Small Details In Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Only True Fans Understood

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    After all the hype, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 proved itself a worthy successor to the first film. With another Awesome Mix Tape blasting and another round of adventures for Star-Lord and his gang of unlikely heroes, Vol. 2 offered up the same mix of action and comedy fans have come to love. And like the first installment, the newest Guardians is packed with Easter eggs. Here are all the small details only true fans noticed in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Major spoilers ahead!

    Retro tracker | 0:28
    Glimpse of Eternity | 0:55
    Grandmaster surprise | 1:31
    Galaga tactics | 1:55
    Planet Hulk | 2:28
    Contraxia | 3:07
    Howard the Duck Vol. 2 | 3:48
    Original Guardians | 4:32
    Adam Warlock | 5:24
    Stan the delivery man | 6:00

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  • Looper
    Looper 2 months ago

    What other Easter eggs and small details did you catch in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?

    • Starhunter Terra
      Starhunter Terra 2 days ago

      Well, marvel has turned  an interesting Easter Eggs and Bonus Scenes trend  into a carnival of ridiculous stuff that normally could not get that  much Attention in any other company.

    • IceCold11235
      IceCold11235 1 month ago

      Billy Britt thank God I was beginning to think I was the only one wh spotted Browder AKA John Crichton!

    • Billy Britt
      Billy Britt 1 month ago

      One Easter Egg I notice all you youtubers forget is Ben Browder's appearance as the Sovereign Admiral and him saying "Command Modules" in his bad Peacekeeper accent. This is of course a reference to Farscape, which James Gunn tweeted that it was the SciFi TV series that influenced his vision of GotG the most.

  • JubJub444
    JubJub444 1 day ago

    Stan lee is the one above all.

  • ZayTele
    ZayTele 3 days ago

    shouldnt "ooh child" be on Awesome mix 2??? thats the first song that played from the ending of the first movie when he put in the 2nd awesome mix

  • Ryan Davies
    Ryan Davies 9 days ago

    R.I.P. Stan Lee's Wife Joan Lee. Passed away recently at 93, Stans best friend for 70 years. He wrote her poetry daily and I cant imagine how he is going to stay without his best friend. Remind Stan how much we all love him and why he is important to us all. Send him your love.

  • Dairy Playz
    Dairy Playz 12 days ago

    star lord:You look like Mary poppins
    yondu:is he cool
    star lord:HECK YEAH HE'S COOL

  • Boom PaTuCara
    Boom PaTuCara 15 days ago

    Most expected movie of the year, turned out to be complete crap... 💩💩💩

  • Ben Carlson
    Ben Carlson 16 days ago

    HA! I Have Famously Huge Turds...

  • Lt. Jonn
    Lt. Jonn 17 days ago


  • CardboardBox
    CardboardBox 19 days ago

    How did they get an HD version of the movie for this video?

  • Mark Wakeman
    Mark Wakeman 20 days ago

    I had the comic where the lame Dr. Donald Blake finds a stick in a cavern and strikes it on a rock. He is then transformed into Thor, and the stick into Mjölnir. He changed identities many times before becoming Thor for good. Man, do I wish I had that comic now!

  • redstormfighter29
    redstormfighter29 21 day ago

    I swear to god Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has more awesome movie quotes than even Star Wars

  • cammo353
    cammo353 22 days ago

    Didn't Stan's character die in The Incredible Hulk movie?(The one with Abomination)

  • Ormi Ader
    Ormi Ader 27 days ago

    In chronologically, Captain America: Civil War happened after Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Watchers Informant's "intel" could be wrong but is plausiable for being FEDEX guy before Civil War.

  • Ex Bibliotheca Solastus

    If yall dont know about Howard the Duck then kys.

  • Zack B
    Zack B 1 month ago

    He got him a Zune !!!!! that had me cracking up

  • Vegerot SSR
    Vegerot SSR 1 month ago

    Am I the only one who started crying during the death/funeral of Yondu?

  • BuzzFeedBeige
    BuzzFeedBeige 1 month ago

    Beware of spoilers in the comments.

  • RECOIL816
    RECOIL816 1 month ago

    They should have had the *exact* same puppet from the original 'Howard The Duck' movie... not the shitty-looking CGI version.

  • Xx prototype xX
    Xx prototype xX 1 month ago

    I thought Stan Lee was The One Above All?

  • Big Dan The Singer
    Big Dan The Singer 1 month ago

    Seen the movie 3'times cried every time, not ashamed!

  • Brian Wild
    Brian Wild 1 month ago

    I like to imagine that Iesha obtained the [Adam] cocoon from The Collector after his museum was destroyed.

  • NekoMouser
    NekoMouser 1 month ago

    Howard the Duck was also in the credits sequence I believe.

  • BanetteGaming7
    BanetteGaming7 1 month ago

    At 2:43 Rocket was holding a fidget spinner.

