Emilia Clarke Latest Funny and Cute Moments - Must Watch - 2017

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  • Joey Vicente
    Joey Vicente 2 days ago

    emilia clarke is TOO perfect.

  • Cool Hand Luke
    Cool Hand Luke 13 days ago +1

    If we start seeing a bunch of dick on GoT I want a close up of them sugar walls.

  • vince piazza
    vince piazza 24 days ago +1


  • josue Fuentes
    josue Fuentes Month ago

    whatta hore.

  • brightdarkness
    brightdarkness Month ago +4

    the award for cutest actress goes to

  • FabiIsh2re99
    FabiIsh2re99 Month ago +4

    I Love her so much :(

  • Macncheese
    Macncheese Month ago +6


    Literally the same smile : eyebrows raised, squinted eyes, wide grin. Like mother like daughter! 😂

  • benedictify
    benedictify Month ago +5

    she's very charming

  • Sushant Hingane
    Sushant Hingane Month ago +5

    Daenerys will swipe right for John Snow...! huh! We got another incest coming?

  • Brandon Rowe
    Brandon Rowe Month ago +4

    Anyone feel that the disparity between female nudity and male nudity in film/tv is justified/non-existent? A woman has a pair of tits to be judged while a man will be judged for muscle tone/abs/hairiness whatever. A woman's down under is just that; down under- a.k.a is obscured unless filmed from an extremely low angle. A mans swinging bishop or cocksicle is positioned in such a way as to be completely visible from EVERY angle shot from the front. Asking a man to disclose his carrot and bagged apricots to the world would present an even BIGGER problem...Or do you think it would be SMALLER? Reply below.

    • Brandon Rowe
      Brandon Rowe 8 days ago

      Glad you feel the same! Im all for equality, but you know; in the strict sense..

    • Evan W
      Evan W 28 days ago

      Brandon Rowe also...they never show women's genitals so they shouldn't show men's. They show men and women asses and chests which is equal

  • Maha Rao
    Maha Rao Month ago +9

    Her eyebrows have a life of their own!! FREAKING LOVE IT

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +3

    The Celebrity Expert, your having a watermark on your videos is very annoying, which makes it deterrent for many folks to watch your videos.

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago

      The Celebrity Expert, and I you.

    • The Celebrity Expert
      The Celebrity Expert  Month ago

      +John Doe Thank you so much for taking the time to review our channel. We will try to change the ending. We are happy to have Subscribers like you. 😊

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago

      The Celebrity Expert, much obliged. Should I ever come to wish it, I will definitely make use of this kind offer of yours. Your reply to my first comment encouraged me to watch one of your videos, which I did. Another pointer I would have for you, whilst hoping not to be perceived as being overly critical, is that at the end of your videos you move your face a little bit either down or to the side as to not visually obstruct the faces of the beautiful ladies being seen as they ask us to subscribe to your channel. Your avatar is that of a beautiful lady as well. Once again, thank you very much.

    • The Celebrity Expert
      The Celebrity Expert  Month ago

      +John Doe Thank you so much. Would you like us to bring any videos for you? For example, your favorite actresses funny moments, or Interviews. We're happy to entertain you. 😊

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago

      The Celebrity Expert, thank you. You have great content. I look forward to watching your next videos..

  • mr.downzz101 joe
    mr.downzz101 joe Month ago +11

    Shes so hot

    • Ali Mouayed
      Ali Mouayed 19 days ago

      mr.downzz101 joe very true agree!!

  • albati Muteb
    albati Muteb Month ago

    speaking of free the penis , must of the time i ware this tight light sport pants that make my Pines so
    Obvious . No body ever complain to me , i think more people should do that in conjugation of women not wearing a bra and there nipple are also conjugation under clothes

  • Stephanie Murray
    Stephanie Murray Month ago +13

    LOVELOVE her ,,

  • MisterBassBoost
    MisterBassBoost Month ago

    Awesome video,Keep it up!

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