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  • Pauletta Nelson
    Pauletta Nelson 8 hours ago

    If they can't stand the heat, then get out the kitchen. We need to laugh on the weekend because on Mondays, we can no longer laugh, because what they are doing to this country IS NOT FUNNY.

  • waqar khan
    waqar khan 12 hours ago

    it's over SNL even thought I live in UK ok it never come's here but at least I get the chance to watch on you tube sadly SNL has gone for bad because Donald Trump didn't liked it

  • Spank MaMonkey
    Spank MaMonkey 18 hours ago

    Just another example of Hollywood libtard behavior. Obama made all kinds of ridiculous claims- like that they were going to "cure cancer" under his Administration. Not a peep from the Left. Makes me sick.

  • Mary Backes
    Mary Backes 19 hours ago

    SNL is MEAN really. What about all the crap Fox News, Drudge Report, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Colter.... what the hell do you call them. First time I heard Rush I was in a car in a parking lot. The car next to me had the worst hate spewing crap I have ever heard. Then the radio identified the show as Rush Limbaugh. Do you think it was mean spirited to ramble on for over 8 years about President Obama's birth certificate only to come out and admit it was all a lie. Geez- he had two daughters that were watching that. TOO bad - you throw POOP you should expect to get POOP thrown back at you. GOP = CRY BABIES!!!! GO SNL!

  • Kendrick Cunningham
    Kendrick Cunningham 23 hours ago

    It's fucking comedy

  • Genna Corsentino
    Genna Corsentino 1 day ago

    You have to admit, Trump and his screwed up staff is the perfect script for SNL. Lying Conway, Nutcase Bannon and Trump!!! Trump is out of his mind and SNL has never been so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Beckel
    Bob Beckel 1 day ago

    Nobody I knows watches SNL. It is garbage.

  • Paul Punches
    Paul Punches 1 day ago

    Wow the left bashing the right...what's next coca cola wars?

  • Chuck Washington
    Chuck Washington 1 day ago

    Olivia Nuzzi is not a credible comedy critic. Fatal attraction skit was great!

  • Bob Bulsara
    Bob Bulsara 1 day ago

    Listen America !
    SNL is GREAT !
    Even the moron Trump has to agree. He is not acting like a President and LIES every time his mouth moves. Judge Judy will certainly agree.

  • Laleesh Pleetu
    Laleesh Pleetu 2 days ago

    Trump. Trump, trump, like russia, russia, russia. You've plateaued snl, like the russian collusion investigation. Let's see some pelosi, maxine waters, tim kaine, podesta the molesta. Great opportunities!

  • arthur riley
    arthur riley 2 days ago

    Attacking too often?You do realize that Pres.Trump lies every day? Kellyanne is not the somewhat ugly girl next door; rather she is a constant liar for Trump. Oh! and her children are just fine, if they weren't, why she'd run right home>

  • Diane Gillespie
    Diane Gillespie 2 days ago

    Tough and too bad Trump camp. Grow up. You do rotten things; don't be shocked. In any case, their jokes don't come close to your conceit and your belief that you can do anything nasty or illegal and have everyone else play nice.

  • alfriedar
    alfriedar 2 days ago

    If SNL unsets the moron sitting in the presidents chair... then let the good times roll.. Give us more .. They show us how stupid looks like in high places.. much more clearly than anyone else.

  • Hatchet Man
    Hatchet Man 2 days ago

    pandering to trumptards, sad

  • Mel F
    Mel F 3 days ago

    trumpy & Co if you cant stand the heat get the fuck out of the kitchen that includes politics

    MOON RIVER 3 days ago

    I am sure she is very worried!!!! LOL!!!!!

  • alfie Bird
    alfie Bird 3 days ago


  • alfie Bird
    alfie Bird 3 days ago


  • Jose murillo
    Jose murillo 3 days ago

    Who is the a snowflake now?😂😂😂😂😂😂 They hurt my feelings.

  • Chris Eshelby
    Chris Eshelby 3 days ago

    its only good when it has an edge refer to first ten years

  • Johannes DeMoravia
    Johannes DeMoravia 4 days ago +1

    Love Kellyanne as much as Anne Coulter. Real women, not farcical equality-chasing nonentititties glorifying drag queens by aligning themselves as a hypo-normal subspecies of fuckwittery.

