Who are the People of Central Asia? Genetics of the Turkic Peoples

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  • Masaman
    Masaman 11 days ago +29

    Let me know your thoughts on the region of Central Asia, and the people that inhabit it! Thanks! Btw guys, I've decided that I'm really gonna be working to get to everyone's requests, so I'll be releasing a video once every 2 days, instead of once a week. Thanks for all the support guys!

    • Billy Ingles
      Billy Ingles 6 days ago

      you just hit 10k subs

    • Khaidar Adiyetov
      Khaidar Adiyetov 8 days ago

      Masaman I agree with everything, except the fact that turks became dominant in central asia after mongols... Maybe I misunderstood something though... Different turkic people started appearing in kazakhstan before AD, starting with the Huns(Xiongnu, who were very likely turkic, at least partially, and mongoloid in appearence). From there migration of Turks into kazakhstan and central asia only increased... They came mostly from western mongolia, which was settled by turkic people during those times... Mongolia itself became majority mongol, rather than turkic, after the fall of the last turkic empire in mongolia, uyghur khaganate. kyrgyz were probably the only caucasian looking turks (majority of turks in the east were mongoloid, which is evident in balbals, pictures, chinese chronicles, etc. except the kyrgyz of course). Modern kazakhs have mongolian tribes in them, but not very many. Some have arguable origin, like the the naimans or kereits. it is not clear if they were turkic or mongolian. Zhalayr, Merkit, etc, are definitely mongolian. Some tribes like Uisyn, Dulat, etc are probably tribes from scythian times... And majority of tribes are definitely turkic in origin... Kazakhstan is probably representable for all the truly (formerly) nomadic turks in central asia, like karakalpak, kyrgyz, etc. And more settled turks, like uzbeks, uighurs, etc, are result of people similar to kazakhs mixing with the local population from before the arrival of the turks in different proportions.

  • Music King
    Music King 22 hours ago

    Some Examples:
    Englisch Turk Mongol
    Desert Çöl Tsöl
    Horde Orda Ord
    Gold Altın Alt
    Golden Altın Altan
    Blue/ Khök Khökh

  • hun hunnu
    hun hunnu 23 hours ago

    This fucking idiot know nothing about central asia. Full of bulshit.

  • Lesvinx
    Lesvinx 2 days ago

    Mongols ftw

  • Barton Archuleta
    Barton Archuleta 2 days ago

    "The uyghurs" super fast cut to notorious wigger Shaun king

  • Caspar
    Caspar 2 days ago

    Great work mate, very interesting.
    Keep it up and get a job as a teacher.

    Is there one on the negroid populations of Southeast Asia, (Negritos)?



  • Universal Empath
    Universal Empath 3 days ago +1

    You should do a 23andme test

  • nenabunena
    nenabunena 3 days ago

    So you had 2 jobs and you were uploading these vids?  yeesh!  where do you find the time?

  • nenabunena
    nenabunena 3 days ago

    You know, it would be great if you had a video specificallyy focused on Indo Europeans and the similarities and dissimilarities amongst them.

  • Osmio
    Osmio 3 days ago

    Let the Tocharians rule that

  • Məhəmməd Süleymanzadə

    Where are the Azerbaijani turks or azers?

  • AIKsupporter
    AIKsupporter 4 days ago

    please do a movie about finno-ugric people

  • President Togekiss
    President Togekiss 4 days ago +1

    Tajiks aren't Turks. They are Persians.

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    Sexy Tomato 5 days ago

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  • Cynothonic - UTFT
    Cynothonic - UTFT 5 days ago

    add urdestan
    its in uzbekistan and turkmenistan

  • dambigfoot
    dambigfoot 6 days ago

    Basically a region no one gives a shit about and where Borat came from.

  • Ganzorf
    Ganzorf 6 days ago

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  • Tulpar Kül Tigin Tengrikut

    Selam alaykum to all the turkic bros :)

      KURD MEANS STRONG! 6 days ago

      Tulpar Kül Tigin Tengrikut 1:36 make u scared ;) we will send u to Mongolia :)

  • Vlavitir glutginskiya

    dude your videos are great keep up the good work.

