Gaming on a Laptop using an External GPU

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  • In this experimental video I try connecting a desktop graphics card to a laptop... the results were certainly interesting.


    I've been wanting to try this out for a while, so a big thanks to BangGood for sending me the adapter (ebay link above, banggood link below).
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  • Alexander The Phoenix

    i know this is an old video but i was wondering if this device could be used on a macbook pro 2012 through the thunderbolt using a thunderbolt to hdmi cable and Bootcamp Windows?

  • Powerful Fairy
    Powerful Fairy 8 days ago

    nice samsung tv

    same model as mine

  • Gander 85852
    Gander 85852 9 days ago

    What is the max Gpu can this adapter support.

  • Eric Ta
    Eric Ta 9 days ago

    I have a shit Inspiron 11 3000 touch 2-in-1. So this means I can upgrade the shit that is my laptop.

  • Abd Rahim
    Abd Rahim 11 days ago

    does that thing exist in Algeria???

  • Enrico Kianaldo
    Enrico Kianaldo 11 days ago

    they say that the gpu performance is limited due to the cable bandwidth limit , is this true ?

  • WeKKY. TEcHY. Pd
    WeKKY. TEcHY. Pd 12 days ago


  • Wrzeszcz100
    Wrzeszcz100 13 days ago

    What do I do if the card is not detected in the device manager?

  • Ernesto Rodriguez
    Ernesto Rodriguez 14 days ago

    very easy to set up... 2hrs later and 100 power adapter

  • Ghostwalker CIA
    Ghostwalker CIA 15 days ago


  • RangerDoggo
    RangerDoggo 15 days ago

    I hate that j can't sabeoney or get enough money for a better laptop or pc

  • Thunderlux
    Thunderlux 16 days ago

    my laptop has a AMD a6 5200 2.00 GHz quad core apu and i want to know if i should upgrade to a new desktop or if i should just get a gtx 750ti and bootleg my laptop like he did in this video

  • Mephusto West
    Mephusto West 18 days ago

    seems like a lot of work for little

  • Sourav Mandal
    Sourav Mandal 21 day ago

    I really liked this video but I have a question that ,I don't want to disassemble my laptop every time. is their any other way using laptop's inbulit HDMI or VGA to connect with graphics card's HDMI ?
    I will very tankful if you help me.

    I have dell inspiron n4010.

  • ZapperPlayz123
    ZapperPlayz123 25 days ago

    my ACER laptop needs one of these

  • The Downshift
    The Downshift 26 days ago

    Can you hook any GPU to any Laptop using that adapter?

  • Hell no
    Hell no 27 days ago

    the cpu isnt fucked up?

  • Subhadip Ghorui
    Subhadip Ghorui 28 days ago me........can i use a pci-e 1x to 16x riser cable .....because the dock you shown did not available on my country.........
    i found this in amazon....does it work on laptop for external graphics card.........
    Fixable PCI-E 16X to 1X Adapter USB3.0 USB 3.0 Riser Cable Flex Flexible Extension Cable w/ Molex 4 Pin Power Connector

  • Eugene Epstein
    Eugene Epstein 28 days ago

    Try Fallout 4 on Ultra

  • A.J. Sulter
    A.J. Sulter 28 days ago

    can i use this on pc bcz i dont have a pci slot on my motherboard

  • frank ward
    frank ward 1 month ago

    dabeatsurgeon on facebook keep in touch

  • frank ward
    frank ward 1 month ago

    how can  I buy one from you with docking station for hp pavil dv74295us direct x 11 i7 need a nice gpu clock with external drive up to a terabyte how much would you charge me

  • jackson michael
    jackson michael 1 month ago

    Hi, I am the current user of an old laptop called "Dell Latitude 3330" that has "Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3337U CPU @ 1.80GHz" and "Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000" with 4gb of Ram. I wonder if my laptop can run "Overwatch" If I do the same thing u did in the video. If it is possible, would you explain briefly about the materials and steps that I must be prepared with? Thank you, and I hope to hear good news from you.

  • KGM SK
    KGM SK 1 month ago

    I have the same laptop as you
    Can i use laptop's screen to see or need external And it gdr3??

  • Ujwal Bhagat
    Ujwal Bhagat 1 month ago

    Can we directly plug the HDMI cable into the laptops HDMI port?

  • DeagMX
    DeagMX 1 month ago

    if the PSU is used just to power the graphics card will it eat more power than the graphics card even needs? Just because the PSU is on?

  • Sander Baats
    Sander Baats 1 month ago

    can you use a hmdi to thunderbolt 3 cable instead of removing te wificard?

  • Weno Jurc
    Weno Jurc 1 month ago

    does this setup work with Surface Pro 4 line?

  • TabalugaDragon
    TabalugaDragon 1 month ago

    I'd liek the same thing for usb type c in my laptop

  • MZM
    MZM 1 month ago

    that's why I like Chinese product , and i started hating Intel and Nvidia for there ****** . we want better performance with low price , thanks for the video.