  • Don Post
    Don Post 4 days ago

    Suck it, bitch! SNL rocks!!! FIRST AMENDMENT FOREVER!!!!

  • Camryn Villarruel
    Camryn Villarruel 4 days ago

    Cruel??? Hell not at all. Trump and his cabinet clowns, fakes, immoral

  • El Bee
    El Bee 5 days ago

    Kellyanna says "...things that aren't True don't bother me"? Well, then EVERYTHING she says on Nationwide TV doesn't bother her... she's a compulsive liar anyway.

  • Not Happening
    Not Happening 5 days ago +1

    Got socks that are older than you too boy .

  • Not Happening
    Not Happening 5 days ago +1

    Come on out speed bump you will talk shit and get bit . Pussy boy .

  • Mr E
    Mr E 5 days ago

    She's Related to Trump !!!!

  • Larry Queen
    Larry Queen 5 days ago

    They haven't gone far enough.

  • Professor Liberal Avenger

    Con Way.......Satan's crazed trophy wife.

  • Patty Palermo
    Patty Palermo 5 days ago

    I think SNL is doing a great job. As Trump Jr. would say I Love It!

  • Chompy
    Chompy 6 days ago


  • vargo hoat
    vargo hoat 6 days ago

    trump has the brain of a child, imagine any other president getting mad at satire, its a disgrace to the country.

  • Derrick Taite
    Derrick Taite 6 days ago

    fuck u Saturday night live is the shit Bitch

  • Tivasa Divinorum
    Tivasa Divinorum 6 days ago


    They deserve this and worse so i have 0 sympathy for the trump administration, my sympathy is for the american citizens. TRUMP is a joke, you don't need talented writers to make him hilarious, i don't watch comedy series anymore, i watch american news.

  • Kira Knudsen
    Kira Knudsen 7 days ago

    Bring it on SNL!

  • tish addams
    tish addams 7 days ago

    lol whos calling the kettle black...

  • Thomas Lloyd
    Thomas Lloyd 7 days ago

    Republicans are the real snowflakes - MAGA? Bwwhhaahhaahhaa!

  • Thomas Fruge
    Thomas Fruge 7 days ago

    Its comedy!. Its not to be taken seriously!

  • Paka Lolo
    Paka Lolo 7 days ago

    ABC GMA A News Media BAD Mouthing SNL.!!!!! It's All About The RATING.!!!!!

  • Adam Sagehorn
    Adam Sagehorn 8 days ago

    This sounds like abc is trying to take nbc down a notch or two.

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon 8 days ago

    Wow, Trump and friends are a little fragile. Kinda like a snowflake. Weird right?

  • dogs love
    dogs love 8 days ago

    Gone to far? NOT............PERIOD

  • brian mcintyre
    brian mcintyre 8 days ago

    SNL can,t get mean enough mean is Trumps middle name, payback is a bitch.

  • Jen P. Mitts
    Jen P. Mitts 8 days ago

    SNL has never been funnier. The worse the administration, the sharper the satire!

  • Ginger Ziccardi
    Ginger Ziccardi 8 days ago

    SNL rocks!!!

  • Elio Lopez
    Elio Lopez 8 days ago

    This is hilarious! Using Baldwin's photo is so appropriate for mistaking a comedic actor for the joke in the WH.

  • Kim Hawkins
    Kim Hawkins 8 days ago

    that was a accurate portrayal of kellyanne Conway she's a mean Beast of monster a liar a liar a liar a liar you could be talking about the Sun and Shine the next thing she'll say is somebody's going to jail or something she's a liar that is accurate

  • Venus Vegas
    Venus Vegas 9 days ago

    Trust me everyone is laughing at the Trump Administation

  • MyRedPony1
    MyRedPony1 11 days ago

    Conway should just shut up about this. She offers 'alternative facts' and SNL offers 'alternative characters.' Plus the SNL Conway is actually pretty, and I didn't see any of her fake eyelashes coming off in the corners or her wonky eye that always makes her look like she's winking. SNL has used satire for every president since it's inception. The administration should be pleased it's been added lest tRump goes on a Twitter rant about being excluded.

