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    Wonder Woman Trailer Reacted to by Adults! Watch to see their reactions!

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    WONDER WOMAN – Rise of the Warrior [Official Final Trailer]

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    Ethan James

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  • FBE
    FBE  2 months ago +540

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    • Cut Mose
      Cut Mose 2 months ago

      React to 2pac All Eyes On Me trailer

    • Alexa Cruz
      Alexa Cruz 2 months ago

      FBE I Watch this movie and it is 😊 good 😊

    • Glen Smith
      Glen Smith 2 months ago

      React to RWBY

    • Tur.Designer
      Tur.Designer 2 months ago

      react kygo , selena Gomez "ain't me"

    • Freddy Ready
      Freddy Ready 2 months ago

      some of those adults are quite... "blame soceity"... such nonsense
      I guess thats how some americans are... *puts on tinfoil hat*

  • BlackZ!Fighter
    BlackZ!Fighter 2 months ago

    this movie was pretty average lol

  • Ms. A
    Ms. A 2 months ago +6

    Can we get an elders react to Wonder Woman?

  • Chloe Zaffuto
    Chloe Zaffuto 2 months ago +11

    This movie made me cry so hard.

  • K L
    K L 2 months ago +10

    I watched the movie twice. #1 movie in the world! Cant wait to see her in Justice League.

  • Gamer But i dont play games

    put arabs react to wonder woman

  • AloraC-trbl
    AloraC-trbl 2 months ago +16

    Now that the movie is out; can we get their reactions(or thoughts) on the movie?(: I thought it was amazing and Robin Wright was just FUCKIN BADASS!

  • James Wise Magic
    James Wise Magic 2 months ago +14

    DC finally got it right. Wonder Woman was great!!

  • Mazal Rafi
    Mazal Rafi 2 months ago +14

    They certainly didn't let us down.

  • Nalendra Pradama
    Nalendra Pradama 2 months ago +4

    the emancipation of Wonder Woman

  • yoseph alexander
    yoseph alexander 2 months ago +8

    "the entire theater stood up and started cheering" lol what the, seriously?

  • Hypothermia
    Hypothermia 2 months ago +7

    I think the world could use a Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel movie.

  • TottyAguigom
    TottyAguigom 2 months ago +446

    Casting Gal Gadot was the best decision the producers could have ever made with Wonder Woman

  • Sarah R
    Sarah R 2 months ago +7


  • Jillian Churchill
    Jillian Churchill 2 months ago +15


  • NUT
    NUT 2 months ago +16

    The movie was so badass! You guys should watch it! Even though its made by DC, It still was <3 <3

  • Yasmin Ofelia
    Yasmin Ofelia 2 months ago +15

    I want to be like Wonder Woman and the Amazon Women, fearless and strong!

      ABHISHEK A 2 months ago

      Yasmin Ofelia Never back down 😉😘

  • DailyHaley
    DailyHaley 2 months ago +487

    wOnDeR wOmEn IsN't My fAvOrItE cHaRaCtEr

  • Brinley T
    Brinley T 2 months ago +7


  • BushidoBrownSama
    BushidoBrownSama 2 months ago +9

    DCEU finally succeeded go watch it

  • Tashwampa
    Tashwampa 2 months ago +3

    Its good as hell you should all watch it!!!!!!

  • quakers the mustache duck
    quakers the mustache duck 2 months ago +5

    i watched the wonder woman! its so awsome and cool badass

  • Stevie Boudreau
    Stevie Boudreau 2 months ago +6

    They did it well

  • Gaby Espana
    Gaby Espana 2 months ago +18

    I saw the movie last night and it was sooo good! I totally recommend it :)

  • gerbil84ak
    gerbil84ak 2 months ago +3

    react to the hishe review for it god plz some one plz agree with me

  • K002
    K002 2 months ago +3

    Please do kids react to WONDER WOMAN

  • Lightru
    Lightru 2 months ago +3

    isnt that the song for league of legends

    • Jayden Troupe
      Jayden Troupe 2 months ago

      Sadia Nadim which was made for league

    • Sadia Nadim
      Sadia Nadim 2 months ago

      Lightru No it's 'Warriors' by Imagine Dragons

  • Reyhan Sultan Naufal
    Reyhan Sultan Naufal 2 months ago +9

    I've seen the movie for a second time!

