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  • Meet Julia, the newest friend on Sesame Street. Julia has autism. When her new friend Abby notices what a good jumper she is, the two friends invent a new game to play together: boing boing tag!

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  • Runtime: 1:17
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  • Some_Nobody_On_The_Internet

    I remember these two kids in middle school who has autism. They were both picked on becuase of it. Can I just say, I hate middle schoolers.
    Unless you have some respect for all people and are a middle schooler then you're cool.

  • Voiceover 1994
    Voiceover 1994 12 days ago

    The girl is a genius like Albert Einstein

    ΔLL.DΔYTrILL Month ago

    they turned autism into a meme so this feels weird...

  • queenielizzle
    queenielizzle Month ago

    This is the cutest thing I've seen all week omg

  • Ephany Yackamouih
    Ephany Yackamouih 2 months ago

    Boing tag sounds fun like if u aggre!

  • Cullen Lad56
    Cullen Lad56 4 months ago

    I'm insulted now and am ashamed to be autistic

  • Brady Marshall
    Brady Marshall 4 months ago

    Julia and Cadabby INVENTED "Boing Boing Tag". That seems too simple to invent, because adding hopping up and down to tag is all there was to it.
    Anyway, Julia is cute. I have autism like she does.

  • D. C. S.
    D. C. S. 4 months ago +1

    It is so sad to see the fearful uneducated people are here trolling. This is Sesame Street. If you do not like this stuff you are free to go elsewhere. This is sorely needed to educate the younger generation of understanding and toleration. Grow up people please. This is a serious condition. I have nephews and nieces with Autism. You have no idea how innocent and pure these children are...

  • DoneWithLifeKermitJR
    DoneWithLifeKermitJR 4 months ago +1

    this is so autist.....wait a minute

  • UltimateJKC1994
    UltimateJKC1994 4 months ago

    Awww. Julia's like my little brother, Seth. ^^

  • MistaMC 007
    MistaMC 007 4 months ago +1

    Honestly, I love how they've incorporated the character Julia in the books as well as on live television. Like everyone in the past, we all could've wished we grew up seeing her because I, for example, did not know about autism until someone told me about it after I called someone who had autism "weird." How would I know? I was about 5-6 years old at the time. My point is, I'm glad they've added a new character like Julia to the Sesame Street group. All the muppets are doing a fantastic job making her fit right in without second thoughts and accepting her for who she is. Now the new generation of kids can be exposed to autism and understand that autistic people are just the same as any other human being except they think differently and process things in their own way mentally 😊👍🏻

  • MegamanElric16
    MegamanElric16 4 months ago

    Wait, Sesame Street and Muppets are connected to each other?

    • William Ambridge
      William Ambridge 4 months ago

      Yeah dude. Jim Henson was one of the main puppeteers/designers on the show when it first started.

  • ClashFaze - Clash Royale and Clash of cland

    I like you *just* the way you are

  • Raj K
    Raj K 4 months ago


  • Esme Marion
    Esme Marion 4 months ago +1

    Julia is freaking adorable, oh my god ;u;

  • Antonia Macias
    Antonia Macias 4 months ago


  • Education life nice
    Education life nice 4 months ago

    Instructive Problem Solving(part-40)

  • ZeroShift
    ZeroShift 5 months ago

    Are you telling me a character that talks to his goldfish and sings to no one is sane? Along with a cookie addicted blue Monster
    Or someone who lives in the trash?
    Nah jk it's a pretty good character to have

  • gravity silence
    gravity silence 5 months ago +1

    Julia is my new favourite character. Not that I watch Sesame Street or anything, geez.

  • Aniss Toudjine_23
    Aniss Toudjine_23 5 months ago

    this is so cool, since my brother has autism

    • Coolcat 1911
      Coolcat 1911 4 months ago

      Ah man, same. Getting hate for it tho, which is straight up sad.

  • 山内貴実子
    山内貴実子 5 months ago

    boing boing boing
    I love you, Sesame Street! Love love love!

  • Myles Moore
    Myles Moore 5 months ago +1

    I love this so much omg

  • elsa1942
    elsa1942 5 months ago +2

    I'm very happy Julia is here ^^ I just wish they'd say she is autistic rather than she has autism.

    • Coolcat 1911
      Coolcat 1911 4 months ago

      I guess the reason why they didn't do that is because "She is autistic" can come off as rude more so than"She has autism".

    • Asha Jones
      Asha Jones 4 months ago

      Me too. I feel that autism isn't separate from who I am. It's a part of who I am, so I like identity first language.

    • Jacob Griffin
      Jacob Griffin 4 months ago

      I am autistic / have autism too and I think "has autism" and "is autistic" are synonymous and interchangable with eachother. To me, it's like saying that someone has autism or is autistic is like mentioning the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the Soviet Union.

    • Anthony Stargaryen
      Anthony Stargaryen 4 months ago

      Sorry, elsa1942, but please speak for yourself instead of for all autistic people/people who have autism. I myself prefer to say that I HAVE autism (or that I have Asperger's Syndrome, to be more precise), not that I AM autistic.

