The Apprentice: Nuclear Edition | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Added:  2 months ago
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    Bill discusses FBI Director James Comey's firing and Trump's meeting with Russian officials in his Real Time monologue.

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  • Runtime: 6:32
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Comments: 1 052

    UBI DRM 1 month ago

    War, war never changes.

  • when kittens fly
    when kittens fly 1 month ago

    liberals: feelings are more important than morals. vacations from truth are just as exciting imposing brainwashing on the masses. shills, hacks and wishful thinking will only expose the truth.

  • Ezra Sky
    Ezra Sky 1 month ago

    An extreme conservative mindset doesn't work in a 2017 and beyond Earth reality. Trump is a disaster but the silver lining is that it's going to do wonders for paving the way in the future for a scenario where conservatism and irrational thought is strangled silent and a strong foundation built of the base freedoms of our constitution and progressive thought are upheld and furthered.

    America will be re-shaped. It won't be in any of our lifetimes... even if your a 12 year old reading this.. but one day it will. I think though that the freedoms we enjoy can remain intact. Conservatives however will be forced into civilization, from the bronze age they will be removed either by guide or by enlightenment.

  • Benjamin Grant
    Benjamin Grant 2 months ago

    I still can't believe this asshole got elected. I use to think the presidency was something only the best (morally) and intellectually competent could achieve. Turns out you can be the lowest of the low as long as you have money and are willing to do anything for it. Soo shameful. Maybe we shouldn't go to mars if we can't even get leadership right.

  • GADefence
    GADefence 2 months ago

    I talked to some right wingers.

    Their answer.

    Yeah, but what about those meetings Bill had with Loretta Lynch! That's that REAL scandal here.

    Not President Clinton meets with someone for something nondescript that can't be proven is a poor judgement on both sides, and reasons for better judgement in the future. Just like Comey and "hillary is investigated!"

    It is not the same as the president coming out and saying "I wanted to do obstruction of justice because justice we heading down my way."

  • Ameya Gokhale
    Ameya Gokhale 2 months ago

    3:20 ROFL!!!

  • Rahul Kotabage
    Rahul Kotabage 2 months ago

    How the hell is Trump still the President... should be gone by the time he is back from his world tour saying "Can you believe it I am President!"

  • Harry Rosson
    Harry Rosson 2 months ago

    Bill Maher president 2020. kick trump's ass!!!!!!!!!

  • Li D
    Li D 2 months ago

    Well said !!! Bill Maher cool !!!

  • jack jones
    jack jones 2 months ago

    this will last until his support ends. Do you have voters' remorse yet? maybe you didn't see it coming or was it his statesmanship, family values, honestly. economy at 6% GDP?. Well give time it gets better

  • Jonathan Mclean
    Jonathan Mclean 2 months ago

    The fact that no one from The Young Turks has ever been invited on this show is mind boggling.

  • Drm R
    Drm R 2 months ago

    Putin couldnt be happier that his puppet is hanging himself. And to add fuel to the fire, Putin released photos of that secret meeting he requested and is willing to release transcripts of that to congress.

    SKULnBONZ 2 months ago

    Bill mahr is fuckin hilarious

  • The one That questions

    "Let's make America great again"

  • Aj Royal
    Aj Royal 2 months ago

    I'm still waiting on Bill to cover the dnc lawsuit brought on by the donors they blatantly defrauded!

  • kingda117
    kingda117 2 months ago

    Hillary won the popular vote and she won it with groups (minorities) that are the most screwed over by the system.

    If your first option was Bernie and you ended up voting for Trump, you're a DOOFUS, you might have voted Democrat before but have no right to call yourself a Liberal or Progressive. You owe those women who marched in the biggest demonstrations in US history, Muslims who were needlessly traumatised by the failed "Muslim ban", "Dreamers" who were unduly deported, the human rights violated/advocates in the Philippines and Russia, the young, the sick, the old, the poor and all the other minorities still awaiting Republican legislative onslaught/inaction, an apology. Your hate for Hillary surpasses your love for them. You are a fool and no better than Trump because you’re all about money and not your fellow man.

    She is getting a tax cut under his plans instead of an increase under hers.

