Wonder Woman - Movie Review

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  • The masses of comic book and movie fans finally get a Wonder Woman movie! was it worth the 76 year wait? Here's my review of WONDER WOMAN!

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    TOBLERONE TUBE 8 hours ago

    Maybe it's just the bad taste that the DCEU's left in my mouth with it's previous films, but I didn't really enjoy Wonder Woman that much.

  • Az Plasma
    Az Plasma 22 hours ago

    Gay movie, sexist and cringy and cheesy

  • Bill O'Reilly
    Bill O'Reilly 1 day ago

    I WONDER if she's going to use WONDER Bread when she makes me a sandwich 🍞

    ...More on that, at 11 🎥

  • clarity2199
    clarity2199 2 days ago

    Both stars were excellent. Chris Pine did an excellent Steve Trevor.
    Also, yes! They could have easily pushed the 'woman' agenda like they did in Ghost Busters, but they didn't do it. They simply let this be a story, and allowed Wonder Woman to be a strong woman by her own merits, which it should be. And she definitely proved herself. It was just.....awesome!
    Lastly, he should have gave it an awesometacular. Dunno why he didn't. Jeremy must simply be a WOMAN HATER!!! XD

  • dolphintattoogirl
    dolphintattoogirl 3 days ago

    Jeremy, I agree with what you said and Wonder Woman was MUCH BETTER than Suicide Squad. However, I was disappointed and upset by some of the moral ideas presented in the movie. Namely:

    1) The death penalty is NEVER deserved.
    2) White people should sacrifice themselves; that is what Steve did after all.
    3) Human life has intrinsic value
    4) It's OK to kill your brother, who is a God, but it isn't OK to kill people even if they deserve it.

    None of those 4 things makes any sense to me at all.

  • ShonenJapan
    ShonenJapan 3 days ago

    I'm sorry but in what universe does Wonder Woman have an accent? -__-

  • Tank
    Tank 3 days ago

    the slomo was on point, i hardly noticed it

  • Nik O
    Nik O 4 days ago

    Out of 10 I would rate the movie a 6. All it really had going for it was Gal's sexiness and spunk as well as the fight scenes. Hell, BvS was better than Wonder Woman. The movie was a little cheesy too with overused cliches. *Spoiler Alert:* It was so obvious that David Thewlis was Ares in the beginning when they only just arrived in England. And seriously...casting David Thewlis as Ares. He looked ridiculous in a full set of giant armor with his beady head and stache peeping out. And oh god. The ending where she defeats Ares. "_It's not about deserve; it's about what you believe._" lmao seriously. She sees Chris Pine die then becomes Zoolander when he's using his _Magnum_ face then goes in the air and shoots a Kamehameha at Ares to finish him off.

  • Antonio Donofrio
    Antonio Donofrio 4 days ago

    All this movie had was dialogue and dull acting. And unrealistic action sorry. I have a right to my own opinion.

  • Farabundo Marti-36
    Farabundo Marti-36 4 days ago


  • Doomreaper
    Doomreaper 5 days ago

    it's okay... not bad, but not enough to bring it to greatness. (my opinion)

  • Monica Frans
    Monica Frans 5 days ago

    i think im the only one who doesnt really like wonder woman😅

  • Evil Dead
    Evil Dead 6 days ago

    Just watched it it was a good movie.

  • Pham Son
    Pham Son 7 days ago

    i can't believe jeremy would buy suicide squad on blu ray

  • 2Chainz
    2Chainz 7 days ago

    it was a boring movie

  • D Logic
    D Logic 7 days ago

    I hated the actor they choose to play the villain. He looked so lame with the mustache and really looked to "classical" to be the villain.

  • The Brown Knight
    The Brown Knight 7 days ago

    Atleast Jeremy doesn't just join the hype and give this Awesometacular. It was a decent superhero film, nothing more. Both Logan and Spider-Man: Homecoming are superior. There was nothing special in the film, it was ok, and that third act was a joke. DC just don't get that one punch doesn't mean that people should go flying for 10 seconds, through about 20 obstacles. Average film.

  • Charlie Suh
    Charlie Suh 8 days ago

    Aside from the movie, I do not want to see a Zionist as a WW fighting for justice, while Gal Gadot supports mass murder on civilians. fuck gal gadot.


  • Tanner Davis
    Tanner Davis 8 days ago

    The movie was kind of overrated IMO. I'm not trying to imply that you were heaping praise on it, though some have said it's on par with the Dark Knight trilogy, which I disagree with. It just felt kind of by-the-numbers, though given the reception of some other DCEU movies, it makes sense that they might've played it safe. And the melodramatic, clique, slow-mo action got really annoying. Honestly, I think it's about as good as "Captain America: The First Avenger."

