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  • Fake Pokémon Game Boy Color games are for sale from this Scumbag Seller of the Week!
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  • Jose Lara
    Jose Lara Month ago

    The E rating on the gold version is way smaller than it is on the silver version.

  • Josue Guzman
    Josue Guzman Month ago

    i have a gold NWC cart, new in box that i got from my brothers sisters cousins friends mom, might be fake but i still want $10,000

  • ElectronicWasteland
    ElectronicWasteland 2 months ago

    Nintendo should be re-making carts. They're bleeding money to rampant bootlegging it's atrocious. As we all know Nintendo hates money though.

  • SilentRobFan Z
    SilentRobFan Z 2 months ago

    pat the nes PRICK rocking that virgin neckbeard

  • Living dead dolls junky

    Ong pat look like he's seen some shot with that awesome beard

  • BullyScholarshipWii
    BullyScholarshipWii 2 months ago

    Those boxes were definitely fake.

  • A Channel About Video Games

    Just in case he really really doesn't know if they are fake... Well, start the auction at 1$ then and tell the bidders "There is a chance that these are fake, I'm stupid and don't know anything about the stuff I'm selling. Bid at your own risk!"

    But no, he is selling them for a price that's already pretty high for boxed Pokemon GBC games without manuals. If the rest didn't sound fishy, this does.

  • Chris Stevens
    Chris Stevens 3 months ago

    I know the crystal is fake...why because crystal wasn't colored like gold and silver, it had the clear game boy color only cart

  • Doctor Feinstone
    Doctor Feinstone 3 months ago

    there are a bunch of these reproductions on ebay from China. the ones I've seen are less than 10 dollars though

  • TNATNA100
    TNATNA100 3 months ago +1

    As an Israeli
    During the GBC period
    There were many fake games, and there were stores that sold them

    Today the situation is different
    Because it's easy to order original games
      Cheap Online

    One of the problems here is
    Games in the store are much more expensive than the United States

  • Shelby Townsend
    Shelby Townsend 3 months ago

    EASILY counterfeit, look at the oval above the labels. The Crystal one is a GBC game with a bubbled out oval. Those stick out way too much.

  • PyroFierceDeity
    PyroFierceDeity 3 months ago

    i sold me metroid zero mission on eBay. im not a scumbag who sold a repro because my copy was bought at launch. didnt go for much tho

  • harry ballsax
    harry ballsax 3 months ago

    lol! I can tell the crystal is an obvious fake. a legit Crystal cartridge is clear sparkling cartridge, and it doesn't have the indent at the top.

  • Brian P
    Brian P 3 months ago


  • K 2
    K 2 3 months ago

    Hey Pat search for yourself on amazon.ca there are a few scumbag sellers selling punk dvds for $80

  • DarkArmedDaddy01
    DarkArmedDaddy01 3 months ago

    Someone could always buy these items, and then back charge their asses for counterfeits >:D

  • PlayIn Puddles
    PlayIn Puddles 3 months ago

    is it me or is there no foil boxes?

  • Hamstrung Harry
    Hamstrung Harry 3 months ago

    I can almost make out the famous GAME logo on the cartridge there. SO, it's very fake.

  • unseenufo
    unseenufo 3 months ago

    lol we have the same hair. But my beard is a diff color for some reason. I go phases like that. But sometimes i shave my head and beard. You should try it. fun times. and makes your hair come out better next time around.

  • 4ll3sb4n4n3
    4ll3sb4n4n3 3 months ago

    Oh, den Waldschrat gibt es doch, und dann noch gleich 2 davon :D

  • Captain Awes-gofuckyourself-ome

    Why do people even watch this? Do they have social anxiety, or are they just stupid?

  • Jon Davies
    Jon Davies 3 months ago

    I got three fake copies of Pokemon Emerald before getting a real one. Stupid Chinese fakes

  • TheYoloKing71
    TheYoloKing71 3 months ago +1

    Gota love the really fake games right???

  • Carl Kingston
    Carl Kingston 3 months ago

    Pat math XD

  • Retro Game Throwdown
    Retro Game Throwdown 3 months ago

    I found a nice scumbag seller on amazon that sells homemade amiibos uploaded on blank NFC chips for 19$ each.

    ZERO COOL 3 months ago +1

    glad to see ian back!!

  • Dumb Guys Talk About Smart Stuff

    Selling things for your friends brother is always a winner

  • brians computer and games

    it sold lol

  • P Ferreira
    P Ferreira 3 months ago

    I wonder if Pat got my e-mail about a slightly dodging looking site?

  • Jaja -
    Jaja - 3 months ago

    Does the dude with glasses have stomach issues?

