Every Hitman’s Worst Nightmare

  • Added:  Year ago
  • It's nothing a quick YouTube tutorial can't fix.

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    Assistant Editor: Marissa Melnyk
    Editor: Sam Geer
    Visual Effects and Graphics: Chris Rutherford
    Post Supervisor: Stephanie Zorn
  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 2:53
  • Collegehumor  CH originals  comedy  sketch comedy  internet  humor  funny  sketch  sniper  assassination  fails  

Comments: 3 330

  • John Snyder
    John Snyder 13 hours ago

    I Always wanted to run away with a suitcase while being shot like Grant

  • ItS oK bOi
    ItS oK bOi 2 days ago

    I just watched the hit man's body guard trailer

  • David Schneider
    David Schneider 2 days ago

    Why was it the casing and not the bullet?

  • Francisco Resendiz
    Francisco Resendiz 3 days ago

    customizing your gun be like

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 3 days ago



  • DigitalBerserk
    DigitalBerserk 4 days ago

    Wheres the spinner? No wonder he failed.

  • The Dark_Escaper
    The Dark_Escaper 5 days ago

    Me as a this hitman:







  • Pepe Frog
    Pepe Frog 5 days ago

    The guy that the target was talking to looks a bit like Clark Kent

  • BearGamer101
    BearGamer101 5 days ago

    So if the guy talk to the hitman, the hitman should kill himself

  • drstrangeman
    drstrangeman 7 days ago

    good to know if i need a hitman never hire a Californian hitman. they are more about bells and whistles than actually chambering a round.

  • l lawliet
    l lawliet 7 days ago

    He should use Nerf instead.

  • noah stump
    noah stump 8 days ago

    A pistol maybe

  • Kane
    Kane 8 days ago

    You look good as a hit man Zachary

  • Mindblitz64
    Mindblitz64 9 days ago

    A hit and worst nightmare is me cause I never leave my room

    THEPHEONiXSHOW 10 days ago

    Was that Adam Devine?

  • Jacob Moorman
    Jacob Moorman 11 days ago

    Air gun pffff

  • Saucey McGhee
    Saucey McGhee 12 days ago

    When I saw the thumbnail I though that grant was gonna be like the hitmans intern and he would constantly be messing up or something

  • Rattle Snake Jake
    Rattle Snake Jake 14 days ago

    This is very true. I hate when the rifle takes this much time to...I mean. Funny video. *nervous laughter*

  • Mohcoolify Thebest
    Mohcoolify Thebest 15 days ago

    The hitman pulled out a SNIPER when he was across the room

  • FireFox
    FireFox 15 days ago

    Why does everyone assume that all hitmen use sniper rifles?

  • Matthew T
    Matthew T 15 days ago

    THAT is MY kind of rifle!

  • Mr Donut
    Mr Donut 15 days ago

    Fallout 4 weapon modding in a nutshell

  • E.t.A A.
    E.t.A A. 15 days ago

    He actually got to watching a YouTube tutorial video! :D

  • Machination
    Machination 15 days ago

    What is this, Blacklight Retribution?

  • Ashley Morain
    Ashley Morain 16 days ago +1

    Kill People with Kindness:
    Buy a wepon
    Name it Kindness
    Kill people with Kindness

  • Dean and Cas should bang

    Ohmygod 😂😂😂

  • Zinriusminazen
    Zinriusminazen 16 days ago

    I thought the pun was gonna be a twin brother haha

  • Aaron Porras
    Aaron Porras 16 days ago

    He looks like one of the little kid security guards from Project X 😂

  • Charbel Farah
    Charbel Farah 17 days ago

    If the hitman was good he would have seen the whole paper

  • Terryat465
    Terryat465 17 days ago

    Yea, I hate it when this happens.

  • Spicyhotchili
    Spicyhotchili 17 days ago

    The third pose looks like he got throat fucked and surprisingly liked it

  • epik resilection
    epik resilection 18 days ago

    Turns out he was out of bullets

  • Michelle JKB
    Michelle JKB 18 days ago

    Well that sucked....

  • diehard 919
    diehard 919 18 days ago

    Kill anybody who talks to this idiot 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hobo Photos
    Hobo Photos 18 days ago

    Who else remembers the pov style the did with the kid in college. Miss those dayz

  • zero_gravity_91
    zero_gravity_91 18 days ago

    Who actually searched up complicated sniper rifle tutorials?

  • Leo Walker
    Leo Walker 19 days ago

    This wasn't funny to me. They always seem to go that one step too far.

  • bread lord
    bread lord 20 days ago +1

    He should of just thrown piss at him to get crits on his bushwaka

  • Michener Spangler-Temby

    His only problem was he didn't bring back the bolt

  • ChuckEatsCheese
    ChuckEatsCheese 21 day ago

    Wait was that Caldwell from Drawfee??

  • nomnom jadee
    nomnom jadee 24 days ago

    I hate when this happens

  • Malia UltimateDanktective

    Hate when this happens to me.

  • Rui Samúdio
    Rui Samúdio 25 days ago

    Been there.

  • Crimson-Tone
    Crimson-Tone 25 days ago

    That suppose to be funny?

  • BreaK
    BreaK 26 days ago

    A hitmans worst nightmare.

    A fucking weapon supplier with the mind of 3 year old

  • Caleb Carr
    Caleb Carr 26 days ago

    why does he remind me of Spencer from icarly

  • Alessandro Farris
    Alessandro Farris 29 days ago

    Oh... well... mission accomplished.

