Season 21 Preview: White People Renovating Houses

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  • Protestors armed with tiki torches and confederate flags take to the streets of South Park. Randy comes to grips with what it means to be white in today’s society.
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  • Mark Twain
    Mark Twain 9 hours ago

    The wall is there for a reason.
    Get your forgiveness while you still can. Maranatha.

  • Freedom Warrior
    Freedom Warrior 17 hours ago

    Dey took our jeeebs
    Dey tuk r'jeebs
    Derka Deeerb

  • PewiJohn
    PewiJohn Day ago


  • MonsieurHiroshima

    South Park : the only thing which makes me believes the US haven't gone full retard.

  • Иван Марангос

    Does someone have an opinion on Eric's new freedom of love? How do you perceive that? Thank you :)

  • Nickoli Lion
    Nickoli Lion 3 days ago

    "Guys, I get you're pissed off but when you start waving confederate flags it makes us all look stupid!"

    Best line ever.

  • Mega Knight 360 James

    I saw a Halo Helmet 👍🏻

  • Sweet Lolita
    Sweet Lolita 3 days ago

    'How do you like that bitchhhh' 😂😂

  • Only from a distance

    20 years ago this show was funny. 10 years ago this show was funny. 5 years ago not so funny. Now, I'll watch reruns...get enough politics EVERYWHERE else.

  • Everything Reviewer
    Everything Reviewer 3 days ago


  • linktheslayer15
    linktheslayer15 3 days ago

    I didn't like this ep that much. The plot with cartman was annoying

  • Kirbygamer12's Channel

    This episode was hilarious. Randy is one of South Park's best characters! :)
    God bless Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

  • Victoria Scheller
    Victoria Scheller 4 days ago

    South Park- Season 21- Plot for ‘The Cartman Society’

    One day, Mayor McDaniels is looking rather anxious; the life of a mayor in charge of a quiet little white-bred, redneck mountain town is hard work. She tells her secretary that she needs a break. More than a break actually; a getaway. She then tells him to run over to ‘Tweek Bros. Coffee’ and get her an extra-strong coffee and a Danish. While he’s gone, Mayor McDaniels jumps out the window and takes a bus out of town. The secretary returns with the Coffee and Danish, only to find that the mayor isn’t present.

    Meanwhile, Cartman is playing on his Xbox One when Liane gets a phone call from the head of the PTA, Sheila Broflovski. She tells Liane to come to the Community Centre for an emergency meeting. At the community center, Sheila and Randy call for order; tonight’s topic is on the disappearance of Mayor McDaniels. Linda Stotch claims that without the mayor, the town’s society will collapse. Roger Donovan says that the mayor’s disappearance has never happened before. Stuart McCormick says they should search for the mayor, only for Laura Tucker to say they should elect a new mayor. The PTA then holds a vote; ‘Look for the Mayor’ beats ‘elect a new mayor’.

    That night, the parents tell the children they’ll be out of town for a few days; Sheila and Gerald promise that Kyle will take good care of Ike while they’re gone. They get onto a bus, and are soon out of town. The children watch them leave, and Cartman asks why they’re leaving. Craig tells them that apparently, they’re searching for Mayor McDaniels. Cartman sees this as an opportunity to do something he’s been wanting to do for a long time; be in charge of the whole town.

    The next day, Cartman is now the mayor of South Park; his girlfriend, Heidi, is his secretary, and his bodyguards are Tweek and Craig. Heidi informs him that three people are here to see him. The three people are Stan, Kyle and Wendy, who disapprove of Cartman being the mayor. Stan tells Cartman to let Wendy be mayor, as she makes good decisions, unlike Cartman. Cartman says “Are you disrespecting my authoritah?”. He orders Tweek and Craig to kick them out. Kyle says that Cartman won’t get away with this.

    That evening, Cartman holds his first mayoral meeting at the community center. His first item is giving a few people titles. First up, is Wendy Testaburger as “Biggest Bitch” He then proceeds to sing Wendy is a Bitch, to the tune of Kyle’s Mom is a Bitch. Just as the song ends, Wendy storms in, punches Cartman in the face and kicks him in the balls, then leaves. Cartman calls for police officers Butters and Kenny to arrest her, as well as Kyle and Stan. Cartman continues with the list, up to ‘Stupidest Jew’.

