War for the Planet of the Apes - SPOILER Talk

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  • Andre
    Andre 23 minutes ago

    In response to what you said about making their way to the East Coast, I have a theory about that.

    I don't remember if they specifically said they don't want to retread old ground, but given how much these films differ, I don't think they want to.

    My theory is that the new timeline or whatever will take place on the West Coast.

    So say they remake the original film, the Forbidden Zone could be San Francisco, the Statue of Liberty reveal could be the Golden Gate Bridge instead.

    If they are feeling ballsy and want to even remake Beneath, they could use the Military Base from this film as the setting.

    The Colonel makes note to the fact that part of the base is in the mountain, so the whole thing could be hollowed out. Maybe some humans from that final battle are trapped in and there you go, the stage is set to redo Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

  • Paul Rudd
    Paul Rudd 1 hour ago

    anybody else notice the parallels between Caesar dying at the Great Plain and the Biblical story of Moses dying before the reached the Promised Land?

  • Kieran
    Kieran 2 hours ago

    I liked this movie but it was the weakest of the of the trilogy. "War"?? ehh.... not much of a war.

  • THGhost2013
    THGhost2013 2 hours ago

    Ceasar's arrow wound didn't even look fatal :P

  • Captain Anopheles
    Captain Anopheles 3 hours ago

    Arms dump next to fuel dump next to mountain full of snow with wall made if concrete and logs vs tanks and attack helicopters... Napoleon the Colonel was not...

  • Joshua Davis
    Joshua Davis 4 hours ago

    If Caesar is dead then how the hell can they tie it into the original films???

  • Malik World
    Malik World 4 hours ago

    Corniles is gonna take over

  • Steven Paniagua
    Steven Paniagua 4 hours ago

    See that was my biggest complaint was that the clearly messed up the naming. The last one should have been called war since you actually see the start of war and this one should have been dawn since you see the end of humans.

  • GloryDouble7198
    GloryDouble7198 7 hours ago

    It's starts promisingly, but it turns into a boring revenge movie, where Caesar goes up river to capture an underwhelming Col. Kurtz. The entire middle is a bore-fest. Caeser's death is appallingly executed. He should of been leaning against a tree, over looking his family in their new home, while showing Maurice his wound–then closing his eyes, and it could end. Then his death is ambiguous. The score, with those single notes is terrible.

  • Talbot6832
    Talbot6832 8 hours ago

    There was alot of sentimental meandering in this one that was uneeded and served to make the film drag a little bit. We really don't need to see Maurice and Nova staring at each other for half an hour, comon. Also, some plot armour scenes were daft... fuel tanker right next to a fortifications full of ordnance? Caesar hiding gushing blood from everyone while crossing an entire desert? The first hour and 30 minutes were quite excellent and then it got a bit daft.

  • AtF 183
    AtF 183 9 hours ago

    SPOILER Rip about 4 characters in the movie idk if thats a spoiler

  • mechasentai
    mechasentai 9 hours ago

    This movie was beautiful. Caesar and the Woody Harelson were so intense. And I especially loved how it answers why people turned feral later as we see in the original movie. Really I hope they discard all of the dumb sequels and just keep the first and maybe the second as canon only. That's just imho it'll be interesting to see if they remake the original or keep going... or both.

  • Alex Vallejo
    Alex Vallejo 10 hours ago

    Man, the entire trilogy gets me every time. I like the XMen drop, continuity doesn't matter lol.

    SUPREME VICTOR 13 hours ago

    Apes together strong!! 👊👊

  • Erik Gimbel
    Erik Gimbel 13 hours ago

    movie was just decent. not some 'near perfect' masterpiece. The technical aspects were great. the apes looked like real apes that could talk etc but the story had a number of fairly good sized flaws.

  • Mad Merg
    Mad Merg 13 hours ago

    lol exactly the tittle is a little misleading. i was expecting a bit more slaughter on botu sides or mayhem just total war and chaos but it was a concentration camp. none the less it was dope tho.