    BTW I will not respond to spurious Green Party/Republican allegations of Hillary Clinton's supposed corruption without a citation from a reputable fact checking site.

  • Kale P
    Kale P 2 months ago

    I must admit, this is all quite enjoyable. If things keep up at this pace, Trump's going to lose it. I would NOT want to be in the White House right now.

    Trump, what a loser.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 2 months ago

    Thank God for these stupid pricks in power right now waking people up to how garbage the Republican Party is and has been

  • Jen P. Mitts
    Jen P. Mitts 2 months ago

    Well, as a Bernie supporter, I'm kind of tired of being mocked by Maher. I held my nose and voted for Hillary on Election Day, but I think she won the primary unfairly and that Bernie would have been one of the greatest presidents ever.

  • Gheorge Duarte
    Gheorge Duarte 2 months ago

    you are right bill , we should settle for Corrupt if not we get fucking insane corrupt . SMH .

  • chris casey
    chris casey 2 months ago

    Fully supported Bernie, still held my nose and voted for Shillary. I believe most of us did. Please quit blaming Bernie supporters for Hillary's loss, she sucked.

  • Harlot Bug
    Harlot Bug 2 months ago

    I keep waiting for actual polling numbers to show that Berniecrat mellenials, not swing vote boomers, gave Trump the swing states.

  • Le pamplemousse
    Le pamplemousse 2 months ago

    I can't believe there are still people who support that orange fucktard. I mean, of course I can believe it, these are Americans we're talking about here, but really? Does nothing matter to the Republicans other than being corporate whores? Will they truly let Trump get away with murder so long as he claims to be one of them? Fucking disgusting. This sick, depraved nation has no fucking integrity whatsoever.

  • DisneyKidsFOREVER
    DisneyKidsFOREVER 2 months ago

    I'm so sick of these self righteous Bernie Bros trying to pretend that that they were trying to "save America" from Hillary Clinton. Well nice job, now you got us someone a thousand times worse.
    Hillary would have vetoes any attempt to take away Obma Care.
    she would never pass a Bill banning Muslims and she wouldn't make it legos to discriminate against gays and lesbians.
    just grow up and admit that you were spoiled little white brats who hated one woman more than a 100 years worth of racism and sexism.

  • James Sudbury
    James Sudbury 2 months ago

    such self satisfaction in everything he says

  • mipapaioan
    mipapaioan 2 months ago

    Dictatorships are developed in extreme poverty and despair.

    People who are poor, desperate either follow or ignore politics in their despair to survive just another day or to find the drugs for their illnesses.

    Well maybe now US is a little closer to that. More easier followers, more people in despair.

  • Shavonda Campbell
    Shavonda Campbell 2 months ago

    "welcome to the apprentice: Nuclear Edition" I died 😂😂😂😂

  • Luis Gomez
    Luis Gomez 2 months ago


  • Rob Brown
    Rob Brown 2 months ago

    in regards to the banana Republic comment , the United fruit company got the the Cia to stage a coup.

  • nobose4ever
    nobose4ever 2 months ago

    Orange Lies Matter!

  • May Lee
    May Lee 2 months ago

    Bernie Sanders should have/would have been president.  Imagine what a different world we would have now.  No more "Just because Hillary waited" anymore,  who's best should be the candidate.

  • May Lee
    May Lee 2 months ago

    I like this one "Impeach the orange fuck already".  My first time on social media, be gentle.  Thanks for your voice Bill, you are the bestest in the westest!

  • anglovirtual
    anglovirtual 2 months ago

    Divide and conquer.
    THATS why the Russians wanted Trump in The White House!
    Destabilise and divide the country from the inside. A weakened America at home and abroad plays right into their hands...

  • Ahmed Al moaber
    Ahmed Al moaber 2 months ago

    fuck bill maher

  • Cory ryder
    Cory ryder 2 months ago

    they said christie or rudy guliani

  • kemolowlow
    kemolowlow 2 months ago

    I am voting Trump 2020 just to watch Meltdown 4.0

  • Doktor McNasty
    Doktor McNasty 2 months ago

    I thought you & the other million-dollar corporate comedians wanted Comey fired, Bill. Why the change of heart?

  • SuperCorrector1
    SuperCorrector1 2 months ago

    Comey was NOT investigating Trump. Fake news!

