Dedication Towards Sports

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  • Gustavo Freitas
    Gustavo Freitas 5 months ago

    Part 2

  • nor bi
    nor bi 1 year ago

    4:22 name song?

  • DatDude
    DatDude 1 year ago +2

    None of them dedicated themselves as much as Scott Sterling!! (Thumbs up if you get the reference)

    • lofty joker
      lofty joker 10 months ago

      XD that was meant to make people laugh

  • no V
    no V 1 year ago +1

    Great vid, I always watch this video, because it's so inspiring. I always look back and see the times that were so incredible. This vid was amazing, and hope to see a part 2.

  • AndrewMcGamez
    AndrewMcGamez 1 year ago


  • Gustavo Freitas
    Gustavo Freitas 1 year ago +1

    Part 2

  • Jack Bainbridge
    Jack Bainbridge 1 year ago

    U could have picked any goal line clearance

  • Mari Manhães
    Mari Manhães 1 year ago

    Que vídeo chato

  • Tailong
    Tailong 1 year ago +1

    Gawd damm Blake Griffin loves the crowd lol

  • Salam Shourav
    Salam Shourav 1 year ago

    Whats the name of the song?

  • Fredy Martinez
    Fredy Martinez 1 year ago


  • Wojciech Szczęsny
    Wojciech Szczęsny 1 year ago

    fenomal video

  • nomaan jabri
    nomaan jabri 1 year ago

    how is defending dedication for sports ?that's just shows how gud they are.but if u wanna show dedication u shud have added clips of players stopping fights or deny an undeserving penalty.just saying.but still a gud video.

  • Ryan Jeong
    Ryan Jeong 1 year ago +1

    A football(soccer) player called Nemanja Viduc should have made many appearances. He is known for putting his body on the line for his team!!!

  • Orpheus
    Orpheus 1 year ago +1

    Bruuuh 5:54 tho. This guy lost a tooth an everythin man. He stayed standing and was ready for the rebound bro. Thats some serious dedication yo.

  • Nathan Heaver
    Nathan Heaver 1 year ago

    comment if came here from autoplay

  • Nathan McConnell
    Nathan McConnell 1 year ago

    Um at around 8:58 there is a handball! I don't know his number, but they should have called that.

  • Long Tie364
    Long Tie364 1 year ago


  • bobthehobo231
    bobthehobo231 1 year ago

    lol scott sterling!!!!!

  • Soula S
    Soula S 1 year ago

    ταινιες απο βιβλια

  • Sapra älykäs
    Sapra älykäs 1 year ago

    Add some cricket content. There are some stunning catches takes near the boundary.

  • Harnus PL
    Harnus PL 1 year ago



    uhhhhhhh dedication towards soccer, basketball, ice hockey and baseball?

  • David22092001
    David22092001 1 year ago

    jumping into a crowd of people possibly injuring a few is 'dedication' ? To me thats just being stupid

    • Alex Ruiz
      Alex Ruiz 1 year ago

      He saved the ball from going out of bounds. How is that stupid?

    • JeremyGBfan87
      JeremyGBfan87 1 year ago

      That's called hustle actually

  • Pie Dude
    Pie Dude 1 year ago

    This has to be the best video I've ever seen!Like who would dislike it?People who are jealous that u have a way better video then them!?Well any way I loved it so I liked it and please make a part 2!And I wish there was a way to love a video on YouTube!😁😁😁

  • Pie Dude
    Pie Dude 1 year ago

    Pause at 5:55!😁

  • Victor Valdez
    Victor Valdez 1 year ago

    pernah sekali di bm kap amoy sok2an loncat nyelamatin bola basketnya sdgkn gw lg ntn lesehan air ketiaknya nyemprot kpenonton . ngentot tuh si amoy

  • HarikrishNa Mohan
    HarikrishNa Mohan 1 year ago

    Why is Fernando Torres Goal shown as dedication??.. Or was it David Alaba tracking back??

    • HarikrishNa Mohan
      HarikrishNa Mohan 1 year ago

      He barely had to beatsomeone... For a pacy striker like Torres that was on the plate..

    • Magath 88
      Magath 88 1 year ago

      +HarikrishNa Mohan He ran across the whole field scoring before that goal, although Chelsea would have won if he simply kicked the ball out of the stadium anyway...

