The Chainsmokers - Closer (Live from the 2016 MTV VMAs) ft. Halsey

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  • The Chainsmokers and Halsey perform “Closer” live at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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  • Runtime: 4:10
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  • Queen_Joselin 1361
    Queen_Joselin 1361 2 hours ago

    2:35-2:36 um...did anybody noticed that?😳

  • Celine Garcia
    Celine Garcia 4 hours ago

    They look like slits

  • El sebollas muz
    El sebollas muz 6 hours ago

    Cantan feo en la realidad sin ofender

  • Anya Luckenbill
    Anya Luckenbill 6 hours ago

    Wth kind of shirt was she wearing

  • Cosmyn Cristian
    Cosmyn Cristian 8 hours ago

    His hand thooo

  • Emelyn Always
    Emelyn Always 8 hours ago


  • Sarah Tomlison
    Sarah Tomlison 10 hours ago

    Does Andrew likes Halsey??

  • Leda Cristina Bastos
    Leda Cristina Bastos 10 hours ago


  • avd-7
    avd-7 11 hours ago

    wow two people who can't sing lmao this is funny to me

    • avd-7
      avd-7 11 hours ago

      you can literally see halsey moving her jaw bc she can't do a natural vibrato poor child

    • avd-7
      avd-7 11 hours ago

      i mean the guy is really trying i feel bad

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 11 hours ago

    Crotch grab 02:35

  • Edwin Castro
    Edwin Castro 14 hours ago

    Both are the worst singer that ever existed 😝😝👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🗣

  • Ashlyn Ella
    Ashlyn Ella 14 hours ago

    He touched her vagina

  • Giulia Montesi
    Giulia Montesi 15 hours ago

    i ship drew and halsey omg

  • Sergiu Gabriel
    Sergiu Gabriel 18 hours ago

    Halsey's voice great. The dude's one..meh

  • Mark Condra
    Mark Condra 18 hours ago

    They're singing is flat af

  • Kasey Mcdowell
    Kasey Mcdowell 20 hours ago

    3:58 she pulled him

  • Kasey Mcdowell
    Kasey Mcdowell 20 hours ago

    she keeps pushing him

  • MathieuYates_15
    MathieuYates_15 22 hours ago

    fucking shit performance😂😂😂😂 amazing what sampling + autotuning can do

  • Ray Waldroupe
    Ray Waldroupe 23 hours ago

  • Klaas Vaak
    Klaas Vaak 1 day ago

    send him to x-factor and see if he comes true

  • TRU3 9OOO
    TRU3 9OOO 1 day ago

    3:12 Dan is enjoying himself

  • TRU3 9OOO
    TRU3 9OOO 1 day ago

    The worst part prob that the camera man made the angle a little low

  • Benjamin Jensen
    Benjamin Jensen 1 day ago

    When they don't use a computer to sing...

  • MonkeyBoy
    MonkeyBoy 1 day ago

    I love the smoke

  • Amy
    Amy 1 day ago

    Halsey is good with her own songs but I think she would be benefit with some lessons to improve her technique.

    I honestly think the guy was more on key in this performance but he could actually be good if he had a couple of years of lessons.

  • Kalie and Jennette
    Kalie and Jennette 1 day ago

    dnt u know that he touched her private

  • SoFlo- Zo
    SoFlo- Zo 1 day ago

    What was that hmmm...