  • Trevor Hook
    Trevor Hook 13 hours ago

    Should've been called Escape to the Planet of the Apes

  • Bob Bobete
    Bob Bobete 16 hours ago

    i hate your early 2000's television personality

  • 2connols
    2connols 17 hours ago

    Biggest Easter egg is that the girl Nova grows up to be Charlton Heston's mute friend in the original

  • Cassius Quinn
    Cassius Quinn 17 hours ago

    Am I the only one that was disappointed a bit in War for the Planet of
    the Apes? It's not that it was a bad film.. It's still very moving and
    beautifully shot. I understand the sub text and composition.. But the
    execution was overall a bit lazy with the exception of a few very
    touching moments that were quite effective. And the one comedic relief
    (obviously the 'Bad Ape') felt so forced into what was an otherwise
    humorless and depressing film.

    I get that 'War' was the conclusion of Caesar and finishing what he
    started and they did a good job as far as bringing his story to a close,
    but with that the third installment lost a lot of its charisma and
    charm. I think it would be better viewed shortly after watching the
    first two like it's one long movie because it definitely doesn't stand
    alone or have the re-watch ability like the others do a bit. In the end I
    guess it's what I did expect and was hoping for more of the unexpected?

  • noah marietta
    noah marietta 18 hours ago

    black propaganda

  • Teh BrownieMixx
    Teh BrownieMixx 19 hours ago

    Ironic that I ended up seeing a trailer for Guillermo Del Toros new film during the trailers before seeing this.

  • Alexander B. Robinson
    Alexander B. Robinson 19 hours ago

    That's a great point about the guards.

  • Eli Martin
    Eli Martin 19 hours ago

    Was anyone else bugged that Bad Ape didn't find his son.

  • Finalman26 THA BULLZ
    Finalman26 THA BULLZ 20 hours ago

    pretty sure this idiot will have a huge boner 4 this movie

  • Lomax
    Lomax 20 hours ago

    Not nearly as as good as the second film. This film lacks purpose. The first two films got the Ape lore from one point to a radically different point & squeezed the story into the boundaries. Up until the final ten minutes the Apes are in essentially the exact same place they were in at the end of Dawn.

    I would have loved to have seen the exodus of the apes, but that part was relegated to a montage at the end of the film.

  • ThatGuyYouKnow
    ThatGuyYouKnow 21 hour ago

    I think the guy with the crossbow was really meant to show just how desperate humanity had become. In either Rise or Dawn, he probably would've put down the gun or did something to help Caesar. Now? Humanity is about to fall completely off the cliff and clinging to morals isn't going to be what stops it from slipping.

  • Christian's #1 Fan
    Christian's #1 Fan 21 hour ago

    I guess spoiler talk just means retelling me what I just saw in the movie

  • TJ IsAwsome
    TJ IsAwsome 22 hours ago

    This movie probably was the biggest disappointment of the year for me. The plot started off strong but once they met bad ape the movies plot fell apart and through logic out the window. That middle third was just purley awful.

  • Adam W
    Adam W 22 hours ago

    "So now War for the Planet of the Apes is Owww???

  • trolling fool
    trolling fool 22 hours ago

    The movie was really good but a bit predictable. I hope there's more apes movies.

  • jerooo159
    jerooo159 22 hours ago

    Best new trilogy since The Lord of The Rings and Toy Story! I would personally rank the movies 3 > 1 > 2 but all of them are fantastic.

  • Rin Hanyou
    Rin Hanyou 22 hours ago

    Not the same Cornelius. It's Caesar's son (from the original prequel/sequel) who they were alluding to. Grandson of Cornelius and Zira. GREAT MOVIE! Such an intense emotional roller coaster! As soon as they killed Blue-Eyes and Cornelia, it just rips you apart the entire movie! This movie hurt like hell, but it was awesome! The final blow to my soul was watching Caeser fall slowly. I cried! I couldn't bare it. It hurt! Such an awesome movie! I wouldn't mind if they decided to remake the Charles Heston movie, so long as it sticks with the same premise as the original. Making sure that it's just a remake with better equipment and better graphics of course. But I still want to see Taylor in a similar form that Charles Heston portrayed him. But just in case, just to be on the safe side, no remakes let's just leave it there.

  • kindness ARK
    kindness ARK 23 hours ago

    I think a remake of the original film would be interesting. Could have a better space crash landing onto earth. Perhaps have it where they had small electric vehicles inside. Make things a bit more interesting lol.
    But it does tie up the old 68 film very well at the same time.

  • matteo franklin
    matteo franklin 23 hours ago

    I think it wasn't meant like a "action" war but more like a "psychological" war, because it really was. Amazing movie, loved every bit from it.

  • Hall Network
    Hall Network 23 hours ago

    Isn't it amazing how far CGI has come?

