GoPro falls into pit of Rattlesnakes

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  • juliana .j
    juliana .j Hour ago

    1:49 wait for it watch it full screen

  • Brittany Helms
    Brittany Helms 2 hours ago +1

    to many snakes for me i would be gone faster than michael jordan in the paint

  • ilikepizza 334
    ilikepizza 334 10 hours ago

    These snakes are ADORABLE

  • Jacob Champoux
    Jacob Champoux Day ago

    Next video: Rattlesnake falls into pit of GoPros

  • Andrew Hersabyl
    Andrew Hersabyl Day ago

    I wish I Have a Bath Of Rattlesnakes

  • VoiD x Phoenix
    VoiD x Phoenix Day ago

    Id love to shoot a shotgun into that crowd

  • mohamed kheir
    mohamed kheir 2 days ago

    in 1:06 i was so scared

  • Jordan Cannon
    Jordan Cannon 3 days ago

    And that is what you get

  • Jeffrey B
    Jeffrey B 3 days ago

    Jesus Christ on a cross!

  • Warren Peace
    Warren Peace 3 days ago

    That's a lot of danger noodles

  • God's orphan
    God's orphan 4 days ago

    nuke em

  • Asuna Gumdrop
    Asuna Gumdrop 4 days ago

    They sound like silverfish...

  • Ima_Pheen
    Ima_Pheen 4 days ago

    1:51 is so funny you should click it 😂

  • Mexlycan Filmico
    Mexlycan Filmico 4 days ago

    A reunion of my mother in law with all her family planning how to poison me

  • Ragemaster215 Fuller

    Better watch yo back they look angry

  • Sam Skywalker
    Sam Skywalker 6 days ago

    These guys:I dropped my camera let me get it with a hockey stick
    Me: I Dropped the tanerite,Let’s make the Snakes with they were never. Born

  • rosacute jenniely
    rosacute jenniely 7 days ago

    I dare you to go get your camera back ahahah

  • Spell bound
    Spell bound 8 days ago

    This on a VR headset

  • SeekAdventureForever

    Are you related to Mary Delaney?

  • Dicko
    Dicko 8 days ago

    Imagine tripping and falling into this

  • Gray Corvid
    Gray Corvid 9 days ago

    Anyone else's jaw drop when they realized the people were out there is shorts? Ah hah...

  • Ploppy GT
    Ploppy GT 9 days ago

    Jumpscare at 2:11

  • Kayann Bennett
    Kayann Bennett 10 days ago

    Wow when there was a mouse in my window well my brother time me to get something and he rattled the bush and I thought it was a Rattle Snake.

  • Uber Wulf
    Uber Wulf 10 days ago

    Burn them all.

  • PuckettJp2
    PuckettJp2 11 days ago

    Jeez, are they having an orgy or something?

  • WarlordRising
    WarlordRising 11 days ago

    That is a world of nope right there.

  • Emir Plays
    Emir Plays 11 days ago


  • meemedmania
    meemedmania 11 days ago

    Film it in 360

  • Theo P
    Theo P 11 days ago

    Oh man awesome It's TJ Dillashaws family BBQ 🍗

  • Whoflung Pooh
    Whoflung Pooh 11 days ago

    My asshole just went *bloop*

  • Elijah Austin
    Elijah Austin 11 days ago

    2:13 life of snakes

  • Gavin The Explorer
    Gavin The Explorer 12 days ago

    I love snakes so seeing this horde of these beautiful creatures has made this on of my favorite videos. Just my opinion.

  • sarah tiara
    sarah tiara 12 days ago


  • Eric Gigliotti
    Eric Gigliotti 12 days ago

    Yeah this is why I live up north.

  • Tyler X09
    Tyler X09 12 days ago

    That would suck if you are running in that field and all of sudden you trip and fall into this lol

  • Herr Richtig
    Herr Richtig 13 days ago

    1:51 JUMPSCARE

  • Tobias Spring
    Tobias Spring 13 days ago

    You have to respect a rattlesnake more than that. Hint when they are rattling like that it means they sense danger and ready to strike.

  • Kamen rider guy
    Kamen rider guy 13 days ago

    5 days later snakes have a youtube channel and are making videos

  • Pronex Gaming
    Pronex Gaming 13 days ago


  • Ultra Pux
    Ultra Pux 14 days ago

    oh hell no to the naw

  • Rob Leach
    Rob Leach 14 days ago

    A perfect chance to dump about 5 gallons of gas and deisel and throw a match!

  • Phantom
    Phantom 14 days ago

    Fuck it going to vr mode

  • futurearmysoilder williams

    I jump so hard when the first one had striked

  • Omega Zekrom Of Epicness


  • MochaHope
    MochaHope 15 days ago

    how are you so relaxed when I'm out of breath watching this in my living room?

  • Otavio Vicente
    Otavio Vicente 15 days ago +1


  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 15 days ago

    its like the no homers club of snake pits

  • GussTheRabbit
    GussTheRabbit 15 days ago

    Was that snake porn?
    Looked like a giant snake orgy to me.

  • cuddles174
    cuddles174 15 days ago


  • Dragonetta
    Dragonetta 15 days ago

    Those snakes were like, "WTF? What manner of devilry is this? Get this thing out of here NOW!!!".

