10 Terrifying Mysteries Of The Bermuda Triangle

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  • AR World
    AR World 17 hours ago

    Surprise no movie made on this yet

  • Shuriku 卍
    Shuriku 卍 5 days ago

    Who else can't decide if they're too afraid to go near there or they really wanna do a live stream of their trip?

  • u2quick1
    u2quick1 11 days ago

    Nigga said there was no debri lmaoo

  • milo plotitsa
    milo plotitsa 14 days ago

    Bermuda triangle illuminati triangle

  • FFs Drama
    FFs Drama 18 days ago

    Fack it why not ima drive a boat in the Bermuda Triangle

  • charles dawson
    charles dawson 19 days ago

    I thought boats were genderless

  • Starbucks Coffee
    Starbucks Coffee 19 days ago

    The cyclops mystery has been solved. The heavy cargo sunk it, and everyone died

  • Dash Fireboy
    Dash Fireboy 25 days ago

    But I love them

  • Dash Fireboy
    Dash Fireboy 25 days ago

    These mysteries are scary

    ICHEESE2K Month ago

    Before i die im gonna go on a mission to show u guys the bermuda triangle im gonna make history

  • Wesley Lewis
    Wesley Lewis Month ago +1

    you heard him no debry

  • Pikachu Gamer28 with Code Gamer Derek R.

    the ghost ship that ellen austin passed and searched was the mary celeste

  • Jade M
    Jade M Month ago

    yo lts melissa

  • xproxx 04
    xproxx 04 Month ago

    maybe it's another world where they go but everthing is normal for them but aliens are in their minds

  • Jesse Givan
    Jesse Givan Month ago

    None of these are mysterys.

  • Josie Chen
    Josie Chen Month ago +1

    October 1st 2015?
    The day before my birthday?

  • Jose Solomon Santiago

    what if the berunia triangle was really a square all along

  • JackPS9
    JackPS9 Month ago

    Gould by the way is pronounced good.
    I have a friend with that last name and it's how the whole family says it.
    Just saying.

  • Andreas Bahr
    Andreas Bahr 2 months ago

    I think that the people lost in the Bermuda Triangle landed safely and are living in some secret underwater city with their planes and/or boats with them. Am I the only one that thinks that?

  • Michael Mason
    Michael Mason 2 months ago


  • C Grant
    C Grant 2 months ago

    rest in the good news

  • David Pérez carrillo
    David Pérez carrillo 2 months ago

    We cant find west every thing looks strange it looks like were entering white water - charles talor

  • Nicolas Garduno
    Nicolas Garduno 2 months ago

    I'm surprised that the titanic wasn't one of the ships that disappeared in the triangle

  • Lilia as Fun
    Lilia as Fun 2 months ago +1

    This triangle seems hungry maybe its food is humans!? XD

  • shakur steadman
    shakur steadman 2 months ago

    my favourite mystery

  • Panda Games
    Panda Games 2 months ago

    at 9:07 he scared be so bad XD

  • KIDUDE667
    KIDUDE667 2 months ago


  • KIDUDE667
    KIDUDE667 2 months ago


  • KIDUDE667
    KIDUDE667 2 months ago


  • AustraliaBall Brother
    AustraliaBall Brother 2 months ago

    i'll never go to bermuda Triangle

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 2 months ago

    It is believed that boats are are dissapearing because of methane bubbles at the triangle, they hit the boats and explode.

  • Matt Does Stuff
    Matt Does Stuff 2 months ago


  • abdel hanafy
    abdel hanafy 2 months ago

    Is The Triangle Illumanati DA DA DA!!!!!!!!! 9Like If U Agree)

  • Khairul Aiman
    Khairul Aiman 2 months ago

    I have heard from someone that the bermuda triangle is Satan-like creature but even worse house/home

  • Tord Gotta GUN
    Tord Gotta GUN 2 months ago

    i will never go through the bermda triangle

  • FreeBandz
    FreeBandz 2 months ago

    This is some ilumanti shit

  • TheBritishChap
    TheBritishChap 2 months ago

    one word: Aliens

  • yamato0965
    yamato0965 2 months ago

    El Faro sank in a hurricane - what's the huge mystery?

  • Draw so Adorable With Raegan


  • ZyleakPlayz Roblox & More!