  • arte0021
    arte0021 7 days ago

    8:19 why the hell was Shaun King there? he is not Uyghur. should have put Cenk Uygur there. lol

  • My Lord
    My Lord 8 days ago

    muslim living in south asia are rape product of mughal and turk,
    thats why south Asian muslim are found in every skin colour, black brown white,etc

  • Dokholidayy
    Dokholidayy 8 days ago

    omg at 8:19 when you showed Shaun king for a millisecond I died laughing

  • Abhinay Raikar
    Abhinay Raikar 8 days ago

    @masaman India is also known as HINDUSTAN btw....take another stan hahaha

  • Alan M
    Alan M 8 days ago

    Really liked this video, ever considered looking into the Khas People of Nepal? They also originated in Central Asia. I am one of them. Our DNA shows almost 75% Central asian ancestry and 25% Mongolian. :-)

  • amandus westin
    amandus westin 8 days ago

    What about Hindustan!?

  • Tom Vang
    Tom Vang 8 days ago

    According to DNA result of the burial remains of Hun royals in Mongolia, the Huns were American Indians so they did not have the typical Asian look. According to Chinese oral history, the 3Miao were sent to Northwest China as a buffer from attacks about 2000 BC after a fail rebellion from the Yangtze River area where the ancient Chu State was located.

    The exiled 3Miao became the Qijia culture in China and were the ancestor to the Asian in this region. The 3Miao later became the Qiang and ancestors of the Qin, Tibetans, and Burmese. A part of the 3Miao merge with the Huns as they went further West and North giving the region the Asian look.

    The Mongols came to this region later from further East after the Huns were driven away from the region by the Han. They mixed with the remnants of the mixed 3Miao to form the Mongol Empire that spread West.

    The mixed Huns preceded the Mongols movement West several centuries earlier. The descendants of the Huns are the Hungarians.

  • Russell Solomon
    Russell Solomon 8 days ago +1

    I've lived in Kazakhstan for the past four years. It's been quite an adventure!

  • Ablat Nurmuhammad
    Ablat Nurmuhammad 8 days ago

    haha, nice job. by the way, I am a mixture of Uyghur and Tajik.

  • walker paulson
    walker paulson 8 days ago

    dont forget India is also known as Hindustan

  • Gerardo Davila
    Gerardo Davila 8 days ago

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge about human races and ethnicities. Growing up in Mexico, race and ethnicity was of no consequence to me. However, after immigrating to the US as a teenager, I was strongly affected by racism and the tendencies of ethnic groups to form communities. This made me become interested in the origin of race, skin pigmentation, ethnic backgrounds, etc. This field is actually fascinating. As a typical mixed race mexican, I think I have an interesting ancestry; native american, european,and african mostly but a bit of middle eastern as well. My last name originated in Spain and used by sephardic jews who had to convert to catholicism and adopt a spanish name (They had to make up new names for they could not adopt typical spanish names)..

  • Gee Gee
    Gee Gee 8 days ago

    Do han chinese, i bet entire billion of them werw the products of Mongols rape.

    • Munkh Tenger
      Munkh Tenger 3 days ago

      yeah,some han chinese speakers are descendants of northern nomads, such as turkic,mongol, manchu-tungus origin.

    • allie burne
      allie burne 6 days ago

      mongols and han chinese people share different dna haplogroups, so your hypothesis is more likely false

  • Hoa Cothieu
    Hoa Cothieu 8 days ago

    how Korean get in Russia eastern islands n get to live in central asia? just because lot numbers yr group in certain areas, then you have right to be independent states of Weigers in China, how about lot non Weigers n nin Tibetan been there large numbers even before so call natives of these dispute regions like Xin Jiang n Taibet like Han Chinese, duh. just like lot invasion of Europeans, immigrants, illegal n aliens n refugees n farmers n peasants, boat people, redneckk, gangbangers, drug users n seller, racist, troublemakers, uneducated, incompetent, unemployed, losers n prisoners to Newland of continents of America n Australia n even Africa, then they can become their own country, oh wait, they did like America, Brazil, Chile, Canada and Australia n now act like best n superior n Americans than rest, yeah right!

