GOP Senators Won't Let Us See Their New Healthcare Bill

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • The Senate healthcare bill joins Area 51 as a top secret American entity that only government officials can lay eyes upon.

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Comments: 2 229

  • Mr. Kozzi
    Mr. Kozzi Month ago

    Esp on a gay date freak show!

  • Mr. Kozzi
    Mr. Kozzi Month ago

    Fuct the late show antics!

  • Nathan Gamble
    Nathan Gamble Month ago

    Please stop with the stupid music.

  • vinnie97
    vinnie97 Month ago

    A repeal would be awesome, but let's try to keep this in perspective when discussing the 2 bills. Who among the sniveling libshits here has read all 140k pages of commiecare? On the other hand, this bill is at least more digestible at 140 pages. You statist pricks who worship at the altar of govt largess make me sick.

  • DB I
    DB I Month ago

    Its sad when you realize that Ryan Paul and Mitch Mcconnel control, manage and owe 300 million people, and using trump as a puppet. And 300 million have to bow and bent to their will, dying in misery, poor, and republicans don't care. Total success when it comes to capitalism.

  • John Dixon
    John Dixon Month ago

    Mitch McConnell and Paul lying Ryan are both douchebags for pushing Trumpcare that kicks 22 millions people off healthcare .

  • Seenya59
    Seenya59 Month ago +1

    Aww...poor babies don't remember "we have to pass it to see what's in it"?

  • But Muh Feels
    But Muh Feels Month ago +1

    is this the bill Nancy Pelosi was talking about when she said "we have to pass this law to see what's in it,"?

  • Morty Sanchez
    Morty Sanchez Month ago

    the musician laughs like the joker

  • camycamo4
    camycamo4 Month ago +1

    This bill will murder the most vulnerable in order to lavish the very wealthy. One word for this: Satanic. Rs need to fear God/Jesus more than trump/McConnell. This type of F'd up evil will stain their souls for eternity.

  • Farty McGee
    Farty McGee Month ago

    For the people that think this is the same way the ACA was handled, there was 26 days of public debate of the proposed law. There will be 20 hours of "debate and amendments"

  • Valentino Pascual
    Valentino Pascual Month ago

    tight politician departure wind strike pregnant request reflect dead.

  • 35Antonio
    35Antonio Month ago


  • ChristheMad
    ChristheMad Month ago

    I am the only one just wondering what's the music Stephen dances on in this comment section?

  • Mark Piro
    Mark Piro Month ago

    man colbert has really gone downhill. he used to be funny but the whole trump thing has really taken his toll on him..such a shame

  • Fiore Tutta
    Fiore Tutta Month ago

    That's cause you have to sign it in order to find out what's in it.

  • scott jgavin
    scott jgavin Month ago

    anyone else remember Nancy Pelosi saying you have to pass the bill to find out what's in it?

  • Dewayne Thomas
    Dewayne Thomas Month ago

    It looks like Paul Ryan an still taste Trumps dick.

  • G S
    G S Month ago

    with your attitude and lack of tack and deplorable negative bigoted and vile attacks on our president YOU DESERVE NOTHING but jail time ! clean up your act viewers are dropping like flies !!!

  • dumbass
    dumbass Month ago

    Is it an issue that most of the people in his audience are still on their parents health care

  • miching mallecho
    miching mallecho Month ago

    The bill will affect 1/6th of the U.S. economy, likely strip healthcare from the most vulnerable Americans - including children - and they won't hold open hearings or let the Senate committees look at it, and Mitch McConnell wouldn't even commit to giving senators 10 hours to review it. The way they are writing this bill is literally unprecedented. Republicans like to talk about how the ACA was passed in the dead of night, but the ACA was debated in open hearings for 25 days, and 130 amendments were considered, including some from Republicans. They're hiding this bill because they're ashamed of it, but just watch - they'll vote for it anyway.

  • Bob Steel
    Bob Steel Month ago

    Stephen, you seem to forget when democrats did this, and that also republicans were not allowed to participate. Remember NANCY PELOSI said, YOU'VE GOT TO PASS IT TO FIND OUT WHAT'S IN IT.

  • Mare Clydesdale
    Mare Clydesdale Month ago

    Um, even expecting parents regularly visit the doctor and take ultrasound scans to prepare for the life-changing decision soon to arrive.

  • Tim Charles
    Tim Charles Month ago

    Remind you of 2009????

