Outlast 2 Review

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  • Outlast 2 reviewed by Lucy O'Brien on PC. Also available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    The First 14 Minutes of Outlast 2 (1080p 60fps):

    Outlast 2 Hands-On Preview:

    How Scary is Outlast 2?

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  • Runtime: 4:36
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Comments: 865

  • BehindThePickle
    BehindThePickle 4 days ago

    How did whistleblower get a 6.4, while this gets an 8.3?

  • jackson sparacio
    jackson sparacio 8 days ago

    Fun game that is unbelievably terrifying for me. The ending is poor and while the game has a breathtaking atmosphere and setting, the game has poor navigation and TERRIBLE running scenes. Game can be so frustrating

  • Sabadabad
    Sabadabad 11 days ago

    I'm sorry but this game isn't half as good as Outlast 1! Not scary at all, no jump scares, stupidly repetitive, bad story and the navigation was beyond crap, also that pathetic part where you have to ride that raft across the river made me fall asleep... Literally. The first one was way better!

    • Sabadabad
      Sabadabad 11 days ago

      Ohh I forgot to mention the boringggg chase scenes in this game aswell!

  • TheQualityGamerHD
    TheQualityGamerHD 12 days ago

    Should I buy Outlast 2?

  • residentevil4life
    residentevil4life 14 days ago

    i thought the 1st one was "pretty good" but nothing compared to Alien Isolation but LAWD this game is definitely almost on par given the crazy amount of times enemies will start a chase sequence and like in real life you only have seconds to figure out if that door leads to a dead or not. As the subject matter its definitely one of the most disturbing topics of religion ive seen in a horror game since the Dead Space series.

  • Mario Montes
    Mario Montes 21 day ago

    Hold up, they gave outlast a 7.8 when they reviewed it, so they are saying outlast two is better than one, which I don't agree on at all. THIS IS WHY IGN NEEDS TO STICK TO ONE REVIEWER, different people have different opinions!

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake 29 days ago +1

    8.3 little less than i expected -

    ign - navigation issues

    what this is a horror survival strategy game
    we have to find our own way out

  • Christopher Gongora
    Christopher Gongora 29 days ago

    does this work well on ps4?

  • Tuber
    Tuber Month ago

    Sounds like somebody needs to git gud

  • Joshawow
    Joshawow Month ago

    Your reviews are so inconsistent

  • Dejan Jocin
    Dejan Jocin Month ago

    how the hell is this crap better than re7 ?

  • FawkesMuldarr
    FawkesMuldarr Month ago

    should have made it like condemned and condemned 2 on xbox. those are awesome games, and we have nothing like it on current gen.

  • thamazingbacon!
    thamazingbacon! Month ago

    RESPECT WAMEN, if she said there was pacing issues then it's most likely cause u will be in the first part for a whole month, as after all it is a wamen who said this, respect wamen everyone

  • Baljit Dhanota
    Baljit Dhanota Month ago


  • Kamel Kadri
    Kamel Kadri Month ago

    i Didn't watch the review until i finished the game, Guess what i agree with review 100% i gave it 8/10 myself though its an experience you shouldn't skip

  • Marj34 M
    Marj34 M 2 months ago +1

    I'm my the only person that know ign makes bad reviews

  • Booker Dewitt
    Booker Dewitt 2 months ago

    thanks for the jump scare IGN!!!!

  • Helen A.
    Helen A. 2 months ago

    if this Outlast was not the title of this game, then it would get a 6 or 7

  • FalloutExo17
    FalloutExo17 2 months ago +1

    9.4 one of the best games i have ever played

  • tk m
    tk m 2 months ago

    Damn, I'm kinda disappointed how the Underscare kickstarter was unsuccessful

  • Pun Master
    Pun Master 2 months ago

    Fight or flight? You mean flight or flight

  • Aleksandr Sinitskiy
    Aleksandr Sinitskiy 2 months ago +1

    Is this a downloadable game or a hard disc game ???

  • Souhardya Dutta
    Souhardya Dutta 2 months ago

    worst game

  • doit86
    doit86 2 months ago

    Alien Isolation rebooted and redefined the genre, there still nothing quite like it. Raarr!

  • CleanserOfNoobs
    CleanserOfNoobs 2 months ago

    Sorry, is this chick a ign game reviewer or a cnn anchor?

  • Graciela Lopez
    Graciela Lopez 2 months ago


  • drunken warhorse
    drunken warhorse 2 months ago

    IGN needs better reviewers.