  • mat ouz
    mat ouz 23 hours ago

    How is this movie not rated R

  • Dennis Guerrero
    Dennis Guerrero 1 day ago

    so what are we, some kind of war for the planet of the apes ??

  • Celeg Gae'Hathal
    Celeg Gae'Hathal 1 day ago

    better name would be Struggle for the planet of the apes


    Honestly this movie wasn't as good as people are saying it is I'll probably give it an B+

    NCSUDS 1 day ago

    Idk why but that comment at 7:14 was hilarious

    NCSUDS 1 day ago

    **Internment of the Planet of The Apes**

  • Ravens Rule! Cneal

    ceaser cant be dead because the movie that follows it is Conquest of the Planet of Apes

  • MovieFan 77
    MovieFan 77 1 day ago

    Best movie of the year so far (haven't seen Dunkirk yet).

  • Matthew Widdowson

    I honestly don't want these films to stop they are so emotional and hit you right in the feels and there's lots or story elements they can use from the older ones, in rise of the planet of the apes on the tv it says a spaceship went missing, they might come back to earth in a few hundred years after the apes have fully civilised the planet and made villages and city's it would be pretty awesome to see how the apes with no human threats lived

  • Papi Grande
    Papi Grande 1 day ago

    Caesar's story 3 movies then Cornelius story 3 movies? We can only hope. This was a fantastic trilogy!

  • Talon Diwisch
    Talon Diwisch 1 day ago

    I was quite disappointed by this movie. I enjoyed some parts of it, but the trailers made it seem way better than it was. There was like no war really, like there should have been. And there wasn't enough with the humans. You needed more time with them to know the full story. They did such a good job with the humans in the last two movies, it's disappointing that they dropped the ball on that this time. All the acting was awesome and everything but it was slow for most of the movie, which for me is unacceptable for a movie with the word, War in it.

  • Mark McC
    Mark McC 1 day ago

    "March for the Planet of the Apes"

  • Christopher Marshall

    I actually loved the first two films but for some reason this one just didn't sit well with me and I felt a bit unsatisfied

  • Living Lightning
    Living Lightning 1 day ago

    Not a fan of how humanity gets wiped out. I mean one fell swoop with an avalanche? Lazy. Also hammering in the nail, no war makes me disappointed. I get that they're ultimately trying to show the apes as passive, that they didn't wipe out humanity rather humanity wiped itself out and apes just took over in their absence, but man I really thought Koba sparked a war.

  • Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde

    MORE APE MOVIES! This one left me definitely wanting more.

  • F.B. Malken
    F.B. Malken 1 day ago

    Jeremy, the little girl in this movie is Nova. Nova was the main human female in the original Planet of the Apes film, so pretty sure they're trying to tie it together,  even if that makes no sense at all chronologically speaking.

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 1 day ago

    Yeah, they forgot the war part. That was the only problem I had with this movie. Even if one was to say "Well there was a war at the end." - yeah, but it wasn't between apes and humans.

  • Chance
    Chance 1 day ago

    I wish the end had an on the nose allusion to the og movies but since it doesn't i want to see more

  • Alex Hovsepian
    Alex Hovsepian 1 day ago

    This movie was AWESOME!!

  • Callum Higham
    Callum Higham 1 day ago

    The bow and arrow guy deserved to get the shit blown out of him lol 😂

  • muthavelandez
    muthavelandez 1 day ago

    Best. Trilogy. Ever.

  • Just your Average Joe

    I wanna know what ceaser would do if he got to see will one last time

  • Sinoda Notsnhoj
    Sinoda Notsnhoj 1 day ago

    the only scene I didn't like was the ending. Caeser traveled to their new home wounded, didn't tell anybody about it who could help heal it or treat it, was able to even walk all that way while injured, so he could die. Not only was it cliche, it was just stupid. I LOVED this movie, it honestly was my favorite so far from 2017. But my god, that ending upset me. If it wasn't for that, this may have come to be one of my all time favorite movies.

  • Mario Justiniano
    Mario Justiniano 1 day ago

    I would like to see a fourth film titled "Planet of the Apes," set a few hundred years in the future. Apes have come a long way with their own civilization. Humans are mute like in the original. We see a statue of Caesar. Perhaps like in the original, humans from the past, maybe from the 1960s, end up traveling to this time on a space ship in the middle of a conflict between the apes that threatens the Earth.

