KUWTK | Kim Kardashian West Explains Horrifying Paris Robbery | E!

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  • The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star tells what she did when the robbers were outside her bedroom. Watch.

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    KUWTK | Kim Kardashian West Explains Horrifying Paris Robbery | E!
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  • Runtime: 1:35
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Comments: 378

  • R0bG
    R0bG 6 hours ago

    Highly undeserved no one should go through this

  • ehsos. hill
    ehsos. hill 2 days ago

    she looks good with out tan

  • Daniela Simittchieva

    "I don't know how to call 911 in a different country" ???? Come on!

  • Ria Das
    Ria Das Month ago

    People are such assholes. No one deserves this.

  • Danielle Ruppert
    Danielle Ruppert Month ago

    It's disgusting that some people think that Kim made this up for publicity.

  • Marissa Smith
    Marissa Smith Month ago

    I don't like her or any of the Kardashians or Jenners but no one should go through this. This is horrible.

  • Sania Lorene
    Sania Lorene Month ago

    I'm glad she was ok and most glad she didn't get raped or anything

  • Sarina Belcore
    Sarina Belcore Month ago

    they should have raped her or worse killed her, then no more Kardashians

  • ACJE
    ACJE Month ago

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  • Buba Rizik
    Buba Rizik Month ago

    These girls need to stop with the surgery

  • polar
    polar Month ago

    esta familia lo que hay son solo tapu... nas ni cerebro tienen

  • Ζωή Λιοσάτου

    I am not a fan of this family, but really how someone can be happy after everything that she is been through???? Why you have to be so mean? She is a human with feelings, you don't know her as person... STOP THE BULLSHIT!!!!! We all have the same human value on this planet.

  • Emmanuel Hardy
    Emmanuel Hardy Month ago

    She's still hot even when depressed lol

  • Alexis Feliciano
    Alexis Feliciano 2 months ago

    I am so worried about Her and her sisters

  • jarrel coleman
    jarrel coleman 2 months ago

    Lool, I don't kno how to call 911 in a different country.... you just dial 911 love its an emergency line I will work all over the world. Looool

  • Ggg Nmjjkaghtdy
    Ggg Nmjjkaghtdy 2 months ago


  • Rene -
    Rene - 2 months ago


  • Carolina Inastrilla
    Carolina Inastrilla 2 months ago

    I was so concentrated and i hear the music blasting in the end

  • Lizzy Johnsen
    Lizzy Johnsen 3 months ago

    Love you Kim <3 :(

  • Victor Clark III
    Victor Clark III 3 months ago


  • Southside
    Southside 3 months ago

    Oh god she got robbed she didn't even get shot or hit but omg there's so much damage done

  • Heval Barbara Kalkan
    Heval Barbara Kalkan 3 months ago

    No one deserves it she is a mother.

  • Madison cooke
    Madison cooke 3 months ago +1

    Be Strong Kim Not Only For Yourself But Your Family Too.

  • Irene Rolles
    Irene Rolles 3 months ago

    I bet she didn't sell her jewels to feed the homeless. Did she even help the homeless put a roof over their head?

  • Dereck Dintz
    Dereck Dintz 3 months ago

    poor little girl

  • Nicole Vardaro
    Nicole Vardaro 3 months ago

    Rich people problems

  • diosaazteca5
    diosaazteca5 3 months ago

    honestly think this is fucken fake. 1st of all their lives revolve around made up stories. reality tv is not reality there is always a story line. Plus if u almost got killed and the ppl weren't caught why would u speak of it on national tv. and go back to that country right away. Plus I think most ppl would become more humble she got worse! coming out with a candle of her portraying the virgin Mary is blasphame against God. who would do that if you were just asking God to save your disgusting life!

  • Karen Hughes
    Karen Hughes 3 months ago

    You mean she can't even learn enough French to get along in that country? Good God!

  • Karen Hughes
    Karen Hughes 3 months ago

    Those robbers should have finished her off and did the world a favor. Get rid of this garbage for good!

