12 Crazy Laws That Only Exist In North Korea

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  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 14 hours ago

    The haircut one is fake

  • Shiny Moon
    Shiny Moon 18 hours ago +1

    Wait, at 0:21 did the guy say "WAMEN"

  • Cp
    Cp 21 hour ago

    I don't see a problem with law number 2. Law number 4 is the same as in the west but here we've an antichristian propaganda (you will see if you focus on it)

  • Bluji Mehg
    Bluji Mehg 23 hours ago

    What kind of person bans calling international people??? That's crazy even for my standards.

  • JJ Fletcher
    JJ Fletcher 1 day ago

    George Orwell was right.

  • Badfrosty 2
    Badfrosty 2 1 day ago


  • Leo Sebastian
    Leo Sebastian 1 day ago

    Hey you, moron, what exactly is " TERRIFYING " to live in America under the Trump? What is really terrifying that American lefts, progressives, democrats, and ACLU exactly in the same page with the North Korea regarding the hatred to the Holy Bible.
    Cos for the lefts in America the government is the God. And " climate change " is a new religion.

  • Linda Borges
    Linda Borges 1 day ago

    Sounds like a fantastic place to live. How's the housing market there for the middle class?

  • Johnny Canuck
    Johnny Canuck 1 day ago

    #13 - WEED IS LEGAL !!!!!!!!!! #Doobie #Diplomacy #RODMAN #POTCOIN #Pyongyang #Amsterdam #MINDS

  • Matej Krnić
    Matej Krnić 2 days ago

    Just send 50 megaton nuke on kim fuck un

  • Clarisse Oppa
    Clarisse Oppa 2 days ago

    that's why South Korea is better......

  • jae kim
    jae kim 2 days ago

    Just stupid story they made up

  • Andrew Situ
    Andrew Situ 2 days ago

    remember otto warnbier

  • Who left some jams here? Probably jimin

    Life there would be so boring and old fashioned.... 😐

  • seira seiko
    seira seiko 2 days ago

    well i say i'm lucky that i didn't born in there

  • Some Random guy
    Some Random guy 2 days ago

    I will never know why the military just grows a brain and overthrows the government

  • Christine Riegler Riegler

    This narcissistic atheist, is a most dangerous psychopath with all side-effects!!!

  • Rider Ghost
    Rider Ghost 3 days ago

    Sharia law implemented there? ... Lets suggest that too as there is not much difference.

  • Floroiu Andrei
    Floroiu Andrei 4 days ago

    the votibg box looks like the Romanian Flag XD

  • thisguy8
    thisguy8 4 days ago

    Kim jong un is not a god hes just a human

  • Ike Kurimoto-Fischer

    "Wamen soldiers" ???

  • potato head
    potato head 5 days ago

    north korea = hell in earth

  • Melva Mayditta
    Melva Mayditta 6 days ago +1

    Daenarys, N Korea needs you

  • Karsten Schoenberg
    Karsten Schoenberg 6 days ago

    Why would they even call it the democratic republic of Korea the kind of government there is a DICTATORSHIP

  • Karsten Schoenberg
    Karsten Schoenberg 6 days ago

    I don't think it's terrifying anymore about living in the USA under Donald trump

  • thel vadamee
    thel vadamee 6 days ago

    Number 2....who the fuck would want to live in D.C.?

  • Sujin Gurung
    Sujin Gurung 6 days ago

    worst president ever

  • Watch_Wolf 93
    Watch_Wolf 93 6 days ago

    2:30 I would kill myself

  • Taco Man
    Taco Man 7 days ago

    Lmao that Trump comment at the end. I won't be watching your content anymore.

  • gony 98
    gony 98 7 days ago

    North Korea I worst

  • Nasrin Javeh
    Nasrin Javeh 7 days ago

    but Muslim lives in North Korea

  • Shadow __
    Shadow __ 7 days ago

    Should just carpet bomb the capital

  • charles thomas
    charles thomas 7 days ago

    The comments you made about living in America with Trump as our (including you) President was completely uncalled for.