  • Jon Ericson
    Jon Ericson 1 day ago

    The scene where the Colonel is explaining what happened to and what he did to his son, and you see Caesar's face, his eyes clearly full of tears-give Andy Serkis a fucking award! And also, the little girl, Maurice names her Nova. Nova is the girl in the original if I'm not mistaken.

  • Lamar saberwolf
    Lamar saberwolf 1 day ago

    i like how the why guy represents all evils of humanity cause white people are evil loljk

  • perez chuy
    perez chuy 1 day ago

    Nova didn't react when the man she was with was shot, but wept when the ape died. I'm think she was rescued by the apes...unless I missed something?

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 1 day ago

    I think they should leave it as is. I just left the movie and it was amazing. As much as I'd love a 4th movie they need to just leave it how this one ended with the end of Caesar. If they attempt a 4th they could end up overdoing it ultimately ruining the franchise. Sound familiar? ( transformers did it ) so I think this is a good end to a perfect franchise

  • Hennrick Himmler
    Hennrick Himmler 1 day ago

    I feel like nobody gives credit to Rocket, he does so much in this movie yet no one mentions him

  • dari_ m
    dari_ m 1 day ago

    Honestly this movie is more
    drama for the planet of the apes
    I mean it's was kinda misleading I mean the title had "war" so I figured this would've had more action but not, but tho I was blown away from the virus but I wanted to see more of that

  • Tristan Graff
    Tristan Graff 1 day ago

    deus ex machina gas tank

  • Albert Martinez
    Albert Martinez 1 day ago

    The movie was good but it could have been better. The ending was perfect. I just don't like the concept that koba's apes joined the humans. It doesn't make sense. the final battle scene should have been more climatic with humans going against the humans and the apes in the middle of it all. Also there was no scene showing how they the humans got the ape tribe in the first place. There should have been. I mean, they did well with the emotional parts and heart felt moment and even the comedic relief but did is called war of the planet of the apes. This didn't seem much like a war rather then an exodus. The film was good but it felt more like a stepping stone rather than a closure to Caesar's story. But the ending is priceless.

  • Masterjedi343
    Masterjedi343 1 day ago

    There was no epic speech by Harrelson. At least the one he gives in the trailer about the Greatest War. Also, I was expecting a huge finale battle with the Apes and humans, but the humans wiped themselves out(both with trying to screw with nature and also by fighting each other). Wouldn't you think both sides would set aside differences and try to work together to first destroy the apes, and THEN try and worry about the Virus? I guess not though because it seemed to be taking effect pretty fast.

  • WilliamWallace Of the US

    Great movie. Though I hated the star spangled banner being portrayed in a negative light. I'm sorry I'm a patriot

  • Tim Macone
    Tim Macone 1 day ago

    Lol Jeremy it's still very much a war, it just doesn't focus on that. It's a more personal journey, yes, but the War title still fits because it's a war between 3 factions.

  • Tyler White
    Tyler White 1 day ago

    RIP Caesar.

  • hulk fan
    hulk fan 1 day ago

    Such a beautiful film. Ending was sad

  • Garrett Campbell
    Garrett Campbell 1 day ago

    is maurice Zaius and is Ceasar's son the roddy mcdowell cornelius?

  • Shehroze Razzaq
    Shehroze Razzaq 1 day ago

    They must've had onions at the exit of the theater...

  • comicbookguy83
    comicbookguy83 1 day ago

    SJ ruined this for me. This had a lot of potential but ultimately became a hot mess of California with its head up its own ass

  • THI5SLIPPERYGuy Cod and more

    Did the apes win

  • Daniel Khan
    Daniel Khan 1 day ago

    They should stop here cause this movie is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kraetah
    kraetah 1 day ago

    Loved it but, could be wrong but is Caesar Ape Moses? The stories are very similar......

  • Dion Davoudian
    Dion Davoudian 1 day ago

    I feel like the concept and source material was really dumb but it was executed really well.

  • anthony smith
    anthony smith 1 day ago

    I don't know about you guys but I thought the scene where Luca picks a cherry blossom and puts it on the girl was a beautiful scene but it would have been better if there was no music.

  • Joshua Hendricks
    Joshua Hendricks 1 day ago

    I definitely agree with Jeremy in saying this is not a war film. In fact, it's almost poetic how the humans basically destroyed themselves in this film, while the apes were just trying to survive.

