad
    Mootthemad Month ago

    So if Roland Deschain became black on the screen.. does that mean Detta will be a racist redneck and the Tower will be white? Will there be a man in white? Is his name going to be Walter O'Bright?

  • tenaxnidor
    tenaxnidor Month ago

    This is a great mix!!!!!!

  • Thane of Pain
    Thane of Pain Month ago

    love the builders and the butchers good first song!

  • Rebecca Hodgkins
    Rebecca Hodgkins Month ago

    These are great! But...Where are 16 Horsepower, Slim Cessna's Auto Club and Munly Munly? THAT'S some dark fantasy country straight out of Denver.

  • Amanda Joy
    Amanda Joy Month ago

    The red, red dirt remembers.

  • XOtube
    XOtube Month ago


  • Taha Ahmed
    Taha Ahmed Month ago

    What's so dark about it?

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith Month ago

    Thanks for this. Found a few artists I didn't know know I liked

  • DJ Eric Christensen

    Could be anything set in a ghost town of AZ, or NM...or even the post-Civil War South.

  • carl hawkins
    carl hawkins Month ago

    this is awesome  :)

  • frans venrooy
    frans venrooy Month ago


  • Alex Macário CG
    Alex Macário CG Month ago

    Lovely it <3

  • Damir Duran
    Damir Duran Month ago

    Черт, темная башня!

  • Victor Cavalcante
    Victor Cavalcante Month ago

    Perfect. Thanks'

  • Chiara Bordoni
    Chiara Bordoni Month ago

    10 = Brown Bird - "Bilgewater"

  • Connor McLernon
    Connor McLernon Month ago

    that last one sounds like Ralph Stanley.

  • Hey Jules
    Hey Jules Month ago

    I got so excited when I heard the opening notes of Builders & the Butchers! Not enough people know that band, imo. :)

  • scott byrd
    scott byrd Month ago

    Bilgewater number 10 brown bird

  • TheMellowMinded
    TheMellowMinded Month ago +1

    Crooked path is a wicked path.

  • Sydney Clayton
    Sydney Clayton Month ago

    I love country and bluegrass music for the story it can tell in just one song. This is one of my favourite playlists

  • Klavs Ozols
    Klavs Ozols Month ago

    Awesome mix!
    Timestamps in the description would be nice though. ;)

  • makis lazer
    makis lazer Month ago

    some nice country pieces there. But how is this dark fantasy? It sounds like the usual country to me

  • Jesse Kincel
    Jesse Kincel Month ago

    This is more folk-bluegrassy than country

  • Woody Hacker
    Woody Hacker Month ago

    I think Ive finally found some new music I like.

  • James Rhoades
    James Rhoades Month ago

    Perfect Background music for In person Deadlands campaigns found.

  • Zion Brown
    Zion Brown Month ago

    it's hiiiiggghhh nooon

  • Carl Forrest
    Carl Forrest Month ago

    this is phenomenal. thank you

  • Robert Buckey
    Robert Buckey Month ago

    This works great for Deadlands Weird West too.

  • Pink Bro
    Pink Bro Month ago

    that first song is utterly atrocious

  • Mirinba
    Mirinba Month ago

    I do not know why this reminds me of bloodborn.

  • Anthony Boothroyd
    Anthony Boothroyd Month ago

    Really-really-really-really good.

  • KingKong Alter
    KingKong Alter Month ago

    dafuqsdiz? okay, the music is nice. but that description? o.O now things are getting riddiculous

  • Ramona
    Ramona Month ago

    Sounds like the Water Boys.

  • Everett Lopez
    Everett Lopez Month ago

    This is amazing

  • SoyAlfio
    SoyAlfio Month ago

    The Dark Tower Books OST

  • Sabotic Erol
    Sabotic Erol Month ago

    Clicked for the headline.
    Stayed for the music.

  • Scott Teeters
    Scott Teeters Month ago

    Gritty and interesting!

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