  • Pat Doyle
    Pat Doyle Month ago

    This is classic Trump - *_"Yea! I got a bill through the House! It's the greatest bill EVER! What's that? Everybody hate, hate, hates it? What a terrible, mean bill... sad."_*

  • Elizabeth Encalada
    Elizabeth Encalada Month ago

    I like how the cameraman was dancing along w/Stephen! Stephen is a great dancer! More dancing please! ;)

  • jack shan
    jack shan Month ago +1

    3:24 dat laugh tho

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez Month ago

    How ironic! Didn't Nancy Pelosi once say, "Vote for it, you'll find out what's in it." No kidding, we sure did.

  • Ash Menon
    Ash Menon Month ago

    Okay, Colbert's pianist is _really_ starting to piss me off. The dude is talented, I'm sure, but those little shoutouts and hollabacks are cringe-worthy. He's like the Michael Cera of TV pianists.

  • mr7wi
    mr7wi Month ago


  • TheThegameguy
    TheThegameguy Month ago

    isnt this the bat kid found in cave nice ear asshole

  • Todd Heinz
    Todd Heinz Month ago

    Present your own plan for health care. Do you have one?

  • Ottis Martin
    Ottis Martin Month ago

    That's nothing. Democrats said they had to pass Obamacare before even THEY could find out what's in it. LOL

  • Brody Pearson
    Brody Pearson Month ago

    Fabric press struggle possibly percentage stare auto.

  • trallfraz
    trallfraz Month ago

    If you commie leftists recall, and since your deluded liar in chief Hillary NEVER could recall, the main authors of Obumacare were Jonathan Gruber, Dem senators Baucus, Bingaman and Conrad and a couple of RINO's (republican in name only). They let no one see the bill, even when they were finished. If you recall the dems didn't even give enough time for the legislature to review the 2,000 plus page monstrousity after it did come out. Then Nancy Pelosi (dem speaker of the house) refused to allow ANY debate and called for a floor vote, stating that "We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It"!! Well, we still haven't found out everything that was in Obummercare because he kept changing mandates and lying to the American people. It was supposed to be "healthcare REFORM" not a tax and bad government policy that would ultimately put most health care insurance companies out of business and raise the costs of the average insurance policy holder by several thousand dollars. Sure, it gave millions of people healthcare while taking away millions of dollars and healthcare from millions of others and then fining them if they didn't.

  • David Cleaves
    David Cleaves Month ago

    We have to pass the bill to see what's in it remember that genius liberals?

  • Brady B
    Brady B Month ago

    "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in the bill."  And, those of you that are tired of every one on the right/conservative side "always bringing up Obama/Hillary all the time," welcome to how we felt when the left/liberals always brought up Bush.  #holdbothsidesaccountable #nomorepartisanism

  • Liams Mom
    Liams Mom Month ago

    if the bill is so secret how do all the dumbass democrats know what is in it??

  • flecktarn1000
    flecktarn1000 Month ago

    Pelosi “we have to pass the bill (Obamacare) so that you can find out what is in it." 5:03 of pure hypocrisy. Take a lap Colbert.....

  • Art blender
    Art blender Month ago

    anyone else get the overwhelming urge to smack paul ryans shit eating grin off his face.

  • Claude Nine
    Claude Nine Month ago

    why are so many people always crying and bitching in this channel. LOL

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown Month ago

    And Hillary won't let us see her emails. Boo hoo.

  • dumbass
    dumbass Month ago

    You did see that Nancy Pelosi told America that we had to pass the bill to see what is in it.

    • dumbass
      dumbass Month ago

      Ohh my bad, she said that about the Obamacare bill. Only 6 million Americans lost their healthcare plans.

  • Robert Kautz
    Robert Kautz Month ago

    You are so childish.

  • MrJimc2
    MrJimc2 Month ago

    Maybe you have to pass their bill to find out what's in it!

  • MrYort13
    MrYort13 Month ago

    Last year Obama put a Budget up for vote with 0 time to read it. No one had a clue on what was in it. Why is this any different?

  • JammerEd2
    JammerEd2 Month ago

    Colbert you should go to your room and stay there you have nothing to say you are the only person that knows more and more about less and less

  • JammerEd2
    JammerEd2 Month ago

    What the problem that what the Democrats did.

  • Mast3r Race
    Mast3r Race Month ago


  • cmz8706
    cmz8706 Month ago

    1) stop saying your name and waiting for an extra applause break every single night you walk out. Carson never did that shit. Letterman never did that shit. Leno never did that shit. we know who you are. you JUST walked out to applause after the announcer said your name. the monologue is tight enough as it is and you lose a good 10-15 seconds every time we have to wait for the insufferably liberal audience to scream again.
    2) stop with the same, tired, old "FRIDAY" jokes every week. we get it. the show isn't always taped on Friday and the crowd is in on it. it's like the tour guide at some tourist trap destination who tells the exact same joke at the exact same place on every tour with every group.


