Ellen Page on Coming Out

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  • Eoin Smith
    Eoin Smith 3 days ago

    is it not lesbian

  • Justin Hurst
    Justin Hurst 4 days ago

    Are all Ellens gay? 😂😂

  • dabmotha
    dabmotha 10 days ago

    I like Ellen Page as an actress, good thing I'm not one of those people who really cares about any entertainer outside entertainment. Why people have to always publicly announce being gay is beyond me. Cough "seeking attention." You never hear any straight person doing that unless someone is trying to say they're gay. "Hey everyone I'm straight" I mean it's fucking stupid but that's what they do, then get an applause. Maybe that metal illness theory is on to something, what's the suicide rates like in the LGBT community again? I rest my case

  • Kayden De la Vega
    Kayden De la Vega 27 days ago

    wow she is so emotional and you can tell, it's beautiful.

  • G Michaelis Phantomhive

    Ellen Page is awesome :D

  • sarah rainbow
    sarah rainbow 28 days ago

    my biggest dream is to come out in Ellen's show but that dream will never be real :'(

  • lizanne
    lizanne 29 days ago

    Go back in the closet ............ come on now............don't sell your soul

  • Toshiro Oshiro
    Toshiro Oshiro Month ago


  • Ellen Lopez
    Ellen Lopez Month ago

    Ellen watches Ellen interview Ellen...

  • EpicDuty
    EpicDuty Month ago

    is this all a coincidence

  • Traci Villarreal
    Traci Villarreal Month ago

    what she Ryan Jay Zoey loving jodie know I discovers she's lesbian what the fuck

  • Shannon Tierney
    Shannon Tierney Month ago

    Does anyone else feel as though it isn't fair that anyone has to come out. Why are we all assumed as heterosexual when we are born?

  • Ficçomos
    Ficçomos Month ago

    I love both Ellens

  • HEROndale Girl
    HEROndale Girl Month ago

    Now I feel better that I didn't put her to kiss Clayton

  • Good Stuff
    Good Stuff 2 months ago

    I just can't get it, irrespective of any geographical,ethnic,racial,age differences, why the fuck it bothers others if I am gay,transgender,lesbian or a hermaphrodite. It's intriguing cosnidering it's not a general occurrence, but being obnoxious enough to complaint or make others life a hell is just unfathomable stupidity.

  • erik de rover
    erik de rover 2 months ago

    Be ashamed of what another thinks about how someone is

  • Streetwalkin Cheetah With A Heart Full Of Napalm

    You are gay?..Great, what else can you do? Or are you just a professional gay person????

  • Aric Mackenthun
    Aric Mackenthun 2 months ago

    Ellen page is a very beautiful and talented young woman. I wish her nothing but the very best for her for the rest of her life.

  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B 2 months ago

    Why is it so important to announce one's sexual preference? Who really cares. I don't go around telling everyone I'm heterosexual. So why do gay people want to announce it to the world? It's just saying that you prefer having sex with your own gender. And that should be a not need to know basis. Jeez.

  • DerBurner132
    DerBurner132 2 months ago +1

    Ellen Page always sounds like she will burst out in tears at any moment

  • Brooke Stop
    Brooke Stop 2 months ago

    I APPLAUD HER!! I can't say that I didn't kinda of already know. They always posted clips with there and Alexander Skarsgard and other guys, saying that they were dating. And I knew that it was all crap. Go Ellen! You're amazing for having the courage to just be honest about yourself.

  • Coxual. LTS
    Coxual. LTS 2 months ago

    Aiden, Cole, Nathan would be so happy for you ^^ Idk about Jay and Ryan tho..

  • spn peekaboo
    spn peekaboo 3 months ago

    Coming out: telling people who you're fucking and everyone's like yaaay Makes sense

  • CountrySteaks
    CountrySteaks 3 months ago

    I think it's rather sad that we live in a society where many gay people are made to feel afraid of divulging their sexuality. I couldn't give a damn what a person's sexuality is, as long as they're a good person.

  • Mortgage Financing
    Mortgage Financing 3 months ago

    Your not born that way its a choice..

  • Eden Gischus
    Eden Gischus 3 months ago +2

    i allways thought ellen page was cute

  • Aric Mackenthun
    Aric Mackenthun 3 months ago

    Ellen page is a very beautiful young woman. I wish her and her family nothing but the very best for their lives.

  • Ting Ting Wan
    Ting Ting Wan 3 months ago

    love her so much

    OG-GAMERS 3 months ago +1

    i had the biggest crush on her ever since her movie juno, and until this moment never knew about her sexuality! Wow

  • jake torres
    jake torres 3 months ago

    what a carpet muncher though... lol let the lgbt fury commence!!!