  • Matthew Kurtz
    Matthew Kurtz 7 days ago

    We need to blow up the fat child. Oh, I mean uh, man. You know. Like Kimmy Boy? Kim Jong Wong Long Dong? That one.

    ULGMX 7 days ago

    NK needs to strike first and create a lot of damage. NK is cornered cat with sanctions it has only one reaction against its aggressive and criminal enemies and brainwashed naïve baboons that follow it.

  • Cry Bautista
    Cry Bautista 8 days ago

    why is he talking like that

  • First Name Last Name

    I rather watched north korean government propoganda than the kardashians

  • Irfan Rasool
    Irfan Rasool 8 days ago

    There country who the hell you to decide they do what they like

  • Ariana
    Ariana 8 days ago

    Imagine a world we're u couldn't watch facts verse 🌎

  • MilkshakeMoviesHD
    MilkshakeMoviesHD 9 days ago +1

    Kill them. Kill them all. And I mean the North-Korean Goverment, ofcourse.

  • Hawk
    Hawk 9 days ago

    With America's current lineup of broadcast networks, Americans are watching nothing but propaganda as well. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC the list is almost endless. But the propaganda is all the same. Don't think so? The slut with the the bleeding problem from all the face lifts compared Trump to Kim. She did not disappear from TV. Under Kim she would has vanished forever. Now that's propaganda.

  • Pedro Herrera
    Pedro Herrera 9 days ago

    Why don't we just bomb North Korea🇺🇸🇲🇽

    • Gavrie Capili
      Gavrie Capili 9 days ago

      Pedro Herrera We can't just send military action against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea because they are allies with the People's Republic of China, a nuclear power, and the backlash from the international community. The U.S. is in a somewhat mixed opinion internationally, and an invasion would ruin its image. Even with international support, North Korea is somewhat unpredictable and an American invasion and subsequent occupation would make the locals harbor a resentment against the West.

  • Blue138UEF
    Blue138UEF 9 days ago

    it's not women soldiers
    it's female soldiers, and FYI the male soldiers are subjected to the same conditions if not worse since the female soldiers are propaganda figures not actual combatants.

  • Zenaida Alcantara
    Zenaida Alcantara 10 days ago +1

    King Jon uh is the new HITLER

  • Justin Stojanoski-pearson

    id like to see these SJW antifa faggots live there for awhile or even riley dennis, biggest faggot on youtube and thats coming from a gay dude

  • Insain Person
    Insain Person 10 days ago

    facts verse is a stupid liberal, look what he said at the end

  • Davros Wroblewski
    Davros Wroblewski 10 days ago

    tell that to ANTIFA COMMIES LOL

  • Jerel Lane
    Jerel Lane 10 days ago

    why would somebody want to live in North Korea terrible

  • Animati MC. ROmania
    Animati MC. ROmania 10 days ago

    1:20 Romania flag

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 10 days ago

    ok north korea is lying. i bet they dont even know what or who created them since they dont allow citizens to buy a bible. state is worse than other countries (no offense)

  • stresx luck
    stresx luck 11 days ago

    i love the narrator! he makes me laugh a lot. he's cool. has unique voice and tells things very intelligent. the videos here are just awesome and entertaining and i must say very educational. i love this channel and recommend to all. keep up the good work guys and girls.

  • Mustafa Rahmani
    Mustafa Rahmani 11 days ago

    So... this is how the world would look when hitler won whe war.
    Hitler paradise.

    Anyone agree? No? :(

    • Gavrie Capili
      Gavrie Capili 9 days ago

      Mustafa Rahmani Kind of sounds a bit Orwellian to me. (Big Brother anyone?)

  • Erwin Aquinde
    Erwin Aquinde 12 days ago

    Watching Sesame Street in North Korea will get you killed. Hehehehe

  • Brian Chen
    Brian Chen 12 days ago

    Fuck you kim( i hope I don't get killed 3 months later)

    • Gavrie Capili
      Gavrie Capili 9 days ago

      Brian Chen North Korea has virtually no connection to the internet. You'll be fine. (Assuming you life in the good ol' U.S. of A.)

