The DEADLY Physics of Doomfist! | The SCIENCE!... of Overwatch

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    DOOMFIST is Finally here! And he is quickly punching his way into our hearts. Or it might be more accurate to say, through our hearts. Because the force behind this dude's punches is darn right terrifying! I honestly think I'd rather be hit by a car. Why you ask? Well I'll let Austin answer that one.

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  • Jonathan bair
    Jonathan bair 37 minutes ago

    i didn't think i was gunna get a math lesson

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  • Raptor HanselJolteon
    Raptor HanselJolteon 2 hours ago

    So is it possible for him to level a skyscraper?

  • Fiona Tamblyn
    Fiona Tamblyn 3 hours ago

    Yea yea, Talon has some nice lookin people, but your forgetting that Overwatch has McCree and Genji! Like, come on! Look at them! 👌🤤👍

  • Ammar Mohammed Nazeri
    Ammar Mohammed Nazeri 3 hours ago

    tracer's australian not english

  • SS W Ross
    SS W Ross 3 hours ago

    i was the first one in my family to play as doom fist :3

  • Zach Shipley
    Zach Shipley 4 hours ago

    I was hoping for a one punch man reference

  • simpletown323
    simpletown323 4 hours ago

    #letaustinswear Mat Pat stop selling out and pandering to children. Just put a disclaimer on austins vids and boom

  • WyldBuffBunch Gaming
    WyldBuffBunch Gaming 4 hours ago

    So basically Doomfist is a human car

  • FuzzyFox
    FuzzyFox 5 hours ago

    What was the music at 16:00? I remember playing that in orchestra but I can't remember the name of the piece, and it's driving me nuts

  • Caleb Wright
    Caleb Wright 5 hours ago

    So there's more than one game theorist now


  • Kylie Schindel
    Kylie Schindel 5 hours ago

    If he's a certain amount of weight, what about his weapons and clothes?

  • Penguinator
    Penguinator 6 hours ago

    My god your speech patterns are EXACTLY like Mat Pat.

  • Zodi
    Zodi 6 hours ago

    I and 3 minutes into the video and he already got it wrong, doomfist was in a street battle BEFORE he was put in prison not AFTER. JESUS CHRIST

  • Braylan Willis
    Braylan Willis 6 hours ago

    Oh my god physics 101 I needed this my junior year

  • Austin Abercrombie
    Austin Abercrombie 6 hours ago

    I didn't think you lived so close to me, i live in Arthur, Illinois

  • Noah Risdal
    Noah Risdal 6 hours ago

    Get to the darn point already

  • firefox334
    firefox334 6 hours ago

    Why in the hell is there not a spoiler allert on this?!

  • Utmostseeker 834
    Utmostseeker 834 7 hours ago

    Overwatch saved humanity from the robot uprising. Talon killed a world peace leader.

  • Matthew Su
    Matthew Su 7 hours ago

    Bloody hell woah

  • Cooper Vining
    Cooper Vining 7 hours ago +1

    Get to the darn point!

  • Ted Zhang
    Ted Zhang 8 hours ago

    i started snickering because u told me not to XD

  • Irwin Torres
    Irwin Torres 8 hours ago

    I think this guy is trying way to hard to be Matpat!

  • longshot 0110
    longshot 0110 9 hours ago

    Does Austin work two YT jobs or something? Just let me get my fix of his vids in one place goddammit!!!

  • Christ emiya
    Christ emiya 9 hours ago


    is doomfist the only one who's been animated ?

  • sculptureofsound2
    sculptureofsound2 9 hours ago

    dude sounds like peanutbuttergamer

  • Dragon slayer
    Dragon slayer 9 hours ago

    7:20-9:20 Sounds like my math teacher

  • Fire Wolf
    Fire Wolf 9 hours ago

    Do another hello neighbor one there was a recent update

  • IronMasterz
    IronMasterz 9 hours ago

    Get to the darn point

  • dope ._.
    dope ._. 10 hours ago

    I hate doomfist

  • Gamers from the Other side

    So much Princess bride

  • xander vick
    xander vick 10 hours ago

    I practiced tribology on your mom

    De BLEACH 10 hours ago


  • Grace Emmerick
    Grace Emmerick 11 hours ago

    It's weird I am kinda interested in this video... But my eyes feel heavy and I feel sleepy

  • cool bones
    cool bones 11 hours ago


  • Gagameing ,
    Gagameing , 11 hours ago +2

    They should make a hero about AUSTIN or matpat and there power is to make the other team to comit suicide by destroying there childhood memories

  • cooling cow
    cooling cow 12 hours ago


  • The Roblox Guy
    The Roblox Guy 12 hours ago

    all i have to say is...


  • Little youtuber
    Little youtuber 13 hours ago


  • Evan Miller Murphy
    Evan Miller Murphy 13 hours ago


  • Daniel Domeisen
    Daniel Domeisen 13 hours ago

    The organ issue i can see being solved for all but one organ, the brain.