  • 2011relapse
    2011relapse Month ago

    fuck all you republicans in the ass!!!!

  • Leo Husak
    Leo Husak Month ago +1

    Nancy Pelosi said you have to vote on Obamacare to be able to read it... Now you think Republican`s should have to show it first. How pathetic.

  • Tyler Schwindt
    Tyler Schwindt Month ago

    we joke about this stuff? wow were a sad "civilized" culture/species...

  • Tyler Schwindt
    Tyler Schwindt Month ago

    23 million less covered?

  • Tyler Schwindt
    Tyler Schwindt Month ago

    obama made transparency a law? no?

  • Tang Sensational
    Tang Sensational Month ago

    Where was Stephen Colbert back in 2010 when the Democrats controlled the White House, Congress and Senate and refused to let anyone look at Obamacare before it passed? WHERE WERE YOU THEN COLBERT?? Did you ask the same question when it was DEMOCRATS doing the same thing? Hypocrisy there ya be!!! I will listen to your insipid WHINING and violin playing when you actually take the Democrats to task the same way.

  • jay sullivan
    jay sullivan Month ago

    I knew that he wouldn't, but I just had to make sure he didn't mention the fact that the Democrats did this same exact shit when Obama was pres. Isn't he supposed to be a comedian? Does he not understand irony? I can't believe people watch this unfunny shit. At least Jim Stewart would have a few funny jokes per week.

  • Suzie Queen
    Suzie Queen Month ago +1

    Yeah If Barack were still in power we'd have a better healthcare, more money on our snap card and child care money for our relatives so I  go party some times. All my kids drives me nuts gots to get to the club baby! Friggin Orange clown! Now I gots to work cause they cutting my section 8 and my Obama phone got turned off. How I gonna live like that. White man got free labor for 300 years and he owes us. How's my childrens gonna get by?

  • Fifthelement203
    Fifthelement203 Month ago

    "It's like game of throwns except more people will die" 😂😂😂

  • Jay Sims
    Jay Sims Month ago

    Its because the bill isn't done yet you fucking idiots.

  • Greg Newell
    Greg Newell Month ago

    Stephen dancing reminded me of an old show called laugh in. I think I heard the count in the background laughing.

  • Chuckster Clear
    Chuckster Clear Month ago +2

    13 Republicans meet in secret to reform Healthcare. AKA DEATH PANEL. the Republicans were right about one thing with Obamacare there would be death panels, well here it is 13 Republicans, the GOP lead by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have sold their souls to the insurance companies the bankers and the wealthy.

  • Chuck Bertal
    Chuck Bertal Month ago +1

    Democrats getting mad at Republicans for the same nonsense they pulled. Never gets old.

    Democrats, Republicans: two points on the same circle.

  • Charlie Bryant
    Charlie Bryant Month ago

    Colbert really suck nowdays..

  • UpperRobin29
    UpperRobin29 Month ago

    If you're not a liberal, you're a Nazi.

  • matthew mosley
    matthew mosley Month ago

    Isn't colbert the guy tied to the pedo ring ?

  • Jade Saldaña
    Jade Saldaña Month ago

    Dems didn't let us see their bill either.

  • grantspassage
    grantspassage Month ago


  • Alexis Rivera
    Alexis Rivera Month ago

    It should be illegal and more importantly a federal crime with massive jail time for a senator to vote on a bill that he knows nothing about nor has even read it in its entirety and comprehended what he read. Ideally each senator would have to be able to elaborate on any part of such bills to verify their proficiency previous to the vote. Refusal to comply automatically resulting in said senator having recuse himself from the vote. (If there are not enough votes for quorum the bill gets put on hold until every senator can prove they have a firm grasp at a later date.) To prevent the willful abuse of this law to stifle bills by the opposition party, any senator failing to prepare for a bill he intend to vote on gets a strike on their record. (After 3 strikes they are fired for willful neglect of their duty as an US Senator.)

  • 2287rna
    2287rna Month ago

    honestly what does it matter if the Democrats see it. no matter what is in it they will try to stop it just because it's part of Trump's plan. it could be a single payer system and they would still shut it down

  • ej732
    ej732 Month ago

    The democrats did the same thing with obamacare, what else is new. Right wing left wing, same fuckin bird.