    I am a better reviewer then all these dumbasses

  • ClutchTillDawn
    ClutchTillDawn 2 months ago

    this games storyline was so badly told...similar to the original....dont bother picking it up

  • Federico Aguirre
    Federico Aguirre 2 months ago

    For me it's a 7 in har and a 7.5 in normal. Excellent graphics and sound but shitty gameplay and ending. I loved the firts one, this is just a meh+.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 2 months ago +1

    *Cough* Running Simulator *Cough*

  • steak810
    steak810 3 months ago

    Alien isolation was way better than this shit

  • corza008
    corza008 3 months ago

    I didn't mind it, was cool, was intense, definitely has more horror elements, pretty good story as well! But fucken hell it was frustrating aye, even on normal mode haha. The first Outlast game was, and is awesome!!! Bought the Trinity pack couple of weeks ago, Outlast, WistleBlower and Outlast II.
    I give the game fair ratings
    Genre - 10/10Gameplay - 7/10Characters - 10/10

  • humbug
    humbug 3 months ago


  • sharkiegames
    sharkiegames 3 months ago

    I hate this game. It's not scary.

  • Kenshin Himura
    Kenshin Himura 3 months ago

    What's up with ign always assigning random score? 8.3, 9.2, 8.8, 9.6, etc. how come they didn't just give this an 8.5? What's the point of reducing 0.2?

  • nodnarb power
    nodnarb power 3 months ago

    pacing issues?? was the game to fast that you couldn't handle it ign?? they didn't rate it M for mature for nothing

  • The Fearmoths
    The Fearmoths 3 months ago

    I found the game way too dark and the need to use the camera backlighting so much ruined the experience for me. I loved the first game but couldn't get into this one.

  • AgentGustavo
    AgentGustavo 3 months ago

    RE7 is 7.7 and this is 8.3? Really dumb. Just look at those textures, no VR, shitty story, nothing unique. If RE7 is a 7.7, this is a 3.8 at the most.

  • Mike O'Hara
    Mike O'Hara 3 months ago

    i love how some people hate it for being thematically different, but if it's similar to the original people would still complain.

  • Chef Danger
    Chef Danger 3 months ago

    Whoever said this game is twice the size of the first game and it's DLC combined is sorely mistaken. It is MUCH longer. It took me around 9 hours to finish Outlast and Whistleblower. I've been playing this for at least that long and I'm only about halfway through chapter 2, 4 and a half to go. This has gotta be at least a 25 hour game.

  • Harry Daly
    Harry Daly 3 months ago

    School parts are good. Most of the game is repetitive and awful. You will be doing the same Chase over and over because the game doesn't make it clear on where it wants you to go! Checkpoints are awful 3/10. I'm disappointed with the game.

  • Kelly French
    Kelly French 3 months ago +1

    outlast 2 is far better than the first one IMO more techniques, hiding spots alot harder and is way scarier outlast 1 is a great game but after you beat it, it just loses its scary feeling, marta, the heretics, the school monster, val scared the shit out of me and it still does yeah maybe the story for outlast 1 is better but that's it plus its the same over and over every time you play it it was easy asf even on insane mode outlast 2 is a pain even on normal outlast 2 10/10 outlast 1 7/10

    .ENGLISH PROFICIENCY 3 months ago

    5.7. Thank me later.

  • Seb B
    Seb B 3 months ago +2

    Been playing the game and i'm almost at the end. Honestly guys, this game makes RE7 look and sound like a comedy. My one complain about this game is that it misrepresents christians a lot. I am christian so I know. I hope that when people play it they understand that the game is only fiction and take the context of the story into account, as to understand why characters in the story are the way they are.

    • Kenshin Himura
      Kenshin Himura 3 months ago

      +Seb B thanks i will.

    • Seb B
      Seb B 3 months ago

      Oh sorry missed that. Enjoy.

    • Kenshin Himura
      Kenshin Himura 3 months ago

      +Seb B i'm playing on ps4.

    • Seb B
      Seb B 3 months ago

      Kenshin Himura. I played through Alien Isolation so many times, i like it so much. The controller seemed more immersive to me but i played with keyboard and mouse anyway because I like the feel of keyboard mouse in general. But I would advise the controller.