  • altuğ Aktepe
    altuğ Aktepe 8 days ago +1

    Mongolians are a mix of Turkic people and Chinese people

    • Munkh Tenger
      Munkh Tenger 3 days ago

      asian looking doesn't mean chinese! mongols are very ancient mongoloid nation with different names in time to time. xiongnu, xianbei, juajuan all of them are ancestors of the mongols. genetic proves that mongols and chinese are from different origin.

    • allie burne
      allie burne 6 days ago

      mongols are not mixed with chinese people. Chinese, koreans Japanese (east asians) share O3 dna haplogroup. mongols, siberians and kazakhs share same dna haplogroup which is c3.

  • altuğ Aktepe
    altuğ Aktepe 8 days ago +2

    Mongolians and Turks come from the Huns



  • L34K3d CR1T1KAL
    L34K3d CR1T1KAL 9 days ago

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  • SadaEKE
    SadaEKE 9 days ago

    Masaman, I'm glad that you have an interest on Central Asia and I certainly appreciate the effort but there are few points you have completely missed or lack the knowledge about.1- Central Asia has always been belong to Turkic People.  Search for Anav (some sources spell it Anaw or Anew), Andronovo, Afanasevo, Kelteminar, Karasuk and Tagar cultures. All of those are Proto-Turkic.
    2- Most western historians, archiologist and of course antropologists accept Kurgan Hypothesis which is bullshit. Even the word Kurgan is and old Turkish one. They are just trying to create an alternative history of Europeans by stealing Turkics'.3- From East Europe to Far East Siberia are the homeland of Altaic People.4- Mongols and Turks are close relatives. The distinction is not even a thousand years old. This is pretty young in antropological  sense.5- Iranian people (Sogdians) created trading posts which turned into towns in Central Asia but that doesn't mean they were the natives.6- Don't divide Turkic people like "Azerbaijani and Turkish are different kinda Turk, not real Turks". All Altaic people are the same. The difference is merely geography and time.7- Tajiks are not Turkic but Iranians.8- You really need to learn a few languages if you really want to get to know Central Asia. Hungarian (who has Central Asian roots) historians are the real deal. Chinese, Russian and at least one dialect of Turkish (preferably Uzbek who are decendants of Amir Temur) is necessary to study Central Asian history.

    Other than these, nice video. And I liked the Iranistan.

  • Batmunkh Ulzii
    Batmunkh Ulzii 9 days ago +1

    Modern turkish people has nothing to do with ancient turkic people. They are more greek italian kurdish armenian mixture. Not an asian people.

    • Murşil Manavis
      Murşil Manavis 7 days ago

      no, todays Turks are Anatolian origin but armenians kurds are semitic origin like arabs. greeks are greece people in fact not Anatolian local people ok

  • Alon Seldou
    Alon Seldou 9 days ago

    make a video about north-east​ India. plis !!

  • Ope A
    Ope A 9 days ago

    i would love if you did Nigeria

  • Shahrouz Sohel
    Shahrouz Sohel 9 days ago

    northern punjabi are 35% east asian from china 25 % black from australia and 40% white from the indo-european regions in europe i m guessing because i am a northern punjabi person and that is how i look so kinichiwaa

  • Davidd Davoudd
    Davidd Davoudd 9 days ago

    @3:10 those are Tajiks, not Kazakhs.

  • undertakersarmpit
    undertakersarmpit 9 days ago

    huh, Korean women (before surgery) do look like the Kyrgyzstani ladies in 2:50, I guess they are Altai? they kind of all look north Asian like the Mongolians but then the Japanese look slightly...not Mongolian?

  • Constantius .Constantius

    What a hell of a mess to try to explain. I think the Kazakhs are the coolest "jet setters" of Central Asia. Thanks for showing.