  • Asdf Qwerty
    Asdf Qwerty 4 months ago +1

    Huh, i geuss it's time to remove her from my spank bank :/

  • justin christian
    justin christian 4 months ago

    notice how none of these fucking faggots or lesbians believe in god? its because you are not children of god and you will not come to the kingdom. being gay is a mental disease. sya what you want, but it is against life and its natural course..sorry fags but its truth. if gay bashing wasnt a crime, i would be beating the shit out of all of you fags and dykes. i have no love for you. you are the children who deserve stoning!

    • Laurie G
      Laurie G 25 days ago

      justin christian My best friend is gay and he was raised Christian and still is Christian. They not exclusive.

  • SoheiFox
    SoheiFox 4 months ago

    It didn't work, Ms. Page. If you want to get acting roles as you grow older you need to learn how to act. Declaring yourself a lesbian and daring Hollywood not to give you roles doesn;t work anymore. It worked for Ellen DeGeneres, but she did it before you were born. It's old hat now.

  • Jasmine Hawker
    Jasmine Hawker 4 months ago

    Ellen is like 30 but she's such a tiny little thing

  • Anthony
    Anthony 4 months ago

    Did you hear that Ellen DeDYKEeres died?
    She drowned in Ricki Lake.

  • Sweet Pea
    Sweet Pea 4 months ago

    So what ?? Omg

  • Gregory Adkins
    Gregory Adkins 4 months ago

    Just like Liberals,can't live their lives,without telling the whole world about their sexual preference.Egos so large they barely fit in the F##king galaxy.Straight/gay who cares just live your life.(Newsflash)i'm a Hollywood actress so everyone has to know my sexual preference.FILTH.

  • Hayden Rowse
    Hayden Rowse 4 months ago +1

    I came out at gay not long ago and it is much easier to be yourself, like Ellen said you don't have to worry about someone shouting out "You're gay! I know you are" and yeah, even around some of my guy friends at school they don't mind at all, I can even point someone out and say "Ohh I think that guy's hot" and like they'll laugh but still they're cool with it.

  • Family Friendly John Cena

    She's 30 years old but she looks so much younger!

  • The Messiah
    The Messiah 4 months ago

    I Respect Her :) ❤

  • Irina Dzozoeva
    Irina Dzozoeva 4 months ago

    It is hidden promotion of lesbianisms. Noone need public coming outs. You friends and family accept you - that's all you really want. All the rest - publicity, you are blind not to see that.
    And no, you don not release shame. Because you can scream it all you want it is still no ok but not for us, for YOU. So WE do accept you, but YOU will never accept yourself, it is a momentary illusion. Because it's wrong not in people's yees, but it is wrong by itself.

  • N1NNY Mak
    N1NNY Mak 4 months ago

    Ellen Page is the inspiring person of my life~Love her so much~

  • Elisa Risconti
    Elisa Risconti 4 months ago

    I don't understand why all these celebrities are coming out. It's not like your sexuality is our business.
    Unless you are a man I am seriously interested in (which are never celebrities), I really don't care if you are gay, bisex, or whatever.

  • King
    King 4 months ago

    People start thinking gay is right because of these celebrities that makes it right, but to me, gay is always wrong, it's just not right. Men should always be with a women, I don't think I need to explain that. Now people think they shouldn't think gay is wrong because you will be a jackass if u think gay is wrong, that is just a reverse stereotype. But that doesn't mean that I cannot accept gay people, gay people are nice people too but gay people don't need to tell the world that they are gay, would you fucking tell the world that you are straight? This is ridiculous, wake up people, gay or straight. Be what you are supposed to be, gay or straight, if you are gay, alright be gay, nobody cares, why do you have to be proud and go everywhere telling people you are gay? Media who are now promoting gay freedom are not actually promoting gay freedom but just promoting gay. Just think of it, one day the world becomes a place where everyone is ok to be gay. Guys, media affects your mind your mental. Make your own decisions, stop promoting gay.

  • Matt D
    Matt D 5 months ago

    Anyone remember her from Trailer Park Boys?

  • Blake Jarrett
    Blake Jarrett 5 months ago

    I love ellen page so much

  • Flowerdoodle2
    Flowerdoodle2 5 months ago

    They're both named Ellen AND they're both lesbian. COINCIDENCE or pure happenstance? YOU decide...

