Every Day Smokey Glamour! 1 Brand Makeup Tutorial TALK THROUGH!

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  • This is a sponsored video with MAX FACTOR to celebrate the launch of Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3 in 1! I'm using all Max Factor products to achieve this look, which I think is perfect for day-night - I'd wear this to a lunch with friends, or a night out on the weekends!

    Hope you enjoy xx

    Cosmetics all by Max Factor:
    Facefinity All Day Primer bit.ly/1IzGtP5
    Miracle Touch Foundation in Warm Almond bit.ly/1JfQobF
    Eyebrow Pencil bit.ly/1Hf2Rdu
    Excess Shimmer in Copper bit.ly/1ICOdyc
    Liquid Effect Pencil in Brown Blaze & Black Fire bit.ly/1PkP3oT
    Wild Shadow in Burnt Bark & Pale Pebble bit.ly/1JfQZtV
    Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 bit.ly/1bWleIF (its available at Priceline, Big W, Kmart & Myer)
    Bronzing Powder in 02 Bronze bit.ly/1KMcL6N
    Creme Puff Blush in Lovely Pink bit.ly/1Hf2Fe8
    Colour Elixir Lip Liner in Brown n Nude bit.ly/1Hf3Km5
    Colour Elixir Lipstick in Maroon Dust bit.ly/1EGImCo
    Colour Elixir Gloss in Lustrous Sand bit.ly/1Hf3VOj

    You can follow me and Max Factor on all our social pages, mine are below and Max Factors are:
    Instagram: @maxfactorau
    Facebook www.facebook.com/MaxFactorAU
    YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/MaxFactorAU

    Manager/Business Inquiries ONLY: Jill Birmingham, MAX CONNECTORS (Jill@MaxConnectors.com.au)

    *Please note I am not currently available for makeup artist services*

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    Other links:

    MY SIGMA BRUSHES LINK: full.sc/120o6co Use the code ChloeMorello10 for 10% off!
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  • christine lariosa
    christine lariosa 2 months ago

    You do really look like Candice Swanepoel 😍

  • Dina fawzy
    Dina fawzy 4 months ago

    Chole please tell me the secret of your hair?????

  • Akanksha Chaudhary
    Akanksha Chaudhary 4 months ago

    so cool


    Beautiful 💖

  • Katie Baby
    Katie Baby 5 months ago

    Max factor isn't allowed to be sold in the US anymore, but I always hear the old ladies I take care of talk about max factor pancake foundation they used back in the day. is that it?

  • Latifa Bendjebbour
    Latifa Bendjebbour 5 months ago

    i love You So much. You are So beautiful

  • siri W
    siri W 7 months ago

    Youre kinda cute

  • 21whichiswhich
    21whichiswhich 9 months ago +1

    What is the title of the background music?

  • Nabeeha Sami
    Nabeeha Sami 10 months ago +1

    Even though This video is quite old but in the intro she looks like an Indian actress Kerena kapoor ....who else agrees????🤔😏😛

  • Poison Moralez
    Poison Moralez Year ago

    hi pretty chloe, your beauty is a combination of angelina and adele😊

  • Angela Sarmiento
    Angela Sarmiento Year ago

    The intro had me dying hahahahahau

  • ginaiscoollikethat
    ginaiscoollikethat Year ago +2

    Love that lip colour

  • Sreeja Mitra
    Sreeja Mitra Year ago +5

    this is so effy stonem

  • Heimlick Clydesdale

    0:10 did i just have a stroke

  • Nida
    Nida Year ago +4

    (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Karen Joan
    Karen Joan Year ago


  • anna shabery
    anna shabery Year ago

    definitely subscribed...

  • Xuecj Emma
    Xuecj Emma Year ago

    Where i can buy max factor in canada do u know any shop

  • natalie
    natalie Year ago

    You should be a celeb makeup artist!

  • Ladin Ulubas
    Ladin Ulubas Year ago

    You look so much like Adele! 😱

  • Amy Blakelock
    Amy Blakelock Year ago

    It's 70s because it's using lots of earthy tones and orangey or brown makeup on the eyes and stuff was a trend with Biba shop assistants back then :) x

  • critK9doc
    critK9doc Year ago

    I adore this look. It really shows off your beautiful eye shape. More like this and the Tom Ford Cognac Sable tutorial please. That lip is also beautiful...a modern twist on Bardot. As if Bardot had peaked in the 90's...her pale peach lip gone darker I guess. That brow pencil looks fab. I love the look of your brows in this tutorial. So natural but defined...framing your face without stealing the spotlight! Lovely work. Good choice of Chloe, Max Factor.

  • Tommy Batten
    Tommy Batten Year ago

    Max factor is one of my favorite brands! I definitely enjoyed watching this! Thanks for filming it!!!