  • Carl The Third
    Carl The Third 3 months ago

    Where is the rapper's wife ? Hahahahaha she is Kim kardashian and you don't know her? 😂😂

  • JasmineSkyy Forcer
    JasmineSkyy Forcer 3 months ago

    "I don't know how to call 911 in another country" that's interesting and I've never thought about it before

  • Abeer Ali
    Abeer Ali 3 months ago

    Which episode or that?

  • Asad Khaled
    Asad Khaled 3 months ago

    she shoulda hid under the bed

  • Mm Erz
    Mm Erz 3 months ago

    I'm not a fan of Kim but I am so glad that she's okay cause nobody deserves to feel what she felt and live What she lived. I truly respect her

  • Madison St. Claire
    Madison St. Claire 3 months ago

    I don't particularly like Kim Kardashian, but I still teared up watching this video. She didn't deserve this. And people shouldn't care about this because "she's a mother, she's a sister and a daughter", people should care about this because she's a PERSON and she was tied up and held at gunpoint.

  • hottestangel wooz
    hottestangel wooz 3 months ago +1

    now this is entertainment hahaha but seriously even though she gets robbed she still rich

  • Jerardo Vazquez
    Jerardo Vazquez 3 months ago

    kill her next. time 😊

  • That on annoying cunt
    That on annoying cunt 4 months ago

    But people die and get robbed every day

  • Dennis Johnson
    Dennis Johnson 4 months ago

    112 is 911 over there.

  • ChickenNoodle Soup
    ChickenNoodle Soup 4 months ago

    They should make this into a movie

  • MrElectricPineapple
    MrElectricPineapple 4 months ago

    No one cares

  • Francis Underwood
    Francis Underwood 4 months ago

    Convenient inside job for ratings and publicity.

  • Helana Storrie
    Helana Storrie 4 months ago +7

    I hate reading these horrible comments about her. She is a person and no one deserves this to happen them. I really hope you all take a good hard look at yourself.

  • Ethan Plant
    Ethan Plant 4 months ago

    This is what happens when your husband is skint poor Kim ha ha would make a good actor 😤😭🤕

  • Sam Kirk
    Sam Kirk 4 months ago

    Why is Kim or any of her degenerate sisters, such important people????

  • Mr Goldy Fox
    Mr Goldy Fox 4 months ago

    Kardashians are dirty ugly looking whores no decent white man could or would ever touch them

  • Barbiana Washington
    Barbiana Washington 4 months ago

    honestly no one gives two flying farts what really didn't happen or what supposedly never happened. gtf over it E! kick these horse face hoes to the dumpster they all belong in. 😁🔫 guess a role model today must lack integity, honor, moral values, common decency, home training, common sense & shame. get ur lives! 🤡🤡

    • Jam Manalese
      Jam Manalese 3 months ago

      ur pathetic. barbaric just like your name.

  • KittyLicious
    KittyLicious 4 months ago

    it was all fake ... just for publicity

  • Official Smokey
    Official Smokey 4 months ago

    Should have killed her lol! 💯😂

  • Jerardo Vazquez
    Jerardo Vazquez 4 months ago

    it 911 u fat. cow

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 4 months ago +1

    They should have raped her.

    DIN_X_FIRE LIT 4 months ago

    you 36 you old

  • EastHamFam 2017
    EastHamFam 2017 4 months ago


  • rakesh josephite
    rakesh josephite 4 months ago +1

    i feel so bad for kim

  • wayland johnson
    wayland johnson 4 months ago

    like or you okay.

  • wayland johnson
    wayland johnson 4 months ago

    do you love me?>.

  • wayland johnson
    wayland johnson 4 months ago

    so that lady has my phone and the rosatis fail. F

  • wayland johnson
    wayland johnson 4 months ago


  • wayland johnson
    wayland johnson 4 months ago

    im so sorry for robbing you . shot

  • Yootoober 95
    Yootoober 95 4 months ago

    Ive been robbed & at gunpoint more than once, it isn't glamorous its a lifestyle no one should want to have when you can't trust anyone & have to constantly look over your shoulder

  • Jeci612
    Jeci612 4 months ago

    anyone know the name of the song at the of this episode?