  • Ryan Reed
    Ryan Reed 3 months ago

    Ian is the fattest skinny guy I've ever seen

  • Ryan Reed
    Ryan Reed 3 months ago +1

    in all honesty, Ian is a cancer to this show. He reminds me of every pretentious reseller I've ever come across. he literally holds the worst qualities of a collector and entrepreneur that turns me off of literally every episode he is in. His menstruation pad and elbow placement on the chair makes me want to punch babies. please just have your own show or bring Frank on. Ian is a chode

  • austin hershey
    austin hershey 3 months ago

    the pokemon silver is fake

    • austin hershey
      austin hershey 3 months ago

      I forgot to mention that the label is green instead of silver

  • Jason
    Jason 3 months ago

    Why couldn't these fruits just request more pictures and/or ask their questions directly to the seller rather than be microphone fags gossiping to one another about "fake games"?

  • OG Video Games
    OG Video Games 3 months ago

    Instead of them saying Gameboy on the cartridge, they say "GAME". I bought every version from a China seller including the orange version and team rocket version LMAO. They are hilarious.

  • OG Video Games
    OG Video Games 3 months ago

    I bought a bunch of those 1st gen repro carts and gave them to my friends so they can have pokemon.

  • DeeDeeKL
    DeeDeeKL 3 months ago

    oh yeah.. the evil guy is back! ... nice to see you evil guy! ...


    i had gold when i was a kid
    crystal was cool too...

  • Adam J K
    Adam J K 3 months ago

    I think I found feedback by a buyer for this seller for another collection of the same games.

  • Flarisic
    Flarisic 3 months ago

    AT-STs AT-STs!

  • Bud Fahnestock
    Bud Fahnestock 3 months ago

    the cardboard is upside down, not that you couldn't just flip it, but that may be why it seems weird to you ian

  • rawblink
    rawblink 3 months ago

    Pokemon carts are some of the most pirated carts ever. Its a shame for anyone trying to get a real version these days. Just terrible. I feel horrible for anyone who tries to find the GBA versions.

  • Papa Bear
    Papa Bear 3 months ago

    I'm fine with repros as long as they are cheap and list it as a repro. I want to play conker on N64, but not bad enough to pay 100+ dollars to play it.

  • Darkstar263
    Darkstar263 3 months ago

    I once received a fake copy of Pokemon Sapphire on GBA many years ago. I didn't suspect a thing at first. I got through most of the game and wanted to try linking with Colosseum on Gamecube. My save file was wiped. I contacted the seller and they tried to fob me off by claiming it was geniune. Bullshit. I managed to get a genuine copy elsewhere eventually. At least from that experience it taught me how to spot a fake GBA cartridge. I'm not going to fall for that again.

  • Roger Sherman
    Roger Sherman 3 months ago +1

    The weird part is the account is from Jerusalem, Israel but they are shipping from Hong Kong. This means they are most likely drop shipping from a user in China who makes knock off games.

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 3 months ago

    Is there any money in gold and silver versions with fucked batteries? How much does the box and manuals matter?

  • mason s.
    mason s. 3 months ago

    "barely used"
    Because the first concern with a used video game is how often the cart was played. They always break from routine usage.

  • Alexander Salazar
    Alexander Salazar 3 months ago

    This show would be super shady if they broadcasted within 200 ft of a school zone because you know these guys can't do that. Dude on the right has tits also. Just saying

  • Mike Youngblood
    Mike Youngblood 3 months ago

    Anyone who pays hundreds of dollars on a single video game because it is in a box, needs help.

  • 17R3W
    17R3W 3 months ago

    I saw something about getting lose Pokemon game boy games for $3 a piece. Obviously they are repos.

  • Turner D Century
    Turner D Century 3 months ago

    Pokémon seems to have the most scamming, I didn't grow-up with Pokémon, but I can see it's addictive nature. Sucks people fraudulently capitalize on people's nostalgia.

  • Christopher Rowe
    Christopher Rowe 3 months ago

    dont even need to get close to the carts in that pic. can see they're fakes from a mile away

  • CommodoreKong
    CommodoreKong 3 months ago

    Leave a comment on this webzone if you want a pizza roll.

  • Edelweiss
    Edelweiss 3 months ago

    Got stuck with a fake copy of Minish Cap recently, to my shock they were just disinterested in my dispute. Guy's still selling them.

  • The Gaming Paladin
    The Gaming Paladin 3 months ago +1

    goddamn, is there no low that ebay sellers WONT go? smh fml...