    This video is really stupid!! First of all if those 'planes' got missing its because of the bubbles you dumb fuck heads

  • V Steve
    V Steve 3 months ago

    Good Video

  • Mohd Hammady
    Mohd Hammady 3 months ago

    how about mh360

  • suburban ghandi
    suburban ghandi 3 months ago

    I just realized I flew over that 4 times

  • Griexmann132
    Griexmann132 3 months ago

    how is some of this caused by the Bermuda Triangle if i was found later on on the ocean floor???

  • Carmy Wolf
    Carmy Wolf 3 months ago


  • Dj ViaRo
    Dj ViaRo 3 months ago

    maybe its a gateway to hell!!! i sed maybe

  • Tamara Kane
    Tamara Kane 3 months ago


  • Jake S Mario5537
    Jake S Mario5537 3 months ago

    Maybe its a worm hole like under the dome but when u try to get out u get turned around and get stuck in the middle and there's something that takes people

  • Dragon Lord
    Dragon Lord 3 months ago

    Is it just me or that teroiset are in the triangle

  • nidhi tripathi
    nidhi tripathi 3 months ago


  • Reishantyl Lacibal
    Reishantyl Lacibal 3 months ago

    Tang ina nyu naniniwala kayu jan sa duos lang kayu manalig

  • Kawana R Hamilton
    Kawana R Hamilton 3 months ago

    Just never sail a ship or fly a plane in the direction of the bloody triangle! In fact everyone keep away from the sea if you are so afraid of it!

  • brady nelson
    brady nelson 3 months ago

    It would be better if the guy voicing this was the guy from top trending

  • Owen Partridge
    Owen Partridge 3 months ago

    if I've learned one thing from this video DO NOT GO TO MIAMI!!!

  • sandy carson
    sandy carson 3 months ago

    Amelia Earhart

  • Loading 99% Cardistry
    Loading 99% Cardistry 3 months ago

    9:07 thanks me later

  • Skinny Maurice IS BACK
    Skinny Maurice IS BACK 3 months ago

    Imagine The Bermuda Triangle Was A Curse By An Native American or Aztek.

  • Genesis Official
    Genesis Official 3 months ago +1

    But they said that they are ambush by pirates

  • franol7
    franol7 3 months ago


  • BklynJayL
    BklynJayL 3 months ago +2

    How come, the search crews never disappear in the triangle?

  • SociallyAwkwardSquirrel

    Now I know how I want to die

  • Oldshoes
    Oldshoes 3 months ago

    Why not just send a robot boat thing with a camera and sail towards there?

  • ProGamerZ 123
    ProGamerZ 123 3 months ago

    The Satan U.S Company kidnapped them!!!

    • ProGamerZ 123
      ProGamerZ 123 3 months ago

      by a scientific information.. the area of the Bermuda Triangle is a TRIANGLE RIGHT??

      Illuminati Confirmed

    • ProGamerZ 123
      ProGamerZ 123 3 months ago

      Illuminati Confirmed!

  • ProGamerZ 123
    ProGamerZ 123 3 months ago

    Wait!! why dont make a ship.. that goes to the bermuda triangle and then make a telecope to know what will happen..???

  • Whatever it takes
    Whatever it takes 3 months ago

    Scientists be like: It was a lens flare

  • Fawad Noohani
    Fawad Noohani 3 months ago

    illuminati is bermuda

  • Rucka in lego 4324400
    Rucka in lego 4324400 3 months ago

    WTF!? Flight 19 did not dressed like that! (Especially hat and I telling this because I want you to know it not to hate you)

  • austin phillippi
    austin phillippi 3 months ago

    my name is austin

  • MemeQueen
    MemeQueen 3 months ago +1

    I wonder what's inside of the Bermuda triangle?

  • Ronald Smith
    Ronald Smith 3 months ago

    I wonder were the fuck they go after they enter Bermuda Triangle

  • s3odivibe
    s3odivibe 3 months ago

    9:08 you scared the goddamn shit out of me

  • DetonatedCode
    DetonatedCode 4 months ago

    The video is called "10 Terrifying Mysteries Of The Bermuda Triangle". Reports no mysteries, just people who vanished.

  • Ethan Burke
    Ethan Burke 4 months ago

    The thumbnail is perfect.

  • Doge Smithy
    Doge Smithy 4 months ago

    why haven't we learnt our lesson yet? Just stay away from The Bermuda Triangle and maybe you won't vanish?