  • mahamat zene
    mahamat zene 12 days ago

    For people calling muslim are terrorist,sometime even simply when u don't agree with someone on a point the call u are terrorist.Wrongly even children are dying,is this not terrorism?,if is not what is this?.i respect all people whether they believe or not.

  • Jose Aguillon
    Jose Aguillon 12 days ago +1

    wow what bullshit no freedom in North Korea

  • Matthew World
    Matthew World 13 days ago

    when the hell are we going to go over there and reliberate them (Start a war)

    TH SUMIL DEV 14 days ago

    Kim-jon-un luks like fat ass just as Donald Trump but I don't think he hurt d world's sentiments. He is doing his best to become his nation d strongest in d world to defend his country incase other countries attack them. USA, China, Russia,India are also doing d same. He is gud for his own country if he did not restrict them then all d spies from developed countries will steal d information from his country and easily defeat them. I think everyone knows d reason why China hates Japan, India hates UK and N.korea hates USA. It is all about tit for tat.......

  • cjordan
    cjordan 14 days ago

    video lost all professionalism with it's idiosyncratic jokes and political brainwashing jokes about Trump. How dare you even make light of what's going on over there in comparison to Trump. I don't care for Trump, I didn't vote for him, but I sure as hell will not make jokes in comparison to what's happening in either country right now. You poisonous savages!

  • I like Starbucks.
    I like Starbucks. 14 days ago


  • alik alik
    alik alik 15 days ago +1

    0:22 18 FOR THE *WAMEN*😂😂😂

  • Darcy Brummett
    Darcy Brummett 15 days ago

    3:45 Duh!

  • Darcy Brummett
    Darcy Brummett 15 days ago

    North Korea is more like a cult and/or prison!

  • Abe Coulter
    Abe Coulter 15 days ago

    the UN should take over north Korea and remove the power of Kim Jong UN

  • Abe Coulter
    Abe Coulter 15 days ago

    fucken propergander

  • One-Soul-a-Time
    One-Soul-a-Time 15 days ago

    Hey Putin, can you please turn this backyard into part of your new Russia?

  • Deep
    Deep 15 days ago

    Fuck this pig jong

  • Channel Noobie HD - Gaming

    Fucking Kim family

  • Victor VonDoom
    Victor VonDoom 16 days ago

    Not allowed to watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians"? SO Nth Korea is progressive in at least that respect.

  • Dream Drawer
    Dream Drawer 16 days ago

    I guess feminists are happy about women have to serve in military. See? Equal rights!

  • Gowthem Jayalal
    Gowthem Jayalal 16 days ago

    oh its a fascist country...

  • Kevin Charles Puyat
    Kevin Charles Puyat 16 days ago

    haha..he is the only one with 2wings hair style.hahaha

  • ITapMIlk
    ITapMIlk 16 days ago

    Blame all this on America and Russia for the Korean War and making North Korea

  • James Ko
    James Ko 17 days ago

    hopeless...underdevelop ....bad leader etc

  • Franskie Naguto
    Franskie Naguto 17 days ago

    Imagine, how people believe that they can control other freedoms...foolish humans i guess.Thats why there are so many think that they are higher than others; phew glad thing i was not born in their country

  • Suraj Sapkale
    Suraj Sapkale 17 days ago

    😂😂😂 for last sentence.... hatsoff...

  • harihir
    harihir 17 days ago

    fake news

  • harihir
    harihir 17 days ago

    fake news

  • Ehrman Traut
    Ehrman Traut 17 days ago

    North Korea is where the flying monkeys in the wizard of oz came from

  • TheSwaggyEagle
    TheSwaggyEagle 17 days ago

    Hillary > Trump > Kim Jon Un

  • kali basher
    kali basher 18 days ago

    I came to see Korean crouch.

  • Prasad Tamil vaanan
    Prasad Tamil vaanan 18 days ago

    My India is far better.....