  • Jo-Ann Galindo
    Jo-Ann Galindo 5 months ago

    2 ellens :)

  • that guy Who talks shit

    Ah, it seems everyone i get a crush on, wether they be people i know in real life or celebrities or even fictional, are either straight guys or lesbian women, and im a guy. Ive got such a strange curse. I should have a sex change

  • Howard Stern
    Howard Stern 5 months ago +1

    I just came out as a PORN again Christian

  • oriana navarro
    oriana navarro 5 months ago

    so happy for her

  • Cat
    Cat 5 months ago

    Why does people think that the rest of the world needs to know their sexuel orientation? We don't. Do you! No explanation needed

  • WanderingLana
    WanderingLana 5 months ago +1

    This was so encouraging to me. Thanks, Ellens.

  • Rami7605
    Rami7605 6 months ago +2

    Im coming out. I love chocolate buiscuits.

  • Parson Yo
    Parson Yo 6 months ago +1

    To everyone who wants to come out: Ally Hills - I'm gay! (means I'm lesbian or gay)

  • Jade 21
    Jade 21 6 months ago

    "Coming out" .. how moronic. Straight people don't have to get on a platform and proclaim they fuck the opposite sex. When will society evolve and get the fuck over how others choose to live their life?! It is a non issue and quite frankly non of anyone's buisness.

  • Aric Mackenthun
    Aric Mackenthun 6 months ago +1

    She is such a beautiful young woman. I wish her nothing but the best for the rest of her life.

  • Sányi Fász
    Sányi Fász 6 months ago

    Why ellen?? I love you. But you gay 😢😢😢

  • Sarah Poynter
    Sarah Poynter 6 months ago

    She's beautiful

  • ari trianditya
    ari trianditya 6 months ago

    someday, no one's gonna do a coming out stuff bc no one will care about people love attractiveness. everyone's gonna care about less of cutting down the trees, returning the shopping trolley bc those are bothering everyone, yet love is never bothering anyone, it makes life perfect instead

  • Bessy Funez
    Bessy Funez 6 months ago

    I like your show 😀👏do you have doter

  • siddharth nagar
    siddharth nagar 6 months ago


  • Ronn Pascual
    Ronn Pascual 7 months ago

    Kitty pryde

  • Joaquin Rosendo
    Joaquin Rosendo 7 months ago

    I had a crush on her. Still kind of do. But it's cool she's happier now. I need to catch up on her movies.

  • Hoop Squad33
    Hoop Squad33 7 months ago +1

    don't be afraid to speak up 4 urself

  • Lilly Hunt
    Lilly Hunt 7 months ago

    Dear Ellen I need to know what happened my birth mother and father I was adopted in South Korea and can u help me

  • Gustavo padilla
    Gustavo padilla 7 months ago +1

    If u want your daughter to became a lesbian just call her ellen

  • James McCulloch
    James McCulloch 7 months ago +2

    Wait why is Ellie from The Last of Us here?

  • Gabriel Moline
    Gabriel Moline 7 months ago

    Sex is the driving force for all life on this planet. We are all just tools in a mechanism. Deviance from the norm will always cast suspicion and anger and fear. I believe that evolution is fact. I cannot think that any of the gods, or goddess that I have been exposed to could possibly be real. And in fact, religion in most forms are evil, and counterproductive to our evolution and sanctuary. I have had hope...then Donald Dump got elected.....goodbye world. Thanks for the trip.

  • Hawcun
    Hawcun 7 months ago +1

    it annoys me when ellen had sex with that guy in the tallulah movie in the beginning

  • river water
    river water 7 months ago

    1:22 she describing her first lesbian sex

  • Mudit Hyanki
    Mudit Hyanki 7 months ago +1

    I just wish that there soon would be a time when there will be no need to 'come out' anymore.

  • Logan Capps
    Logan Capps 8 months ago +1

    My dad found out,I didn't tell him. I love Ellen's messages to both young and old LGTB members it really helps us find our voice💖

  • die guy
    die guy 8 months ago

    Fucking fag bitch

  • Duen Ogilvie
    Duen Ogilvie 8 months ago

    the speech was trash. im sorry but it was

  • dai dai
    dai dai 8 months ago +3

    May the world be a safer place for LGBT.

  • cathy jones
    cathy jones 8 months ago

    It's part of Satan I think to say that this is "gay." It's anything but gay.

  • cathy jones
    cathy jones 8 months ago

    IM NOT GAY AND NO WOMEN LOVING CARPET EATER IS GOING TO FORCE ME TO COME OUT. just because i enjoy watching POV doesnt mean i want to be a man. IM absolutely mind blown this cunt sucking bitch wants to changes young girls minds into being scissor fucking lesbos. IM NOT QUEER SO STOP ASKING ME!