    Meanwhile, the PTA have arrived in Denver. It is nearly impossible to find Mayor McDaniels in the bustling city. They ask random people if they’ve seen her by holding up a picture, but no-one has. They go to the station and ask the guy at the front if he’s seen a woman who looks like Mayor McDaniels. He says her train departed to Salt Lake City about 5 hours ago. The PTA are at the station, waiting for the next train to Salt Lake City.

    Back in South Park, Kyle, Stan and Wendy are thrown into their cell. Kyle believes it is over; Cartman has won. Then, they see a few other prisoners, most notably, but not limited to, Shelley Marsh and Scott Tenorman, who tell them not to give up on hope. They tell them that Cartman ordered for them to be arrested, and has taken over the whole town. They are part of a rebellion, intent on taking down Cartman, they were sent to spy on him, but got caught and arrested by Butters and Kenny. Stan, Kyle and Wendy tell Shelley and Scott they have a plan to bring down Cartman.

    In the middle of the night, when Butters and Kenny are asleep, the cell is busted open by Bebe and a few members of the rebellion. Stan, Kyle, Wendy, Shelley and Scott follow them to Starks Pond, where the rebellion has set up a base. The rebellion celebrate the return of Shelley and Scott, and welcome Stan, Kyle and Wendy into the rebellion. They are seated in front of a fire, and Bebe tells them they are organized to fight Cartman. Kyle tells her that Cartman isn’t willing to give up the position. They run through their plan on bringing down Cartman. First of all, they’ll use Timmy’s wheelchair as a battering ram to get into the city hall, then Clyde and Token will distract Tweek and Craig, and while Wendy keeps Heidi occupied, Stan and Kyle will confront Cartman.

    Over in Utah, the PTA has arrived in Salt Lake City. They are continuing their search for Mayor McDaniels, but by now, most of the PTA want to go home, but Sheila isn’t willing to give up on their search. They decide the best place to find Mayor McDaniels is in one of the apartments. They try the first apartment, and get her room number. They knock on the door, and sure enough, they see her, drinking alcohol heavily and watching Terrance and Phillip. Randy tells her she needs to come back to South Park, as the whole town may be in chaos. After some thinking, she finally decides to return to South Park.

    Back in South Park, the rebellion has infiltrated the city hall. Stan and Kyle engage Cartman, and he attacks Kyle, pinning him to the ground. Stan shakes him off, but Cartman calls in Tweek and Craig, who attack Stan, separating him from Kyle. Cartman threatens Kyle with being turned into Chilli, just as Scott Tenorman, Wendy and the rebellion show up, armed with paintball guns. Seeing as he is outnumbered, Cartman surrenders, so do Heidi, Tweek, Craig, Butters and Kenny. Stan and Kyle order for them to be thrown into jail, and Wendy is elected as the new mayor of South Park.

    Two days later, the PTA is back with Mayor McDaniels. She opens her office, only to find some debris here and there. Officer Barbrady goes to the police station, and sees various kids locked up, notably Cartman, Kenny and Butters, as well as Heidi, Tweek and Craig. He releases them, then he and Mayor McDaniels restore order to the town. Gerald asks how long they were out of town, to which Sheila replies “A Week”.

    The boys are glad that Mayor McDaniels is back. Kyle says that he learnt something from that whole experience; don’t go mad with power. Mr Mackey reminds them that school has started back up again. The boys groan, so they and the other students bombard Mr Mackey with paintballs.

  • VM 9
    VM 9 4 days ago

    Hey Alexa


  • Missouri Patriot
    Missouri Patriot 4 days ago

    One town, one relation! Death to mechanization!

  • Superdragon Red
    Superdragon Red 4 days ago

    🐸💥🔫 Alt right gotta take this L

  • ProApathy
    ProApathy 5 days ago

    I was disappointed. Im going to watch it again, to seal my disappointment with the episode, im going to add a layer of philosophy to it witch i probably didn't see amd isn't really their to digest it differently in hopes to find humorous meaning that may not really be there. </3 They should've either stopped at season 17 or stopped making them run together like a bigger longer cut.

    tl;dr this episode was disappointing.

  • PuzzleHunter Ibmthi
    PuzzleHunter Ibmthi 5 days ago

    Lol I love all the references to HGTV, especially Fixer Upper. xD
    I don't think lots of people really got it in the comments.