  • Noorah NFR
    Noorah NFR 2 months ago +16

    I've seen the movie. It was soooooooooo awesome!!!

  • Original Username
    Original Username 2 months ago +32

    Little did they know...

  • Eason
    Eason 2 months ago +13

    Oooo it's so good! This show is amazing. No spoilers. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the DC Universe. It really shows of Wonder Woman's personality and how strong she actually is!

  • R3drift
    R3drift 2 months ago +7

    do a react to the actual movie now

  • Diggs Will
    Diggs Will 2 months ago +8

    I knew it right from time the movie's gonna be great tbh she's my #1 DC superhero

  • Max Malone
    Max Malone 2 months ago +5

    React to sense8!

    • Daan Beukers
      Daan Beukers 2 months ago

      Max Malone Great show, I am really looking forward to season 3. When is that coming out by the way?

    • oresama93
      oresama93 2 months ago


  • musicalman1995
    musicalman1995 2 months ago +4

    would have been nice to talk about the fact that the movie was banned in a lot of Muslim countries because the lead actress is Israeli.

  • Jakell moore
    Jakell moore 2 months ago +1

    it was so amazing

  • Trillx Julian
    Trillx Julian 2 months ago +1

    Adults react to Thor Ragnarok Trailer Please

  • Hannah Wall
    Hannah Wall 2 months ago +2

    teens react to the Hillywood show

  • Lily Hudson
    Lily Hudson 2 months ago +13

    I'm the only one that's really happy warriors is on the soundtrack? Where are my firebreathers at?

  • shady c network
    shady c network 2 months ago +6

    let a movie be a movie. stop with the feminism crap.

  • Mrlennymej1
    Mrlennymej1 2 months ago +13

    A DC female superhero movie is officially just as good as the original 1978 'Superman' movie...

  • EdgarFitJ
    EdgarFitJ 2 months ago +5

    I just realized that harley quinn and wonder women exist in the same universe

  • ttqsg
    ttqsg 2 months ago +3

    How about kids or teens react to Wonder Woman?

  • _DTzk_SWE _
    _DTzk_SWE _ 2 months ago +1

    watch the movie wonder woman from (2009)

  • Melissa Nunez
    Melissa Nunez 2 months ago

    Too bad they didn't follow her back story correctly

  • Jonathan Barriga
    Jonathan Barriga 2 months ago +6

    Yesterday i saw the movie it was rlly good

  • Riojas3s R
    Riojas3s R 2 months ago +14

    everyone clapped too when Wonder woman came out 😂

  • Helene Hedegaard
    Helene Hedegaard 2 months ago +2

    i'm so pumped for this, i can't wait to it hits the theater

    • DCU Master
      DCU Master 2 months ago

      are you joking?(I know you probably know this but because am a FANBOY) its already in theaters

  • Urban King
    Urban King 2 months ago +203

    To put things in perspective for the Marvel fanboys and other non believers out there. Wonder Woman is on par with Marvel's highest rated movie ever, Iron Man. And no, i'm not a DCEU fanboy... not even close. But i am able to appreciate an exceptionally well crafted movie when i see one.

    • katattacksweetheart
      katattacksweetheart 2 months ago

      WW actually had an even higher grossing first weekend than Iron Man and higher acclaim with critics 😘 I'm usually a MCU fan but DC hit it out of the park this time!

    • Gojiratheking106
      Gojiratheking106 2 months ago

      Idk, BvS had some pretty high ratings the first weeks, I was super hyped but suddenly... They just dropped.

    • DCU Master
      DCU Master 2 months ago

      93% rating and 103.1 million box office.I think its great...btw marvel plays it save too

    • ROSPoetry1
      ROSPoetry1 2 months ago

      Sorry but its not. The movie is good, but not great because it plays it safe. Because of how Man of Steel and BvS went. The 3rd act was horrible.

  • The Siberian Husky
    The Siberian Husky 2 months ago +139

    Gal Gadot is Badass,Beautiful and feminine at the same time is what makes her the perfect Wonder Woman to me.💙

  • The Black Charm
    The Black Charm 2 months ago +263

    I watched the movie and I still watch the trailers😂😂😂

    • YaassTaahvs
      YaassTaahvs 2 months ago

      Same!!! I need to see it a second time!!

    • Taurus Guy
      Taurus Guy 2 months ago

      Count me in!