  • Zara Z'NB
    Zara Z'NB Year ago

    canooon j'adore

  • Patricia Felicity

    Hello....... Do yu hv a makeup tutorial that going to college or during the perfomance for musician?? if yu hv, i'll be looking forward to watch it. thank yu.

  • Maria Ferro
    Maria Ferro Year ago

    God u look like the younger priscilla presley u r so gourgues xx

  • JJ ZH
    JJ ZH Year ago

    Looks like Adele in the first sec of the video.

  • Sweetfaye Dhianne

    You look flawless

  • Noreen 93
    Noreen 93 Year ago

    This make up is splendid .......but me eyes are dark brown!!

  • Noreen 93
    Noreen 93 Year ago

    this make up is beautifuuuuul!!!!.......but my eyes are dark brown!

  • Noreen 93
    Noreen 93 Year ago

    this make up is beautifuuuuul!!!!.......but my eyes are dark brown!

  • effie
    effie Year ago

    how much is the max factor foundation

  • ashoor taha
    ashoor taha Year ago

    wow 😍 ilooooved it

  • Chi Hoang
    Chi Hoang Year ago

    Beautiful!.! 😳

  • Dania Lopez
    Dania Lopez Year ago

    I love your sense of humor!! :* you are soo natural .. I love it!! :* you are AMAZING!!

  • Elya Hanis02
    Elya Hanis02 Year ago

    Your face is exactly like Blair in Gossip Girl 😱

  • Umme Habiba
    Umme Habiba Year ago

    When you said "I wish I wasn't filming at 11:00 on a Monday night " it turned 11:00 PM and it's a Monday .....

  • Musa Ali
    Musa Ali Year ago

    I love ur make up tutorial :* its awsmm u r soo pretty

  • AnnyBuurton
    AnnyBuurton Year ago

    Does anybody thinks she looks like Blair Waldorf here ?

  • Diana Valer
    Diana Valer Year ago

    Beautiful skin!!!!

  • Niecel A. Lafuente

    leighton meester, angelina jolie, perrie edwards & mila kunis lookalike!

  • Niecel A. Lafuente

    love this look! youre so beautiful!

  • Katie Cahill
    Katie Cahill Year ago

    Please do Chanel

  • Safa .4.7
    Safa .4.7 Year ago


  • Lubna luqman
    Lubna luqman Year ago

    u r gorgeous!


    U looks damn hot, sexy. u r so beautiful.

  • Ally Hernandez
    Ally Hernandez Year ago

    "I wish it wasn't 11 o'clock at night on a Monday right now" lol you're adorable 😍 and that mascara is totally amazing

  • Sonia Coad
    Sonia Coad Year ago

    I want your lashes!! :'(

  • AliceinWonderland🎀

    OMG just realised this went out on 16 th may my birthday !!!!!!

  • Kathryn Anne
    Kathryn Anne Year ago

    please do an all vegan look!!!!!!! I would absolutely love that! I love like every single video, you are so cute! and I love your accent! I use 100 percent pure that is all vegan!

  • Anjhun Borbor
    Anjhun Borbor Year ago

    Suuuper like!

  • Asian Diva88
    Asian Diva88 Year ago

    Hi Chloe love your makeup looks, your so talented!!! Can you do an Adrienne Bailon nude makeup look, a Kim Kardashian makeup look, Katrina Kaif makeup look x

  • danielle enriquez

    I love it Chloe! I really like the soft winged liner you do! I'd like to see you do a one brand NyX tutorial :)

  • Imran Temurziev
    Imran Temurziev Year ago

    I see white spots on top of lashes from clue which didn't dry yet. I can guess mascara' wow effect is enhanced by using fake individual lashes

  • shineshine shine
    shineshine shine Year ago

    ughhh you sound so sarcastic and arogant in the indroduction 👎👎👎👎

    • crazychefify
      crazychefify Year ago

      Oh come on now it was quite clearly a joke.

  • Simu Shahin
    Simu Shahin Year ago

    I thought it was Adele in the thumbnail icon xD

  • Beautifly♥
    Beautifly♥ 2 years ago

    I don't know, but I think that with this make up you look like the extremely beautiful Lana del Rey's version.

  • LittleHappyBeing
    LittleHappyBeing 2 years ago

    holy moly. her lips are like soooo incredibly perfect!!! how?

