Migos - What The Price [Official Video]

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  • Saulo
    Saulo Hour ago


  • VHoncho2Cold _
    VHoncho2Cold _ 9 hours ago

    Swipey beat (intro) rip dirtyass

  • Irving Sanchez
    Irving Sanchez 10 hours ago

    R.I.P swipey

  • Myra Brown
    Myra Brown 11 hours ago


  • Myra Brown
    Myra Brown 11 hours ago

    I luv Minos this the best rap I ever herd beside Bones,Thugs Harmony

  • Darwin Griffin
    Darwin Griffin 14 hours ago

    They maybe at Atlanta or Miami Florida

  • KINGSAMMY666 •
    KINGSAMMY666 • 22 hours ago +1

    Offset The best 🔥🔥🔥🌋

    TRY NOT TO RAP Day ago

    What's the price?
    Prices, prices, going up
    Prices, prices (price)
    The bitch bad, I slide
    Prices, prices, going up
    Hold on, yeah
    Prices, prices (price)
    What's the price?
    What's the price?
    Prices going up, prices
    Hold on
    Price, going up yeah (I slide)
    (Skrrt skrrt, skrrt skrrt, going up)
    Hold on
    (Woo woo woo, price)

  • Reginald Williams

    that bar fight going along with the music hard af

  • LIT GAMER321
    LIT GAMER321 Day ago

    Fuck offset wearing in 2:37

  • Daley Radford
    Daley Radford Day ago

    Culture is such a good album!

  • Philippe B
    Philippe B Day ago

    ga them

  • Karen Carter
    Karen Carter Day ago


  • Karen Carter
    Karen Carter Day ago

    I like thw song but what the hell skirt skirt

  • Ebil
    Ebil Day ago

    What's the price of what? Weed?


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  • Mohd Khalid Mohd Yusop


  • Laquer Head
    Laquer Head 2 days ago +1


    SALTY 2 days ago +2

    Migos the hottest🔥 group out right now💯

  • Ramis R
    Ramis R 3 days ago

    как вообще можно эту х..ю слушать?

    CRYSTYLE 3 days ago

    that's the same girl from Draco music video

  • Ayonna Gary
    Ayonna Gary 3 days ago

    yo migos is the best

  • Latoya Simon
    Latoya Simon 3 days ago

    Trashcan music

  • Emmanuel Segura
    Emmanuel Segura 3 days ago


  • Carlos Charry
    Carlos Charry 3 days ago +1


    DJ DOUG 4 days ago

    Migos logic ok I just got socked in the face by a jacked biker dude some how glasses are okay ok know I going to hit him with a pool cue some how the other end is going go threw his body omg you are a genius

  • James Flenory
    James Flenory 4 days ago

    Them big honkys woulda whooped they ass if that was real..

  • Mid or feed
    Mid or feed 4 days ago

    1:48 Επεξε πουστια με τα ποτά.. Σε εναν εβαλε πιο πολυ

  • Krishawn Powell
    Krishawn Powell 4 days ago +1

    rip swipey

  • Miguel Duran
    Miguel Duran 4 days ago

    This video dope

  • thatsoirving lol
    thatsoirving lol 4 days ago +1

    tell me the autotune

  • PrinceLyric
    PrinceLyric 4 days ago +1

    Takeoff🚀 the type of nigga to kill this whole song without Quavo&Offset

  • Eric Whitaker
    Eric Whitaker 4 days ago

    How are they black Beatles if they don't even play any instruments? Quavo is insulting that guitar by holding it. I love Migos, but come on. It's stupid. He's clearly not playing it. It's sad that the guitar has become a prop. 😞

  • L1N GR
    L1N GR 4 days ago

    loved it

  • Marlon DeLima
    Marlon DeLima 4 days ago

    "Tell me what the Preacher preach about" (theology)
    "Tell me what the Teacher teach about" (education)


  • Blue Falcon
    Blue Falcon 4 days ago

    Love your sound and persona! Young bucks off the damn chain! Oh I love you and i am playing you most faithfully. This song is my new love ride out baby baby!!

  • D'wayne Thomas
    D'wayne Thomas 5 days ago +1

    U can read between the lines, like a proskater I did my own grind💯💪

  • D'wayne Thomas
    D'wayne Thomas 5 days ago

    These boyz special and talented...! 🔥💯💪😎

  • Matthew Sedita
    Matthew Sedita 5 days ago

    Hard knocks

  • Carter Hamilton
    Carter Hamilton 5 days ago +1

    Give Swipey his beat back

  • Lakimeyon Brown
    Lakimeyon Brown 5 days ago

    Carbi B Got Ha 1 ( Offset) 🅿🙌

  • Xamaya Clarke
    Xamaya Clarke 5 days ago

    Takeoff =favriote
    Quavo =best hooks and echo's
    Offset =most savage

  • Xamaya Clarke
    Xamaya Clarke 5 days ago

    The way offset was looking at that girl😂😂😂😂😂

  • Robert Wilson
    Robert Wilson 5 days ago

    Tell me what the teacher teaching bout, !#!