  • Simphd Plays
    Simphd Plays Month ago +1

    Did anyone think that the assassin looked EXACLY like Kylo Ren in the last Jedi teasers?

  • Black Dragon
    Black Dragon Month ago

    the most diy sniper rifle

  • garrett avery
    garrett avery Month ago

    What kind of Hitman isnt familiar with his equipment?

  • TheKillerDeadStroke

    Hey the hitman is scar face aka tony montanna

  • BritishBr0
    BritishBr0 Month ago

    I don't understand. Did he kill the wrong guy?

  • Lilyanne Banados
    Lilyanne Banados Month ago


  • Anon Commenter
    Anon Commenter Month ago

    He should have just taken a pistol.

  • JH Gaming
    JH Gaming Month ago

    turns out he just forgot the bullet XD

    SMARTGAMER 8765 Month ago

    u just made yourself look like an idiot at the end

  • iiTiny_RCPD
    iiTiny_RCPD Month ago


  • iiTiny_RCPD
    iiTiny_RCPD Month ago

    Uses a sniper rifle in such close range.... Use a silenced pistol....

  • matt lam
    matt lam Month ago

    LOL... the lego

  • Meredith Wonson
    Meredith Wonson Month ago

    So trap didn't kill pat?

  • TheOtakuX
    TheOtakuX Month ago

    I thought the joke would be that the two guys look the same.

  • Azory [] UnityStarHeart

    A lego is the best weapon...

  • Are you experienced?

    So his gun wouldn't shoot unless he had all this weird shit on it? This was just stupid..

  • Mattias Nordin
    Mattias Nordin Month ago

    Oh the scar, q the dramatic music.

  • Vegas8baller
    Vegas8baller Month ago

    The person would of been dead before they even heard the Bullet

  • Brian Baker
    Brian Baker Month ago

    is there a joke am not getting here

  • Sergei Kruglov
    Sergei Kruglov Month ago

    is the guy with glasses the guy from its okay to be smart

  • Xiamer
    Xiamer Month ago

    SO goddamn relatable!

  • Candycorn 2014
    Candycorn 2014 Month ago +1

    Who uses a sniper rifle at less than 50 yards range?

  • idk username
    idk username Month ago

    Who uses a sniper rifle to kill someone from across the room

  • GreenTeaZombie
    GreenTeaZombie Month ago

    This is bad, it's like 13 year old boy humor.

  • Mintaka viatori patuit

    That weapon kills me, just kills me.

  • Kyle Craig
    Kyle Craig Month ago

    Ugh hard to watch

  • K'Q DaDevol
    K'Q DaDevol Month ago

    what hitman with a sniper snips from the inside of a building xD

  • William Feng
    William Feng Month ago

    The end was the law and order theme

  • Sese []
    Sese [] Month ago

    man he will get FW, contract under 100 meters.

  • Blayne Peterson
    Blayne Peterson Month ago

    actually one of the biggest fears we have is getting linked to all the kills

  • TheDarKnight 57
    TheDarKnight 57 Month ago

    No one turned Zach into a meme lmfao.

  • Phyz
    Phyz Month ago

    the funny part is whats become of CH

  • Tyler Betcher
    Tyler Betcher Month ago

    wow college humor has really gone downhill these days.

  • bigballsgame
    bigballsgame Month ago +3

    This is still a better love story than Twilight.

  • Schwifty Kid
    Schwifty Kid Month ago

    you're legally not allowed to write about the your jury duty

  • shaam mallak
    shaam mallak Month ago

    thus is a cod iw sniper

  • TheFridayVerse
    TheFridayVerse Month ago


    • rae dee
      rae dee 16 days ago

      relatable i hate when that happens

  • Dan-Man 22
    Dan-Man 22 Month ago

    Did you really need a sniper for this... a real hitman would have used a silencer pistol for a target that close, and second of all why did you go into the same building the target is in, but other than that it was pretty funny how you had to put the sniper pieces on

  • N O
    N O Month ago

    Csgo AWP in 2020?

  • MultiTobyProductions

    The Hitman looks like future Peter Petrelli from Heroes. I wonder if that's coincidental...

  • Jack Becquerel
    Jack Becquerel Month ago

    yo, whose gun is that? i'm genuinely curious.

  • Wolf Timothy John
    Wolf Timothy John Month ago

    it was weird that I turned up my phone to hear all of Grant 's story

  • jtv Jeffrey Vonfeldt

    I have been following you folks at ch since 2010. Last 9 months the writing quality and skits are not funny. You have lost your creative edge. Thank goodness Adam is still around. Maybe it's just me getting old.

  • Build Blue
    Build Blue Month ago +1

    Do the liberals who run college humor know how guns work?

  • Chase Williams
    Chase Williams Month ago

    Zach looks like a columbine killer

  • Peter Heiskell
    Peter Heiskell Month ago +1

    I think it's just Grant

  • Xero0
    Xero0 Month ago

    i thought this was a joke on "you wouldnt hit a giy with glasses, would you?"

  • Claudia La Ferrassie


  • Anonymous 682995520

    Like a young Tom Pelphrey

  • Richard Avery
    Richard Avery Month ago

    Why are freckles and black hair so cute together?

  • Astro
    Astro Month ago

    I didn't laugh once

  • the prophecy
    the prophecy Month ago

    is that ward from iron fist?

  • Frank Gutierrez
    Frank Gutierrez Month ago

    When I saw tht damm YouTube tutorial i was done 😂😂😂😂

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