    The brain is REALLY delicate and can be injured from normal impacts and sporting impacts. Mind you this is with the padding Nature has evolved to keep the brain safe (The 'Maters' around the brain). With that massive spine i can see SOME of the structural shock being taken care of but unless he bolted his own brain and infused it with structural support he would be brain dead in the first punch.

    "So he replaced his brain too." i hear created strawman say, and yeah he could have if he wanted to be dead. You brain is you, end of statement. If your brain is damaged you as a person change, if someone pokes at your brain with an electrical current in your speech centers you can not speak properly. You will think you are speaking fine until you hear yourself and you realize what you wanted to say is not what you said. If ANY damage to the brain happens you as a person are damaged as well.

    Think of it like this, if your body loses an arm we can replace it and you will be able to deal with that learning to use this new arm. Your brain is still 'wired' to use an arm and so is the rest of your body, however if we go to the Pons and start screwing around you might no longer be able to move the arm you have (or if you do it is not going to be what you expected). You as a person no longer are able to function in the way that required your damaged brain.

    I am willing to look over all other organs, those are little more then machines (Insanely complex ones but still) and can be replaced with transplants NOW (msot are transplants of other biological organs but you see my point). The brain is the ONE thing that we have no idea how to alter in a way that does not change the person for good. If you want an example of this look up what a 'Lobotomy' was used for (Viewer discretion is advised) and begin to understand.

    Now if his brain was kept in a pocket of gravity that altered itself to fix it in space as his body moved and allowed for NO impacts to it, then taht is fine. I would like to know why this is not used as a whole for armor in Overwatch before i buy that though.

  • John Abruzzi
    John Abruzzi 14 hours ago

    Is this dude gay?

  • Redd Engineer
    Redd Engineer 15 hours ago

    So.. this is a weird suggestion. But have you ever thought about tearing apart a game like the division

  • s20
    s20 15 hours ago

    dont ignore the 6k dislikes >:(

  • Ayomiposi
    Ayomiposi 16 hours ago

    A Wikipedia page has officially been made for the MarioPlex! (Made by yours truly ;) ! ) Please head over there and leave your reviews and comments and feel free to edit anything I got wrong or forgot to add. Let get the MarioPlex to the top were it belongs

    The LoyalTheorist

  • Dylan Cruz
    Dylan Cruz 16 hours ago +1


  • ThatGuyInABlueHoodie
    ThatGuyInABlueHoodie 17 hours ago

    **Acts excited for new hero**

    **Hasn't played in 126 days**

  • Tod No
    Tod No 17 hours ago

    I'm more interested in the mechanics of the actual fist. I know this is just sci fi so soft it could give pudding a run for its money, but how would a giant metal gauntlet be able to generate such a force with no thrusters or jets and apparently be entirely controlled by the motion of the punch. And I'm assuming? that this gauntlet generates some kind of field around the wearer so as to not rip out of him along with his arm when it goes flying. No amount of cybernetics should be able resist that.

  • krillin loser
    krillin loser 17 hours ago


  • BestServedCold
    BestServedCold 17 hours ago

    You didn't take into account that it was raining in your tests.

  • connor says hi
    connor says hi 18 hours ago

    Do you wanna know who I wish the arkham knight was......I wish it was.......BAT MAN! Look..... I think the one you play as is a hulocination because he felt bad for all you people he has killed

  • FroggoMan Vlogs
    FroggoMan Vlogs 18 hours ago +3

    I'm debating wether Austin's better than Matpat

  • Noobastic Cart5
    Noobastic Cart5 18 hours ago



    Miss your constant swearing... :'(

  • PSI Artiness
    PSI Artiness 19 hours ago

    Doomfist is secretly related to Captain Falcon!?

  • Adr Raz
    Adr Raz 19 hours ago

    FFS, too much pointless blabbering. Subject is fine, but that rodeo around the point is brutally disengaging.

  • Muhammad Naufal Aristorahma

    DO Warframe God #LetAustinSwear It !!!

  • Cursy Moomoo
    Cursy Moomoo 20 hours ago

    "He can level a skyscraper"

  • MaximumCarnageGaming
    MaximumCarnageGaming 20 hours ago

    Doomfist vs Doomsday [Overwatch vs DC] |Death Battle

  • oO Anonyme Oo
    oO Anonyme Oo 20 hours ago

    That outro was at an epic level of sad and embarrassing.

  • Chubs the Fat
    Chubs the Fat 22 hours ago

    Pyro's aaaaairblaaaaast, Aaaaaaustin

  • Swegboss 12
    Swegboss 12 22 hours ago

    Oh the Princess Bride references though.

  • Swegboss 12
    Swegboss 12 22 hours ago

    Get to the darn memes already.