  • Ash.Asher
    Ash.Asher 1 day ago

    I was here to see what all the dumb ass fuss was about over halsey and him supposedly heating the stage up. Who????? Who comes up with this shit??? I didmt see no over empowered sex thrustimg or bout to get at eachother action between them at all!!!! Obviously people need to gdt out more bc when u dance at a club u dance and look like yall bout to ----- but this performance wasnt even close to that. So did i miss something? Am i watching the same one people made a big dramatic fuss/deal over or is this the wrong performance and the jackasses were talkinv about a different performance?!?!? Yeah i doubt it too

  • maha
    maha 1 day ago

    oh well
    at least he's pretty

  • Courtney Baker
    Courtney Baker 1 day ago

    2:35 he grabs Halseys vagina

  • nguyệt my
    nguyệt my 1 day ago

    1000000Like 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  • Alexander prince
    Alexander prince 1 day ago

    auto-tune could make a goat sing

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  • Yolanda Selvera
    Yolanda Selvera 1 day ago +1

    Nice music

  • Jenna Breedlove
    Jenna Breedlove 2 days ago +1

    Are they like a couple

  • Saf 123
    Saf 123 2 days ago +1

    Pause at 0:46, your welcome

  • Jenna Breedlove
    Jenna Breedlove 2 days ago

    He sounds good with audio and she sounds better without audio

  • el crack tv
    el crack tv 2 days ago

    Los fumadores -cerca

  • msjkelmolol123
    msjkelmolol123 2 days ago

    Bing bong is so much fucking better

  • chima chibi
    chima chibi 2 days ago

    This is like a regular tone-deaf dude singing karaoke lol.

  • jehsuhs
    jehsuhs 2 days ago

    Whenever i need a good laugh I come back to this performance. ty

  • The Xbox Nerds
    The Xbox Nerds 2 days ago

    Underboob on fleek.

  • hicaidimbj
    hicaidimbj 2 days ago

    2:35 Lol he grabbed her crotch and at 3:10

    • hicaidimbj
      hicaidimbj 2 days ago

      This proves they are in a relationship secretly

  • hicaidimbj
    hicaidimbj 2 days ago

    1:53 I wish someone looked at me like that

  • anghelina sovero quispe

    soy la unica q habla español aqui???

  • Be Chef Curry
    Be Chef Curry 2 days ago

    very baddddd

  • Zeref Selvestre
    Zeref Selvestre 2 days ago

    He cant sing but his hokage lvl is 1000

  • ma jus
    ma jus 2 days ago

    This sucks so much

  • hayden scott
    hayden scott 2 days ago

    nice singing

    JEREMIA TIMOTHY 2 days ago +2


  • ROBLOX Is Awesome
    ROBLOX Is Awesome 2 days ago

    How do u get the Echoes???

  • Ramesh Giri
    Ramesh Giri 2 days ago +1

    Verry nics ong

  • Nabeel Xhahh
    Nabeel Xhahh 2 days ago +1

    Halsey you were the blessing for the boy

  • xoxo soso
    xoxo soso 2 days ago

    He's like me singing at karaoke

  • sonpam 손팜
    sonpam 손팜 2 days ago

    Gwhi ga Jon na gae apu gett da (korean)

  • Paola Martiniz
    Paola Martiniz 3 days ago

    I love you 💖💖

  • Brian Heck
    Brian Heck 3 days ago +1

    halsey you are amazing and very beautiful

  • Kira MSP
    Kira MSP 3 days ago

    without autotune oml I need oil

  • Hello Guys
    Hello Guys 3 days ago


  • FN Forces -
    FN Forces - 3 days ago +1

    Andrewww ur sooooooo hot

  • Scretch Gamer
    Scretch Gamer 3 days ago +1

    Um Guys You can see her boobs 3:10

  • Sneha Nad
    Sneha Nad 3 days ago +1

    I knew Halsey was beautiful, but this beautiful ??? are you kidding me ???

  • Valérie Chien
    Valérie Chien 3 days ago +2

    "at least he didn't use playback"
    Well, maybe he should have. This just gave me AIDS. Thanks a lot.

  • Elie tp
    Elie tp 3 days ago

    Das pena niño no cantas nada.. Q clase de cantante es ese aaahhh es uno de esos q necesitan arreglos ah ya ..

  • FN Forces -
    FN Forces - 3 days ago +1

    Oh Halsey your bra?