  • Preston Rey
    Preston Rey 5 days ago +1

    South park makes fun of how stupid humanity is. Which means most of the people who like south park are the ones getting made fun of. So why do y'all like it if y'all see haw retarded it makes y'all look.

  • A H. Barry
    A H. Barry 5 days ago

    This show is hilarious

    YUU MONADI ML 5 days ago

    shit episode

  • Ishan Saha
    Ishan Saha 5 days ago +1

    DurkEee DURRRR

  • PsysheildOmega
    PsysheildOmega 5 days ago


  • Mister Hilter
    Mister Hilter 5 days ago

    (((South Park)))

  • The Ultimate in Salty Gaming

    Idk this episode wasnt that funny.

  • DeadMoNeyProductions BP

    Why won't they bring back chef...there are so many people that can do that voice spot on, just hire one

    • o O
      o O 5 days ago

      DeadMoNeyProductions BP because chef died and turned into Darth chef

  • futebolcapixabatv
    futebolcapixabatv 6 days ago +1

    Alt-right nazis tears tastes so good...hmmm

  • Leah Scott
    Leah Scott 6 days ago

    You have to watch this episode with your "Alexa" and laugh your ass off like I did...It's hilarious!!!!!

  • Old Beast
    Old Beast 6 days ago


  • Tom  Sivell
    Tom Sivell 6 days ago

    Alexa add titty chips to my shopping list LOL

  • HitchensImmortal
    HitchensImmortal 6 days ago

    So uh, I don't want to be a wet blanket, but I've been glued to this show for (amazingly) 21 years now and this was the only episode I've ever seen that had nothing funny in it. Maybe Jim Bob, but that's fucking it.

  • crazy_m
    crazy_m 6 days ago

    yeah bees in winter

  • Eric Holladay
    Eric Holladay 6 days ago +3

    This episode was so weak.

  • Mr Fart
    Mr Fart 6 days ago +2


  • o O
    o O 6 days ago +3

    horrible horrible horrible episode.
    wow South Park wtf.
    wtf. wtf. wtf. wtf. why why why are you making your show shit now. it used to be great and now it sucks balls with this first episode. this is the best you could come up with??!?
    wowwww woww oowwowoeifjdjhdkfjsmfidnekdfucksouthparknowwtf

    • o O
      o O 5 days ago

      Ideal Male Body where did they say that ?

    • Ideal Male Body
      Ideal Male Body 5 days ago

      Matt and Trey have wanted to end the show for a while now. I don't blame them for running out of passion for the show.

  • crescent fallen
    crescent fallen 6 days ago +1

    Waited, watched and now disappointed.. South Park is dying.. Worst episode ever.

    • HitchensImmortal
      HitchensImmortal 5 days ago +1

      You know what else gets good ratings? Judge Judy. NCIS, and The Bachelor.

      Gonna refrain from calling popularity a mark of quality because I was never subjected to serious head trauma.

    • genisveil
      genisveil 5 days ago

      LMAO worst episode yet the ratings were better than last season and got rave reviews.
      Stick a fork in it, cucks.

    • HitchensImmortal
      HitchensImmortal 6 days ago

      I agree. Easily the worst episode in 21 years, and I've been watching since the very beginning. Not for the same reasons as o O, it just had no jokes.

  • megan cooper
    megan cooper 6 days ago +3

    After watching the new episode.... I can say south park is dead! For fuck sake; what happened guys.

  • zRafb bhaih ki
    zRafb bhaih ki 6 days ago +2

    Day tooker jabbsss

  • 2067792332977602
    2067792332977602 6 days ago +3

    If this was like last season it would have taken 3 episodes for alexa to go missing.

  • Cutie Pie Blu Fish
    Cutie Pie Blu Fish 6 days ago +1

    Spoiler Alert:

    Cartman broke up with Heidi!!!!

    • JeyVGaming
      JeyVGaming 4 days ago

      Everything's back to normal now.

    BIGARMADA1988 6 days ago

    Yeah I thought the season premiere was kind of weak tbh. The country rendition of Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" was pretty funny, though.

  • Bob Hammock
    Bob Hammock 6 days ago +1

    Matt, Trey...not your best work. I want better for you.