  • X IV
    X IV 2 months ago

    Fuck Trump and Fuck Limousine Libs like Bill Maher

  • Bibi Bernardi
    Bibi Bernardi 2 months ago

    Hoe far can republicans go?

  • Clark Lamont
    Clark Lamont 2 months ago

    Funny how Bill Maher continues to blame other people, when he's clearly too self righteous and arrogant to have learned anything from this past election .

  • bradspicks
    bradspicks 2 months ago

    Bill, you're the little bitch on this one. Comey was not investigating Trump over the Russian nonsense ......... Comey is a shady character lolol. Pick another subject so you don't look like a partisan hack

  • John Bounds
    John Bounds 2 months ago

    what a traitor jew\ bitch.

  • Kruut Von .Trendkilla
    Kruut Von .Trendkilla 2 months ago

    The choice was easy Bernie Sanders or this! The DNC chose this.

  • Dennis Guillemette
    Dennis Guillemette 2 months ago

    why isn't bill running yet because he definitely belongs in on of the zionist built fema concentration camps and it WILL be his and his fellow zionist terrorists future homes,,,,,if lucky.

  • Kansas Sam Brokeback
    Kansas Sam Brokeback 2 months ago

    Billy says: only a black or female person would be appropriate to replace Comey. Keep that white guilt in check bill!

  • Silvia Nicholson
    Silvia Nicholson 2 months ago

    You're fucked Americans!!!! Russians are laughing AT you. The whole world is laughing AT you.

  • steelersguy74
    steelersguy74 2 months ago

    It's funny when people criticize Trump, his supporters deflect to Hillary, as if to say people are still upset about the election. It's ironic because Trump seems to bring her up the most.

  • S. Bakyhnh
    S. Bakyhnh 2 months ago

    You know you're a shitty President when not even fucking Nixon apologists would back you up.

  • satellite964
    satellite964 2 months ago

    Is it just me or is this whole thing outrageous?

  • ausraider
    ausraider 2 months ago

    I'm sure that Bill and all the other corporate democrats wanted Comey to be fired after the Hillary investigation crap but now Trump does it then they don't want it.
    Enough of the "Hillary wasn't pure enough" bullshit, Clinton was and is as corrupt as a politician can possibly be so of course no one wanted to vote for her.
    You do realise that you don't vote for who you don't want but actually who you do so why would anyone want Hillary? They already proved that she got the nomination through corruption yet you still suck at her teet. FFS Bill is a sellout shmuck!

  • Willie Zhang
    Willie Zhang 2 months ago

    These "Bernie or Bust" trolls in the comments need to get a grip and take partial responsibility for once. You guys f*cked up. Deal with it and stop making BS excuses.

    There's a reason why Bernie endorsed Hillary in the end. Not necessarily because he wanted to, but he was smart enough to realize that the situation was fraught and America was evidently far better off with Hillary than Drumpf. You guys of all people should be the ones least prone to giving in the conservative and republican propaganda purposely and untruthfully discrediting Hillary's candidacy.

    And yet... you guys f*cked it up and bought it.

    You can't expect others to take you seriously when you somehow can't decide between a bottom-line sane candidate who for the most part have the same political views as Bernie, and a mutated orange who holster's Putin's ****.

    Idgaf if about the primary results or the many flaws of Hillary's candidacy. In the end, real rational people should be able to realize that America will clearly be better off with her in office and do everything they can to prevent this orange idiot from being POTUS.

  • Serge Villanova
    Serge Villanova 2 months ago

    Fake ass laugh track.

    • TalkRuss
      TalkRuss 2 months ago

      It's real. Just like the 3 million more votes that Hillary got.

  • plainlogic
    plainlogic 2 months ago

    This would make a great radio program. let's put it on NPR to make room for better entertainment.

  • Fart Knocker
    Fart Knocker 2 months ago

    I'm gonna say it.................I hope he dies....fuck him, I said it, fuck him....I won't do it cause I have shit to do....I get the day off work tomorrow because I'll be having a nice talk with the Secret Service.....Hahahahahha

  • Forrest Robinson
    Forrest Robinson 2 months ago

    Trump will be president...for 3 more years. 3 years.