  • FN Forces -
    FN Forces - 3 days ago +1

    Youre sooooo handsome

  • Lucas Eduardo
    Lucas Eduardo 3 days ago

    E dimais esse chwo

  • Nica Cabansag
    Nica Cabansag 3 days ago

    I think the girl doesn't have a bra....😕😦😕

  • Achu Thong
    Achu Thong 3 days ago

    his voice sucks 😂😂😂😂

  • Thach Nguyen
    Thach Nguyen 3 days ago


  • Wilson Mora
    Wilson Mora 3 days ago +1

    He put his hand close on her privates and when he stopped she rolled her eyes and kept singing at 3:10 he does it in between 3:10 and 3:15

  • Lucas Marques
    Lucas Marques 3 days ago

    for those saying he's handsome, he's just white

  • Nicholas Yanku
    Nicholas Yanku 3 days ago +1

    The only good thing about these 3 repeated chords they call a song is Halsey. Andrew Taggart can't sing for shit.

  • klaudia Tobias
    klaudia Tobias 3 days ago

    the guy is singing is sounds better

  • MilenaKarpova Blog
    MilenaKarpova Blog 3 days ago

    Fav Performance!!

  • Enrique Peña Nieto
    Enrique Peña Nieto 4 days ago

    No conozco mucho de estos artistas pero si puedo decir que el hombre no canta nada bien, la que se luce y por mucho es la chica.

  • Cash Rivera
    Cash Rivera 4 days ago

    I like his deep voice its cool💗💗

  • Robert Kretz
    Robert Kretz 4 days ago +1

    For all the people saying, "Well at least they didn't use auto tune"
    True. But these people are calling themselves SINGERS, so shouldn't a qualification for calling yourself a singer being able to carry a tune without going flat?
    I might get hate for this, and you might say, "well, what would you know about singing? You're dumb" but I'm not calling myself a singer. I can, however, recognize good singers and bad singers. Overall, this was a very underwhelming performance.

  • Najib M.
    Najib M. 4 days ago


  • J-ray Incredible
    J-ray Incredible 4 days ago

    The singer is someone that they pick up on the public 😂😂😂😂😂 sounds really bad

  • Christian C.H
    Christian C.H 4 days ago

    And these are the dudes who were talking shit about Gaga? HAHAHAHAHA

  • MonkeyBoy
    MonkeyBoy 4 days ago +1

    This is good

  • Pet house
    Pet house 4 days ago +2

    💙 Halsey nailed it 💙

  • Aparna Jena
    Aparna Jena 4 days ago

    OMG from 2:16 ..they are more closer than closer song

  • Wafaa Ziane
    Wafaa Ziane 4 days ago


  • Ahmed Elshrabasy
    Ahmed Elshrabasy 4 days ago


  • Ahmed Elshrabasy
    Ahmed Elshrabasy 4 days ago


  • Alexandross xxx
    Alexandross xxx 4 days ago

    at least he is hot!

  • Sabita Magar
    Sabita Magar 4 days ago

    her voice is shivering soo much..but why😃😂

  • The Biggest Controversy

    but vocal are very bad

  • Maitrayee Sengupta
    Maitrayee Sengupta 4 days ago +1

    does anyone think that helsay is far stronger than chainsmokers.... or i'm only one!! 😕

  • Em Mii
    Em Mii 4 days ago +1

    Why y'all hating? I think it doesn't sound that bad

  • Matteo Fila
    Matteo Fila 4 days ago

    He clearly can't sing

  • Nembokid
    Nembokid 4 days ago +1

    Her fucking voice. So awesome.

  • Bonson Jim
    Bonson Jim 4 days ago

    What a horrible Nine Inch Nails cover.

  • martinez twins fangirl

    shut up haters atleast he didn't lyp sinc😏😒

  • Danh Bui
    Danh Bui 4 days ago

    too bad, they sang like hen

  • j ess
    j ess 4 days ago

    this is so fckin funny

  • Macaria Davidson
    Macaria Davidson 4 days ago

    he is so tall

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