Blind Taco Taste Test

  • Added:  7 months ago
  • Can we pick out your favorite fast food tacos while blindfolded? GMM #1036!
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    Writer/Producer: Edward Coleman
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    Writer/Producer: Micah Gordon
    Associate Producer: Chase Hilt
    Technical Director/Graphics/Editor: Morgan Locke
    Editor: Casey Nimmer
    Additional Graphics/Editing: Matthew Dwyer
    Production Coordinator: Alexander Punch
    Production Assistant: Mike Criscimagna
    Content Manager: John Warder
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  • Runtime: 14:0
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Comments: 5 543

  • Softball_ Taylor
    Softball_ Taylor 7 months ago +1866

    I know what it is just by smelling the lettuce 😂😂😂

  • Jelly bean
    Jelly bean 13 hours ago

    Man now I want tacos

  • Cameron Norris
    Cameron Norris 1 day ago

    Blind burrito taste test

  • popwarhomie
    popwarhomie 1 day ago

    Out of all those places I've only had Taco Bell...

  • Aubree Swart
    Aubree Swart 1 day ago

    Team Sunchie!

  • Aubree Swart
    Aubree Swart 1 day ago

    I literally watched this episode just for the "As you can see we can't." And the corresponding hand over blindfold wave. I love Link so much! He is so ace! 😂😘💙

  • Robin Clooney
    Robin Clooney 2 days ago

    did the tacos have fre sh a vaca do

  • Robin Clooney
    Robin Clooney 2 days ago

    I knows my Tacos

  • Russian Friendly Stewart

    Rhett and Link were arrested 2 hours later for public nudity

  • Wolf kid Gaming
    Wolf kid Gaming 3 days ago

    Will it pizza??

  • John Heff
    John Heff 3 days ago

    They just opened a Taco Bell in my town know I eat tacos every

  • Liam Studios
    Liam Studios 4 days ago

    di the del taco one have freshavacado

  • oscar hogsta
    oscar hogsta 5 days ago +1

    Who makes the franken voice?

  • Jonah Nelson
    Jonah Nelson 5 days ago

    My armpits itch

  • The Exquisite Thinker

    Blind TTT

  • Paula Jaramillo
    Paula Jaramillo 6 days ago

    Oh man... The gifs 2:42 3:13

  • UPC- Gaming
    UPC- Gaming 6 days ago

    when rhett pronounces chipotle wrong

  • Lost Centurion
    Lost Centurion 8 days ago

    RIP Link Taco bell Taco

  • Vaders Fist Productions


  • Candace Harris
    Candace Harris 10 days ago +1

    I now what it is by smelling the lettuce

  • Butterscotch37 D
    Butterscotch37 D 11 days ago

    Why is everyone ignoring Snickeldumper ( aka Rhett McFoxlin )? :(

  • Hannah Watson
    Hannah Watson 11 days ago

    Link: Because our jobs are great!
    Me: Dude, you have literally ate pig anus before in a soup

  • knowledgeable Penguin
    knowledgeable Penguin 12 days ago

    If they wore oven mitts, it would have made it way easier for them 2 eat...

  • Jun
    Jun 12 days ago

    omg XD chipotle was baja fresh and baja fresh was chipotle (link guess)

  • Taha Chaudhry
    Taha Chaudhry 12 days ago

    I wonder if they live in North Carolina

  • Jack Grossman
    Jack Grossman 12 days ago

    you have made the lets taco bout that joke twice and i wouldnt care but you could have done it a third time. Once is enough, every time is ok, but just picking some? SOME?!

  • amandamadd
    amandamadd 12 days ago

    why do i like these sooo much?

  • Zandy D
    Zandy D 14 days ago

    Fast food tacos vs. street tacos

  • Dood Bro
    Dood Bro 14 days ago


  • SorraTheUltimate
    SorraTheUltimate 14 days ago


  • TheGamingGod620
    TheGamingGod620 15 days ago

    Rhetts dictionary- *chi-pote-ole*
    Real- *chip-oat-lay*

  • Madiisuun
    Madiisuun 16 days ago

    i can't believe any fool could confuse a jack in the box taco with anything else.

  • dragonball bows
    dragonball bows 17 days ago

    To bad it's difficult to get tacos in U.K. :(

  • Sameerah Nawaz
    Sameerah Nawaz 17 days ago +1

    Who else was so happy when Link said, "Let's taco about that"😂😂❤️

  • Emily Thomas
    Emily Thomas 17 days ago

    The way Rhett says chipotle😂😂

  • Isabel Favre
    Isabel Favre 18 days ago

    South Carolina dosnt have jack in the box

  • Galaxy Glitter26
    Galaxy Glitter26 19 days ago

    The famous as you can see we can't

  • Nevaeh Burns
    Nevaeh Burns 19 days ago

    i can imagine the crew just eating tacos during all of this

  • b83 boy
    b83 boy 20 days ago

    the slogan could just be just smell the Leduc

  • Tara Fadavi
    Tara Fadavi 20 days ago

    The way Rhett said " GOSH TACO HAND"

  • Umair Gaming
    Umair Gaming 21 day ago

    Rhett said chipotel

  • Donald Carr
    Donald Carr 21 day ago

    I need to move to another state. Out of all six taco places, we only have taco bell.

  • Alice K
    Alice K 22 days ago

    "I'm so confused about the orientation" me trying to figure out my sexuality

  • That Russian YouTuber who is half British Walker

    I never ate a taco in my life._.