  • Will Sherman
    Will Sherman 8 days ago

    I didn't plan on watching this--not really into super-hero films, but DAYUUUM you made this sound so good! I'm so excited to check it out!

  • Arlandah Goinkhoser


  • caleb thomas
    caleb thomas 9 days ago

    world war 2*

  • slaymaster999
    slaymaster999 9 days ago

    the best thing DC ever did was justice League flashpoint paradox if you haven't seen it or read the graphic novel do it! I still think DC should go with their animation it's always really good

  • Le Dai
    Le Dai 10 days ago

    Am I the only one who thing this movie suck ass?

  • Cris Duta
    Cris Duta 11 days ago

    Wonder Woman is Awesometacular. In all honesty, it is the kind of movie you can enjoy because it surprises you, kept you guessing what would happen, and it had chemistry between all characters.

  • Ragna rooke
    Ragna rooke 11 days ago

    Personally I thought the first 2 acts are great. But when they get to the castle it all starts to fall apart from there.

  • Aidan Hanson
    Aidan Hanson 11 days ago

    Gal Gadot = good
    Chris pine = good
    story = not good

  • Hansel Jesus Moya Rivera

    tailor made for Gal

    KING LOS 12 days ago

    Wonder women is way to overrated ,, very bland movie in my opinion

  • Rippingthosecheeks Hey

    People that want it to simply represent strong women are the type of people that if they made it would have been a ghostbusters 2.0 if you think this represents strong women soley amm sit down she is literally a fucking God just like thor or superman doesn't represent strong men ones literally a God and one's basically a God to us.

    Now having female leads I get it but don't act like it's rare female leads are everywhere today and what I'm trying to say is stop brining your views or political views into movies! Enjoy them for what they are because when you bring that shit into movies you do what ghostbusters did and completely sacrifice the story, the building of characters etc... Which wonder woman done a good job at (thank god) and now I can't wait for the next DC movie (whatever one's next) and can't wait to see another wonder woman movie also.

  • zlidewayz
    zlidewayz 12 days ago

    I thought is was Awesomtacular

  • olegb580
    olegb580 12 days ago

    This is the most retarded movie i have seen in a while, flat as hell, same feminist propaganda same assault on traditional male values, how IMDB gave it 8 points, i have no idea must be pressure from gov, what a waste of time and space, thank god i streamed it for free but in all honesty it wasn't even worth that.

  • The magnificent creep

    feminist propaganda aside. it was a pretty decent movie nothing amazing I compared to the first Thor movie maybe slightly better slightly worse than that movie it's a little bit worse but around there.

    6 out of 10 not bad

  • j volps
    j volps 13 days ago

    Is Zeus going to show up in the next Justice League movie I mean come on I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, how the f*** does that fit into the Superman and Batman Universe... Wonder woman 6.7 out of 10 let's calm down on these overhyped reviews

  • John McNeil
    John McNeil 13 days ago

    this movie is shit

  • Henkeistheman
    Henkeistheman 13 days ago

    I think GG did ok in BvS in the few scenes she had. But in this, when she's the main character, her terrible acting skills became obvious.
    Sorry fanboys but that's the truth!

    The first part of the movie was cringeworthy and hilarious at the same time. When all the other actresses had to adjust their accents to GG.

  • Oreo Kush
    Oreo Kush 13 days ago

    nahhhhhhhhhh deserved an awsometacular

  • Caiman
    Caiman 14 days ago

    you forgot to mention.... she served in the Israeli Military ;)

  • franmicgom
    franmicgom 14 days ago

    Wonder Woman review:
    Writing; average
    character development; bad
    acting; average
    story; average
    overall script and writing; bad
    cinematography; average
    special effects; average

    Don't see where all the good reviews for this movie are coming from, smells like there's an agenda brewing to try and state average movies like this one are great for some reason. At least it wasn't as shitty as the Ghostbusters remake, but not too much better. Seems like the only people who really think this is a good movie are DC superfans that so desperately want to compete with Marvel and feminists in general.

  • Charleen Swiger
    Charleen Swiger 14 days ago

    slow down

  • Alexis Gonzalez
    Alexis Gonzalez 15 days ago

    best DC movie so far but that's not saying much. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good.

  • Anirudh Bharadwaj
    Anirudh Bharadwaj 15 days ago

    The movie was actually pretty good, except for her fight scene with Ares, Ares looked really weak at the end like you knew the worst he could do was scream really loudly. I hope DCEU improves on its villains like Steppenwolf, Deathstroke and Black Adam, so far doomsday's the only serious villain who's really f'ed shit up.