    • The Black Charm
      The Black Charm 2 months ago

      Aigerim Doolotova I was thinking I was the only one😂😂

  • Luis Chavez
    Luis Chavez 2 months ago +9

    Just watched Wonder Woman. Loved it.

  • James Martin
    James Martin 2 months ago +65

    This was the best superhero movie i've seen yet. Sooooo good,

    • ZrafeDesigns
      ZrafeDesigns 2 months ago

      Yeah the BEST, thank God they will make a part 2 of wonder woman

  • Actual Toxic
    Actual Toxic 2 months ago +10

    dude i loved wonder woman! so badass ><

  • Helen Snure
    Helen Snure 2 months ago +257

    After watching it and just saying DONT WORRY ITS AMAZING through the screen

  • adarov
    adarov 2 months ago +10

    i prefer dc over marvel is the new " im vegan"

  • Paul Herfurth
    Paul Herfurth 2 months ago +6

    I've never been a superhero/comic fan because I simply never checked them out, but lately that I have discovered some female heros Im supe pumped to get into this huge universe/fandom

    • T RASH の男
      T RASH の男 2 months ago

      Superwoman's a nice and laidback show if you're looking for something uplifting. :p

    • Paul Herfurth
      Paul Herfurth 2 months ago

      T RASH の男 one other that I'm already interested in getting to know :)

    • T RASH の男
      T RASH の男 2 months ago

      Seriously? There have been other awesome female superheroes. Check out Jessica Jones, it's pretty amazing.

  • Danie Lee
    Danie Lee 2 months ago +10

    I loved the movie! She became my fave 👌👌

  • Cassia Mancuso
    Cassia Mancuso 2 months ago +19

    I watched the movie yesterday and the trailer still gives me chills

  • Paul Pietrzak
    Paul Pietrzak 2 months ago +21

    One YouTuber Scott said finally a woman who can kick some butt but what about Angelina Jolie in Salt and Lara Croft? Milla J as Alice in Resident Evil films? Sigorney Weaver as Ripley in the Alien films?

    • smaug86
      smaug86 2 months ago

      They aren't superheroes.

  • LiveForFun
    LiveForFun 2 months ago +2

    I rate the movie 6.2 out of 10

  • Carolina Tutillo
    Carolina Tutillo 2 months ago +5

    Make kids react to Wonder Woman!!!!!

  • Rangga Alam Purnama
    Rangga Alam Purnama 2 months ago +12



  • Wenona Shenna
    Wenona Shenna 2 months ago +11

    It was Wonderful... Amazing...Great... urrrgggh no words can express how I felt about this movie.... it's just so good ♥♥♥

    • Giselle Gomez
      Giselle Gomez 2 months ago

      Guchi2772 your right

    • Guchi2772
      Guchi2772 2 months ago

      Giselle Gomez not probaly, it is

    • Giselle Gomez
      Giselle Gomez 2 months ago

      Wenona Shenna probably one of THE BEST DC movie so far

  • Joshler af
    Joshler af 2 months ago +16

    Wonder Woman was just 👌👌👏👏 it was amazing I loved it so much 😍😍

  • Marie Zuela
    Marie Zuela 2 months ago +9

    It was awesome!

  • Rogelio Rodriguez
    Rogelio Rodriguez 2 months ago +39

    Honestly the Best D.C. Movie Ever Made! 🙌🏼

    • Rogelio Rodriguez
      Rogelio Rodriguez 2 months ago

      Nashresi In my opinion yes, but then again that's just my opinion😅

  • Hafshah L
    Hafshah L 2 months ago


  • Lamberdoodle
    Lamberdoodle 2 months ago +46

    "she's badass. oh my god my woman"


  • BORO14531
    BORO14531 2 months ago +2

    Are these adults reacting. Adults is pretty streched term these days.

  • Scarlett Silver
    Scarlett Silver 2 months ago +9

    This movie was super good! Which I am very happy about because Wonder Woman has been my hero for a long time and Im just glad that she was so badass and that they finally made a superhero movie centering around a strong female lead.

  • Gelly Mae Antiquina
    Gelly Mae Antiquina 2 months ago +9


  • sonali perera
    sonali perera 2 months ago +1

    it was great!