  • Stingo Rarr
    Stingo Rarr 22 days ago


  • Yuri88838
    Yuri88838 23 days ago

    Rhett it's pronounced cha-polt-lay

  • Diesel Johnson
    Diesel Johnson 23 days ago +1

    I wanna see will it pizza

  • Awesome Face
    Awesome Face 23 days ago

    chipp-oet-lay chipotle

  • Nitro Vision
    Nitro Vision 24 days ago

    Favorite food because mine is bacon

  • Nitro Vision
    Nitro Vision 24 days ago

    I think that is their

  • Nikki Pike
    Nikki Pike 24 days ago

    Rhett was having a great hair day in this episode

  • ScratchNsniff ಠ_ಠ
    ScratchNsniff ಠ_ಠ 24 days ago

    Jack in the box is the grossest. Why tf would you put slices of gross cheese on a taco??

  • DeathReaper
    DeathReaper 25 days ago

    When the only fast food you live near is McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, and Taco Bell...

  • getsugatenshoFTW
    getsugatenshoFTW 25 days ago

    Let's Taco bout that

    MRHAMBURG3R 26 days ago +1

    Hahahaha lol better than the burger 🍔 and fries 🍟 taste test

    MRHAMBURG3R 26 days ago +1

    Best vid EVER!!!!! (no jk)

  • Turtles 634
    Turtles 634 26 days ago

    here is a sad thing about romania:we don't have tacos :((((((

  • Diego14789
    Diego14789 27 days ago

    I think that every mexican knows that the original tacos are with wheat tortilla B)

  • Undead Gamerz
    Undead Gamerz 27 days ago

    12:44 link got 4 all of a sudden lol

  • Jett draco lll
    Jett draco lll 28 days ago

    jack in the box better idgaf...

  • James Huntsberry
    James Huntsberry 28 days ago

    jack in the box are the best. hands down

  • Emmett Sporalsky
    Emmett Sporalsky 29 days ago

    i loved the way link greeted the franken taco to his face. hi

  • Juan Julio
    Juan Julio 29 days ago +1

    will it dessert

  • Jose v
    Jose v 29 days ago

    none of those were tacos

  • Corey Saunders
    Corey Saunders 29 days ago

    I've lived my entire life in Holly Springs, NC always happy to hear my Carolina boys mention home.

  • Mason Mauzy
    Mason Mauzy 29 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay: ITS TAKO YOU DUNKEY

  • Mancer99
    Mancer99 1 month ago

    "This is the crunchy."
    *breaks taco*
    "What happened? Did I break my crunchy?"

  • Sara Yoo
    Sara Yoo 1 month ago

    I could never close my eyes for that long

  • Sara Yoo
    Sara Yoo 1 month ago

    Rhett's face after Link said "lets taco bout that" is goals 😂😂

  • mc_macapaca
    mc_macapaca 1 month ago

    since when were tacos tortillas?

  • DoNotLookAtMe
    DoNotLookAtMe 1 month ago

    Do Will it Taco Remake!

  • Hunter Dalske
    Hunter Dalske 1 month ago

    does anyone know who the lady counting the points is

  • Bit Block
    Bit Block 1 month ago

    I watched this while sitting at Qdoba

  • Mark
    Mark 1 month ago

    C H I P O D D L E

  • Dazz_ Boi
    Dazz_ Boi 1 month ago

    I have never eaten a taco

  • Adam Bess
    Adam Bess 1 month ago

    It is so frustrating watching them try to eat food in these challenges. They can't take bites and Link tries too hard to be funny while also trying to take a bite

  • unnamed715
    unnamed715 1 month ago

    I wanna open up a restaurant named Let's Taco Bout That!

  • Spaget-bro
    Spaget-bro 1 month ago

    The way he pronounced Chipotle 😂

  • Kason Dean
    Kason Dean 1 month ago

    Fre sha vacado

  • Clayton Roth
    Clayton Roth 1 month ago

    Do curly fries taste test

  • Littlebitbignoise Noise

    Lol! Rhett eating chipotle taco!

  • miguel rojas
    miguel rojas 1 month ago

    See if you can get the whole hand in your mouth on this one - link 2017

  • sophie plays
    sophie plays 1 month ago

    i am like eating taco rn XD

  • Darth Schizophrenic Chameleon

    If you guys ever come to Winston Salem, we've go a lot of Mexican restaurants including a few of the ones in the video

  • Blood
    Blood 1 month ago

    I'm sad because Lucahjin didn't show up as a guest this episode.

  • abc
    abc 1 month ago

    6:06 ink forgets how to use his hands😜😂

  • Sansedy
    Sansedy 1 month ago

    Well in the Uk we don't even have tacos 🌮

  • Reuben Hatso
    Reuben Hatso 1 month ago


  • KevinGamerTV //KGTV
    KevinGamerTV //KGTV 1 month ago

    I love tacos

  • C.T.
    C.T. 1 month ago

    when i saw del taco i immediately thought of FRE SHA VACA DO

  • #Prankster Gangster Nation member

    get to del taco for free shavacado

  • alex
    alex 1 month ago

    damn now i want tacos

  • Avery Snyder
    Avery Snyder 1 month ago

    They "hand crotch" is called the cagina

  • Xx_skinny potatoe Xx
    Xx_skinny potatoe Xx 1 month ago

    "Get on down to Del-Taco! They got this new thing called fre-shi-vavo-do!

  • Kingrig
    Kingrig 1 month ago

    As you see, we can't!

  • Paithen
    Paithen 1 month ago

    *_C H I P O T E L_*

  • Holo Its Mee
    Holo Its Mee 1 month ago

    Qdoba is the best 😻😻

  • DestinyFlash 101
    DestinyFlash 101 1 month ago

    i've never eaten a taco before...

  • Aleckz Villafañe
    Aleckz Villafañe 1 month ago

    4:14 - 4:26 close your eyes and listen

  • Aleckz Villafañe
    Aleckz Villafañe 1 month ago

    every video that they need to be blind folded, i always expect link to say "as you can see, we can't" 😂😂😂

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