  • Christian Natanael
    Christian Natanael 1 month ago

    It is cool, but it will reduce the actually speed on that gpu's. Because it will force to x1 mode instead x16 of gpu data line.

  • Knack Hd
    Knack Hd 1 month ago

    I have an i5 7200u laptop, do anyone have a recommended GPU?

    p.s. I am new in gaming

  • Noah Gehlhausen
    Noah Gehlhausen 1 month ago

    Is it possible to connect it to the laptop through external means? I don't want to crack open my (nearly) new laptop for a slight boost in graphics.

  • Fathur Heykal
    Fathur Heykal 1 month ago

    must need external monitor???

  • Juniorslothsix's vloggs and other fun stuff

    Hey what is the D.C. Port for and can I use it instead of having a atx power supply jerry rigged on my desk???

  • Alperen Kaptan
    Alperen Kaptan 1 month ago

    can you use thunderbolt cable instead of mpci-e. i dont wanna open up my laptop

  • Kaku Kapasia
    Kaku Kapasia 1 month ago

    how can i check my system compatibility wih external higher graphic card

  • aldo s
    aldo s 1 month ago

    so how do you pack and go if you want to go work? is dissasemble needed?

  • Rohan Gisiawan
    Rohan Gisiawan 1 month ago

    now you have thunderbolt and you can you use the raze core concept

  • zforged
    zforged 1 month ago

    i have a newer laptop and it's not compatible with the cable that comes with the pcie. Which cable do i need?

  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    Imagine this for a sec
    A intel core 2 quad along with external 1080 ti... a fucking beast lmao

  • Coded Entertainment
    Coded Entertainment 1 month ago

    will this work with a 2 in 1 pc?

  • VWeooo
    VWeooo 1 month ago

    I am into making a PC with a Laptop's motherboard. Since it is an "old" i7 3537U Processor it is not supposed to be too noisy. I planned to connect an NVIDIA 1050. I wanted to power de motherboard and the "external" nvidia with an ATX power supply. The thing is that the mother board works at 9v or so was its dead power supply. How should I connect the ATX power supply to the laptop's MB? I haven't seen anything like this in internet. I do not want to use two power supplies for one computer.

  • JamZieZ
    JamZieZ 1 month ago

    Can you make a casing for this and use a hdmi to thunderbolt adapter

  • xXAtmo5phereXx
    xXAtmo5phereXx 1 month ago

    how do I know if my laptop is compatible

  • King Bg
    King Bg 1 month ago

    Can i do the same with a couple of video cards connected to a computer with a usb ?

  • Mario193
    Mario193 1 month ago

    does this gonna work for a i3 hp laptop ???

  • Samir Fathy
    Samir Fathy 1 month ago

    I am having a problem with my Toshiba C50-A076 laptop, it is provided with 2 GPUs, one is Intel 400 and the other is Nvidia, previously and all of a sudden the Nvidia stopped working and now the laptop keeps restarting, the Maintainance guys agreed on that the GPU is the problem since it heats very quickly causing the hardware to restart after it kept hanging for a while.
    Can I use this trick fot now?

  • Uranium
    Uranium 1 month ago

    Another bottleneck other than the laptops CPU is the pci express port on the laptop which is not x16 while the graphics card needs x16 pcie slot to work properly. Really interesting project though!

  • Uranium
    Uranium 1 month ago

    3 years later the lowspecgamer tests the same device. I guess he is late to the party...

  • Narcis D
    Narcis D 1 month ago

    I have a question.If I have a Macbook...can I connect the external GPU to the laptop using just an usual HDMI cable?

  • micheal sun
    micheal sun 2 months ago

    kinda defeat the purpose of a laptop thro

    • kenny ricardo
      kenny ricardo 1 month ago

      micheal sun say you got a business laptop (powerful core i7 processor, but no graphic cards) and wanted to game. this will make the laptop function as a laptop and a gaming pc at home. if you build a gaming pc and buy a laptop, the laptop will be either weak or have bad battery life

    TECHIEMANIA 2 months ago

    How can I connect the adapter to my PC because the CPU case or cabinet is small to install a graphic card?
    pls tell

  • Tuvshinbat Sundui
    Tuvshinbat Sundui 2 months ago

    Modern laptop becoming without cdrom should consider..

  • Tuvshinbat Sundui
    Tuvshinbat Sundui 2 months ago

    How about laptops without pci slot

  • Mussa Ahmad
    Mussa Ahmad 2 months ago

    you buy half the computer

  • Jelly Ninja
    Jelly Ninja 2 months ago

    i bought a hp omen laptop, is the external gpu compatible with it? please help

  • hari prakash
    hari prakash 2 months ago

    can i use it for hp pavalion 15 n225t please tell me this is specs link

  • Sonic Boom!
    Sonic Boom! 2 months ago


  • Angelo Calderon
    Angelo Calderon 2 months ago

    wait does this mean that when using the external gpu you have to connect a monitor?
    can you use the laptops screen??

  • Angelo Calderon
    Angelo Calderon 2 months ago

    did anyone with an hp laptop managed to do this?