  • DIYLover Channel
    DIYLover Channel 2 months ago +4

    i watched it and it was Awesome 😍

  • Qmery Toip
    Qmery Toip 2 months ago

    Teens react to Pink season: The prophecy

  • Hey Its Ray
    Hey Its Ray 2 months ago +9

    movie was lit wached it today y'all have to see it

  • llsa30
    llsa30 2 months ago +631

    I came out of that theater feeling like wonder woman 😏😋😋😏😏

    • llsa30
      llsa30 2 months ago

      +Beerbottles123 😂😂😂😂

    • Beerbottles123
      Beerbottles123 2 months ago

      Same here, and I'm a dude.

  • theamvgirlx
    theamvgirlx 2 months ago +27

    OMG FINALLY DC DID IT RIGHT. Literally one of the best movies of the year.

  • Hunt Wall
    Hunt Wall 2 months ago +1

    I saw the movie today

  • ocelotirl 39
    ocelotirl 39 2 months ago +19

    the gardiens of the bakery shirt though XD

  • Duncan Idaho
    Duncan Idaho 2 months ago

    I love the T-Shirt Lotte wears. Can you tell me where you can get this one?

  • PirateGirlPokemonandothers R_M

    Lol I think adults should react to the Wonder trailer. at least one of them will cry in a million tears...

  • Zyx
    Zyx 2 months ago +16

    As if the movie wasn't good enough, it's freaking Gal Gadot!

  • CrimsonRose
    CrimsonRose 2 months ago


  • Julia Keeton
    Julia Keeton 2 months ago +1

    All the writers are men

    • Nadia Gk
      Nadia Gk 2 months ago

      Julia Keeton and the director is a woman

    • Liam Oconnor
      Liam Oconnor 2 months ago

      thats not true and who cares its a good movie

  • Kayla Ferandez
    Kayla Ferandez 2 months ago +37

    wonder woman was not something i was excited for, but after watching it i'm all over it. it was beyond amazing

  • Apple Dumple
    Apple Dumple 2 months ago +6

    I watched it,it was COOL

  • jackanar the Monster hunter
    jackanar the Monster hunter 2 months ago +104

    i watched the movie last night and it was awsome

  • Katharine Shannon
    Katharine Shannon 2 months ago +1482

    You don't think it's going to be popular? Boy, you were so wrong....

  • Lyanna Stark
    Lyanna Stark 2 months ago +414

    "wonder woman's not my favourite character"

    • Alexandra Mabel
      Alexandra Mabel 2 months ago

      Lyanna Stark he's aloud to like what he wants I myself don't really like Wonder woman I prefer Starfire & Raven

    • Eva Smiljanic
      Eva Smiljanic 2 months ago

      Lyanna Stark she's not mine either but I'm still super hyped for the movie

    • Tony Stark
      Tony Stark 2 months ago

      if wonder woman is your favorite caricter you are not a Stark

    • H2Penguin
      H2Penguin 2 months ago

      Lyanna Stark well it is his opinion...

  • IM_NOOBE_ 09
    IM_NOOBE_ 09 2 months ago +3

    hahaha they used warriors for league of legends and now its getting used for a justice league character

    • H2Penguin
      H2Penguin 2 months ago

      Manuel Benitez the song that was playing in the trailer

    • Bernardo
      Bernardo 2 months ago

      Manuel Benitez the music, from imagine dragons

    • Manuel Benitez
      Manuel Benitez 2 months ago

      IM_NOOBE_ 09 What warriors?

  • Praise Agbogo
    Praise Agbogo 2 months ago +74

    the only thing that was the most incredible in Batman vs Superman was when wonder woman showed up. I still feel chills on my arms remembering her appearence in the movie

    • The Batman
      The Batman 2 months ago

      Praise Agbogo What about affleck as Batman?

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi 2 months ago +5

    My god this movie is crazy good

  • laura tammam
    laura tammam 2 months ago +2

    I love Tom he's hilarious

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi 2 months ago +3

    I get goosebumps watching the movie

  • Kichumy
    Kichumy 2 months ago +8

    Guardians of the Bakery

  • DucklingGamer
    DucklingGamer 2 months ago +5


    TUBBY- TASTIC 2 months ago +2

    It's so amazing

      TUBBY- TASTIC 2 months ago

      The movie it was just ughhh I loved it

  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith 2 months ago +4

    SJW's unite!

  • Zen Ponce
    Zen Ponce 2 months ago +5

    I love the movie 😭❤️

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