  • Notorious Saint
    Notorious Saint 16 days ago

    This was feminist propoganda

  • Bendydick Cuckatoo
    Bendydick Cuckatoo 16 days ago

    it wasnt that good, standard superhero movie, i was entertained but i'm not looking it up online to watch it again any time soon. dont know what the fuss is about

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 16 days ago

    No black actors and an all white German and London. Wonderwoman was a hit!

  • Antonio Donofrio
    Antonio Donofrio 16 days ago

    Chris Pine was dull as shittttttttttttt

  • Antonio Donofrio
    Antonio Donofrio 16 days ago

    Wonder Woman was total dogshit are you fucking kidding me it suckedddddddddd. So will Justice League. sorryy

    • Antonio Donofrio
      Antonio Donofrio 4 days ago

      have to give that movie credit where credit is due where was credit due. NOWHERE. I'm sorry but that movie was total dogshit.

    • Raid- Aid
      Raid- Aid 6 days ago

      Antonio Donofrio marvel fagboy alert

  • Nathan Glass
    Nathan Glass 16 days ago

    y'all like wonder woman but hated Batman vs superman smh idiots😂 wonder woman was so long and slow and the ending came out of nowhere her fight against doomsday was better

  • tweet2999
    tweet2999 16 days ago

    loved the movie, need to do a Wonder Woman vs Superman... who do you think will win? Goddess vs Alien?

  • Khalid Alshehri
    Khalid Alshehri 16 days ago

    The chemistry!!!!!!!!!! Why didn't he talk about that ?!?!

  • pasta man
    pasta man 16 days ago

    shit movie

  • grownuptrunks
    grownuptrunks 17 days ago

    I gusse you went to see the wrong movie or not a fan of wonder woman, but thought they fucked up so much of the mythology. They ripped off captain america. It was good but compleatly over ratted. They just need to start over from scratch. Give us lesser known heroes and build justice league seems rushed amd doesnt realy add to a cinimatic universe.

  • Mahmoud eliraki
    Mahmoud eliraki 17 days ago

    Man, how are u guys saying it's a good movie!! I went to see it yesterday

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 17 days ago

    Yay, now maybe people can stop with all this pointless Marvel Vs. DC shit!

  • Hunter Sturlin
    Hunter Sturlin 17 days ago

    Please name other actresses that could have played wonder woman as well as Gal Gadot did, i'll wait

    • Hunter Sturlin
      Hunter Sturlin 13 days ago

      Eh i'm not so sure. Haven't seen enough of her

    • Henkeistheman
      Henkeistheman 13 days ago

      Hunter Sturlin I'll give you one: Taylor Cole

    DARKRANMA26 17 days ago

    This movie was garbage. Don't understand how it got such high ratings. imbd rating is slowly dropping though... And ppl are watching it and going rampage in their imbd reviews. I have to agree it was not good and it feels like everyone is trying to give DC movies a bone with wonder woman rating. And oh boy DC fans are trying to milk it lol Some think its the best of all time. I think Thor: Dark World was better... And that's saying alot... I don't know ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • TheGyoshon
      TheGyoshon 1 hour ago

      DARKRANMA26 Thor, wasn't good

  • nizakat iqbal
    nizakat iqbal 17 days ago

    got to see this movie today and what a waste of time it was. a total mess. Watchmen>manofsteel>bvs>wonderwoman

    • nizakat iqbal
      nizakat iqbal 11 days ago

      i hated watchmen at the cinema. i came home, got the extended cut and i loved it. That and Man of Steel are my favourite DC movies from the current batch.

    • Henkeistheman
      Henkeistheman 13 days ago

      nizakat iqbal watchmen was awesome. Except Nolan's DK trilogy no DC movie ever comes close.

  • m Cave
    m Cave 17 days ago

    This review sucks you spent the first couple of minutes cliff noting the movie how do you have 1.3 m subs geez..........

  • HunterA
    HunterA 17 days ago

    The People saying this movie is trash probably hit their head as a kid, or are just your typical Mcu fanboy.

  • howtoeataham
    howtoeataham 18 days ago

    I thought the first 2/3rds of the movie were really good. The ending battle part seemed a bit TOO outlandish compared to the realism of the village battle. Ares was ok, but still really liked the movie.

  • Oceansideca1987
    Oceansideca1987 18 days ago

    This movie bored the fuck out of me

  • L M
    L M 18 days ago

    Wow. Ok, I just came back from watching Wonder Woman. You shouldn't be able to fall asleep during an action movie. The acting wasn't bad, but the pacing was just too slow. I expected more, especially with all the hype. This is why women don't direct action movies.