    • Kenshin Himura
      Kenshin Himura 3 months ago

      +Seb B i bought the alien anthology recently. I've seen the first two films. I'm going to see the other two before covenant. I also started playing the game. I've only played a couple of hours. It's fantastic. It's crazy to think it came out 3 years ago. I bought the arkham knight ps4 bundle in 2015. That's probably why i never played AI.

  • Dxov1
    Dxov1 3 months ago

    The game isn't bad but slightly disappointing
    It's more running then hiding near the end of the game you actually run for 3 minutes (in my time) and you'll die alot. Scary as usual best parts by far are the school and the ending...


  • Snow
    Snow 3 months ago

    My only problem with the game is the frustrating parts, running away from Marta and such. Other than that, it was alright.

  • Tao Scott
    Tao Scott 3 months ago

    Very easy to understand and listen to narration. Best I've heard in a while. Maybe you can do the next Google maps voice over.

  • Dark Shadows
    Dark Shadows 3 months ago +1

    Just bought this game

    JACK KELLY 3 months ago +1

    The first better to much and scary to much an outlast 2

  • Christian Percival
    Christian Percival 3 months ago

    8.3 really? It's so repetitive, it's just running away and being chased allllll game. The only decent part of the game is in the school (which is very good) you constantly die and the ending is just awful. 5/10

  • Buffytvgp-Bloons Battles & More!

    the ending was ok what is she on about?

    NORHAZE 3 months ago +1

    I played RE7. Enjoyed it's gameplay, jumpscares, combat. Somehow not so much on the story. So will this game make it better?

  • calum smith1989
    calum smith1989 3 months ago

    Looks awesome

    DJ BLACK SHADOW 3 months ago

    what's this game all about just running and hiding ??

  • Sarcos
    Sarcos 3 months ago

    The ending is the worst. The one that's supposed to be the "boss" kills himself in the end and I didn't get the story at all.

  • Bait As
    Bait As 3 months ago

    the got the game done in 8 hours

  • Anthony Mardika
    Anthony Mardika 3 months ago

    even the review video jumpscared me -___-

  • Duong Lam
    Duong Lam 3 months ago +15

    let have outlast 2 game vk.com/wall419753787_5 0:21

  • Amrit Singh
    Amrit Singh 3 months ago

    Outlast two was the most bullshit horror game ever

  • The Negan Guy
    The Negan Guy 3 months ago +2

    8.3 nope
    5/10 it's a horrible game

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 3 months ago

    0:03 Looks like the developers loved Nightmare on elm street

  • Mason Waterman
    Mason Waterman 3 months ago

    NOW HOW COULD YOU GUYS POSSIBLY RATE THIS GAME AN 8?!? The graphics and its soundtrack were outstanding but the gameplay is sooo repetitive and the ending was the most disappointing ending I've seen in the history of horror game endings.

  • turbodxgaming
    turbodxgaming 3 months ago

    Outlast 2 was boring asf. I had to force my self to finish this game. Such a disappointed, the only thing I liked
    Was the graphics of the school. That's it.. plus it's not scary at all. Only 1 jump scare made me twitch.. that's it.

  • Mister Torgue Flexington

    i'll say one thing the Outlast dev team must LOVE Resident Evil 4

  • FlanKingKing
    FlanKingKing 3 months ago

    8.3?! Bullshit IGN .This game is garbage

  • Excel
    Excel 3 months ago

    Outlast 2>RE7

  • KenjiKussano
    KenjiKussano 3 months ago

    Outlast 2 is running away from evil people and a story that never delivers basically, what did you guys enjoy about It?

    edit: btw, what did you get from the story/ending?

  • Kevin Mozulay
    Kevin Mozulay 3 months ago

    Am i the only one who compared this more to RE4 than 7? Both take place in a forgotten, rural village ruled by one crazy man with pictures of him framed on the villagers walls. If you told me they took place in the same country i'd believe you (RE4 was spain)

  • TargetNeutralized456
    TargetNeutralized456 3 months ago

    I wanna know what good pacing even means since ign thinks everything has pacing issues

  • Primitive Spongebob
    Primitive Spongebob 3 months ago

    IGN needs to fire their women staff

  • John Wick
    John Wick 3 months ago

    Outlast was a fantastic game, the ending was terrible though. It just had me bored, like really that's it? It's always hard to end a game as good as outlast though

  • Chaz Burke
    Chaz Burke 3 months ago +1

    Outlast 1>Outlast 2

  • hyc485 Killuminate
    hyc485 Killuminate 3 months ago

    wtf how dose this get a better rev score then re7..which was kinda better 🤔

  • Joe Switch
    Joe Switch 3 months ago

    IGN be like, if it ain't COD well give other games a low score !