  • Tan Chim Choy
    Tan Chim Choy 4 months ago

    Why the robber never rape ???
    Becouse Kim body too sexy and too awsome till the robber crying...

  • Janet Hernandez
    Janet Hernandez 4 months ago +1

    She is the only one i know that love that much attention, she show the world everything i mean everything, in the end what does that mean to you, In this world you have fans and people that hate you, not everyone thinks the way you do, with so much money you have to have security at all times,

  • cynthia ogoke
    cynthia ogoke 4 months ago +1

    I actually like Kimmy. I'm glad nothing happened to her

  • Dawood H
    Dawood H 4 months ago

    She needs more of her stuff robbed from her, the burglars did excellent

  • Ruby-Anne Whitfield
    Ruby-Anne Whitfield 4 months ago +1

    All of you cunts need to have some empathy, she was robbed at gun point, just because it's Kim Kardashian doesn't mean she's some sort of super human. No wonder the human race is fucked.

  • maya. justdance
    maya. justdance 4 months ago


  • Eve Tan
    Eve Tan 4 months ago +11

    I'm not saying she didn't actually get robbed because maybe she did but the track record that this family holds is against her. It's been proven too many times that they fake things for publicity and ratings. Not to mention that it's extremely convenient that the cameras just stopped rolling when the "robbery" happened. It's extremely convenient that she would send her security guard away just before it happened. Not to mention that the family said Kim would NOT be filmed following the robbery and that it wouldn't be used as a storyline but lo and behold, here we are. Not only that but she isn't acting like someone who was robbed at gunpoint and her family isn't either. Again, I'm not saying she wasn't actually robbed because maybe she was but I personally don't believe it.

  • Chloe Prout
    Chloe Prout 4 months ago

    Elle se demandait si elle se lavait le visage et après c'est partie en couilles.. Pauvre kim.. Non je rigole rofl elle est pas blessé ni rien donc osef.

  • Marty McFLY 1985
    Marty McFLY 1985 4 months ago +6


  • LanieBelle Gullickson
    LanieBelle Gullickson 4 months ago

    write shes okay hope she does fine

  • Tyler Montana
    Tyler Montana 4 months ago +1

    These morons are almost 40 years old but they sound like they're 12. Like oh my gawd.

  • XxStelena BaexX
    XxStelena BaexX 4 months ago

    Bless you, Kim❤!! Such an inspiration, no one deserves to go through what you did Xxx

  • Jerardo Vazquez
    Jerardo Vazquez 4 months ago +2

    hay Chloe Chewbacca have you seen your dad O'J. in jail. 😃 your MOM is a HO!!!

  • Jessica Coast
    Jessica Coast 4 months ago


  • Nick K
    Nick K 4 months ago +3

    I'm gonna say this, regardless of your personal feelings you may have towards this family,they are NOT bad people. Hearing Kim speak on this experience step by step and thought for thought almost got me glassy eyed.. Because I grew UP in the hood in CA and I have been shot at twice and hit once...so I KNOW from personal experience what it's like for someone to point a gun at you with intent to kill. I know what it's like to have your life flash Before your eyes and to think about your children and what's going to happen after your gone...you'd be surprised how much passes through your head in those moments. So when I hear her say these things I feel her 100% and I think it's fucked up how insensitive people can be...at the end of the day she's. human being...a mother above all else, who cares what she does or how much she has feel me?

  • мσяιѕ
    мσяιѕ 4 months ago +3

    Im confused. When Kim was robbed in October, E! and articles said that there were no cameras in Paris filming for KUWTK. Yet when this episode aired, we see Kim and Kourtney getting ready and walking the streets of Paris... So WHAT IS THE TRUTH?