  • Saviour86
    Saviour86 3 months ago

    Ian cant mentally analyze the price of those cartridges, it woulnt be bad, if this wasnt the guy in charge of a video games store

  • vivalapwned
    vivalapwned 3 months ago

    did crystal have a large top to the cartridge? Pretty sure it did. Although i guess they could be different elsewhere

  • Karnage  Fails
    Karnage Fails 3 months ago +2

    The echoing and increasingly elaborate introduction to the Scumbag Seller of the Week needs to get more extreme.
    While you guys are doing the echo, there needs to be translucent images of raw sewage flowing or trash cans filled with used condoms stuck to ripped open teddy bears wearing banana peels and mucus while a cataract and alcohol ridden homeless transvestite digs through it only to pull out and stare intently at shit stained Monopoly money

  • William
    William 3 months ago

    FUCK COUNTERFEIT POKEMON GAMES UP THE FUCKING ASS!!! seriously they're fucking eeeeverywhere and many stores unknowingly sell them and perpetuate the cycle of BS, I mean I got one from freaking Play N Trade no less. the gba ones are fairly obvious but the DS ones can easily fool people.

    I saw a fake emerald at some new retro game store that I just happened to stumble upon vacation, and luckily I had that exact game on hand to point it out to them. I hope I saved some poor rookie collector or pokefan from getting some fake piece of shit that would have corrupt saves after a month.

  • Bob
    Bob 3 months ago

    No holo on the main pictures, Crystal color looks off, I don't see any hint of glitter from the three games since they made these three shine a little. Also the games are inserted in wrong and no Gameboy written on the white part beneath the game slots on the white cardboard. But the pictures are so far away from the games I can't tell if the games have a holo or the boxes. But that Crystal color looks off to me still or it's the plastic GB sleeve.

  • x1ic1x
    x1ic1x 3 months ago

    He also has diddy kong pilot

  • x1ic1x
    x1ic1x 3 months ago

    This are not mine

  • mjstory1976
    mjstory1976 3 months ago

    Smells like my ex girlfriend


  • Commodorefan64
    Commodorefan64 3 months ago

    This shit is why I usually don't go for complete in box GB/GBC/GBA games as there are so many fakes out there, but If I'm out thrifting, and do happen to come across legit GB/GBC/GBA games with their boxes, and manuals then I just consider it a bonus.

    • SolarstrikeVG
      SolarstrikeVG 3 months ago

      I'm just lucky I have a great retro shop nearby.

  • itchyisvegeta
    itchyisvegeta 3 months ago

    It is very simple. Any one who sells repros on ebay is a scumbag seller, and Ebay is a scumbag company for allowing it. The games' IP holders, and every legit used game store needs to send Ebay a cease and desist, and if they continue to allow it, sue the ever living shit out of them.

  • Wookie Cookie Bot
    Wookie Cookie Bot 3 months ago

    Is Ian ok? He hasn't been looking good lately. I'm worried about him.

  • skabcat242
    skabcat242 3 months ago

    So fake just by looking at the box.

  • MilkAndCookies
    MilkAndCookies 3 months ago

    The Crystal cartridge in the beginning is fake. You can tell because the groove goes down, instead of bumping up.

  • Lucus Trainor
    Lucus Trainor 3 months ago

    Pretty sure those box inserts are upside down and that's what's confusing Ian. I think the fat part goes at the bottom and the open slot for the game is at the top

  • larryinc64
    larryinc64 3 months ago

    Crystal has the wrong cart shell, it should have the GBC bump, and Silver looks more purple.

  • joepassive
    joepassive 3 months ago

    This gives out such a bad name for Israeli sellers on ebay. You see, Toys-R-Us in israel was selling FAKE Gameboy games in the 90s. I'm totally serious. people were opening them up to see no Nintendo logo on the games board. This is a huge problem in itself, so if it's from israel check 2-3 times. as a israeli.

  • 941asland
    941asland 3 months ago

    Those cardboard inserts look too small next to the box. They look like they would rattle around inside the box.

  • Elton Thomas
    Elton Thomas 3 months ago

    I'm glad I retired from Pokemon years ago.

  • samcopus1
    samcopus1 3 months ago

    I've got a GBC cartridge for Pokemon Diamond that I got for my 7th birthday on eBay and was never able to find a lot of I'm info on it, anybody got any?

  • Yahoo Isokay
    Yahoo Isokay 3 months ago

    "We have a.... hfffffhhh..."

    "We have a... hffffhhhh..."


    don't ask me why but that sounded on the echo effect lol

  • Allison F
    Allison F 3 months ago

    I own a legitimate CIB copy of Pokemon Gold from my childhood and can confirm those inserts are not like the original ones.