  • ProteinHammer
    ProteinHammer Month ago


  • lance kaplan
    lance kaplan Month ago

    "we have to pass the bill to see whats in it" -- liberals dont remember anything that goes against what they think. Should have let gary johnson debate against both parties he would've embarrassed trump and killary. It's a shame that america has a two party system a libertarian candidate would truly represent the best of american interests. Less government and more american money going into american needs.

  • m111ark
    m111ark Month ago

    go fuck yourself you fucking piece of shit.

  • Mother's BBQ
    Mother's BBQ Month ago

    Sounds like Obama Care. "You need to pass it to know whats in it"

  • dan hotchkiss
    dan hotchkiss Month ago +1

    Hey Colbert I can save you money on your health care.stick a 45 in your asshole mouth and pull the trigger,you low life mother fucker!!!!

  • Funny Bean
    Funny Bean Month ago

    fuck it I am triggered you are a fag trump wont get empeached. why shouldn't he talk to Russia? is he not supposed to take care of global relations? why are you trending? what are You paying youtube? when the next civil war starts you will pay for every last word you have uttered.

  • Eric Jones
    Eric Jones Month ago

    Nancy Pelosi on Obama care 2008 " that's why we have to pass it to find out what's in it" it only works libs when it fits your agenda.

  • skippyjl1
    skippyjl1 Month ago

    Where is you husband Michelle

  • skippyjl1
    skippyjl1 Month ago

    You are a large kiss ass and obama butt buddy
    You will face and loose

  • Serenity Now
    Serenity Now Month ago

    You have to vote for it first before you see what is in it. That's what Democrats did with the disaster Obama Care. Democrats sure shoved that up every ones ass.

    SEAN PAN Month ago

    It doesn't exist.

  • Troy Roebuck
    Troy Roebuck Month ago

    God can they PLEASE get a different second man? Just shut the fuck up! He's extremely annoying. He's like that old man who says nonsense shit and laughs when no one else is laughing. This is a professional show!! What the hell??

  • Ganiscol
    Ganiscol Month ago

    I wonder if Colbert is sometimes as anoyed by Baptiste's cackling as I am...

  • Leonard  Coe
    Leonard Coe Month ago

    reminds me of the obamacare thing ...passed without reading ..and Congress wonders why they have such low numbers

  • Selena's Main Chick

    I thought the title said *selenators* 😂
    Oh me

  • Magrumpa4
    Magrumpa4 Month ago

    This guy is STILL bitching about the GOP and Trump?

  • NC  Patriot
    NC Patriot Month ago

    We have to pass it to see what's in it...senile pelosi.

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks Month ago

    At least he respects Congress enough to let them vote on it instead of Unconstitutionally forcing it on the people.

  • goodinsrt8
    goodinsrt8 Month ago

    "“we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it", you all were all for it a few years ago. Hypocrisy much?

  • Annie Oddo
    Annie Oddo Month ago

    The comic relief is wonderful, but I always feel a queasish thud deep inside when I remember that this is our real-live political climate right now.

  • Ken Vrla
    Ken Vrla Month ago

    funny, I seem to remember a health care law being passed before anyone could read it. Oh ye of little memory!

  • Rick Ever
    Rick Ever Month ago


  • Eureka
    Eureka Month ago

    How the hell can you keep people's health insurance secret?
    Seriously, if Trump gets impeached for Russian involvement in the election. They need to do a re-election between Hillary & Pence. They can't just place Pence into office.

  • JJP
    JJP Month ago

    DEMS / Libs seem to have so quickly forgotten that when OBAMACrap was just before being passed into law that self appointed queen Pelosi told the entire nation ::
    "You will have to pass the bill to see whats in it "
    Its real funny how the left so quickly forgets or dismisses their own statements

  • Diggy Ace
    Diggy Ace Month ago

    We have to pass it to see what's in it! Nancy pelosi taught us that!

    TYR STRENGTH Month ago

    Trump is the best President in US history. All you anti American POS go fucking kill yourselves and take your kids with you. Stephen Colbert is literally Jon Stewarts cock holster and Jon Stewart is Obamas xock holster, and Obama is Michelle Obamas cock holster. Trump is never wrong about anything. How does it feel to constantly WWRONG. KEK PRAISE KEK BEST DAMN CURRENT YEAR EVER!

  • Ric Savacool
    Ric Savacool Month ago

    Well that is how the ACA Bill was passed in the first place.

  • Brian Collins
    Brian Collins Month ago +1

    the comment section is full of cry babies and whiners. the insurance companies fucked all Americans with obama care

  • Syisulis Solease
    Syisulis Solease Month ago

    love the double pun with the Chuck Reaper

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