  • Lola Gul
    Lola Gul 10 days ago

    Salam from Uzbekistan! thank you for this video, bro!

  • Douglas Chuppiman
    Douglas Chuppiman 10 days ago

    Dude, you are a trip! It's like, you are in my mind, or we share the same mind.... with the obsessions.... Now I know there is someone in the world who shares and understands what I do... Geography and people... That's what it comes down to...

  • Zafarnama
    Zafarnama 10 days ago

    You overestimate the amount of genetic impact the Turkic invaders had.

  • Ryan Fazal
    Ryan Fazal 10 days ago +1

    Whoa I had no idea about the original inhabitants. I knew that Scythians and Tocharians went extinct but I didn't know they were killed by the mongols

    • hun hunnu
      hun hunnu 1 day ago

      Ryan Fazal tocharians had lived in tarim basin then uigurs came from mongolia around ninth century and mixed with tocharians created todays uigurs , they look mixed people of mongoloid and caucosiod

    • Tom Vang
      Tom Vang 8 days ago

      Ryan Fazal The Tocharians are the Northern Indians whom have lighter skin tone than the rest of India. The rest were absorbed by the Pashtun.

  • Ariel 1
    Ariel 1 10 days ago

    Uighur 08:19

  • Karim Malik
    Karim Malik 10 days ago +2

    I am a Dungan in china , thers are some mistake, Dungan is not Han chinese , which is ethnic Hui in china , Dungan's Ancestors come from Centarl Asia when moghol invande Khwarezmia in 1215, in that time, the ethnic of Khwarezmia most was Iranian and less Turks, after conquered Khwarezmia, The Leader of moghol carry off more than 20,0000 man to china , those people called "回回人" by Moghol govement( "元朝 Yuan dynasty "in chinese ), Why did moghol called them "回回人" beacuse Khwarezmi was translated to" 回回国"or "花剌子模" in ancient Chinese literature,Today Ethnic Hui was called "回族"(Dungan)in chinese,which was called Dungan in English. the reason of Central Asia living so many Dungan is after conflict of ethnic Hui and ethnic Han in china in 1860. the ethnic Hui(Dungan) is muslim, the ethic Han is majority,the Qing dynasty(ruler is Manchu) suppert Han attack Ethnic Hui(Dungan),after conflict ,more than 20,000,000 people died,Among them,15,000,000 people died in ehnic Han, 5,000,000 in ethnic Hui(Dungan), therefore about 5,000 Hui(Dungan) escape to Central Asia(Russin) in 1878. if you wanna up a video about Dungan,I shall be so appreciate.

  • Jattfitness
    Jattfitness 10 days ago

    please do a video on the JATT SIKHS from punjab india! they have alot of SAKA scythian blood and some traces of Indo-greek

  • No Alex No Jones XD
    No Alex No Jones XD 10 days ago

    JALAP !

  • Tvastar Dev
    Tvastar Dev 10 days ago +1

    Then there is Rajasthan in India. Oh wait whole of India is called Hindustan btw.

  • rucussing
    rucussing 10 days ago +2

    I asked you about the Uyghur people last week and lo and behold! I also wrote a paper in college a long time ago about the Kurdish people. I titled the paper: "Kurds in the way!" This was a story supporting the establishment of a Kurdistan or Kurdish state.

  • jappie jappo
    jappie jappo 10 days ago

    The West is ignorant and racist it always disregards this fact, Manchurians, Koreans and japs are Tungusic peoples while Chinese are not. That's why Chinese had been building the Great wall to kick out Tungusic barbarians.