  • Brony459
    Brony459 6 days ago +3

    The episode for the new season was OK but kind of confusing at the very end with Daryl. I hope since now Cartman has broken up with Heidi Cartman would go back to what made him such a great character in the first place.

  • Thomas Moore
    Thomas Moore 6 days ago +5

    Just saw the new episode im so happy they're still funny and original

  • Ash Kitt
    Ash Kitt 6 days ago

    Cue the outrage police who never actually watched South Park except for a few out of context clips to claim that South Park is literally alt-right fascist propaganda.

    • Ash Kitt
      Ash Kitt 5 days ago

      Maybe this episode is because of all the thinkpieces blaming them for the rise of the alt-right. So they want to placate the SJWs, not realizing that that's a battle you're going to lose no matter what.
      South Park was one of the few comedy shows on TV that wasn't just liberal propaganda, and sadly they might become that way because of the ruining effect of the media.

    • HitchensImmortal
      HitchensImmortal 6 days ago

      Matt & Trey are hardcore libertarians. I'm not a fan of their RL politics, but they're pretty even-handed about dissing 'both sides'.

    • o O
      o O 6 days ago +0

      Ash Kitt actually this episode seemed super alt left if you want to call it that. very disappointed with this episode and I'm a die hard South Park fan I've watched every episode numerous times.
      unbelievable how bad this show has gotten I already feel this season will be terrible if they continue with this plot.
      last few seasons have been good but no where near as good as the first 10 or so seasons

  • Waffle
    Waffle 6 days ago +1

    Just watched this episode.. the ending was sad..

    • Brony459
      Brony459 5 days ago

      o O that's just your opinion and yes South Park has changed and I rather have south apart change instead of it being the same-o same-o for 20 years.

      It's kind of what Randy said to Daryl "you can't get through the past that you build a wall around the change" something among those lines.

    • o O
      o O 6 days ago

      this episode was horrible.
      what has happened to Trey Parker?!? what had happened to my beloved South Park?!?

    • Brony459
      Brony459 6 days ago

      Waffle I actually loved that South Park changes over the years, it keeps it fresh. But I didn't like how Cartman changed. Cartman was racist, sexist, sadistic, crude, rude, evil and an overall awful person. But they were able to make him comedic at the same time but until season 19 he was just .... not the same anymore that I didn't like it, they completely 180 his character. We did get to see a few bits of Cartman old behavior so I hope he changes back to the Cartman he was before.

    • Waffle
      Waffle 6 days ago

      Brony459 i dont know, south park has definitely changed since cartman getting an anal probe, everything has taken a big turn, south park isnt really the same anymore, but dont get me wrong, its still amazing, so im not sure how everything is gonna work out

    • Brony459
      Brony459 6 days ago +1

      Waffle I am honestly kind of happy Cartman broke up with Heidi. Ever since season 19 and especially 20 when he dates Heidi Cartman hasn't been the same Cartman we loved for the previous 18 seasons. I hope this means he goes back to the Old Cartman that we do know.

  • John O'Neill
    John O'Neill 6 days ago +1

    0:05 is that master chief with a confederate flag on his head?

  • Eli Polk
    Eli Polk 6 days ago

    Alright I wonder what Season 21 will look like in the first episode

  • oncelar channel deadtale

    It's started

  • Shiba Diba
    Shiba Diba 6 days ago +3

    Hopefully they go back to what made south park great. Finding something to make fun of, doing that, and moving on. The story style got old quick. It was fine in aspects like "Imagination Land" etc. but the election and PC story line got old quick and they kept milking it all season. That's why I'm worried even with this commercial. Yeah make fun of the race war going on over people's feelings being hurt over a flag but then stop after that and move on. Don't devote an entire season to it.

    • HitchensImmortal
      HitchensImmortal 6 days ago +3

      Goddamn Imaginationland was a fucking good 2-parter. I think those days are long over, though. Rick & Morty, though. That's life.