  • Michelle Deetz
    Michelle Deetz 8 months ago

    she really looks like that girl from beyond two souls

  • Running_ Rabbit
    Running_ Rabbit 8 months ago

    Every time I here Ellen from the Ellen show I can't help but picture her as dory 😂😂

  • well fuck me gently with a chainsaw

    her speech helped me come out I love her

  • Thomas Williams
    Thomas Williams 8 months ago

    dangit she was my dream girl.....my chances have dropped even more...sigh

  • Snake
    Snake 8 months ago

    Wonder if Ellen wants to munch on Ellen's taco.. my guess is yes.

  • adnan hussain
    adnan hussain 8 months ago +1

    I like her so much she is so nice

  • Lowkey Jayy
    Lowkey Jayy 8 months ago

    I'm gay

  • mns koko
    mns koko 8 months ago

    U can know it is wrong choice . Cause you said it in the speech and ur voice was not believe

  • mns koko
    mns koko 8 months ago

    Gay against nature

  • Isabella Dominique Gabriel

    tbh, i am sad about that. sorry guys 😞😭

  • Present Lee
    Present Lee 8 months ago +6

    Asia is a wonderful place
    In Asia, you can marry a dead person but not a same-sex person
    That's true. I'm not joking. I'm from Taiwan, a country which will potentially be the first one legalize same-sex marriage

    • Present Lee
      Present Lee 7 months ago

      ...I'm indifferent by now
      Ok let's stop this

    • Present Lee
      Present Lee 7 months ago

      +Beej Bailey I said there might be different type

      And it's you right to regard me as a liar
      Suit yourself

    • Present Lee
      Present Lee 7 months ago

      +Beej Bailey
      1. I'm not lying
      2. That's only something inaccurate about the detail of that
      There is enough evidence to prove its existence
      3. I don't really care about that because I don't plan on marrying a ghost
      4. Is there something caused your attachment to that?
      5. Or you're just feel quiet content when you call another "liar"?

    • Present Lee
      Present Lee 7 months ago

      And I didn't lie. I was just telling you what I had heard or what i had learned.
      I had no reason to lie because it was no use

    • Present Lee
      Present Lee 7 months ago

      So I think it is my fault because what I know is potentially rumor

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 8 months ago +2

    Did they Bang?

  • HALON747
    HALON747 8 months ago

    Her father is a drunk trailer park supervisor!

  • chris kenneth
    chris kenneth 9 months ago

    god dont like faggots

  • Mark-Leon Thorne
    Mark-Leon Thorne 9 months ago +2

    An inspiring, articulate woman. She is fragile yet shows how to dig deep for the inner strength that's needed to overcome personal fears. Both Ellens: You are role models for, not ONLY young women but, for anyone who needs company along that seemingly impossible path. That lonely, scary path. I am a 52 year old man. I take inspiration from you both.

  • Lars Nelson
    Lars Nelson 9 months ago

    Can it get more boring and not interesting than that?...I love the actress, i watch all the movies she plays in and i don't give a fuck what her private life is. Private life is NOT a "secret", it's private.

  • Jessi Edo
    Jessi Edo 9 months ago

    They both need Jesus Christ

  • Numb Gall
    Numb Gall 9 months ago

    she so so beautiful

  • Marie B
    Marie B 10 months ago

    J'adore Melle Page, son discourt est très beau.

  • lizard king
    lizard king 10 months ago

    Yeah, she's gay :/ I'll bet she has a big 10 inch battery operated Drill Master 2000 Chrome Dome in the top dresser draw :)

    • Angie C
      Angie C 9 months ago

      lizard king lmao whaat

  • Miss Honey bear
    Miss Honey bear 10 months ago

    Gays Are going to HELL gays Are an abomination in the eyes of the Lord my Bible says it's wrong to be gay and I believe what my Bible says

    • Rory Gaba
      Rory Gaba 9 months ago

      Not everyone believes your stupid Bible. Also, Jesus was gay tbh

    • Constance Castel
      Constance Castel 9 months ago

      Who cares what your Bible says ? XD

    • Anna StupidMe
      Anna StupidMe 10 months ago

      Miss Honey bear so you would never be friends with someone that's gay. because you think they are sinners. I bet you are a bigger "sinner" than all the gays combined.

    • Anna StupidMe
      Anna StupidMe 10 months ago

      Miss Honey bear hahahaha your bible also sais not to judge and love everyone. jokes on you

    AAD MBP 10 months ago

    I'm straight, there I have said it and come out. It's hard telling everyone I'm straight, but I am.

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