  • Brayden Fath
    Brayden Fath 3 months ago +5

    The boxes in the picture are obviously fake because they're so flat and dark. The real boxes are shiny as fuck and regardless of how little glare there is those things will still shine or at least look less vibrant.

  • lvl5Vaporeon
    lvl5Vaporeon 3 months ago +4

    I wonder if this includes chinese bootleg batteries or a crappy flash cart...

    Pokemon games are always pirated and I feel bad for those who get a fake cart.

    • John Redcorn
      John Redcorn 3 months ago

      Yeah they seem to get it the worst. And it pains me to see some of them, sometimes, will have next to it "146 sold, More than 10 available"...

      Poor, poor souls.

  • g1nobleteam
    g1nobleteam 3 months ago +1

    Fake Pokemon games, aka the most common counterfeits.

  • Derg Enterprises
    Derg Enterprises 3 months ago

    Pokemon is fake anyways, so who cares

  • Gav3eb 2016
    Gav3eb 2016 3 months ago

    I appreciated the Plinkett quote!

  • shinynewjb
    shinynewjb 3 months ago

    The game boy colour side bar on the box in the middle is stretched. The colours on the game boy colour logo are too saturated on the box. Game boy colour games did not come in the plastic clamshells and the plastic of the Crystal cart looks wrong. Also, Crystal came on one of the full Game boy colour carts with the bevelled part at the top, not the 'black cart' type cartridges with an embossed detail.

  • RetroR0bbie
    RetroR0bbie 3 months ago +1

    reproductions of real games are so bad for this hobby. wish they did not exist :(

    • RetroR0bbie
      RetroR0bbie 3 months ago

      its just too many people trying to pass them off as real thing.

    • g1nobleteam
      g1nobleteam 3 months ago

      RetroR0bbie Don't think they're inherently bad, on the condition that the reproduction cart is cheaper than the original, and is distinguished from the original.

  • FUNKOfilms
    FUNKOfilms 3 months ago

    Oh no. It sold.

  • ObiTrev
    ObiTrev 3 months ago

    Scumbag Seller... My local Walmart. They sold Pokemon Diamond for Gameboy Color (telefang) on the Nintendo shelf.

  • Anthony Cobos
    Anthony Cobos 3 months ago

    Sold for $81

  • ProtosMerkabah
    ProtosMerkabah 3 months ago

    Didn't the originals not have the plastic cases?

  • lookoutforthatninja
    lookoutforthatninja 3 months ago

    "This seller is in Israel."

    Oi vey the gentiles know shut it down.

  • jamez fat
    jamez fat 3 months ago

    these are only cool for American repros of green and physical copies of fan games and (good) Rom hacks

  • Sebastian Nordlund
    Sebastian Nordlund 3 months ago

    And why is the E for everyone different sizes on gold and silver. why does only the silvers box have nintendo seal of approval. very fishy

  • Emmett Turner
    Emmett Turner 3 months ago

    The bigger tell than the manual is that the GBC games did not have a removable cardboard insert or clamshell cases. The boxes had built-in folds and cuts to hold the game without a tray. But, come one guys:
    These have always been on eBay. Like, since the games were still in store and the bootleggers were undercutting the MSRP. Not that it makes it OK (far from it), but it makes it not very notable.

  • DatRaph
    DatRaph 3 months ago


  • zevvay
    zevvay 3 months ago

    drove over half an hour to pick up 4 pokemon gba games for 25 bucks a peice 2nd hand, got them home realized they were fake drove back and got my money back, somewhat happy ending but a huge waste of time. Now im always super skepticle about buying pokemon games.

  • KnoocalsTV
    KnoocalsTV 3 months ago

    *Refers to Luna Video Games bootleg spotting training guide by Ian Ferguson*

  • אולדסקול
    אולדסקול 3 months ago

    Just so you know, back in the day legitimate stores in Israel sometimes carried fake game boy games. Someone who bought the games in the 90s for the full price in a store like ToysRUs could have been ripped off, and most people would never know (except for avid collectors). Considering this, there's a chance the seller is just being honest in the description.
    That aside, the listing eventually sold.

  • 575forza
    575forza 3 months ago

    SIn of omission, Ian?

  • Cole Dott
    Cole Dott 3 months ago

    biggest scumbag seller is the dude that sold both of you your beards.

  • DeadGameTech
    DeadGameTech 3 months ago

    I see scammers on eBay selling gameboy systems with "free Zelda or Pokemon game." They are able to get away with hyping up the purchase price with their "free" fake game, and claim no responsibility for it being fake since it was advertised "free" in the sale... If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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