  • Raymond Leone
    Raymond Leone 2 months ago

    Acting Attorney General? Fired.
    Security Advisor? You're Fired.
    FBI Director? Fired.

  • Caswell39A
    Caswell39A 2 months ago

    Manipulating a programmed audience and monopolizing media to sell McCarthyism to add to one's personal millions is despicable. Start paying Trump royalties. These corporate shills have nothing to 'joke" about without re-inventing racist "red scare" paranoia.

  • Alonzo Washington
    Alonzo Washington 2 months ago


  • San-Go
    San-Go 2 months ago

    When the regressive leftists and the hateful right wingers attack you both, you are probably doing it right. Keep up the good work Maher!

  • LiberalStick
    LiberalStick 2 months ago

    Republican party going low with each candidate, George w Bush have low IQ and consider as dumb President, then comes Sarah Palin who were dumber and now Trump who is most ignorant, childish and dumbest of all. Next Republican candidate will be Thumbsucker and pacifier in his neck.

    • Tim Caron
      Tim Caron 2 months ago

      are they any worse that the dumbass Dem presidents...hello, i am Ronald Reagan, and i am gonna be the first to repeal glass steagal, cause i believe the rich should get richer...and how about that pussy Bill clinton...3 embassies bombed, the first WTC attack in 93, and the attack on the USS Cole..and he didn't do a damn thing about those incidents and what do you know, he also repealed the rest of Glass steagal, brought us Nafta and the TPP...and now lets get to Obama..who brought the bomb/clock boy to the White House, but could not manage to place a call to the Steinle Family after she was shot by one of his sanctuary city pleas quietly go back to sucking the liberal cock and balls that you are so used to doing....god damn what a fucking moron you are....

  • Beka Khitiri
    Beka Khitiri 2 months ago

    You know, I'd be surprised to see so many Bernie supporters being unable to admit to the reality that, yes, Trump is pretty much their fault. But here's the thing, being unable to cope with reality and childishly expecting everything to be exactly the way you want them to be without actually compromising anything is, essentially, a requirement for Bernie supporters. In that regard at least, Bernie supporters and Trump supporters are exactly the same type of person. Utter morons, all of you.

  • Don Quixito
    Don Quixito 2 months ago

    Xu fires the first one

  • Joe Cuesta
    Joe Cuesta 2 months ago

    Bill don't be a dumbass!. 3 million more people voted for Hilary that includes Bernie supporters. Hillary lost because the DNC did nothing to avoid losing in the same way they did in 2000 to W. The DNC is the reason we have Trump in case you didn't know Bill, you idiot.

  • andenils
    andenils 2 months ago

    Where is the leaks from IRS, Trump's tax return, Trump's tax audit. How come the only agency in the US that do not leak isd the IRS. Put them in charge of secrets!

  • Shimron Sakwa
    Shimron Sakwa 2 months ago

    I love this.. this is reality tv by Trump

  • Jay Athey
    Jay Athey 2 months ago

    bill show has become the whiny little bitch fitting

  • edoep edoep
    edoep edoep 2 months ago

    bill, i love you. you're brilliant. keep going!

  • kishore quickel
    kishore quickel 2 months ago

    Why are you Americans so stupid? Corrupt politicians always project themselves as patriots while they do all kinds of nasty deals with foreigners secretly. But here President Trump isn't hiding anything in regard to his meetings with Russians. He is doing this publicly.

  • Fried
    Fried 2 months ago

    In a few years, the democratic will split into the corporate elite democrats, those like Bill right here and Hillary. And the progressive democratic party, filled with people who wont take option A or option B, but create an option C. Guess with one will be slaughtered in membership count?

  • End All Suffering
    End All Suffering 2 months ago

    Bravo Bill Maher for genius accurate comedic rhetoric. Comedy is truth. Great writers. Great delivery.

  • northshoredon68
    northshoredon68 2 months ago

    Well said Bill

  • 01denese
    01denese 2 months ago

    Kim Jong-un said Trump was one smart fortune cookie.

  • Edwin L
    Edwin L 2 months ago

    TRUMP is such a douche that his rent a wife looks miserable when she stands next to him. she won't even move into the white house. let's send the communist back to Russia. deport trump. Lol.