  • queen Khalifa
    queen Khalifa 5 days ago

    i love this song it so lit

  • Ezekiel Payton
    Ezekiel Payton 5 days ago

    my girl said they suck ads and dick now she not we me and she's a thot

  • David Leopold
    David Leopold 6 days ago

    offsettt da bomb

  • Samuel Santos
    Samuel Santos 6 days ago


  • jd r
    jd r 6 days ago

    I ben listenen to migos from 3 to 10

  • Isaiah Maxwell
    Isaiah Maxwell 7 days ago +1

    Rip swipey 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ezeke The Freak
    Ezeke The Freak 7 days ago

    Anybody notice the background music? What y'all think that came from?

  • nini na
    nini na 7 days ago

    quavo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Diego LeyVa
    Diego LeyVa 7 days ago

    Migos punk

  • young juice
    young juice 8 days ago

    Migos gang ATL

  • Fantaszta.
    Fantaszta. 8 days ago

    Lady gaGa turned rap or rap turned lady GaGa??

  • Naima Jones
    Naima Jones 8 days ago

    I love the migos

  • Tshepiso Mokgabi
    Tshepiso Mokgabi 8 days ago

    most of music of migos i love them YRN HIGH 👍

  • Florence Lindsey
    Florence Lindsey 9 days ago

    Quavo is the beyonce of the group though lol

  • Trapmove3g3 madlove3g3


  • Neissa Jean-bart
    Neissa Jean-bart 9 days ago +1

    Quavo he so fucking hot

  • Coco Lawrence
    Coco Lawrence 9 days ago

    To bad hagrid tried to fight migos

  • L.T. Hiley
    L.T. Hiley 9 days ago

    They stole the beat from Swipey

  • Antonio Crossley
    Antonio Crossley 9 days ago

    G, who produced it? And did they create the intro?

    • L.T. Hiley
      L.T. Hiley 9 days ago

      Antonio Crossley They got this from Swipey

  • bianca khowa
    bianca khowa 10 days ago

    can't wait for October when they come down to South Africa to perform 😊😊😊

  • Snake Hitman
    Snake Hitman 10 days ago

    Salve Brasil

  • Tommy
    Tommy 10 days ago +1

    Which way? Nor-WAY

    LORD PANOS 11 days ago

    TAKEOFF sucksssssss

  • MrSlogun
    MrSlogun 11 days ago


  • Lydia Sellers
    Lydia Sellers 11 days ago


  • Lydia Sellers
    Lydia Sellers 11 days ago

    i love yall's jackets

  • Naima Jones
    Naima Jones 11 days ago

    What's the price

  • Malachi Douglas
    Malachi Douglas 11 days ago

    When you about to buy food from the movie theater

  • Zuzanna Lewandowska
    Zuzanna Lewandowska 11 days ago

    I absolutely love this song. I showed it to my and dad and he finally trusts me when it comes to music.

  • Jermaine Hale
    Jermaine Hale 11 days ago

    Quavo takeoff offset💥💥💯‼💪

  • Brebda Campbell
    Brebda Campbell 12 days ago


  • AVAKIN4L slay
    AVAKIN4L slay 12 days ago

    Dis song gets me all the time needs more views

  • Kaden Gomez
    Kaden Gomez 12 days ago


  • Ramzy Mekael
    Ramzy Mekael 12 days ago


  • Simnikiwe Mbalane
    Simnikiwe Mbalane 13 days ago

    quavo tho 😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😩😩😩😩😩✨🙌🙌🙌

  • Tenisha Robinson
    Tenisha Robinson 13 days ago

    You are.blood to me

  • Top Cat
    Top Cat 13 days ago

    love it 😘😍😍😍

  • All Fresh Stories
    All Fresh Stories 14 days ago

    Dont miss out all Migos Instagram stories on All Fresh stories

  • devan codling
    devan codling 14 days ago

    Anyone realize the melody is steph-lil bibby

  • umichgal1
    umichgal1 14 days ago

    Black women stay saving the day. I peep.

  • Bloodyshadow217
    Bloodyshadow217 14 days ago

    the bar fight made me lol

  • Kendale Mouton
    Kendale Mouton 14 days ago

    they stole swipey beat from intro

  • zakaria yussuf
    zakaria yussuf 14 days ago

    Made me cryy

  • Josiah Moore
    Josiah Moore 15 days ago

    Who else just wants grab a guitar and say baaaaddd monalisa "

  • jikookina Bts
    jikookina Bts 15 days ago

    My song favorite ❤😍 🇧🇷

  • the gamer6730
    the gamer6730 15 days ago

    and she a white ass my niggas

  • the gamer6730
    the gamer6730 15 days ago

    Hey migos I want yall niggas to fight ms erin grazak she was a bad asshole principal. So come to seoul hump South
    korea to fight her fight ass up since u niggas can fight

    VENDETTA 15 days ago

    These nigger's are so fake

  • Eezy Bone
    Eezy Bone 15 days ago

    Takeoff is the best one hands down

  • Michael Juston
    Michael Juston 15 days ago

    I like the migos songs.

  • Arvid Joa
    Arvid Joa 15 days ago +2

    skirt skirt niggas

  • My Williams
    My Williams 15 days ago +1

    Migos is the best waiq's

  • My Williams
    My Williams 15 days ago


  • Tiara_theylove TTl
    Tiara_theylove TTl 16 days ago

    I luv the Migos

  • Laura Barac
    Laura Barac 16 days ago

    How many times they said price?

  • Jamyah Douglas
    Jamyah Douglas 16 days ago

    this song is Fye

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