  • Cedric Gyurdzhyulary
    Cedric Gyurdzhyulary 10 days ago

    fuck man
    i really love your videos

  • JSavic
    JSavic 10 days ago

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  • Furkan Mikail
    Furkan Mikail 10 days ago

    plz turkish cc

  • Pantekin The Hun
    Pantekin The Hun 10 days ago +2

    Your explanation of how Central Asians became mixed race is very simplistic. The process did not start with Mongol invasion, nor the ancient Turkic people were similar to Mongols. The movement of Asiatic people to the central and western Asia and Caucasian people to Eastern and North Asia started thousands of year ago.They lived side-by side and there have been blood mixing through wars, occupations, or marriage. As genetic studies on the 2000- 4000 years old Tarim mummies shows that although they look typical European, but there were already some degree of East Asian mixtures among them. So, it is not like Mongols arrived and suddenly the blond Central Asians disappeared. The Central Asians were already mostly Turks when Mongol army arrived.

  • arsenioss
    arsenioss 10 days ago +2

    the people of central asia will remain lost and barbaric until they reject the death cult religion of islam and accept the Savior Jesus the King of Kings; He is the only one who is truly capable of liberating the people from the bondages of sin, darkness, racism, injustice and oppression.

    • arsenioss
      arsenioss 5 days ago

      Ifraz Ali I actually forgot to say that Jesus can also save muslims from quranic crimes and terrorism;

    • Ifraz Ali
      Ifraz Ali 5 days ago

      arsenioss You forgot to say Sarcasm

  • Endrit Loshi
    Endrit Loshi 10 days ago

    Do one for the Balkans
    and start ww III

  • Ann E
    Ann E 10 days ago +1

    Fascinating, thanks. Can you delve into the past kingdom of Khazaria as well (generally north of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea? I thought it might be mentioned in this video. Where are the Khazarians now and what do they look like?

  • chf gbp
    chf gbp 10 days ago

    diversity is always beautiful

  • MrZipMk12
    MrZipMk12 10 days ago +6

    Azerbadjan is turkic but Tadjikistan is Persiac (Iranic people)

  • John Howard
    John Howard 10 days ago +3

    the mongols fucked up central asia and the middle east for good

    • barisaltintas03
      barisaltintas03 9 days ago

      John Howard i dont think it was the Mongols, most likely Turkic people who look exactly the same as the Mongols, the Mongol empire was a mix between Mongols and Turks with a Mongolian elite Ruling classe, but the people and most of its army were Turkic after the fall of the Empire nearly everywhere they ruled became Turkic ruled Empires and states. also both are Mongoloid.

  • Tulpar Kül Tigin Tengrikut

    Let me clear this up for you.
    *Persians and iranians* are brown skinned middle eastern looking people like kurdish people. But in central asia they mixed with some turkic people. THis is why tajiks looks so different.

    Mongolians are mostly majority mongolid (but not full)

    *Turkic people* are basicially a mixture of caucaosid and mongolid since turkic people dont have a common phenotype. Every turkic people looks different from each other, turkish people dont look like turkmen, turkmen dont look uzbeks, uzbeks dont look like kazakh, kazakh look different than tuvans, tuvans look different than ykauts and chuvash also look different than nogais.
    Everyone looks different because turkic people are ethno-linguistic term, turkic people are bound by tribal heritage, by langauge and by culture not by a common race. Turkic people strech from siberia to the balkans, this is why we look so different.
    Infact not even the central asian turkic people have the same DNA.
    Kazakhs have C3 (mongonols DNA)
    Kirgiz have R1a
    Tuvans dont have c3 or R1.
    Yakuts have Q

    • Tulpar Kül Tigin Tengrikut
      Tulpar Kül Tigin Tengrikut 6 days ago

      Kurdish people are without history or a culture.

    • Pretty Kitty
      Pretty Kitty 9 days ago

      KURD MEANS STRONG! My DNA had no Mongolian... Test results only said Siberian region Yakut DNA . Do the Mongolian have their own DNA ? Sorry I really do not know much - I am still learning & researching.

      KURD MEANS STRONG! 9 days ago

      Pretty Kitty just because the terrorists turks raped the native anatolians doesn't mean they are Anatolian they are Mongol bastards.

  • matthew mann
    matthew mann 10 days ago

    Many now are Mongoloid and Caucasoid hybrids

  • Colin Tan
    Colin Tan 10 days ago

    Kazakh girl claims that they are Chinese or Korean looking speaking Russian.