    • elsa1942
      elsa1942 5 months ago

      frecklefacedtraveler Actually, we autistic people prefer label first. Autism is part of who we are and there's no getting around it, please know this.

  • Nothing Here
    Nothing Here 5 months ago

    imma gr8 puppet

  • EspioMetroidNano
    EspioMetroidNano 5 months ago +6

    For their sake I just hope people on the internet don't make such a sweet character into a horrible meme using her to make fun of autism yanno? But then again what the heck am i gonna do about it lol. But all of that aside I love what Sesame Street is doing with Julia :)

    • Shadsilvson11
      Shadsilvson11 5 months ago

      If anyone's having a good laugh it'll be the YouTube commentary community (which I regret to say I was once a part of, but never again). They pretty much turned the word "Autism" into a generic insult word for internet trolls to use, and they're way too supportive towards the trolls who pick on people with autism. Just a way to keep the fire fuelled to stir up more drama, because more drama means more material for commentaries.
      It was a few years back though, so I can only hope they've changed their hatemongering ways. Oh and if you still find autism nothing more than a joke then go back to your X-Play and Big Bang Theory re-runs, the grown-ups are talking. :P

    • Adamguy2003
      Adamguy2003 5 months ago

      BigBoomer, whoever came up with that deserves a swift kick in the crotch, preferably from someone wearing steel- toed boots.

    • BigBoomer101
      BigBoomer101 5 months ago

      EspioMetroidNano I saw a Photoshop edit of her cartoon self with a helmet and diet on her and instead of holding a feather, she is holding a dirty diper and the caption said "dear sessame street, there are autistic kids like this too".

      it sucks

    • BigBoomer101
      BigBoomer101 5 months ago

      EspioMetroidNano they did

  • BugPope
    BugPope 5 months ago +32

    I really like that their message is about accepting Julia for who she is and interacting with her on her terms instead of the usual "wow, that kid sure is a weirdo" approach to autism you see in most movies and TV shows.

    • Rachel T
      Rachel T 4 months ago

      And people in general sadly.

  • Keyshell
    Keyshell 5 months ago +4

    Julia is so adorable I can't stand it.

  • dankmex attack
    dankmex attack 5 months ago

    im just here because of the memes here

    • dankmex attack
      dankmex attack 4 months ago

      big cryptid ahhh someone angry u want a L with tht

  • Overlord
    Overlord 5 months ago +7

    This is such a vital thing for children to see and understand, and it's handled with such expert care and respect. Sesame Street is still the best at making the world a good place...

  • M. Nourishad
    M. Nourishad 5 months ago

    Boing boing boing boing!

  • ClashFaze - Clash Royale and Clash of cland

    i just hate people who make fun of other people and how the other people suffer.this...this is happy for me cause instead of the characters making fun of julia,like bullying and other mean stuff,they get along perfectly.

    • ClashFaze - Clash Royale and Clash of cland
      ClashFaze - Clash Royale and Clash of cland 4 months ago

      Spedicy Gaming dont give up you be you and dont feel ashamed or sad cause you are special to everyone and you should be happy with what you have and make new friends and your not the only one who is like this so many people suffer even though i dont have a disease but still all im saying is to dont give up and know that you are special to everyone

    • Cullen Lad56
      Cullen Lad56 4 months ago

      pumpcin i suffer everyday in school 8 years and my class has never accepted me for my autism a.d.h.d o.c.d and dislexia

    • Kayla S. Bagelnosh
      Kayla S. Bagelnosh 4 months ago

      pumpcin I definitely agree about your point of view. Though I have cerebral palsy and not autism, I can still relate to Julia because I have helped kids with autism as a volunteer at an organization that helps kids and teenagers who have special needs that is called the Friendship Circle.

    • Adamguy2003
      Adamguy2003 5 months ago

      Yeah, as someone with disabilities myself who was picked on for them as a teen, I feel there's a special circle of Hell reserved for people who mistreat those with disabilities. Because of that, I too love that Julia is so readily welcomed and accepted by everyone in Sesame Street.

    • ClashFaze - Clash Royale and Clash of cland
      ClashFaze - Clash Royale and Clash of cland 5 months ago

      and also so cute when they boing boing boing

  • AwesomeFoxGamer
    AwesomeFoxGamer 5 months ago +13

    Julia is soooo cute 😝

  • James Smith
    James Smith 5 months ago +41

    This is a great and uplifting message to society until you start reading the comment section.

    • Cobbledump
      Cobbledump 5 months ago

      Noted. I'm getting the hell out of here.

  • iHeartRyanStiles
    iHeartRyanStiles 5 months ago

    I was wondering if we were ever going to see her on the show, I hate that I have to wait until it shows up on PBS for me to see her on tv because Canada doesn't have that special HBO app

  • sam pjk
    sam pjk 5 months ago +17

    Good on Sesame Street to do this and show her as something away from the stereotypical view of autism. Autism is a spectrum and not everyone with autism is the way they're portrayed: withdrawn, strange, and lacks social skills. A lot of them are like Julia: happy, sociable, and energetic.