  • DoomRater
    DoomRater 2 months ago

    Oh that's nice. DIY an enclosure for it so it's extra stable!

  • Blaster Sans
    Blaster Sans 2 months ago

    Will this work for ASUS X555L? I'm trying to play a game called: "Subnautica". It said my GPU needed a upgrade, and I'm not sure how it will work for ASUS.

  • Critchy
    Critchy 2 months ago

    is it compatible with a nuc?

  • Savage Uploads
    Savage Uploads 2 months ago

    What was that racing game that u used in the video

  • Savage Uploads
    Savage Uploads 2 months ago

    What was that racing game that u used in the video

  • [ Content Deleted ]
    [ Content Deleted ] 2 months ago

    hue hue i have best pc i have a i87324623874632847236483276238194873492874928374294 core pc lololololol.ol.oll.lolol (not really lolololol)

  • Cameron Leggett
    Cameron Leggett 2 months ago

    i can see using this in a Frankenstein laptop/desktop hybrid! Use the mobo from a older laptop in a desktop type case with one of these to breath more life out of older hardware!

  • Athanasios Lanaras
    Athanasios Lanaras 2 months ago

    Can someone tell me what I need to know in order to find out if my hp probook 4520S is compatible with an external gpu?

  • _ Mechros _
    _ Mechros _ 2 months ago

    This is perfect for me! I saved up to build a custom PC, I've studied online for 4 years about pc's , but I'm still not allowed to get parts. BUT my graphics card is damaged. So there is no reason not to get this!

  • CDprimaryD
    CDprimaryD 2 months ago

    Are you able to use the laptops display only, or are you forced to use a standalone monitor?

  • Irfan Kamil
    Irfan Kamil 2 months ago

    will it get bottlenecked if my cpu suck? mine i5-6200u

    GEOVAS 2 months ago

    Can it run games ok on 1080p with a pentium 2 ghz processor??

  • Jose Herrera
    Jose Herrera 2 months ago

    Can you use it on an Alienware Alpha?

  • kkfranco
    kkfranco 2 months ago

    there is the possibility to use the usb port? i don't have the pci slot

  • Barely Optimal
    Barely Optimal 2 months ago

    kind of defeats the whole "portable" concept

  • Gaming Boy
    Gaming Boy 3 months ago

    where to buy. it

  • cr12
    cr12 3 months ago

    DIY Perks

  • Patrick Carl
    Patrick Carl 3 months ago

    I know it's an older video, but can you use the laptop's screen or do you need a monitor as well?

  • Error4-07-99
    Error4-07-99 3 months ago

    not very practical

  • Omar Shiha
    Omar Shiha 3 months ago

    what about trying this same laptop with newer gpu like the gtx 1050 ti or gtx 1060

  • remoyuoi poio
    remoyuoi poio 3 months ago

    does it work on any laptop? my specs

    i5 6200u (2.30ghz)
    1920x1080 resolution
    ram-8GB DDR3
    windows 10
    plz suggest best gaming graphics for me anyone

  • Anthony Hart
    Anthony Hart 3 months ago

    can you use this in a regular desktop ?

  • Ayman Abid
    Ayman Abid 3 months ago

    I wonder if i can make it work on a gpd win and a gtx 1050 (knowing that the gpd win has a usb type-c and the only wire right now that can give graphical data) im shiping the stuff right now on amazon WISH ME LUCK

  • SinglePlayer BR
    SinglePlayer BR 3 months ago

    +DIY Perks if the adapter is plugged into a HDMI socket on your laptop, does it work? Since that plug is a fast data socket, I thought it would worth a while trying

  • Juan Ant. Guzman
    Juan Ant. Guzman 3 months ago

    i have 1050ti this grraphic card dont use molex or power connector you think can use¿

  • The Next world
    The Next world 3 months ago


  • XxXSpit_Fire_GamingXxX394

    so doing this, taking out your wireless cable, there is no wifi? or is it some other component that im not awere of and has nothing to do with my cause, because all i want to do is run gta 5 on my gaming laptop for hp...

  • Abdera7mane Gamer
    Abdera7mane Gamer 3 months ago

    i have lenovo L520 do you think i can put the GPU adapter ?

  • Alfonso
    Alfonso 3 months ago

    does a HP pavilion Entertainment PC have a PCI-slot

  • Juanfra Ncisco
    Juanfra Ncisco 3 months ago

    make one using thunderbolt plz

  • Wegster64
    Wegster64 3 months ago

    wow soo cool

  • crazydogoo3
    crazydogoo3 3 months ago

    did they stop making them they are sold out every where :( plz help

  • LAVINE CLEVE // SlyCryEddie

    THis is sad this computer can run strong games here comes my so called 500 PC and I run csgo 50 FPS. God I just love Logic

    HECTIC 3 months ago

    could this work with a 2016 gtx 1060 3gb graphics card

    ALBERTO 3 months ago

    this is the real life???

  • lJITimate
    lJITimate 3 months ago

    where is the mini PCI slot? is it inside the laptop?

  • FaZe P4ysagorXD Marcis

    i tried and it worked!! now i can play games on 4k

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