  • B Thompson
    B Thompson 11 days ago

    So it was funny when it was about other people? It's hilarious. If you can't take the heat, stop using the grill.

  • Marta Martinez
    Marta Martinez 12 days ago

    I have a smidgen of respect now for Sean Spicer not so much for kellyanne Conway but they took their punches and showed some class at least Spicy did😅😅😅

  • Marta Martinez
    Marta Martinez 12 days ago

    1:18 SNL is going too far??? Really? and trumps Administration thinks it's cruel??? We are definitely living in an alternative reality 😛😛😛😛😛

  • david Rhodes
    david Rhodes 13 days ago

    Well they should have had a skit where Kellyann married the crypt keeper they both look like they could be twins

  • Deplorable BasementDweller

    DEMOCRATS......have lost over half the governors, over half the state legislatures, the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, the presidency, the last 4 special elections and a 9-0 Supreme Court decision that upheld Trumps travel ban....MEANWHILE....Democrats have 100% responsibility for OBAMACARE.

  • Nathalie Koegele
    Nathalie Koegele 13 days ago

    I don t care I love snl

  • colleen sifferman
    colleen sifferman 14 days ago

    If Soros is so horrible why does she go to parties in the Hamptons with Soros, Ivanka, Jared, Koch brothers, washington post owner? We are all played both sides are on the same team.

  • Todd Taliaferro
    Todd Taliaferro 14 days ago

    *The ones who don't think it's funny probably don't get that it's a take-off on 1987's Basic Instinct.*

  • Pelmen129
    Pelmen129 14 days ago

    Lots of tough talk in the election now they are woosies and pussies

  • Gigi
    Gigi 14 days ago

    SNL rocks!! Hilarious, don't change a thing except more. Pay no attention to the whiney little bitches at the White House. 😁

  • Damothedevo
    Damothedevo 14 days ago

    Political correctness? Call the cops asnowflakes.

  • ca ros
    ca ros 14 days ago

    Like what did they expect? Donald Trump is a t.v. star. His whole presidency is drama. Why not make jokes about it on SNL?

  • yes4me
    yes4me 14 days ago

    SNL is less bias than CNN and Fox News. There I said it because it needs to be said.
    SNL is direct, to the point and no filter.

  • YouTube Lover
    YouTube Lover 14 days ago

    Trump supporters only laugh at impressions of minorities. God isn't real. White Christians are the most easily led morons.

  • john smith
    john smith 14 days ago

    Kelly Conway did nothing but talk trash about trump before he was elected! & now she's concerned with rhetoric?

  • kento tsukada
    kento tsukada 14 days ago

    hahahaha good good....

  • sam pittman
    sam pittman 14 days ago

    tell that pussy doing the story he is a wuss it is called SATIRE look it up

  • Jo
    Jo 15 days ago

    Clearly, the White House handles these sketches wrong. The obvious way to handle them is "no comment", we are busy running the country, or, that was funny now back to work. But, knowing that Trump cannot ignore a slight without commenting, they hit him harder. He has to have the last word, a narcissist always does.

  • Dora Wang
    Dora Wang 15 days ago

    Sorry, SNL is funny...actors are better looking than real staffs.

  • Dennis Winn
    Dennis Winn 15 days ago

    Saturday night live is back !!!!!!

  • keelinga
    keelinga 15 days ago

    GMA sucks

  • John Grow
    John Grow 15 days ago

    Oh bullshit! That Kellyann skit was pee your pants funny.

  • atomant451
    atomant451 17 days ago

    How the hell can comedy go too far? If it makes me laugh, and if  it's gone too far, then perhaps I've crossed the line. Was it bigoted or homophic or racist, or any number of things I shouldn't be closed minded to, NO it's humour aimed at an absurd Government. And for this administration to target or even comment on this issue, is well beneath them. From what I understand there is some Governing to do.

  • C J
    C J 17 days ago

    What is it with this president and his obsession with women?

  • Michael John Angel
    Michael John Angel 18 days ago

    God bless SNL!!! Trump and his fellow gangsters are true devils.

  • itsonlyrknrll
    itsonlyrknrll 18 days ago

    keep it going SNL, show hasn't been this good since the 70's

  • MIke MIhaljevich
    MIke MIhaljevich 20 days ago

    Actually...some of the best satire I have seen in ages. Great job. Keep it up...SNL....looks like you will have tons more material. Thanks. I look forward to mocking the PresiDunce.