  • JDrake_22 Ps4
    JDrake_22 Ps4 1 year ago

    Feel sorry for the fans

  • Igor Bukowski
    Igor Bukowski 1 year ago


  • Sebastian Rusin
    Sebastian Rusin 1 year ago +1

    :') legends

  • Marcin Jurkiewicz
    Marcin Jurkiewicz 1 year ago

    f yeah!!

  • Alex
    Alex 1 year ago

    lol these basketball audience dives could break peoples necks

  • Arran Robb
    Arran Robb 1 year ago

    That is why you don't risk

  • Arran Robb
    Arran Robb 1 year ago

    That is why you don't risk

  • Kelvin Curt
    Kelvin Curt 1 year ago

    NICE! 2.3 million views... keep it up! :)

  • Dawid Szlempo
    Dawid Szlempo 1 year ago


  • Jakub Stolpe
    Jakub Stolpe 1 year ago


  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 1 year ago +1

    This video shows what is dedication to the club.
    Real player does not give up just doing his best.
    Respect for these players

  • babka 123
    babka 123 1 year ago

    Bupie jak dut

  • Darek Kanabaja
    Darek Kanabaja 1 year ago


  • yash jain
    yash jain 1 year ago +1

    where is cricket and tennis?

  • Edy Dzekou
    Edy Dzekou 1 year ago

    what the song.,?

    MAGIC FOOTBALL TV 1 year ago

    In this video we saw that Griffin from Lá Clippers is a hero

  • Vimal Joseph
    Vimal Joseph 1 year ago +2

    Chelsea Football Club's run to Champions League 2012 was just pure dedication

    • 1234 5678
      1234 5678 9 months ago

      Military Pictures Chelsea came from behind in nearly every game they played that year and you clearly don't no much about football if your calling it soccer

    • Military Pictures
      Military Pictures 1 year ago

      Lol no that is counter soccer and a tactic. If that is dedication every soccer goal of a run is dedication

  • White homie
    White homie 1 year ago

    wow... true passion

  • TheRealBner
    TheRealBner 1 year ago +2

    that griffin guy really has dedication to his team

  • oman45x41
    oman45x41 1 year ago

    thank you.. this video meant more to me than you will ever know.

  • mctim89
    mctim89 1 year ago +1

    why dont they make the seating a lil further away in basketball. seems to be logical

  • Sayan Goswami
    Sayan Goswami 1 year ago +1

    it's very nice of you to bring this side of a game

  • Radosław Kawczak
    Radosław Kawczak 1 year ago

    song ?

  • Benedikt Cucumberbatch
    Benedikt Cucumberbatch 1 year ago +2

    Moral of the story:
    If you sit on the first rows to watch a Basketball match, u gonna face the heat!

  • M4t3o 1337
    M4t3o 1337 1 year ago


  • Rahil Ali
    Rahil Ali 1 year ago

    Good video (y)

  • Luke O.
    Luke O. 1 year ago

    Great video, Erik Johnson the best!
    Let's Go Avalanche!

  • Perrito Chiquitito
    Perrito Chiquitito 1 year ago

    El final repentino XD

  • Ridwan Hafid
    Ridwan Hafid 1 year ago


  • Harold Gutierrez
    Harold Gutierrez 1 year ago

    pueden hacer uno de futbol

  • chahid faress
    chahid faress 1 year ago

    8:10 its not a saves

  • Stan Braks
    Stan Braks 1 year ago

    best sportsvideo i have seen so far

  • Jared Rice
    Jared Rice 1 year ago

    Many of these are emotional but not dedication

  • 1001 Plays
    1001 Plays 1 year ago

    Neuer should have a CB card on fifa just for the lolz

  • xXfraXx -
    xXfraXx - 1 year ago +2

    subscribed to u since the first time i saw this. i never regretted! keep it up, man!

  • yrret1996
    yrret1996 1 year ago +1

    I respect all athletes that show this kind of dedication, but some of these leads to no results and you're risking a serious injury, I just think it's not worth if that's the case

  • Sina Tech
    Sina Tech 1 year ago

    Imagine Ronaldo with a beard

  • Andrew Creber
    Andrew Creber 1 year ago

    2 Million views, well done GearGoose. Love this video and music.

    • RRComps
      RRComps 1 year ago

      i'm shocked as well, but thanks Andrew

  • marcos fabio figueiredo de souza

    song 3:16???