  • Bangtan Army Forever
    Bangtan Army Forever 18 days ago

    Just go to south korea instead find bts 😂

  • Nikita Sheldon
    Nikita Sheldon 18 days ago

    is not a country but a prison

  • Sibasish Mukherjee
    Sibasish Mukherjee 18 days ago

    Hitler wasn't that bad was He?

  • AnnySU •
    AnnySU • 19 days ago

    Do you believe now, that this is the most crazy country, I have ever seen ! :O ..This can´t be real ..OMG ..I would NEVER live here. I know, that the escape is very difficult and I´m so sorry with these people, whose didn´t have luck, as we had, and living there ..so sad..
    btw, sorry for my english, if there is something wrong, be tolerant, please ;) :D ..I´m from Czech Republic ;) ..

  • cricket is a game
    cricket is a game 19 days ago


  • buzzle
    buzzle 19 days ago

    Donald trump is 100% better wow omg

  • Warwick Jackson
    Warwick Jackson 19 days ago

    no diff between him and the bush obama cabal

    JDFAN ART'S 19 days ago

    what about kpops?

  • Nap'n'Retrogaming
    Nap'n'Retrogaming 19 days ago

    #1 is a lie made on purpose to make them looking evil by South Korea... The reality is that the MILITARY must use one of those haircut. It doesn't apply elsewhere in the society.
    #2 Yes because the country is only on a cease-fire treaty and constantly under the menace of being invaded by the "allies"... So by safety people can't move everywhere else like they would during a peace treaty.
    #3 Yes this is exactly the definition of a democraty, which is totally absent in occident oligarchy. In DPRK if somebody have an approval under 80%, he's destitued and will be killed. So like this it force the governement to serve the people instead their own need...
    #4 Same reason than point #2.
    #5 False... Christianity isn't forbidden as long it goes its root from the inside. Group that got its root from the outside is seen as a menace for the same reason stated in point #2. When you're in cease-fire, you still being in war and nobody but you can be trusted.
    #6 Yes, it force family to be consequent of their own behavior and be sure to give a awesome education to the rest of family.
    #7 For the same reason as point #2
    #8 As everything that concern military this is a state secret, anything said about this is pure speculation based on several persons who was trying to immigrate to another country... Which lies are indeed common.
    #9 Driving is only allowed when necessary. Even states person aren't allowed to drive when not in duty. It is a way to economize ressource in a country striked by many international sanction.
    #10 False! You can make international call on distribution service. It takes however the permission because of point #2.
    #11 FALSE! This is a massive lie. Opinion are authorized in the worker's party. Outside in the society they don't have their place, because it would be considered as an opposition to popular revolution. However, you have space where you can say what you want and it gonna be debated and you won't be persecuted for that. That's the principe to have a single political party system. Where everybody are part of the same organisation they can debate as a unique entity, having divergence and still being comrade.
    #12 Yes, because of the point #2, if you leave during a war it mean that you're a deserter, which they are indeed right.

  • JustMoreCrabTM
    JustMoreCrabTM 19 days ago +1

    Donald Trump is bad but not that worst.

  • Corrado Barrotta
    Corrado Barrotta 19 days ago

    l'italia è una colonia usa !!

  • Corrado Barrotta
    Corrado Barrotta 19 days ago

    non c'è la legge ma bisogna essere raccomandati per essere dipendenti pubblici italiani! l'italia è fondata sulla raccomandazione e la corruzione!

  • DarknoorX
    DarknoorX 19 days ago

    10 for men and 18 for women... what more do you want?
    Saudi people are forced to be stolen from and treated unfairly, and also forced to act like they are happy and safe. And yah you can't have opinions either.
    Oh yah, and when America gave right to fags aka gays and trannies, it is a total madness and bullshit as those laws in North Korea... deal with it!

  • Clyde Thompson Penaverde

    I'm still lucky lol

  • Esam Khalid
    Esam Khalid 20 days ago

    weme soldiers lmao

  • Thayla May
    Thayla May 20 days ago

    I'm pretty sure they've crossed the line into "crimes against humanity" like, a lot more than once...

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