  • Spider-Man Peter Parker
    Spider-Man Peter Parker 5 months ago +8


    • kilderok
      kilderok 5 months ago

      So? I'm a 32 year old childless woman so I have 'no excuse' to be watching it and I'm watching it. Watch what you want, kiddo. We only get one life as far as we know, no sense in conforming to arbitrary things like "I can't watch this I'm too old!". If your friends try to cuff ya about it just tell them "adults made it". ;)

    • ShandalfGreyhame
      ShandalfGreyhame 5 months ago

      Mate, I'm 19 years old and from the UK so I didn't even watch it when I was a kid. Curiousity is the word.

    • ClashFaze - Clash Royale and Clash of cland
      ClashFaze - Clash Royale and Clash of cland 5 months ago

      Han Solo im 10 its ok

    • Spider-Man Peter Parker
      Spider-Man Peter Parker 5 months ago

      Mark Sharife there is if I have no interests for the show

    • Mark Sharife
      Mark Sharife 5 months ago

      Han Solo there's nothing wrong with that.

  • glowworm2
    glowworm2 5 months ago +8

    As someone who may has Asperger's Syndrome (a high form of autism) and a developmentally disabled brother as well as familiarity with people who have Autism--I am very pleased with the addition of Julia. She seems super sweet and adorable.

  • Enana Rivera
    Enana Rivera 5 months ago +1

    H a ha ha
    Ha ha ha

  • Kyle's Other Cat
    Kyle's Other Cat 5 months ago +5

    Aww she is cute

  • Padparadscha Gaming
    Padparadscha Gaming 5 months ago +44

    As a person with autism this is so awesome to see!!!

  • Da Kang
    Da Kang 5 months ago +7

    Does Julia die when she is 30?

    • Annie Tohill
      Annie Tohill 5 months ago

      I have bad news for you about how puppetry works...

  • Sofia Pickkers
    Sofia Pickkers 5 months ago


  • Daily Ascend
    Daily Ascend 5 months ago +3

    Very uplifting! Here's more information for those curious:

  • Alan Calvillo
    Alan Calvillo 5 months ago

    welcome back.

  • Enana Rivera
    Enana Rivera 5 months ago


  • Michael D. Kimpton
    Michael D. Kimpton 5 months ago +70

    Nice that they didn't just restrict Julia to the storybooks. It's good to see her live action. I can't really say I'm "glad she's a muppet", cause here in the UK, "muppet" is a slang term for "idiot", so saying she's a muppet, despite the fact she IS one, just sounds awkward... Yeah... But anyway, I'm glad she's a live action character now. :)

    • Prince Noah
      Prince Noah Month ago

      I'm glad she's here too. I just wish she were here when I was a child.

      Also, here in America, we have far too many slang terms ourselves.

    • Rachel T
      Rachel T 4 months ago

      Some of my reletives are British and I've literally never heard that phrase xD must be a newer slang.

    • Danesh Singh
      Danesh Singh 5 months ago

      Michael D. Kimpton the

    • Michael D. Kimpton
      Michael D. Kimpton 5 months ago

      Oh, I know that, yeah, but the word muppet has been adopted in the UK to also mean "idiot".

      An example would be: "Why did you walk into the lamppost, you muppet!"

      It's just one of those things. :)

    • LeoxRenet
      LeoxRenet 5 months ago

      Michael D. Kimpton lol well, the reason they're called 'muppets' is because it's a combination of the words marionette and puppet (due to the way they are operated) and Jim Henson thought that 'Marionette+puppet' was best as Muppet #RIPJimHenson :)

  • Edward Sanchez Productions
    Edward Sanchez Productions 5 months ago +124

    Julia seen like a great addition to the Sesame Street family

    • Pacific Glow
      Pacific Glow 2 months ago

      >Sesameme Street

      Funny, I was also planning on using boing-boing tag as a meme among my friends~

    • Ripe Age
      Ripe Age 4 months ago

      A great addition to the Sesameme street family

    • Ashley Zhoa
      Ashley Zhoa 4 months ago

      i can't wait to see more episodes focusing on julia :"D

    • janine kariz
      janine kariz 4 months ago

      Edward Sanchez S Joindre

    • Victoria Nolan
      Victoria Nolan 4 months ago

      Edward Sanchez Product ions the first

  • Veston Bruno
    Veston Bruno 5 months ago +98

    This girl and I have so much in common, Julie that is, we're both autistic.

    • Nathan TheActingBug
      Nathan TheActingBug 2 months ago

      Dr Medicinal Who gave Julia Vaccines

    • Seeing Clearly Media
      Seeing Clearly Media 4 months ago

      Peter Griffin

    • Dr Medicinal
      Dr Medicinal 5 months ago

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