    • RRComps
      RRComps 1 year ago

      it's all one song, He Films the Clouds Pt. 2" by Maybeshewill

  • Igo llg
    Igo llg 1 year ago

    How to describe this heroism

  • balox
    balox 1 year ago

    hahha jestem torll

  • Oliver Tóth
    Oliver Tóth 1 year ago

    goosebumps man...everytime I watch this, TY for this awesomeness ^^ <3

    • RRComps
      RRComps 1 year ago

      No problem. Glad you liked it!

  • Tommi Suomi
    Tommi Suomi 1 year ago

    8:56 the crowd is on fire

  • messi thegreat
    messi thegreat 1 year ago

    Thank you so much bro! Sick vid btw

  • messi thegreat
    messi thegreat 1 year ago


    • RRComps
      RRComps 1 year ago

      He Films the Clouds Pt. 2" by Maybeshewill

  • Aditya Gupta
    Aditya Gupta 1 year ago +1

    That Algeria vs Germany game was awesome...

  • Brit Gilpin
    Brit Gilpin 1 year ago

    whatever clip is at 2:45 was unintentional, he just slipped

  • Ky Vi Vuong
    Ky Vi Vuong 1 year ago

    Why does the audience have to be so close to the basketball court?

  • The Dude Aboud
    The Dude Aboud 1 year ago


    • RRComps
      RRComps 1 year ago

      +Fan face He Films the Clouds Pt. 2" by Maybeshewill

  • TheYoungGK
    TheYoungGK 1 year ago

    What about the Joe Hart vs Man U save or Gareth Bale's goal in the El Clasico

  • Blunt Katana
    Blunt Katana 1 year ago +1

    the keeper who ran back to his goal and saved it off the line still gave away a penalty and got red carded. the sub keeper then failed to save the pen. kind of a waste :(

  • Gabriel Bruskoff
    Gabriel Bruskoff 1 year ago

    im not a huge gymnastics fan, or really a fan at all, but if you do another video you should include Kerri Strug

  • Sahil Kale
    Sahil Kale 1 year ago

    For the LEICESTER game should of added deeney goal

  • TwistableFish
    TwistableFish 1 year ago

    Why is Torres on here. ANd all the football and defenders blocking is just how you defend

  • Miro Konkver
    Miro Konkver 1 year ago


  • mehdi mekboul
    mehdi mekboul 1 year ago

    8:30 it was a gool!

  • Muhammad Muneeb
    Muhammad Muneeb 1 year ago


  • Kyricolossus
    Kyricolossus 1 year ago

    Why the emotional music? This is basically their job to do

    • abdikadir hashi
      abdikadir hashi 1 year ago

      it's no ones job to dive headfirst for a ball moving at 60mph

  • Charles Tinio
    Charles Tinio 1 year ago

    There mostly blake griffin

  • Mark Hanrahan
    Mark Hanrahan 1 year ago

    These basketball players are crazy

  • michiel roelens
    michiel roelens 1 year ago

    you missed mathew rayen he saved 3 shots on goal and the last one he launched away with his head

  • Meme Alvarado
    Meme Alvarado 1 year ago


  • Firoz Fauzi
    Firoz Fauzi 1 year ago

    just diving for the ball isnt really dedication its just picking up the ball

  • Toasted_Sausages
    Toasted_Sausages 1 year ago

    Wtf that's not dedication that's just awesome saves ur stupid

  • Matt
    Matt 1 year ago +1

    Shame there is no volleyball saves in this vid but otherwise good vid!

    • RRComps
      RRComps 1 year ago

      I have volleyball clips for the next part.

  • Omar Karahodzic
    Omar Karahodzic 1 year ago +1

    Blake Griffin lives and breathes basketball

  • ◄ziadTheJinnai►
    ◄ziadTheJinnai► 1 year ago

    again Anthony did an useless thing the ball he tried to save finished outside & people lost their beverages xD

  • armando Hernandez
    armando Hernandez 1 year ago

    Puyol ❤ what a legend

  • Санита Попова

    what isndeticaition

  • Jack Bobolakk
    Jack Bobolakk 1 year ago +1

    Even though they aren't mainstream sports there should be some AFL and Rugby in this. Those guys get them shit beat out of them and keep playing.

  • Богдан Стоянов

    Súper !!!

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