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  • Karen Levitt
    Karen Levitt 14 hours ago

    I made a knex rollercoaster and i want a tiny camera to fit on it to see what it would be like in first person but the smallest camera i have is a go pro and that would be WAY too heavy

  • Robin Mercenary
    Robin Mercenary Day ago

    the clap sounds is like someone's fried a chicken...

  • Robin Mercenary
    Robin Mercenary Day ago

    how much is this? awesome....

  • R KÀDÉ
    R KÀDÉ 2 days ago +1

    All mice aboard

  • Mr.Builder
    Mr.Builder 3 days ago

    Nice job to who ever built that plane

  • Bleach Anyone?
    Bleach Anyone? 3 days ago


  • RKZ Yno
    RKZ Yno 4 days ago

    0:59 looks like a real one..

  • Spaaxy
    Spaaxy 4 days ago +1

    I hate it when people start clapping on real planes, this made me lose my shit

    DANK - DUDE 4 days ago +1

    The clapping sound like someone is touching someone's balls

  • Romawo Q
    Romawo Q 4 days ago

    Perfect landing

  • Julia Spencer
    Julia Spencer 5 days ago

    I believe that the air force has much large RC aircraft. So Please rephrase the title. (Maybe largest private RC)

  • Sarah ndagire
    Sarah ndagire 6 days ago

    I hope they make a large rc plane you can get in

  • MOStein
    MOStein 7 days ago

    Now crash it into the worlds largest RC world trade center.

  • Muhammad Khubaib
    Muhammad Khubaib 7 days ago +1

    Oh yeah!!!That's the best thing I have ever seen I want one plz

  • TheInkinJapan
    TheInkinJapan 7 days ago

    Fly it around airports.

  • Crash//Burn Crash//Burn

    Finally Barbie can go to China

  • Locutus
    Locutus 8 days ago +1

    When it's in the air, you can't tell the difference. Amazing!

  • Zain Ahmed
    Zain Ahmed 8 days ago


  • Itz Ameer
    Itz Ameer 8 days ago

    Is this aboing 747 OMG 😵

  • gyron1791
    gyron1791 9 days ago

    Wery good fly

  • Henry Chan
    Henry Chan 9 days ago

    Beautiful aircraft, beautiful flying, except that fucking ugly ass landing gear. Seriously fix that landing gear and the plane would be flawless.

  • Dylan Lopes
    Dylan Lopes 10 days ago

    Where can i get one like that's awesome

  • William Roberts
    William Roberts 11 days ago

    Omg that is amazing. It makes engine noises at takes off and lands. It's amazing. I hope virgin Atlantic sponsored this or something because this thing is amazing

  • Jp Sontakke
    Jp Sontakke 11 days ago

    How to make it

  • Cringe Bin
    Cringe Bin 11 days ago

    I was just waiting for it to fly into a tower ... Im disappointed

  • Ahamed Aquib
    Ahamed Aquib 11 days ago


  • Ahamed Aquib
    Ahamed Aquib 11 days ago

    Wow airline

  • Ayan Muhammed
    Ayan Muhammed 11 days ago

    This looks so real when flying. When I saw the engine of it was so crazy

  • liamg14
    liamg14 11 days ago +1

    Comment your country and city me: Liverpool, England

  • Memevasion
    Memevasion 11 days ago

    Landing is at 5:10

  • Jared Hunnicutt
    Jared Hunnicutt 12 days ago

    Looks like a minature version of 9-11

  • Cybercock
    Cybercock 12 days ago

    Epic landing

  • Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin 12 days ago

    how much to build one of these?

  • Rookie
    Rookie 13 days ago

    I want to put hamsters in it and crash the plane

  • Triggered Kermit
    Triggered Kermit 13 days ago

    I like dis gajick thumb up for me

  • My name is awesomeness My name is awesomeness

    i want that thing

  • John m
    John m 15 days ago

    I eat Wendy's anytime the baconator is shown in commercials

  • John m
    John m 15 days ago

    They could have put a kid in there no prob. Not a fat one. Signed trump

  • Dylan Ambrosini
    Dylan Ambrosini 15 days ago +1


  • Dylan Ambrosini
    Dylan Ambrosini 15 days ago +1


  • Fnaf Kids
    Fnaf Kids 15 days ago

    is it just me or did sometimes the plane looked real

  • SyndicateJr g
    SyndicateJr g 16 days ago +2

    I just sooo want to put my dog in dis

  • Savage Mister
    Savage Mister 16 days ago

    Stick a Go Pro on it.

  • John Flanagan
    John Flanagan 17 days ago

    Is this powered by ducted fan's?

  • Владимир B
    Владимир B 17 days ago

    шикарная игрушка, браво!

  • mohammed hussain
    mohammed hussain 17 days ago

    what is the rate of this plane

    PB TV-PRO 17 days ago

    Fantastic plane!

  • CorporalJonny
    CorporalJonny 18 days ago


  • Tommy Maroney
    Tommy Maroney 19 days ago

    The largest is the RQ-4 global hawk

  • Edward Tremethick
    Edward Tremethick 19 days ago

    At 2:30 as it goes past, it actually looks like a full sized 747, I want something like this but it must be over $1,000

  • feralbigdog
    feralbigdog 20 days ago

    can someone tell me what rc system was used in this? or where i can get an rc system that can handle a medium sized machine?