  • caigen12
    caigen12 4 months ago

    *Triangle* Illuminati Confirmed

  • buttnakedswordfish
    buttnakedswordfish 4 months ago

    I like how talk like its soooo crazy that these GIANT aircrafts were never found. Like these aluminium planes wouldnt be shredded by a cartwheel into water...Not to mention how they are little more than a grain of sand on the scale of the ocean. Boats sink, planes crash, the triangle is a very busy sea and air path, nothing unusual about it.

  • ariana marques
    ariana marques 4 months ago

    that triangle is illuminati confirmed

  • battle wolf fan
    battle wolf fan 4 months ago

    percy jackson and the sea of monsters

  • ItsJaslotia - Minecraft & More

    the bermuda triangle have a strong electro magnetic wave that is why

  • Ethan_Morgano_o
    Ethan_Morgano_o 4 months ago

    At 1:09 You Said No Bodies Or Wreckage Have Ever Found. :/

  • Ethan_Morgano_o
    Ethan_Morgano_o 4 months ago

    Facts About Bermuda Triangle (Not All Some About My Family)
    1.My Uncle Has Sailed (Or Flew) Over The Bermuda Triangle.
    2. When Christopher Columbus Sailed Over The Bermuda Triangle He Said That He Saw A Fireball (Although I Don't Think That's True I Think It's Because Of Their Technology).
    3.It Was Believed That The Bermuda Was A Place Where People Were Abducted By Aliens Or The Sea Would Create A Whirlpool
    **NOTE** I Wrote This Before Watching The Video So I Might Have Repeated One Or Two Of These Facts.

  • B Adams
    B Adams 4 months ago

    why only planes? ? ? ? ?

  • Tony's Gaming And vlogs

    imagine Godzilla lives there

  • Rawgamingbeast
    Rawgamingbeast 4 months ago

    Guys,I should declare something here, Well there were tottally less than a hundred victims of this supposed area
    Actually some guy just wrote some books about the place First wrong fact we get wrong about this place is that this place isn't a triangle and its actually an oval . They call it a triangle because the 3 points of connecting this talked about oval are actually connected like a triangle ,Second of all In any place of any planet there can be magnetic problems in the air It can cause Radar defunction ,i dont know like compass malfunction and much more i'm saying that all of this has a scientific explanation with today's technology nothing is unseen ,These contents These bullshits i would suppoedly call it are all for making money like this video that has nearly 400 k views the books that the writers wrote about this charles briligtins whos one of them they just wanna make money If there is such a thing and it was there from the start why the hell isnt there any sign or rittance of it in the history books
    Yep and thats why i say , This place is "Fake" Its all for the editors and publishers to make money there is nothing at the bottom of the ocean there,And there is no alien like gateway to an outer space
    Its just emptiness and vastness of ocean... To sum it up Dont buy these cheap shits ,Dont be a fool

  • Eric A
    Eric A 4 months ago +1

    Was that thumbnail

  • Eric A
    Eric A 4 months ago +1

    how do you even Explain???

  • BUZ127
    BUZ127 4 months ago

    The whole video isn't shocking, but the only thing that shocked me is when that Jacket Boy pop up from nowhere.

  • Jason Hung
    Jason Hung 4 months ago

    YouTube isn't working 😞

  • Phantom P
    Phantom P 4 months ago

    how the people finding the ships didnt dessapear

  • Hassan Sh
    Hassan Sh 4 months ago +1

    bermuda is just crazy

  • Ethan Kenworthy
    Ethan Kenworthy 4 months ago

    I think the Bermuda Triangle is the illuminate headquarters

  • Some One
    Some One 4 months ago

    what is ghost ship?

  • Foxbyday
    Foxbyday 4 months ago

    9:10 jump scare

  • Patrick Wojciechowski
    Patrick Wojciechowski 4 months ago

    Thanks for the Entertainment, Guys!!!

  • krishna toshaniwal
    krishna toshaniwal 4 months ago

    Well, in the first mystery you said they searched them in the sea... so they searched them in bermuda triangle itself, because that's where they got lost !!!!!!

  • TheDeltaWave
    TheDeltaWave 4 months ago

    I think you mean... *THE SEA OF MONSTERS*

  • DogeCS
    DogeCS 4 months ago

    so bad edited thumbnail

  • RareHireACE
    RareHireACE 4 months ago

    the 11th is a symbol called 'Illuminati' if this was a good joke make sure u like this comment!

  • The Gaming Harry
    The Gaming Harry 4 months ago

    One of the planes from flight 19 has been found though.....

  • Jorge Macias
    Jorge Macias 4 months ago



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