Future - Extra Luv ft. YG

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  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez 50 minutes ago

    Damn I slept on this song while listening to the future album months ago

  • Lennard Cravitz
    Lennard Cravitz 4 hours ago


  • CryBabyChavita
    CryBabyChavita 4 hours ago

    That beat sound luxurious. lol.

  • Ba
    Ba 5 hours ago

    Future is the better of the worst.

  • KieranK15
    KieranK15 5 hours ago

    Who else thinks YG is so damn underrated?

  • Ethan Fontz
    Ethan Fontz 7 hours ago

    esker love

  • Adept 710
    Adept 710 8 hours ago

    This is all fresh

  • Arturo Williams
    Arturo Williams 10 hours ago


  • Alex Bazz816
    Alex Bazz816 13 hours ago


  • Kelvin
    Kelvin 14 hours ago +1

    Listen to this amazing freestyle; https://soundcloud.com/kelvin-afes/tracks

    FUTURE FREEBANZ 18 hours ago +1

    future dis bitches are all gold digger

  • pfariso murada
    pfariso murada 20 hours ago

    nice track

  • Myrtle McNappy
    Myrtle McNappy 22 hours ago

    wow..... how sad

  • Datonessa Samatiba
    Datonessa Samatiba 1 day ago

    great song

  • Darren M
    Darren M 1 day ago

    Big tune 🆙🆙🆙

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 1 day ago

    Future for president

  • Diana ICSDE
    Diana ICSDE 1 day ago

    LOL IHATEPINK likes this😂😂😂

  • Quan Nguyen
    Quan Nguyen 1 day ago

    Name of the white model?

  • Franz Znarf
    Franz Znarf 1 day ago

    I saw white chick wearing red so i came visit

  • Angéla Danyi
    Angéla Danyi 1 day ago

    1:19 extra luv extra luv bby😍😍❤

  • sylvia taylor
    sylvia taylor 2 days ago

    love it...the beat is fire..I love future ..

  • Xxmolafor Dayzxx
    Xxmolafor Dayzxx 2 days ago

    Future your the best do you want to one and rap at my school at the first day for 6th and up lmao I'm not joking I can listing to you all day you can rap like nobody else so fly to mo

  • Ceairiah Gammer
    Ceairiah Gammer 2 days ago

    love it Go Future

  • Nae Guapô
    Nae Guapô 2 days ago

    Who's here before 10 Million Views 💸👌🏽

  • Edison Dawson
    Edison Dawson 2 days ago

    Love the music

  • Johan
    Johan 2 days ago

    Havin' the same flannel as YG feels pretty dope.

  • Esther Aaron
    Esther Aaron 2 days ago +1

    "Excra love excra love excra love....... excra love"

  • kevin moran
    kevin moran 2 days ago

    future has lyrcs check his shit ftom 2004 with 2nd generation daungon family

  • Rice Dogg
    Rice Dogg 2 days ago +1

    who else is going to the *Future Concert* in *Jacksonville Florida*?

  • Celine OJ
    Celine OJ 2 days ago

    I love YG part

  • Black Film Guild
    Black Film Guild 2 days ago

    2017 still promoting toxicity in music. Turning an entire generation into drug addicts. Tough tune though.

  • Y. C.
    Y. C. 2 days ago

    I Luv this song

  • Maylinson Kathar
    Maylinson Kathar 3 days ago

    It's the same crib use in Meek mill all eyes on me video.. FUCK BENNY BOOM

  • Malik James
    Malik James 3 days ago

    i snapped on this https://soundcloud.com/spacekadet6/ladies-in-the-club-extra-luv-remix-instrumental-remake-by-real-dil

  • Bryce Davis
    Bryce Davis 3 days ago +1

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Chris Brown and Soulja Boy never fought😂😂

  • Leah Hart
    Leah Hart 3 days ago

    You know it's gonna be good when YG starts walking up to the camera lens ready to rap.

  • MTM
    MTM 3 days ago

    All ya haters get tf out of your gone hate

  • damien perry
    damien perry 3 days ago

    I'm only a British boy but I swear that yg a blood but he wearing blue

  • Johnny Mielony
    Johnny Mielony 3 days ago

    1:22 Georgous.

  • JusticeArtist
    JusticeArtist 3 days ago

    Why am I thinking of GTA V so much through this video 👀

  • Graphikz E
    Graphikz E 3 days ago

    That ooh ooh ooh ooh is rich homie quans thing ain't it?

  • Jordan Campbell
    Jordan Campbell 3 days ago +1

    This nigga been the same age his whole life

  • Felicia Johnson
    Felicia Johnson 3 days ago

    check out bla bla by north kay on soundcloud omm he gon blow up late 2018 early 2019

  • Badr Hari
    Badr Hari 3 days ago

    Future Fire

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes 3 days ago

    Gone show tha WORLD

  • Treshawn Johnson
    Treshawn Johnson 3 days ago

    Song hard tho👌

  • Treshawn Johnson
    Treshawn Johnson 3 days ago

    Future was geekin

  • Loryna Powe
    Loryna Powe 3 days ago

    That's tineshe from two on and the end of the vid in the red dress

  • Катя Звягинцева


  • LiL REP
    LiL REP 4 days ago

    future is now the music buiezz has the game on fire Future NEW TRACK "grabbin it". choppas on deck I'm grabbing it smokin on kush I'm grabbing it after I lite it I'm grabbing it yea yea I'm grabbing it. u kno me will I be on Pluto swervn I a new u 0 I keep it simple like Bruno I keep choppas Fri. o weekend wen baby u having my baby u wanna have a sun I mite jus dive n the deep end my diamonds nt frozze or leakn smoking on kush while I'm breathn kush stronger than 300 deamonds boy jus cheak out this fire boy jus cheak out my gold lyk geographic mem brain colostion these 40s leav ya mind on blown y u be doing the most y u be doing the most grabin the fire we rolln lil nigga get smoked choppas on choppas I'm grabin it if it's dat kush I'm grabin it after I lite it I'm grabin yea yea I'm grabbing it.