  • Derick Vo
    Derick Vo 16 days ago

    Then there is me I freak out when a moth gets close lol

  • ffynca s
    ffynca s 16 days ago

    looks like the team 10 house

  • Lonnie Seeling
    Lonnie Seeling 16 days ago

    Soo beautiful

  • Gilitar
    Gilitar 16 days ago

    That would have been a gone ass GoPro if it was me.... nevermind it would have never been that close to start with.

  • Enchanted Trash
    Enchanted Trash 16 days ago


  • Random youtubers
    Random youtubers 17 days ago

    If you fucking hear rattle snakes you go in the opposite direction this isn't a fucking horror movie

  • Adam Z
    Adam Z 17 days ago

    that's the worst place to drop a camera

  • NADIA JADE 220
    NADIA JADE 220 17 days ago


  • BlitzCreed
    BlitzCreed 17 days ago

    who fucking jumped at 1:52?

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson 18 days ago +1

    One grenade. See ya!

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson 18 days ago +1

    Holy shit! I'd run into a burning building before I went for that. You've got balls....and she's 😍 too.

  • Janae M
    Janae M 18 days ago +1

    Taylor Swift and her friends hanging out nothing special

  • Chase Gephart
    Chase Gephart 18 days ago +1

    i regret watching this full screen

  • SawyerBeatsJr
    SawyerBeatsJr 18 days ago

    This would have been a good time to have some c4

    HOMELESS JOE 19 days ago

    go fullscreen at 2:03 YOUR WELCOME

  • supedude6
    supedude6 19 days ago

    I wanna know the camera setup, how'd you get so close???

  • Jacob Becker
    Jacob Becker 19 days ago

    I didnt know kevin durrant had brothers

  • Aileean Fam
    Aileean Fam 19 days ago

    Bro.... I'm scared. Deadass I wanna cry rn

  • Dr. Ducky
    Dr. Ducky 20 days ago

    The Durant family

  • StonedMetal 640
    StonedMetal 640 20 days ago

    Anybody else still having mini heart attacks.??

  • Robert Snelling
    Robert Snelling 20 days ago

    I triple dog dare ya.....

  • Marshmallow REV
    Marshmallow REV 20 days ago

    I wonder were my camera went

  • Robert Allen Jr's Vids

    That GoPro must be venomous now.

  • Rithik Reddy
    Rithik Reddy 20 days ago

    So this where KD lives

  • The Greek Freak
    The Greek Freak 21 day ago

    That's the warrior fans and Kevin Durant having a meet up

  • William Emde
    William Emde 21 day ago

    Throw a grenade in there

  • Javier Sanchez
    Javier Sanchez 21 day ago

    a rare look inside a meeting of politician's

  • ReyyDoesGames And MORE

    That dude is lucky because the rattlesnake didn't bite him tho

  • Sebastian Michaelis
    Sebastian Michaelis 22 days ago

    Better watch your feet.

    EJ DEAN 22 days ago


  • Alex The railfan
    Alex The railfan 22 days ago

    Lol rattle snake traps a GoPro.

  • hetalia has killed me
    hetalia has killed me 22 days ago


    It was at this moment Jackson knew....

    He fucked up

  • KurtleThe Snurtle
    KurtleThe Snurtle 22 days ago +1

    This person is playing with fire he needs to get away from them snakes, I do not fear snake but I would respect those rattlesnakes from a distance

  • jayla arceneaux
    jayla arceneaux 23 days ago

    i was so scared because i just don't like snakes

    MRYUSOCRZY 24 days ago

    These two had balls and ovaries of steel

  • Nabisco Snacks
    Nabisco Snacks 24 days ago

    Who else didn't realize how much snakes scared them until now?

  • lizardpoint
    lizardpoint 24 days ago

    you were scaring them !!!

  • Zack Milwit
    Zack Milwit 24 days ago

    Who else flinched at 1:51?

  • C M
    C M 24 days ago

    👎 on account of, I think this person is, a DUMBASS

  • Kent Whipple
    Kent Whipple 25 days ago

    Toss a Frag in there homie lol

  • Luiza Figueira
    Luiza Figueira 25 days ago

    At 1:38-1:41 I was dying because of the snake with the tongue

  • KPInDaaKutt [ H O O D ]

    Damn Look At My Exes 😂

  • Albino Gorilla
    Albino Gorilla 25 days ago

    If only I had a shot gun that has bbs that spread

  • Luke Tomkins
    Luke Tomkins 25 days ago

    Gang bang in full effect

  • ezrad3
    ezrad3 26 days ago

    Throw a Molotov in that thing.

  • Russell Westbrook
    Russell Westbrook 26 days ago

    I would fuck them up if you gave me a 12 guage and some gas

  • Carlos Perdomo Rodriguez

    A drone with a go pro camera

  • F Meh
    F Meh 26 days ago +1

    Kevin Durant and his family

  • F Meh
    F Meh 26 days ago +1

    That's a lot of KD's

  • F Meh
    F Meh 26 days ago +1

    Kevin Durant and his future kids snake 🐍

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