  • Sanjay Bajaj
    Sanjay Bajaj 20 days ago

    Give me this

  • Christian Janicki Show

    Awesome job nice plane ✈️ love it great Flight

  • tiestzi
    tiestzi 21 day ago

    No prizes for guessing who paid for this

  • Vishwas Bhatia
    Vishwas Bhatia 22 days ago

    i want to buy it

  • Vishwas Bhatia
    Vishwas Bhatia 22 days ago

    whats it price

  • CoolBroAFB
    CoolBroAFB 22 days ago

    why was the applauding seeming to be so snooty and rich person like?

  • tww36mufc
    tww36mufc 24 days ago

    That's incredible.

  • Waltham1892
    Waltham1892 24 days ago

    And it has tiny little luggage you can lose.

  • Per Normann
    Per Normann 24 days ago

    Darnit, it didn't crash. :-/

  • Rc kid
    Rc kid 24 days ago

    I think this could be a suicide bomber

  • Swedish Life
    Swedish Life 25 days ago


  • abhijeet chatterjee
    abhijeet chatterjee 25 days ago

    I want this rc toy 😢😢😢😢

  • Juan Motie
    Juan Motie 25 days ago

    Wow, that's BIG!  Do you think you can take a pet or small child for a ride?

  • Engine Make
    Engine Make 26 days ago

    Very nice video

  • Andres Torres
    Andres Torres 26 days ago +1

    Imagine terrorist start using these

  • Munde Rex
    Munde Rex 27 days ago

    I rate 9/11

  • InSaniTy GD
    InSaniTy GD 27 days ago +2

    Whatever you do, do not buy a United Rc Plane

  • Luke
    Luke 27 days ago

    Incredibly fantastic thing.

  • Miquel Alpuente Oncina

    Why am I here? 😂

  • West RBLX
    West RBLX 28 days ago

    That was an incredible flight with an amazing pilot

  • simpsonfan13
    simpsonfan13 29 days ago

    4:59 50....30....20...RETARD RETARD RETARD RETARD

  • Jose Lozano
    Jose Lozano Month ago

    So cool..!

  • giri sushil
    giri sushil Month ago

    where do you buy this, i need one. leave your reply tks

  • Brian KongNam
    Brian KongNam Month ago

    Holy shit, so dope that i wanna clap for it infront of the pc screen.

  • Naughtysauce
    Naughtysauce Month ago

    This plane looks more realistic than those military jets that flew into the twin towers

  • deliman7203
    deliman7203 Month ago

    Sometimes nerds are really stupid. I would never spend that much time and money to have my project crash on a grass field. use pavement fer fucks sake.

  • Vladislav Dracula
    Vladislav Dracula Month ago

    68 Kg? I weigh less than that...

  • jhon jansen
    jhon jansen Month ago

    beautiful flight

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man Month ago

    I wish I get it and all those big RC stuff on my birthday😞...Also, I don't know why but I kinda feel jealous..

  • Kerbal Chris
    Kerbal Chris Month ago

    Fly that low over people houses and they will think there's a big plane overhead

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago

    IFR is foggy

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis Month ago

    Plot twist, that is not a model 747, it is a real 747 on a planet full of giants.

  • Jersey Johnnie
    Jersey Johnnie Month ago


  • theoldar
    theoldar Month ago

    I am worried landing a $300 R/C plane. I would have a stroke landing this.

  • London is Red
    London is Red Month ago

    Beautiful british plane

  • hap ppy
    hap ppy Month ago

    any bigger muslims might start peacefully flying them into buildings

  • Child Support
    Child Support Month ago

    Dear santa.....

  • IRolo
    IRolo Month ago

    Virgin airlines the plane just perfect for people who are virgins

  • Dwaine Sterling
    Dwaine Sterling Month ago

    impressive landing.

  • VQ3713
    VQ3713 Month ago

    That's cool!!!

  • Patrick D.
    Patrick D. Month ago

    Thus one can turn cheap disasters movies

  • Rformzz Lol
    Rformzz Lol Month ago

    Does anyone else wanna put a go pro and fly around a city

  • Faze Pakki
    Faze Pakki Month ago


  • Paul Luksys
    Paul Luksys Month ago

    I'm sure esomewhere around the middle mark I I saw a little Bruce Dickenson piloting this

    THE CRAZY GAMER Month ago

    The noise of clapping satisfies me.

  • Sunshine Light
    Sunshine Light Month ago

    Similar plane had accident with twin towers in New York USA. 11the September but that plane was loaded with explosive. Educated people will agree with the reality and those people have no idea about science and technology they will disagree with this comment. Thanks to all.

  • RoRa
    RoRa Month ago

    Lol title says virgin

  • Linglets GD
    Linglets GD Month ago

    Woah. This video was very cool! I love planes! Have a good day!!!😃😀

  • EnderEric02
    EnderEric02 Month ago

    do you make this airplanes or where do u buy them xD?

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