  • Super 7
    Super 7 4 days ago

    finally no trap production

  • Retro_ Balla
    Retro_ Balla 4 days ago +1

    Future look like he belong to the Migos

  • king kylez
    king kylez 4 days ago

    Ayye yea tune

  • Meme Master
    Meme Master 4 days ago

    here for YG only

  • Tony Briscoe the Girls Them Disco

    yg fucked it up omg

  • Debbie Durham
    Debbie Durham 4 days ago

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  • real
    real 4 days ago

    the fine bros got me here...

    LUKING 4 FREEDOM 4 days ago

    sounds like fetty wap at first

  • Chandon Vai
    Chandon Vai 5 days ago

    00:36.The happiest nigga in the world.

  • Guapcash Roker
    Guapcash Roker 5 days ago


  • Vida Behar
    Vida Behar 5 days ago

    this song almost made me cry it makes me so emotional

  • Paul Reyes221
    Paul Reyes221 5 days ago


  • Quention Dailey
    Quention Dailey 5 days ago

    This my anthem...

  • Liam Holtzman
    Liam Holtzman 5 days ago

    "Never really loved me" Future 2017

  • Jazzy Love
    Jazzy Love 5 days ago

    When i hear the "oh ooh ooooh" it reminds me of "flex" by rich homie quan

  • ThatStupid BunnySuit

    This is going a playlist for my cruise. Future is killing it. Keep it up man.

  • yung felipe
    yung felipe 5 days ago

    Just came here for yg 💯

  • Nafisa Noor
    Nafisa Noor 5 days ago

    Teens react, anyone?

  • Melissa Clark
    Melissa Clark 5 days ago +1

    Ooh ooh ooh he working them lips sing it boo😜

  • mt 2
    mt 2 5 days ago


  • Ali Duart
    Ali Duart 5 days ago


  • Marcelo Rezende
    Marcelo Rezende 5 days ago

    essa merecia mais visualização!!!!

  • Talha Saghir
    Talha Saghir 5 days ago

    Damn!! YG raps smooth af

  • Bluejay Ponder
    Bluejay Ponder 5 days ago

    0:37 when your friend say there a spider on your head

  • Jesus Cardenas
    Jesus Cardenas 6 days ago +1

    who here knows what future is saying

    OMARS_STUFF 6 days ago

    apparently in the Future we get to swim in our shoes

  • realf1rme
    realf1rme 6 days ago

    YG Career over...................Nuff Said

  • Giani Tucket
    Giani Tucket 6 days ago

    This shit a hit 🖤

  • O ó Gás
    O ó Gás 6 days ago

    brazil Future

  • Redghie Samarita
    Redghie Samarita 6 days ago

    im here only to see YG DOPEEEEEE

  • gabriel nunes
    gabriel nunes 6 days ago

    Musica top, cade os br?

  • Official_Hitesh _Koli

    hey...hey you killer rapper big bro.&😍killer baby'$ whoo__ye # Official_hitesh_koli

  • Antonio Partida
    Antonio Partida 6 days ago

    the bass droped harder than my dad backhanding me as a child🔥👋

  • Donnell Jones
    Donnell Jones 7 days ago


  • Donnell Jones
    Donnell Jones 7 days ago

    bless up

  • stryderzer0
    stryderzer0 7 days ago

    Future looks so damn weird with the dreadlocks out lol

  • New Product
    New Product 7 days ago

    When u realize that future is singing and CB is rapping

  • AliceInWonderlanddd3

    YG is so damn hot 💗💗💗

  • Third Party Retail RI

    00:35 easy breezy beautiful trap nigga.

  • themusikguySPECIAL
    themusikguySPECIAL 7 days ago

    Catchy as hell! This should have been called "Lifestyle" to be honest. Great summer vibes by Future and YG!

  • Alex Martins
    Alex Martins 7 days ago

    future voice producer should be billionare right now, such painess job! lol

  • A kid in Africa
    A kid in Africa 7 days ago

    Is this Future from 8 mile?

  • Alex Martins
    Alex Martins 7 days ago

    good rented cars, rented house, payed models, so much fakeness show out on screen

  • Rodolfo Hernandez
    Rodolfo Hernandez 7 days ago +1

    if Tyga replaced YG, this d
    song World be fire

  • John Niven
    John Niven 8 days ago

    dope from future

  • Haris Hasic
    Haris Hasic 8 days ago

    after a while i heard "ask your love, ask your love...." lol

  • jaClaim
    jaClaim 8 days ago

    yg:it go prrrrraaaaaa when I come thru.

  • Rolyn Wharekawa
    Rolyn Wharekawa 8 days ago

    Yg ruined this song

  • last king
    last king 8 days ago

    when I saw future and yg on it I clicked on it fasted

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