  • oncelar channel deadtale

    8 minutes to go the last comment about how southpark before the season airs

    • Tuggle Pie
      Tuggle Pie 6 days ago

      oncelar channel deadtale its about to start

  • Abu Mohamed
    Abu Mohamed 6 days ago

    Derk a Derrrr

  • Clara's edits
    Clara's edits 6 days ago +1

    i'm gonna be really annoyed if the whole episode focuses on the parents and politics instead of the kids acting like assholes..and if cartman is still politically correct i'm gonna scream

  • MikeonGaming
    MikeonGaming 6 days ago

    Only a 10 second preview and I can tell this season if going to be great

  • Alba Superbia
    Alba Superbia 6 days ago +1

    Despite what the media is saying, I can guarantee you that if they've returned to the good satire they used to do, they're going to attach both sides of this.

  • TheRealCadeSlaughter
    TheRealCadeSlaughter 6 days ago +1

    Try and stay away from politics, and I don't even care what biases it is, it's still annoying. And bring back the "real" cartman

    THEY TEERK ERRR JERBS! 6 days ago +1


  • Aura337
    Aura337 6 days ago

    I hope it isn't just more politics and storylines.. Thats what I didn't like about the last season. It got boring really fast.

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 6 days ago

    dey tuk err juuuuuuubbbbbbb

  • Hairy Sascrotch
    Hairy Sascrotch 6 days ago +1

    Used to be my favorite show... Stopped watching last season... This season appears to rip on white people... This show needs to go off of the Air

    • James N Rogers
      James N Rogers 6 days ago

      aaaAaaAAAAAAAa you got me!!

    • Hairy Sascrotch
      Hairy Sascrotch 6 days ago

      James N Rogers ...let me guess... Your a faggot...

    • James N Rogers
      James N Rogers 6 days ago +1

      Hairy Sascrotch So they're only allowed to make fun of people you don't like? K.

  • NormalTeenGamer
    NormalTeenGamer 6 days ago

    All these cucks and pricks. talking about, I HOPE THEY MAKE FUN OF ANTIFA, OHHHH BOY, oh blm is killing ppl, but u choose White nationalist. Wasn't ripping on stupid shit the entire reason season 20 failed. Yeah i thought so

  • batman13823
    batman13823 6 days ago

    I hope we're not seeing PC Principal again. And I hope the seasons are longer again

  • Benjamin Burkhardt
    Benjamin Burkhardt 6 days ago

    Fucking excited as fuck for fucking sanity in the era of Antifa and the Alt Right. Fuck everyone. John McAfee 2020! That white stuff is good! Now I'm going to fuck a Thai lady boy.

  • Katlyn Dobransky
    Katlyn Dobransky 6 days ago

    Ok so I was at school and I finished my work early so I went on a game site. Then an ad for South Park season 21 came out. I was like oh shit oh shit so I refreshed the page xD really excited though!

  • Toa Lime
    Toa Lime 6 days ago

    this is 10 out of 10 work. I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH IT!

  • Victoria Scheller
    Victoria Scheller 6 days ago

    Or, how about a Stan/Wendy storyline, when he accidentally gets her pregnant.

    • Victoria Scheller
      Victoria Scheller 3 days ago

      What if there was a Coon and Friends television series?

    • Victoria Scheller
      Victoria Scheller 4 days ago

      I'm hoping that Kyle and Bebe tie the knot.

    • Victoria Scheller
      Victoria Scheller 5 days ago

      When Wendy dares Stan to have sex with her. But he forgets a condom and the next morning, Wendy is sick in the bathroom, and she tells Stan that she's pregnant.

    • Victoria Scheller
      Victoria Scheller 6 days ago

      Truth or Dare

    • James N Rogers
      James N Rogers 6 days ago

      Victoria Scheller ...theyre like 10 years old, how tf would that even happen?

  • Victoria Scheller
    Victoria Scheller 6 days ago

    There should be an episode centred on Kyle and Bebe becoming a couple. Another where Cartman becomes the mayor, or what about Kenny's family becoming wealthy, or 'Coon and Friends: The Movie'

  • Evil Genius97
    Evil Genius97 6 days ago


  • sadlobster1
    sadlobster1 6 days ago

    Wonder if Gerald will be punished for his troll crimes, in the premiere

  • Kim jung Un Chil labour

    Rednecks, Randy with something that looks like a giant ass. I am curieus what This episode is gonna be About

  • estúdio da rebecca
    estúdio da rebecca 6 days ago


  • dark0ssx
    dark0ssx 6 days ago

    "political randy episode"

    • PuzzleHunter Ibmthi
      PuzzleHunter Ibmthi 5 days ago

      No it's not about politics at all. It's a parody of this show that's been getting popular on HGTV.