  • georgilito
    georgilito 18 days ago

    i honestly thought man of steel was better.....

  • ed1rko17
    ed1rko17 18 days ago

    It absolutely blew my expectations out of the water. Loved it, I would give this movie an A. And that's from someone who hasn't like a single super hero movie since The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Daegon
    Daegon 18 days ago

    I thought it was OK the first time when it was called Captain America: The First Avenger.....

    That being said, it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be.

  • Isitoah julian
    Isitoah julian 18 days ago

    wonder woman good.... men bad

  • Dirham Nasruddin
    Dirham Nasruddin 19 days ago

    Might feel like a spoiler for ya oot thar.

    This movie felt just like Captain America The First Avenger. But with worse CGI, and a love scene I wasn't looking forward to. It felt very cliche (Training hero, teen girl not listening to parents and follows boy, forming a band of misfits, words blinded by a boy, akward love scene, a forced plot twist with a not very good explanation), but I guess it entertains the audience which is nice.

    The characters are good, right for their roles. Some explanations are good, some bad (watched 3x). With all the good ratings, I thought this movie was gonna be atleast a Chistopher Nolan's Batman-grade good. But it was a standard cliche movie good. Which is a 6.5/10 from me.
    The ending to Wonderwoman was kinda forced. The twist was really forced to surprise the audience. But at least the movie was entertaining.

    I can see DC has potential. They might be able to finally go against Marvel's writers.
    But as long as they write or make the hero's/villain's backstory movies first, then the freakin' combined heroes/villains later.

    Mah opinion, I'm just saying.
    Like it or not, I'm just saying.

  • Caius
    Caius 19 days ago

    Gal Gadot has the voice fitting for an Amazonian warrior, so kudos to the director and Zach, awesome film.

  • Faiz Khan
    Faiz Khan 19 days ago

    Overrated movie. It was a decent 6-7/10

  • Herowebcomics
    Herowebcomics 19 days ago

    A DC movie that Jeremy likes!

  • DevilPoroNnj
    DevilPoroNnj 20 days ago

    how is this not awesometacular???

  • xXLittleReaperXx
    xXLittleReaperXx 20 days ago

    visually I loved it. minus the Amazon all looking an sounding like there all.over the world.. I didn't like the plot cause to me I seriously sat there an said "...so they live in the Bermuda Triangle and how do I find them after all this time?" an the fact that they where one earth this whole time buged me three the whole movie.. an I seriously couldn't get why ww1. like o couldn't wrap me head or understand the plot like.. it made sense but not really.. I thought "did Micheal bay direct this movie" then said nope not enough stuff blowing up. an the areis thing was just eh....I mean plot twist an shocking yes but that whole ending fight thing buged me an cause where mega crossed armed blast thing yeah that's she only ised like 3 times. an I literally called it when I said "she's not using it till the end to fight the big boss" an it was anti climatic as fuck. I wouldn't buy this on blue ray bit o would watch again. cause minus the cunfusion plot an back story aspects I did like how it looked an everything. but I seriously still wanna know about the damn barrier that was covering them like how did no voyager's ever find them or Explorer is like I mean seriously

  • Bobby Stephen
    Bobby Stephen 20 days ago

    Should of got Awesometacular

  • Michael D
    Michael D 21 day ago

    if its better then suicide squad which got bluray rating why did WW get bluray rating also??? I dont care its just funny that way, If one thing was better then another thing they both shouldn't get the same rating lol WW was awesome...tacular I guess

  • Albert Suriñach
    Albert Suriñach 21 day ago

    this movie deserved an awesometacular

  • Diego M-A
    Diego M-A 21 day ago

    Wonder Woman is AWESOMETACULAR

  • magichwoo
    magichwoo 21 day ago

    How did you give this the same rating as suicide squad? You liked it more than SS, but gave it the same rating? Your opinion is yours, but I don't get it? SS was OK at best, but this is a lot better, but got the same rating. I don't understand.

  • Mark Fennell
    Mark Fennell 21 day ago


  • Roadhog
    Roadhog 21 day ago

    totally enjoyed watching wonderwoman

  • Pavlo Khryshcheniuk

    I don't get why this movie gets such a good reviews. It was pretty bad.

  • Dil Miah
    Dil Miah 21 day ago

    Loved the slo-mo, don't really get to see that these days.

  • Nexis siempreaqui
    Nexis siempreaqui 21 day ago

    3:12 no she is not didnt you pay any attention?