  • Majer Vex
    Majer Vex 1 month ago

    What about hela in the movie

  • CraiQ_ Is_Cool
    CraiQ_ Is_Cool 1 month ago

    These are just easter eggs. Weird saying that "only true fans" will understand these.

  • Richard Macias
    Richard Macias 1 month ago


  • Sonny Uno
    Sonny Uno 1 month ago

    Revelations 12 September 23, 2017. attention is in the details people

  • Sonny Uno
    Sonny Uno 1 month ago

    red dragon planet , 7 angles fight it,

  • Sonny Uno
    Sonny Uno 1 month ago

    it's a reference to Revelations 12 duuuuu

  • Mârvèl Gëñtíçs Gåmêr Zøñē

    Howard the duck ikr

  • Awkward
    Awkward 1 month ago

    I instantly recognized Howard when I saw him.

  • Lane Minor
    Lane Minor 1 month ago

    you guys forgot to mention Cosmo the wonder dogs appearance in the credits.

  • Peep116471
    Peep116471 1 month ago


  • Football Fan
    Football Fan 1 month ago

    Yondus final word he ever said was daddy

  • The Syfy Geeks
    The Syfy Geeks 1 month ago

    WHY DOES LOOPER CLICK BAIT😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😩😩😫😫😫😫

  • tlittle8807
    tlittle8807 1 month ago

    Really hate tge term "true fans"

  • Krisztian RBLX
    Krisztian RBLX 1 month ago

    of i heard the voice i thaught of dexter manning

  • JustTristin
    JustTristin 1 month ago

    "I'll see you in the stars"

  • Connor Lambert
    Connor Lambert 1 month ago

    Is that Dex?

  • blarg minton
    blarg minton 1 month ago

    I prey they do not make another Howard the Duck! Pleeeeeeeeaaaaassse, don't do it! There is no good way to make him. Howard the Duck is a sucky character. You can make any other movie better than him! Stop throwing him in these movies, nobody cares! :P

  • Raven Mason
    Raven Mason 1 month ago

    howard the duck was a cool movie - stop hatin lol

  • xhappy _
    xhappy _ 1 month ago

    I've noticed the duck just forgot the title of that movie

  • MTRX 2010
    MTRX 2010 1 month ago

    -but those people didn't make adam warlock in the comics. they hardly ever get these character origins correct.

  • Paul Bunting
    Paul Bunting 1 month ago

    Opening fight scene, Starlord to Gamora, "Oh you use a gun now, I thought you were a knife person".
    Gamora: "Right, like I am going to take down a cosmic powered monster with a knife."
    Five minutes later, Gamora takes down the monster with her knife.

  • Mr. Mango Man
    Mr. Mango Man 1 month ago

    I remember the howard the duck easter egg I loved that

  • 2011carp
    2011carp 1 month ago

    Stan Lee is not a watcher. he's The one above all

  • Cade Contaldi
    Cade Contaldi 1 month ago


  • yellow diamond
    yellow diamond 1 month ago

    stan lee works for the watchers

  • yellow diamond
    yellow diamond 1 month ago

    i laughed at the dronepods

  • bur Cang ijog
    bur Cang ijog 1 month ago

    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 >

  • watchulla
    watchulla 1 month ago

    I knew that was Howard the Duck!! everyone else i was with missed it lol. I almost doubted myself. lol

  • Steven Vascellaro
    Steven Vascellaro 1 month ago

    Is that Dexter Manning from Sanity Not Included narrating this video?

  • jojoinhere
    jojoinhere 1 month ago

    one of the greatest thing about this film is that the trailer of this film spoils noting!
    most of the trailer scene appear fairly early and they keep the best for us movie goers

  • something random
    something random 1 month ago

    yondu dies

  • phi Lê
    phi Lê 1 month ago

    TТhis moviе is now availааblе to wаtсh hеre =>

  • Argumedies
    Argumedies 1 month ago

    everyone keeps missing the smiley face ship from the movie Heavy Metal

    look at the back end of Ego's egg ship as it returns to planet Ego

  • Cool Skeleton 1 0 1
    Cool Skeleton 1 0 1 1 month ago


  • Bruno Santos
    Bruno Santos 1 month ago

    The Watchers was the most awesome easter egg on this movie in my opinion

  • PiecesMissing
    PiecesMissing 1 month ago

    not all of stan lee's cameo's work for being a watcher. Like the scene you guys show where he literally misses all the stuff happening while he's in his apartment.

    If that's the direction they go, then it seems like a ret-con to me. But, I do like the idea.

  • Wacky Pagunuran
    Wacky Pagunuran 1 month ago

    Stan: iS ThIs ToNy StEnK
    Ironmans partner: Yes this is tony stenk

  • Rosibel Ulloa
    Rosibel Ulloa 1 month ago

    Yоu сссan waааtch Guаrdiаns of thе Galаaxу hееre

  • ThatDudeNamedJoel 22

    wait i thought adam warlock was part of the guardians of the galaxy in comics?