    • Rana Tamrin
      Rana Tamrin 4 months ago

      people own a camera, a good one with high quality, so it could have been just someone documenting it with their cameras or phones ... i mean they're known to document all sort of things, for the sake of memories or footage so that could prolly explains it

    • Eve Tan
      Eve Tan 4 months ago

      Moris234 Exactly. They also said Kim wouldn't be filming at all after the incident but here we are

  • Jennifer Oppong
    Jennifer Oppong 4 months ago +1

    Wow what a terrible incident. Thank god she's okay, safe and here 🙏🏻🙏🏻. It's scary how those robbers would do such a crime like this to her.

  • Samiha Malik
    Samiha Malik 4 months ago +1

    why no sympathy for the concierge

  • عائشة الصحفي
    عائشة الصحفي 4 months ago +1

    , I bear witness that there is no deity except God ... that there is no god to be worshiped but Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah

  • 0000 0000
    0000 0000 4 months ago +1

    no one cares.

  • Know Thyself
    Know Thyself 4 months ago +4

    lmao...So Fake...gtfoh

    • Nathan Marquis
      Nathan Marquis 4 months ago

      Know Thyself really cause the robbers were found so stfu you don't know what you are talking about

  • Girl Wonder
    Girl Wonder 5 months ago

    chicks with dicks #trannies

  • King Martin
    King Martin 5 months ago +1

    Who else wanded to cry at the end part or kuwtk it got to me 😭

  • Rawan Dosari
    Rawan Dosari 5 months ago

    He didn't say i want the rappers wife they wanted rob anybody and hers happened to be the first room on the first floor there were a lot of celebrities staying there . Out of the concierges mouth .

  • Trolollololololololfollowmeoyspace

    So you travel to europe a lot and you didn't have the common sense to learn the emergency number. It's 112. Is she really that thick. Plus I'm pretty sure phones have an emergency button that immediately calls emergency services.

  • Edited Music Videos
    Edited Music Videos 5 months ago +1

    that was such an emotional episode , i really felt bad for kim and her family , my eyes were tearing up :( ! god bless everybody !!!

  • TheArchitectOfDreams
    TheArchitectOfDreams 5 months ago +1

    Omg, like I was naked in bed thinking about if I need to wash my face or my hair first, and then I heard pounding on the walls thinking it was my drunk sisters, first thing I think of when I think about my sisters, and like.. omg this guy with his friends came in and threw me on the bed and my french translator was trying to talk to them, they couldn't understand me I don't know why omg it was scary.. By the way, why do we need to "Keep up" with the Kardashians, they are always on the MSM News...

  • tiredmoon
    tiredmoon 5 months ago +1

    you guys know where can i watch/download the whole episode?

  • thatkidd jennifer
    thatkidd jennifer 5 months ago +29

    She could have died and there would still be people saying its staged!

    • Zach Jimenez
      Zach Jimenez 4 months ago

      thatkidd jennifer and that she's coming back like 2 pac lmao

  • Lindee May
    Lindee May 5 months ago +1

    So the anti gun advocate agrees that HER security should always be armed. Do we not all deserve the right to protect ourselves and our families? It is not only the super wealthy that this happens to. I would really like her to come forward about her views on this since the incident.

    SOBEFiLM 5 months ago +1


  • syd Hastings
    syd Hastings 5 months ago


  • D M
    D M 5 months ago +2

    Am I the only person who is fed up hearing about this incident ?

    • thatkidd jennifer
      thatkidd jennifer 5 months ago

      Yes, and you're also the only one dumb enough to watch a video on something you're fed up with!

  • Tangobaldy
    Tangobaldy 5 months ago

    then they heard her repeat everything she says three times from her inflatable lips, and fell on floor !aughing

  • Jerardo Vazquez
    Jerardo Vazquez 5 months ago +1

    l wish they kill her. next. time. but it FAKE. All for the show 😊

  • Toni
    Toni 5 months ago

    Meanwhile Kylie is chillin with stassssssssss and rob is getting smacked by chyna 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  • Project -iFi-
    Project -iFi- 5 months ago

    I'd say daddy issues, but... 👉👌

  • Adds vids
    Adds vids 5 months ago

    dont worry your got all money back with tv inerviews day time tv shows then can flash it all about agane wunder why it happed to me agane if does

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