  • Cutie Pie Blu Fish
    Cutie Pie Blu Fish 6 days ago south park gonna start over before the whole trump trump thing or are they gonna continue where it left off?

    • Taylor T
      Taylor T 6 days ago

      They never start over. Even in the earlier seasons they might talk about a previous episode or something. I do hope for though cartman and Heidi are still dating.

  • Cutie Pie Blu Fish
    Cutie Pie Blu Fish 6 days ago

    Thank you south park for brining us the show we all know and love.

  • Zack Luke
    Zack Luke 6 days ago

    Can't wait to watch this episode, although I really hope Trey and Matt follow through with that they said about going back to their old format, the breed and butter of South Park is kids being kids, more Eric fucking with Butters and the episodes being more focused on the kids! I love their style of satire, and loved their last season with Trump and internet trolling, it was funny, but enough with politics, I was really excited when they announced they were going to be returning to their old ways, so I hope this is a one of episode just to settle us in.

    • Taylor T
      Taylor T 6 days ago

      I hope cartman doesn't fuck with butters all the time. I come to think butters is a part of their group now. I still hope cartman and Heidi are dating

  • Cutie Pie Blu Fish
    Cutie Pie Blu Fish 6 days ago


  • Daumex SUCK MY ASS
    Daumex SUCK MY ASS 6 days ago

    i can wait when the day comes time to get Zack Snyder and Bitch Affleck to be in the South Park episode this Batman Vs Superman movie is gone out of control by MCU Fanbase.

  • idiotshow325
    idiotshow325 7 days ago +1

    Hope the take on the asshats at Antifa too because both sides suck

  • De Ny
    De Ny 7 days ago +1

    tonight is new season south park season 21

    like prediction
    tell story why and who people hate emoji movie

  • petj0n
    petj0n 7 days ago


  • omicula
    omicula 7 days ago

    Matt and Trey said they're done with the whole politically driven episodes like they did in season 20. In an interview, they said they're going back to the insanity they used to do. They're tired of Trump everywhere all the time (and I completely agree). 21 will be NOTHING like 20 and I can't wait!

  • TessellatedGuy
    TessellatedGuy 7 days ago

    DEY TUK ER JERBS!!!!!!!!

  • angry tucan
    angry tucan 7 days ago

    I've been waiting for this forever

  • LunchLauncher
    LunchLauncher 7 days ago +2

    I really hope trey and Matt know what they're doing.

  • Jaymax
    Jaymax 7 days ago

    South Park selling out to the left. Used to be straight edge, now you're cucks like the rest of them.

  • Eric Theodore Cartman
    Eric Theodore Cartman 7 days ago +1

    feeling good on a wednesday

  • Michalis Kostaras
    Michalis Kostaras 7 days ago

    I l southpar

  • Caleb Ross
    Caleb Ross 7 days ago

    Will the new episode be on Hulu?

  • jackdanielt05
    jackdanielt05 7 days ago


  • OP Bob
    OP Bob 7 days ago

    High Five, to all South Park Fans!!! :D

  • Kyzr
    Kyzr 7 days ago


  • Peyton Montana
    Peyton Montana 7 days ago +1


  • William Parker
    William Parker 7 days ago

    There's a bee in here!

  • Lightdtrex
    Lightdtrex 7 days ago

    they took your job

  • giant_kiwi 502
    giant_kiwi 502 7 days ago


  • Fact&Pinion
    Fact&Pinion 7 days ago

    Why don't you wait and see the full episode instead of assuming you can guess the entire plot of the episode based on 10 seconds of footage. Trey may have not even finished writing the script yet for fuck's sake.

    The good news is South Park isn't serialized this time around. So if you absolutely hate this episode, presumably the next one will feature a completely different story. But if the only reason you hate it is because its satirizing the extreme right, follow the advice you dish out to the extreme left and stop being such a pussycuck.

  • Tim
    Tim 7 days ago

    Shit like this is why I love South Park

  • supremeAKIL
    supremeAKIL 7 days ago


  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature 7 days ago

    Would PewDiePie approve?
    Everyone, please watch my tiny nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!

  • is everybody in *
    is everybody in * 7 days ago

    nice 2 second clip guys.