  • cazzii crouzette
    cazzii crouzette 2 years ago


  • Ana Victorino
    Ana Victorino 2 years ago

    You really remind me of Candice Swanepoel. :)

  • Saltuk KONDAKÇI
    Saltuk KONDAKÇI 2 years ago

    Did u use anything for growing your lashes? They are ardorable

  • Hailey King
    Hailey King 2 years ago

    look like Adele

  • lifes abeach
    lifes abeach 2 years ago

    Love This <3

  • leSabule
    leSabule 2 years ago

    here you look like Lana Del Rey ;)

  • strawberryw ww
    strawberryw ww 2 years ago

    loved the color lipstick *_*

  • Dawn o
    Dawn o 2 years ago

  • discoworm
    discoworm 2 years ago

    Thank you Chloe,  I  am starting makeup for 40 and over and am excited. done drag for 11 years.  so that should help. just tone down the colors, a lot.
                                          David London    San Fransisco

  • Julie Varming
    Julie Varming 2 years ago

    you are so much prettier when you have your own pale skintone!

  • sofiash
    sofiash 2 years ago

    I love this coral lip color!!!! So romantic and nostalgic:)

  • sofiash
    sofiash 2 years ago

    This mascara is amaizing!!! Looks like you used false lashes when in fact you didn't.

  • Zahrah Aliyah
    Zahrah Aliyah 2 years ago

    Your eyes! Amazing!

  • Little  Izzy
    Little Izzy 2 years ago


  • miamiyake
    miamiyake 2 years ago

    +chloemorello zis is amazeballs! Been after shade like that for ages but Max factor doesn't stock this colour in uk :( can you please recommend dupe ? Thank yoooou <3

  • Abby Jackson
    Abby Jackson 2 years ago

    Love this look! The lips seal it all in❤️

  • lula Lulu
    lula Lulu 2 years ago

    Chloe , i honestly love you because you love everything else around u , u respect your fans and every thing else about them , their ages , opinions , religions ❤️
    An' i remember you promised me 3 months ago to do a tutorial for bride 👰 i hope you do it 🙍
    I'm Lubna from middle east 👑

  • Andrea Padilla
    Andrea Padilla 2 years ago

    What color is her hair? I love it 💜

  • TercanliKiz
    TercanliKiz 2 years ago

    You wrinkle your skin while putting your moisterizer on your face..gently tap it on.

  • Ximee Diaz
    Ximee Diaz 2 years ago

    i love it !

  • Ftom Oma
    Ftom Oma 2 years ago

    Stunning ! Could you use for another one brand video Kiko cosmetics?

  • Leeza A
    Leeza A 2 years ago

    The resemblance to Leighton meester is incredible!! 😱

  • diaomonmon
    diaomonmon 2 years ago

    what is the lipstick series and number again?

  • Lynmare Car
    Lynmare Car 2 years ago

    stunning !

  • Patrícia Alves Marques

    I seriously love your videos Chloe, you're my favorite youtuber!!

  • VilleGardian
    VilleGardian 2 years ago

    peach lipstick is the most gorgeous on lips iny my opinion :)))

  • Jessica Dusky
    Jessica Dusky 2 years ago

    This look is very Angelina Jolie!

  • Marmika Patil
    Marmika Patil 2 years ago

    Omg!!!! Best look ^_^ lots of love from India... Keep going gul

  • Fatima Bah
    Fatima Bah 2 years ago

    How come when you were putting the mascara on it looks like you have lash glue on your right eye?

  • hajar el
    hajar el 2 years ago

    Beautiful like always thank youu xo

  • Little  Izzy
    Little Izzy 2 years ago


  • Dece Bisnar
    Dece Bisnar 2 years ago

    You look like angelina jolie

  • YCW TV
    YCW TV 2 years ago


  • theclassicalgirl
    theclassicalgirl 2 years ago

    Chloe...why doesnt the make up look that amazing on us?? Its always one thing on you and another thing on me:((( grear tutorial;)

  • Isabelle G-P
    Isabelle G-P 2 years ago

    She looks like Leighton Meester 😱😍

  • Jennifer Cunha
    Jennifer Cunha 2 years ago +4

    I just found your channel about an hour ago and I just binge watched 10 of your videos, and I have to say I found it very refreshing that you don't use much (under eye) concealer like majority of YouTube make up gurus do. Your tutorials are more realistic and do able for everyday people because you don't do "Drag highlighting & contouring". Im not saying that that's a bad thing but not everybody wants that kardashian look. 😋 I'll definitely tune into your next videos.

  • Bri Marie
    Bri Marie 2 years ago

    This look is amazing I love your videos (: xoxo

  • Yolanda Lau
    Yolanda Lau 2 years ago

    Your eyes make it amazing!

  • Giovanna Arriaga
    Giovanna Arriaga 2 years ago

    "Okay now, when you get your life together" 😂😂 you make my day with your flawless videos I love your personality :)

  • Melissa Maldonado
    Melissa Maldonado 2 years ago

    You are so lovely! I adore the lipstick color!!! I am going to buy it and try it out. Can't wait!!

  • Lailani Norn
    Lailani Norn 2 years ago

    I'm in love with this look!

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