  • Jacob Cristobal
    Jacob Cristobal 22 hours ago

    Does anyone know what classical music he plays in his video(s)??? specifically the one that starts at 6:25...?

  • oliver thomas
    oliver thomas 23 hours ago

    Do one on paladins

  • Dsiwarper
    Dsiwarper 23 hours ago


  • Naomi Neal
    Naomi Neal Day ago

    Austin is now my favourite thing about Game Theory

  • Lilia nowakowska

    Yo my science teacher just left. Feel like taking over?

  • Sgt Thumbs
    Sgt Thumbs Day ago

    9:27 how hard they are... didnt tell me to stop on that one.

  • Michalis Tsantiris

    I understand how we can calculate all these , BUT ! The same punch affects all heroes the same way. they all get punched for 10 meters, same speed...Isn't there an issue with that ?

  • Logan Marlow
    Logan Marlow Day ago

    Wait, you live in Champaign? Dude, I go to school at UIUC! Small world man...

  • imcintyre01
    imcintyre01 Day ago +1

    At least over watch is still Geri g an update

  • Ajus Lucky
    Ajus Lucky Day ago

    Love u Austin!!

    HAWXLEADER Day ago

    "So enough!" YouTube buffering...

  • Xx_GoldenFreddyTheWolf_xX 87/Gamer

    autin is the god of hyper coffee

  • Charlotte Brown
    Charlotte Brown Day ago

    It's okay, most people that pick DPS are also the worst at it - the fact that you acknowledge that though means you can eventually become awesome.

    Only half joking <_<

  • Devilcraft 42
    Devilcraft 42 Day ago

    Wow, sometimes I wish I had you as a dad. Your kid is going to be so lucky when he knows you better. Your smart, hilarious, has rage spasms(on YouTube at least). And you actually seem caring for your kid. And you play games! I have frickin Asian parents and they are the worst, up to the point where they would take me to A-World instead of Seaworld(ok, that's a joke). But still, you're frickin awesome.

  • Noire. Lace;
    Noire. Lace; Day ago

    That horny groan at 3:57. omfg.

  • CherryShot!
    CherryShot! Day ago

    Austin! Could you please PLEASE make a video about the radiation storms in Fallout 4? Are they possible? I would love to know it with your particular style :3

  • Rider Strano
    Rider Strano Day ago

    Doomfist is a kerbal

  • Fragzin FM
    Fragzin FM Day ago

    I love the theories, but I am still waiting for the fateful day when he breaks from Overwatch and I see the words "Dear Hi-Rez" on the screen, any body else want a paladins theory?

  • Raving Tiger
    Raving Tiger Day ago

    If doomfist lost his arm in the omnic crisis how does he punch through the wall in prison

  • Bilbo Swagons
    Bilbo Swagons Day ago

    How wet and hard they are is very important

  • Carlos Contreras III



    *I SAID SHUT UP!!!*

  • Monster Giratina

    Hey Austin, I have a few questions on the Pokémon weather moves (Rain Dance, Sunny Day, etc) as well as the abilities Primordial Sea and Desolate Land. Like, how the hell can a Pokémon on earth influence the sun's heat or whatever and how would this effect the real world?

  • Devilcraft 42
    Devilcraft 42 Day ago +1

    Damn, one part of Game Theory that doesn't get overloaded with those 5 year old hate comments.

  • Razor Flame
    Razor Flame Day ago

    hey matpat my friend has been playing welcome to the game and i have been wondering about the game. what if adam ur friend from the beginning of the game is the hackers and possibly the breather. i think cuz we obviously ha can hack the players computer on command from the tutorial but what if adam is the one hacking u during the game and possibly what if he was the breather that will find u in the players house. how would the breather have ur phone number if it weren't one of the players friends/contacts. but thats just a theory a GAAAAME THEORY thanks for reading

  • Farii-Chan
    Farii-Chan Day ago +1

    I wish you would go back to Shody Cast...


    Get to the darn point already! ;)

  • saltyrster
    saltyrster Day ago

    Talon is sexy squad.

  • patrick wu
    patrick wu Day ago

    Doomfist, more like discount Vi... lol

  • Novaload
    Novaload Day ago


  • Caleb Mckoy
    Caleb Mckoy Day ago

    I love this channel and how well written the scripts and concepts are for every video! KEEP THIS CHANNEL SUBBED FOREVER #SUBBEDFOREVER

  • The Procrastinating Prodigy

    This show is the 90% of the reason I'm still subscribed to this channel

  • destiny Slayer
    destiny Slayer Day ago

    sub to my youtube destiny slayer please

  • 1000 subs with no videos posted

    sub to me please

  • Eddzor
    Eddzor Day ago

    When Doomfist punches the air he flys, wouldn't you need a lot of force to do that? (I'm saying this because you didn't tell us about it ;/ and I'm curious)

  • Zipp Games
    Zipp Games Day ago

    no one else noticed that he said Doomfist lost his arm in the omnic crisis?

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