  • vdiitd
    vdiitd 2 months ago

    I hope Trump doesn't say it to a nuclear missile: You are fired. :(

  • NexisFilms
    NexisFilms 2 months ago

    How is that Trump presidency going ?!
    Aw, this question will never get old !

  • Bill Schamroth
    Bill Schamroth 2 months ago

    Bill M, I doubt that you'll read this but I think Trump is right to promote the EB-5 green card program. Yes, the program's been abused so -- it needs better policing -- but attracting foreign investments to create domestic jobs is good for the USA.

  • Soarin-Wonderbolt
    Soarin-Wonderbolt 2 months ago

    Own this Republican voters.

  • Alan Koslowski
    Alan Koslowski 2 months ago

    'But Hillary sent emails from the wrong laptop.' Says it all. It was a fairly minor mistake that was blown way out of proportion.

  • Fantaghiro
    Fantaghiro 2 months ago

    I hope Bernie or bust people are happy they risked millions of people losing coverage and many facing the risk of dying because they can't afford health care. Must feel great now. And that after Bernie was out of the race anyway, and Hillary and Trump were the only choices. It takes a special kind of moronic. At least the French made the right choice, there are still some mature people left on this earth, thank god.

  • The Master Grief Collection

    The republicans are being stupid here. If they would just impeach him already then they would have Mike Pence who wouldn't fuck up their plans as much. It would be a win for them. If they keep Trump their reputation will just get shittier. I know the democrats would still be pissed but hey... It would still be better for the good of the country seeing how Pence clearly sucks less than Trump.

  • H Potre
    H Potre 2 months ago

    The reason I didn't vote for Hillary? Because I live in a far-right state that she had no chance of winning. So this Bernie supporter voted for Stein in the hopes of getting a third party enough votes to qualify for federal funds. Clearly the two party system has fucked over most of us. (Search YouTube for the video showing Nader being prevented from debating at a presidential debate he had every legal right to be at by using local LEOs to keep him out.) I'm just confused as to why so many Bernie supporters from states like mine didn't do what I did. Can someone answer that for me? And ffs Bill, quit the phony angry man routine aimed at people like me. You had Bernie on all the time for years but spent most of the campaign season talking about Trump, the media's coverage of Trump, and why we should all vote for HRC. YOU threw your supposedly preferred candidate under the bus when you should have been giving him as much coverage as possible.

  • linda ricard
    linda ricard 2 months ago

    hillary can kill babys and sleep

  • linda ricard
    linda ricard 2 months ago

    bill has a sore ass

  • pakkasan1
    pakkasan1 2 months ago

    "Bernie or bust" might have been a thing in the primaries when Clinton supporters made it up. It wasn't relevant to the general election. Bill Maher and Samantha Bee sure like to harp on it though...

  • Empty4330
    Empty4330 2 months ago

    I don't understand why Bill is hating on Bernie supporters. I don't like Hillary at all and supported Sanders in the primaries. However, I didn't abstain from voting and I voted for Hillary like all the Bernie supporters I know. To act like we share some blame for Hillary's inability to beat an ignorant bigoted reality tv star is ridiculous.

  • Hugo Peraza
    Hugo Peraza 2 months ago

    I would have loved Bernie instead of Hillary but Bill is right, fuck these Bernie or bust pieces of shit, you fucked this election up.

  • Patricia A
    Patricia A 2 months ago

    Classic Maher. Hitting out of the park as usual!

  • Frank Booth
    Frank Booth 2 months ago

    Hypocritical wingnuts...if Obama had pulled something like this, your heads would have collectively exploded

  • Tasa Nugraza Barley
    Tasa Nugraza Barley 2 months ago

    Bill Maher always says it intelligently, with humor

  • Juan Fangio
    Juan Fangio 2 months ago

    Tremendous bigly.

  • Nikolay Andreev
    Nikolay Andreev 2 months ago

    Americaragua! Lol

  • Roger Davis
    Roger Davis 2 months ago

    The exquisite schadenfreude involved in watching America's 'Trumpublic' unravel, is as satisfying as much as it is frightening!

  • Matthew Ford
    Matthew Ford 2 months ago

    You cant make this shit up! Trump has personally scripted every word himself!

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