  • carlee elizabeth
    carlee elizabeth 21 day ago

    who else would you have been able to see playing diana? i'd heard elodie yung was in the running (which i could definitely see) and i remember people really wanting gina carano in the role (which i absolutely fucking could not).

  • Tyler McGee
    Tyler McGee 22 days ago

    I liked Wonder Woman but I think I still like BvS more, am I crazy? I love action and WW didn't have as much action as Dawn of Justice

  • TheBest Movies
    TheBest Movies 22 days ago

    Awesometacular better!

  • Vasilije Injac
    Vasilije Injac 22 days ago

    This movie was dogshit.

  • Ahmed Aboulfadl
    Ahmed Aboulfadl 22 days ago

    in was really good. .better than any fuckin marvel movie u stan lee's suckin dick bitch.. this just proves u don't even watch the movies with any kind of concentration. .so fuck you nd fuck chris stuckmann

  • Maudy Wardy
    Maudy Wardy 22 days ago

    Why is Wonder Woman so overrated it was a decent movie

  • Arnamo
    Arnamo 22 days ago

    Gal Gadot acted perfectly? Really? Like the time where she screams at the top of her lung was perfect acting? Certainly not! At times she was great, at times not so... Like the CGI! OMG what's going with the CGI in this movie? At times it's stunning and at o other times it's garbage!! Like the village scene! Worst CGI in a blockbuster movie ever... Geez

  • Cal Smith
    Cal Smith 22 days ago

    I think that DC is coping MARVEL, because of the DC logo, making a DC cinematic universe, and that one scene at the end of Wonder Woman were Ares shoots lightning at Wonder Woman, I felt a similarity between that and when Thor shot lightning at Iron Man, and J.A.R.V.I.S. was like power at 500%. I just think that DC saw all the success MARVEL was getting and wanted to get some of that action.

    • Cal Smith
      Cal Smith 2 days ago

      I think that the scene is similar because when Ares shot lighting at Wonder Woman, she absorbed it and was looking at her hands with lightning on it and then shot Ares with it. and when Thor shot lightning at Iron Man in the forest the energy went into his suit and everything was bright and J.A.R.V.I.S. was saying, power at 400% capacity. Then Iron man Shoots it back at Thor.
      Also MARVEL was the first franchise to create a cinematic universe in 2008 and now DC is creating its own cinematic universe.

    • KamenRider1113
      KamenRider1113 16 days ago

      Lol, are you serious? That looks nothing like when Thor shot the lightning. Plus, Marvel has been copying DC for almost the entirety of it's existence.

  • xxbegsxx
    xxbegsxx 22 days ago

    I would say this movie was... above average.

  • Landon Bangerter
    Landon Bangerter 23 days ago

    Buy it on blue ray

  • Wyatt Augustyniak
    Wyatt Augustyniak 24 days ago

    The last act is trash

  • Cole Flores
    Cole Flores 24 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought that WW was underwhelming?

    • Dragon Man
      Dragon Man 23 days ago

      I think it's underwhelming.

  • Shea McCallum
    Shea McCallum 24 days ago

    Your first comment on Gadot was about her looks

  • B La
    B La 25 days ago

    what are you talking Jeramey no one else can play wonder woman like her you are crazy im not saying everyone else is bad at acting im just saying no one else can play wonder woman like gal gadot

  • Blue Water Nebula
    Blue Water Nebula 25 days ago

    The only good part of this movie was the first war scene. Too predictable and too many flashbacks.

  • Shaun Carver
    Shaun Carver 25 days ago

    Wonder Woman is not human lol.

  • Russell Kenyangwa
    Russell Kenyangwa 25 days ago

    Wonder woman sucks, like really sucks. My hype was on a stellar level, i saw it and i don't ********* undestand why people are praising this bad movie.
    1 - Everything i saw was exacly what i've seen on the trailers (The movie really started only after 1h30), which is soo heartbreaking.
    2 - The story is nice yes i agree but this demon thing "Aires" (A demon that gets killed by 1 hit?what is that my Goodness COMMON BRO!!!).
    3 - I took my ruler, pencil. Made so many calculations and it just that this movie is as bad as others.
    Matterfact, every single movie in which Zack Snyder participates in any form is bad. I'm just tired of people like him ruining our favorite stories.
    Bro, please retire.

    • georgilito
      georgilito 18 days ago

      he was one of the writers.He said 'participates in any form'

    • Dragon Man
      Dragon Man 23 days ago

      Russell Kenyangwa
      Zack snyder didn't direct the movie though.

  • Eddy Coulson
    Eddy Coulson 25 days ago

    Lynder Carter was a model also mate :)

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