  • Steven O'Brien
    Steven O'Brien 1 day ago

    This isn't really a review tbh. More of a synopsis.

  • LostMercenary99
    LostMercenary99 1 day ago

    No mention of Nova? Shame on you Jeremy

  • travis stoner
    travis stoner 1 day ago

    technically war started with Koba and Apes attacking ala Battle of San Fransisco. then going to war for the planet of the apes was the battle of muir woods.. then there capture and final battle which i agree with Jeremy was more of escape as humans battle it out. but Caesar fought back and blew up base with help of once traitorous Red(Donkey) Gorilla. this series has proven to be amazing. cannot wait to see whats next. APES TOGETHER STRONG

  • travis stoner
    travis stoner 1 day ago

    movie is amazing

  • LordCrazy
    LordCrazy 2 days ago

    Fuck man the ending hit me hard
    Such a good trilogy

  • Mashoto Shaku
    Mashoto Shaku 2 days ago

    just saw it. I am honestly shocked and the lack of female human guards. From what I saw the human race was going to have a population crisis anyway. Fantastic film though

  • jon lab
    jon lab 2 days ago

    War of the humans in a planet with apes. Boring

  • Samuel Marshall
    Samuel Marshall 2 days ago

    Dang, I still need to see serenity

  • Eoghan Bolger
    Eoghan Bolger 2 days ago

    is the little girl the only human left because if she is how? what about the people in dawn

  • Piers Slade
    Piers Slade 2 days ago

    There is very little insight here... this video is primarily just you describing the events of the film. What's the point in that? We all saw the film! I wanted to know what you thought of the film's major talking points, not just a description of what happened...

  • pete meads
    pete meads 2 days ago

    lol @ internment camp for the planet of the apes

  • genetixs
    genetixs 2 days ago

    Why do people adore this movie so much? Besides the impressive CGI and great performance by Andy Serkis as Ceasar, the film had no substance.

    For starters, the marketing behind it was deceptive. The previous film felt more like a war than this one. The movie became full of plotholes from the minute Ceasar and his gang left home to hunt down the Colonel. It all hinged on the most blatantly convenient plot devices like the underground tunnel system, the dumb as fuck guard that entered a cage full of monkeys all by himself, the Colonel taking the girl's toy instead of having someone else dispose of it, and quite possibly the silliest of them all- having a leaking gas tank right next to the wall they were building. The writing was incredibly lazy and forced. You people need to grow a brain before dogshit like this becomes the standard "superb film-making".

  • MRMinni Punchies
    MRMinni Punchies 2 days ago

    favorite charecters
    2.Bad ape

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 days ago

    I did like the original crew went with Ceaser from the first movie to help him find the colonel.

  • harunotodoroki
    harunotodoroki 2 days ago

    Great spoiler review

  • jhunt6666
    jhunt6666 2 days ago

    Here is my opinion, and I realise it will probably be an unpopular one, I thought this movie was garbage. I really liked the first 2. I thought this one was about 30-40 minutes too long, it was FILLED with random facial closeups for no reason, travelling from A to B with no events happening in between, just filler content. The gorilla gives the girl the flower, then 3 minutes later dies and gets the flower back, which seemed like an interaction they put in for the sake of it. This is my interpretation of how the makers thought about ending this.. "Okay so we got 2 human sides battling each other and the apes are just running away, how do we make this a good ending for apes? oh i know, an avalanche that is just the right size to wipe out any possible threat." I will forgive the fact that Caesar for some reason is able to conceal his injury from everyone whilst being naked on the ENTIRE journey back, but once returning happens to fall from it. Look how easily they dug though to the surface of the Ape Jail for the tunnel, it was thin and earthy soil, hundreds of Apes are in there and not ONE of them tried digging from the top? Hell even someone could accidentally fall through something that soft. There was also no real action in the movie, every fight was shit, I am all for a movie that goes strong on storyline and emotion, but it was way too simplistic and there are loose ends everywhere, they went so heavy on demonizing caesar's vengeful personality and liking him to Koba that they must have thought viewers would be idiots to not pick up on it if it was made more subtle.

  • Kenneth Miller
    Kenneth Miller 2 days ago

    the title spoils the movie

  • ShirinIsHere
    ShirinIsHere 2 days ago

    I just saw it today and honestly I was really bored like for the first half of the movie but towards the end it got interesting

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