  • Freeneuron
    Freeneuron 20 days ago

    The people who think its mean are just shills. The Pres has no problem trashing anyone at anytime. They deserve this kind of press completely.

  • j en
    j en 21 day ago

    she looks like a dried up courtney love

  • Any Guy
    Any Guy 22 days ago

    mean my ass. more like hilarious, and the only reason tRumpsters hate it is because it hits so close to the truth on a regular basis.

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern 23 days ago

    Trumpsters triggered again... nothing new..

  • Dysnomia Eris
    Dysnomia Eris 25 days ago

    The best thing that happened to SNL is Trump. I've actually gone back to watch it. Finally funny again.

  • Veronica Clay
    Veronica Clay 25 days ago

    Was it mean and unfunny when they made fun of President Obama or is it just mean because it's about them.
    Here's a thought, if you don't want SNL or the rest of the world making a fool out of you, stop making a fool out of yourself.

  • markj6700
    markj6700 25 days ago

    smellyAnne the con man.

  • AndyDog67
    AndyDog67 25 days ago

    A streak of meanness is cutting health care for 22 million Americans while giving a
    trillion dollar tax cut to the rich! What a bunch of hypocrites!

  • R Tussenio
    R Tussenio 25 days ago

    This really upset Trump. After seeing this he also threw Kellyanne out the window, but this time she didn't get up again. Now he thinks SNL isn't real at all! He is sooo disappointed.

  • michael mcinnis
    michael mcinnis 26 days ago

    Snl just got funny to me through these sketches. laugh to keep from crying. already spicy can laugh at himself. Kellyann conwomen is a blatant liar and that's no alternative fact

  • steve Mexica
    steve Mexica 27 days ago

    Why are we crying about SNL skits, what happened to the bitching of the potus calling people of color murderers, rapist , illegals, and gropping women! that's real, SNL is make belief! LOCK HIM Up!!

  • The Wild Steampunk
    The Wild Steampunk 28 days ago

    Who's asking "are they going to far?" Seriously, who would think that?

  • joseph Aragon
    joseph Aragon 29 days ago

    say goodbye to the 1st amendment

  • Roscoe Coltrain
    Roscoe Coltrain 1 month ago

    SNL used to be funny during Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin. This new SNL is not funny at all, they are ringing and draining every ounce of a failed idea.

  • Jesus Weeps For You
    Jesus Weeps For You 1 month ago

    If Kellyanne has children then she should think about them before spewing the lies and filth that Trump dumps in her mouth.

  • Jesus Weeps For You
    Jesus Weeps For You 1 month ago

    What goes around comes around. Pay back is a bitch, and you conservatives have been dishing it out for more than 8 years. So, SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUPS!

  • Charles Vekert
    Charles Vekert 1 month ago

    All politicians and their handlers know how to answer the question they wanted to be asked, not the question that they were asked. But Kellyanne Conway has taken the art form to another level. She obtrucifies, evades, and just plain lies as no one has done before. If you ask her about the Sahara Desert she will talk about NIagara Falls for five minutes and most of it will be wrong, or as she puts it "alternative facts." Her conclusion might be that we get along with the sand along Niagara Falls, so why can't Egyptians do the same with their sand.

  • DEBS bollls
    DEBS bollls 1 month ago


  • Dave Calnan
    Dave Calnan 1 month ago

    I've never heard a bigger bunch of made up Bullshit, Going to far my ass

  • Stephen Kyburz
    Stephen Kyburz 1 month ago

    Spicer: saturday night live used to be funny, but now its just bad....
    its funny when it points out other people's BS but when your the most laughable administration ever its suddenly less funny

  • anna manning
    anna manning 1 month ago

    President Obama had young children too.
    where was the outrage for them when the Republicans encouraged Trump to stalk him for a birth certificate that was never an issue?
    those young children might have also seen pictures of their father depicted as an evil despot or being burned in effigy. so if Kelly and Conway finds herself a little sensitive after attacking everybody else, let her go to the Obama children for advice on coping with meanness

  • Robert Allsbrook
    Robert Allsbrook 1 month ago

    ABC is just jealous!

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