  • Jesse Baker
    Jesse Baker 1 month ago

    This is great LOL

  • JohnBlake Asher
    JohnBlake Asher 1 month ago

    "True Fans" ._.

  • Jordan Westwood
    Jordan Westwood 2 months ago

    is that.....DEXTER MANNING ?

  • MetalMecha 2
    MetalMecha 2 2 months ago

    My god this comment section

  • Roy James
    Roy James 2 months ago

    Those judicial comedy step gentleman passage map mass.

  • David Peric
    David Peric 2 months ago

    taserface lol

  • Derpy 5782
    Derpy 5782 2 months ago

    When I saw Howard I was like HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Temmie The Tem
    Temmie The Tem 2 months ago

    I knew it was a reference to Howard the Duck!

  • David Koester
    David Koester 2 months ago

    oww my nipples lol

  • David Koester
    David Koester 2 months ago

    i liked how draxus' timing was off on almost everything, he had me cracking up

  • David Koester
    David Koester 2 months ago

    i noticed Howard the duck right away

  • elNikobonito
    elNikobonito 2 months ago

    Pretty sure Stan Lee is playing the one above all... Which he is in the comic books so it makes sense he's talking to the watchers. He's a bigger god than eternity he is the one God. Pretty cool

  • Felix Gutierrez
    Felix Gutierrez 2 months ago

    yondu dies at the end to save starlord

  • Dick Grayson
    Dick Grayson 2 months ago

    Scrotum face!!!!

  • Raytist
    Raytist 2 months ago

    but if Stan Lee was a watcher, he would have to be exiled, as they decided not to interfere with humans after the incident of the inhumans.

  • Dryo
    Dryo 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the guy narrating either sounds like, or is the guy from Smashbits?

  • XVenoM
    XVenoM 2 months ago

    Oh man I just saw the movie and I saw Howard! Man I was about to scream in cinema

  • JB11's Channel
    JB11's Channel 2 months ago

    In the Simpsons scene u see a groot comic at the back on the shelf

  • I'm a very intelligent name thinker

    My dad noticed the duck thing

  • Jack Wensel
    Jack Wensel 2 months ago

    On the on the other side of from the collector is loki

  • Jack Wensel
    Jack Wensel 2 months ago

    Loki is on the other side of the couch of the collector

  • CBA Fantham
    CBA Fantham 2 months ago

    Who the fuck is Yawndu?

  • Crazy pie
    Crazy pie 2 months ago

    taser faceeeeeeeeeeee

    SLADE ARMISON 2 months ago

    one above all...

  • A.D.
    A.D. 2 months ago

    I am Groot!

  • Vimal Raj
    Vimal Raj 2 months ago

    dude stan lee was talking to the watcher in gog 2

  • Flamey Cat
    Flamey Cat 2 months ago

    wait, is this dex?

  • DGneoseeker1
    DGneoseeker1 2 months ago

    Duck-itis? More like ducktits.

  • Chilton Stuart
    Chilton Stuart 2 months ago

    Lmao what if Howard Duck comes out of no where during the big fight with Thanos in the next couple Avengers movies and kicked Thanos ass. 😂😂😂😂😅😅😅 I would actually applaud. 👏

  • Paul Vogel
    Paul Vogel 2 months ago


  • CheekyGoose
    CheekyGoose 2 months ago

    Hmm... this commentator sounds exactly like Dexter Manning.

  • pretorious700
    pretorious700 2 months ago

    Hard to believe how much time and energy is wasted in the pursuit of this nonsense.

  • myplane150
    myplane150 2 months ago

    Loved this movie! That Mattel Football Game unit brought a smile to my face. I had the football and hockey systems back in the day. Still do, somewhere.

    WARDofLORE 2 months ago

    Why are these easter eggs? That term has to stop. It's fucking stupid. Hey did you see that shiny metal piece on Starlords gun....Buck Rodgers has a shiny metal piece on his gun too. Only a true fan would see that. I am almost 50...I had one of those Football games... Who gives a shit. It wasn't a special message to fans. Just because something is in a movie does not mean it was there for a reason. They hire companies to decorate, provide gadgets and objects to fill up space on the set. They bring whatever cheap ass garbage they have and charge a fortune to do it. Then you morons run around saying all this garage sale garbage has special meaning.. LOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • miniature_troll_gnomeXD

    Am i the only one that went on fanboy extreme mode when sylvester stallone aka rocky appeared as a ravenger in Guardians of the Galaxy 2

  • J. Crowson
    J. Crowson 2 months ago

    ha you did not say 3

  • TheBigboi16
    TheBigboi16 2 months ago

    I'm sad I didn't know they were filming here in Atlanta where I live D:

  • abria shields
    abria shields 2 months ago

    When you are a big marvel fan then you see there is so much shit you didn't know or understand the references

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