  • Gaming WithWUW
    Gaming WithWUW 10 days ago

    its not "azeri" its Azer. why so stupid? if it was "azeri" then the country would of been called azeriiiiiiibaijan but not azerbaijan

    PNGPJS 10 days ago

    mate im Aussie and Ausralia is the 6th biggest country on earth . 7.6 million sq.km's . it dwarfs central asia .

  • bong donkey
    bong donkey 10 days ago +1

    Stan means land?

    • Dina Äbilova
      Dina Äbilova 5 days ago

      bong donkey yes, "the land of kazakhs/uzbeks/tajiks/etc."

  • kakibackup2 Koujo
    kakibackup2 Koujo 10 days ago

    Can you do a video on the nordic germanic peoples

  • daniyal k
    daniyal k 10 days ago +2

    ?you showed the wrong map of pakistan at 5:18 too dude wth where tf you get your maps from ?from indian websites ?

  • daniyal k
    daniyal k 10 days ago +2

    @9:29 you showed wrong map of pakistan are you an complete idiot even after knowing so much about geography demography and what not you still show wrong maps of people's beloved counties i am from the region you wiped out from my country's map stop offending people's feelings

  • Dega Jago
    Dega Jago 10 days ago +2

    you need to hide your "islamiphobic" side to grow your channel, its so obvious about your hate to them everytime you said "Islam", the tone is so different when you said christianity.

    • Agastya Anand
      Agastya Anand 10 days ago

      Today's people find racism in everything.

  • Su K.
    Su K. 11 days ago +7

    Turkness isn't based on apperience, it's based on culture and language, as you said we are all diverse. I'm an Anatolian Turk mixed with Crimean Turk (Tatar/Kipchak), I have red hair, hazel eyes yet high cheek bones and a little slanted eyes. Thank you for the video!

    • Su K.
      Su K. 35 minutes ago

      Thank you Giovanni! If you are interested, some of us even might have Celtic blood, from the Galatians lived in Anatolia, you can search about them too.

    • giovanni9107
      giovanni9107 4 days ago

      Su K.
      I love how intriguing some of you guys' faces are. It's like my brain can't make sense of the unique mixture of european, asian and Persian.

  • Slayedjudas666
    Slayedjudas666 11 days ago +3

    Hi, can you do one about the Caucasian peoples(the real ones). They look very interesting and very archaic, especially Georgia and Chechnya.

  • Jack Jackson Jacksonville Productions

    is that where the buffalo is from

  • Tarou Yuu
    Tarou Yuu 11 days ago

    You missed that the Islamic invasion alongside the Mongolian conquest devastated the Central Asian Kingdoms.

  • Zhanna Ibrasheva
    Zhanna Ibrasheva 11 days ago +1

    Stalin deported about 400.000 Germans from Volga region in Russia to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in September 1941. Aslo Tatars from Crimea, Chechens and other people from Caucasus and Koreans were also deported to Kazakhstan and other neighboring republics. About 1000000 people were evacuated from European parts of USSR to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan during WWII.
    Aslo after WWII various large scale agricultural and industrial projects brought in a significant number of people from Russia, Ukraine.

  • OniBaba
    OniBaba 11 days ago +1

    I come from Uzbekistan. My dad's a mix of Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh, and my mom is Uyghur and Russian. One of our family friends from Uzbekistan is Korean. I was extremely surprised how spot-on this video was when it comes to describing the people of Central Asia.

    • Lola Gul
      Lola Gul 10 days ago

      Tulpar Kül Tigin Tengrikut Ozbekistandan siz turk biraderlerimize assalamu aleykum ! biz sizi cok seviyoruz! dilimiz, dinimiz, tarihimiz, kulturumuz bir, biz kardesiz.

    • Lola Gul
      Lola Gul 10 days ago

      hacker işleri aleykum salam!

    • OniBaba
      OniBaba 10 days ago

      What is going on?