  • Matthew's Couch
    Matthew's Couch 3 months ago +1

    Sorry but this game does a poor job of informing the player through its game design. Thus, failures in this game are cheap and totally frustrating since it does not properly communicate the intended messages in which the player could flow through the game at a pace which makes playing the game tense yet still enjoyable. IGN was way too forgiving with their 8.3. And I thought Outlast 1 was the overrated one..

  • Luka Vojinovic
    Luka Vojinovic 3 months ago +1

    Nope re7 is better this became anoying the more i played it

  • conor cenway
    conor cenway 3 months ago

    yes that's what i mean re7 but thanks anyway

  • MichaelnMaximo
    MichaelnMaximo 3 months ago

    "More open than the first"

    You and I must have played different games.

    NIM KOVAK 3 months ago

    Something about this game just isn't good. Outlast was amazing but I do not feel the magic with Outlast 2. No suspense, not scared, not having fun hiding from the AI. They always see you and its always a chase. It just isn't fun. The actual game should have taken place in buildings that look like the school. The desert woods asthetic is cheap. Its not a terrible game... it just doesn't capture what made the first game fun. The hide and seek cat and mouse stuff was fun. Not intense chases through the woods where you die like 10 times in five minutes before realizing some easy way to get by quickly. Whistleblower had lots of drawn out hiding parts that really helped you get to know your enemy. They were intimate. They were suspenseful. They built immense atmosphere. Outlast 2 feels like they were trying to put too much in the game.They tried to make it too different. It isn't a AAA title. The first one wasn't either. The first one was magic though. Perfct formula. This genre isn't supposed to be complicated. Frictional got it perfect with soma. Pt demo was outstanding. Allision road alpha footage... I don't know what outlast 2 missed but it just doesn't feel fun.

  • Terry Stokes
    Terry Stokes 3 months ago


  • Michael McIntyre
    Michael McIntyre 3 months ago +1

    This game is a 9.5/10 smd IGN

  • Terrific Burger
    Terrific Burger 3 months ago

    And these are the same guys who gave Advanced Warfare a 9.1.

  • conor cenway
    conor cenway 3 months ago +1

    and thank you red barrels

  • conor cenway
    conor cenway 3 months ago +1

    i love so much outlast 2 this game is so much awesome but i dont like resident evil 2 outlast 2 is better

    • Dev 7A
      Dev 7A 3 months ago

      yahia assli you mean re7

  • Russ august
    Russ august 3 months ago

    13 hours?

  • Peke
    Peke 3 months ago

    "not call of duty 7.3" - IGN

  • cenasux115
    cenasux115 3 months ago

    This game was absolute dog shit i want my money back

  • Joseph Hoffman
    Joseph Hoffman 3 months ago

    An 8.3 is a good score so stop complaining! I mean have you seen that Alien Isolation review from IGN? It got a 5.9 when it at least deserved a 9.0!

  • hasyly69
    hasyly69 3 months ago

    Outlast's Edge Catalyst

  • jake peralta
    jake peralta 3 months ago +1

    wtf angryjoe gave this a 6 xD

  • Paperjay
    Paperjay 3 months ago

    What a fcking stupid ending. And the characters arent even scary or disturbing

    • Dev 7A
      Dev 7A 3 months ago

      Paperjay how it's stupid?

  • Tyler Ward
    Tyler Ward 3 months ago

    if you want a better review watch the angry joe review of this.

  • mickthemaddy
    mickthemaddy 3 months ago

    I would love to know what percentage of IGN reviews feature "pacing problems" or "pacing issues". Such a feckin cliche

  • Kad Roach
    Kad Roach 3 months ago

    thats funny

  • Kad Roach
    Kad Roach 3 months ago

    she didnt like them mentioning jesus and God

  • Retzeuq Vlogger
    Retzeuq Vlogger 3 months ago

    Like all games it will come and go

  • Han Yolo
    Han Yolo 3 months ago

    The ending was terrible

  • Hansel Thepedo
    Hansel Thepedo 3 months ago

    8.33333333333338 - "i saw a little rock that i didn't like" ~ IGN

  • Hansel Thepedo
    Hansel Thepedo 3 months ago

    Why are you trying to jump over a shovel?

  • James Loucks
    James Loucks 3 months ago


    you'll probably get lost and die.

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