Pizza Delivery Man Surprised With $2,000 Tip

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  • Gabe Bourk
    Gabe Bourk Month ago

    I love how this people act like a real news station

  • Nike Raikage
    Nike Raikage 5 months ago

    Just the tip always feels good

  • Minnesota youtuber
    Minnesota youtuber 7 months ago +1

    I am poor

  • Danzel Moore
    Danzel Moore 9 months ago +2

    Go Buckeyes O-H

  • redstone aus
    redstone aus 11 months ago +1


  • Roxy Freedom
    Roxy Freedom Year ago +15

    it feels good to tip :)

    • Eysenbeiss
      Eysenbeiss 7 months ago

      And in some Restaurants, you would have to pay even more, cause in the us, it is different to europe.
      Over there, a tip is mandatory, even not law and you would leave a tip when eating at a Restaurant - so where is the difference, especially, that delivery Services are offereing their product cheaper than any normal Restaurant too.

    • Plumpy
      Plumpy 10 months ago

      +John Steel Quite expensive to eat out in the US then. If I eat for $100 I have to pay atleast $125............................

    • Plumpy
      Plumpy 10 months ago

      In the US you have to tip right? 25%?

    • Devin
      Devin 10 months ago

      Even when the waitress is bad I give a tip. Maybe their bad service is because they are struggling. I don't know if they even have a bed at night. I bet I would be cranky!

  • Central Scrutinizer
    Central Scrutinizer Year ago +2

    This is first youtube vid of the day WAS the 7$ pizza guy fiasco ...100 vids later.. through several topics (overtipping, helping the homeless, etc ) led me here.

    • Central Scrutinizer
      Central Scrutinizer 7 months ago

      ...............You can change that..........make school your priority...dominate more than required. Pick a high earning, logical career early. Like a Radiologist...good working conditions and $ 300,000 per year salary. Don't get distracted by boys or partying or anything else. The better you grades are, the easier it is to get into University. Start by throwing an "e" on the end your divid............and go get that cash kiddo.

    • Minnesota youtuber
      Minnesota youtuber 7 months ago

      I am poor

  • Ben Krause
    Ben Krause 2 years ago

    Lucky bas

    MegaGLITCHGUY 2 years ago +1


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