    • veryserioz
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      +амина тохтасынова
      That was unnecessary.

  • Vishwakat
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    8:18 Am I the only one who saw that guy there?

  • Xu Te Rangatira
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    A wouldn't say "many" Uyghurs have aligned themselves with radicals, just a few, all the Uyghur friends I have live pretty normal lives, and quite a few of them actually drink alcohol

  • Xu Te Rangatira
    Xu Te Rangatira 11 days ago +1

    A wouldn't say "many" Uyghurs have aligned themselves with radicals, all the Uyghur friends I have live pretty normal lives, and quite a few of them actually drink alcohol

  • Carlos Lee
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    Central Asia is also my number one obsession more videos on it please!!

  • lupus
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    Good to hear you pronounce Uygher correctly. Keep working on your many mispronunciations. They seriously detract from your content.

  • Monty K
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    Nice video! Could you do Northeast Asia next if possible? Please and thank you.

  • Wyse Solomon
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    Do North American Negroes. Let's see how deep down the rabbit hole you'll go.

    • anythingnew
      anythingnew 4 hours ago

      North American negro history is in the Bible, starting with Adam, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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    Bro please make a video on middle easterners who aren't Arab like aramean Chaldean Kurdish Berber Syriac Levantine etc like also explain why Levantine look different then gulf and how a lot of Arabs came from Yemeni tribes

    • Ifraz Ali
      Ifraz Ali 5 days ago

      DJ Khaled Are you stupid Quraish didn't come from Yemen

    • DJ Khaled
      DJ Khaled 6 days ago

      Afghan Lion are u stupid? Every Arab came from Yemen and many North Africans say they aren't Arab but literally descended off of Yemeni tribes. Also quraysh came from Yemen literally many ppl in quraysh were from sanaa.

    • Afghan Lion
      Afghan Lion 9 days ago

      +abdulhayelucman Quraish came from Northern Arabia not Yemen as they are Ishmaelites.

    • abdulhayelucman
      abdulhayelucman 10 days ago

      Afghan Lion no. only the Quraish came from Yemen

    • Afghan Lion
      Afghan Lion 10 days ago

      Levantines don't look different than Khaliji's and Arabs don't come from Yemen.

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    8:19 who is that guy?

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    Great video, keep em' coming.

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    Could you try to do some videos on the try-County area of South Florida (Date, Broward, Palm Beach) and their racial mixtures? Also, could you do a video on the Raizal people of the San Andres islands of Colombia? Thanks.

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    dude, "stan" refers 2 land

  • Kochigachi
    Kochigachi 11 days ago +17

    Russian ruined everything in central asia for sure.

    • Dr. Yes
      Dr. Yes 8 days ago

      what are you talking about? mongols started this whole problem !

    • Zhanna Ibrasheva
      Zhanna Ibrasheva 8 days ago

      Ironically, maybe because of Soviets, the Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Turkmen, Kyrgyzs, Tajiiks have 100% of literacy and our countries are more or less developed. Although, we have had quite significant losses in human life during sovetization. Kazakhs lost about 30% of its population during the famine in the 1930s. And we've got nuclear testing grounds on our lands.

    • ilya_Rusin
      ilya_Rusin 9 days ago

      what exactly?

  • Afghan Lion
    Afghan Lion 11 days ago +2

    Original Central Asians are Iranian peoples like the Pashtuns, Pamiri's, Yaghnobi's and Tajiks. Turks are not originally Central Asian they score East Asian on DNA tests.

    • old meme gold meme
      old meme gold meme 4 days ago

      Afghan Lion
      lol ur pathetic, pashtuns are not central asian. Why do you try so hard to make it seem as if pashtuns are related to cenrral asians, they are much more related to indians than central asians.

    • Afghan Lion
      Afghan Lion 5 days ago

      +Ifraz Ali That's actually Pakis, all belong to the Dravidian race.

    • Ifraz Ali
      Ifraz Ali 5 days ago

      Afghan Lion Afghans are Tamils

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