Chef Makes One of Gordon's Dishes and He's Not Happy | Kitchen Nightmares UK

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  • Jason X
    Jason X 23 minutes ago

    People need to start eating to live instead of living to eat. All of this food on this show is fucking disgusting.

  • Warlock_52
    Warlock_52 11 hours ago

    Anyone else watching this in 2004?

  • Brandon Chan
    Brandon Chan 14 hours ago

    Gordon is like let me eat when he's like let me eat so I can say I don't like it

  • Thebbff CZ
    Thebbff CZ 21 hour ago

    With ice It will be - Waiter, Waiter leaves
    Gordon - Smart ass

  • Latisha
    Latisha 22 hours ago


  • jose torres
    jose torres 1 day ago

    Why do all thes comments have so many likes??

  • bogoturtle
    bogoturtle 1 day ago

    Gordon was nice in this

  • Lisa Adler
    Lisa Adler 1 day ago

    It's like going to see your Gran

  • SSZaris
    SSZaris 1 day ago

    If you got offended by how he talked to the waiter, then you obviously don't live in one of the colonies ;)

    You fucking cunt

  • j
    j 2 days ago

    How fucking TINY is that soup??

  • William Donohoe
    William Donohoe 2 days ago

    "You're like a hemeroid on my asshole...could you fuck off?"

  • Frazzle 29
    Frazzle 29 2 days ago

    smart ass 😂😂😂😂

  • Headsprouter
    Headsprouter 2 days ago

    "Smart arse"

    He's nervous, Gordon.

  • Anthony123
    Anthony123 3 days ago +1


  • XxRiCkYxX XxLeonxX
    XxRiCkYxX XxLeonxX 3 days ago


  • Amanda
    Amanda 3 days ago

    His narrating is so weird

  • LastSider
    LastSider 3 days ago

    When Ramsey is an asshole.

  • David Homer
    David Homer 3 days ago

    2006!? It's more than 10 years later now

  • Murray Hampton
    Murray Hampton 3 days ago

    4:55 did anyone else get confused coz i thought it was filmed in 2016

  • Jimes105
    Jimes105 3 days ago

    4:07 was hilarious lmao

  • mesutt
    mesutt 3 days ago

    Why is it called a waiter when you are the one who is waiting?

  • Bio Skates
    Bio Skates 4 days ago +1

    your like a hemorrhoid in my asshole..
    dude that had me laughing haha

  • danmanjjj eee
    danmanjjj eee 4 days ago


  • deepfield23
    deepfield23 4 days ago

    you need to move those couches awayyy! NINO cant clean everything when there are couches blocking the room! D:

  • Christopher Fondakowski

    You would think foreign countries like this would have amazing food.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 days ago


  • Soaring Wings
    Soaring Wings 5 days ago

    I like that he doesn't think everything is terrible just because he's 'supposed' to, showed when he complimented the duck

  • Totally Trolltalitarian Tankie Memes

    this was 11 years ago...😩

  • Duh Sushi
    Duh Sushi 5 days ago

    Where is this location?

  • Notorious C.H.E
    Notorious C.H.E 5 days ago

    I swear he already uploaded this.

  • ZuRriX
    ZuRriX 5 days ago

    This is from 2006.

    EBRAHIM SHAIBI 5 days ago

    where's the fucking lamb sauce

  • Jhonny Zhang
    Jhonny Zhang 6 days ago

    Is this someone's house??

  • sanoy aw
    sanoy aw 6 days ago +1

    lol why so mean to the waiter

  • Taylor G
    Taylor G 6 days ago

    "Smart Ass"

  • Gwyneth Koryniaka
    Gwyneth Koryniaka 6 days ago

    Well, clearly his help didn't work here 😂

  • Acensioner Banshee Spade

    You know shit's bout to go down when the chef's bloody confident.

  • AdventureFaps
    AdventureFaps 6 days ago


  • Ish Smith
    Ish Smith 7 days ago

    Damn George Michael a server now?

  • NightGuardToby
    NightGuardToby 7 days ago

    you could say that the soup smelled a little..


  • D. .B
    D. .B 7 days ago

    to the chefs credit...Gordon didn't seem too mad at least?..😅

  • Dakota Barabas
    Dakota Barabas 8 days ago

    2:00 "smart ass"

  • Nicolas McCormack
    Nicolas McCormack 8 days ago +1

    Gordon:is this ice homemade
    Waitress:no it's frozen
    Gordon:FUCK ME!!!

  • Lauren Davidson
    Lauren Davidson 8 days ago

    Why does his voice sound so low as a voice over but not in real life?

  • Lauren Davidson
    Lauren Davidson 8 days ago

    The orange juice thing lol 😂

  • Tyler Carson
    Tyler Carson 8 days ago

    Beautiful church. Shame for any restaurant to be next to that.

  • Official PCLASH Gaming Channel

    was the chef the guy in Hells kitchen? "not gordon"

  • Silent Psykosis
    Silent Psykosis 9 days ago

    "You're like a hemorrhoid in my arsehole, you know that" - My new favourite Gordon Ramsay line.

  • Sophie Marie
    Sophie Marie 9 days ago +3

    You're like a hemroid in my asshole

    I legitimately can't

  • TUBBZ Games
    TUBBZ Games 10 days ago

    ur like a fucking haemorrhoid in my arsehole HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

  • Lord Albion VII
    Lord Albion VII 10 days ago

    That waiter took some 🔥

  • TheRealHarsjan
    TheRealHarsjan 10 days ago +1

    King's Lynn needs Nino

  • Uiqa
    Uiqa 11 days ago

    He reminds me of Matt for Saints Row 4.

  • James Becker
    James Becker 11 days ago

    diners have prices like 20 quid. but that's a pretty small portion.

  • Eyb0ssgibedapusipls
    Eyb0ssgibedapusipls 11 days ago

    "you're like a hemorrhoid in my asshole" I DIED 😂

  • Sloom
    Sloom 12 days ago +2

    Lmfao 4:25 the waiter got savaged

  • Nari M.
    Nari M. 12 days ago +1


  • The Pocket Pro
    The Pocket Pro 12 days ago

    he is critical but knows what he is doing

  • Katherina Crystalisinixia

    I thought it was a sofa store at first. Because of the display area that's actually a waiting area. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lëë Sin Only
    Lëë Sin Only 12 days ago

    ''you're like a hemeroid in my asshole'' hahahahaha

  • AJ Pollard
    AJ Pollard 12 days ago


  • Sam Armstrong
    Sam Armstrong 12 days ago

    2:00 "Smartass" lmao

  • NayNayNoodles
    NayNayNoodles 12 days ago

    Smartass I laughed soo hard when he said that

  • Balta Skywalker
    Balta Skywalker 13 days ago

    "Where did you get the idea for the scallops?"
    "Oh for fucks sake"

    Yeah, Ramsey's a sarcastic fucker.

  • chancelost
    chancelost 13 days ago

    Damn Gordon was such a dick to that waiter

  • Ratt611
    Ratt611 13 days ago

    How terrifying to serve Gordon his own dish.

  • Chuckie Baby
    Chuckie Baby 13 days ago

    Cuss and swear all you like, but! taking the Lord's name in vein is beneath you. Why lower yourself to such a level?

  • Ana Sugar
    Ana Sugar 14 days ago

    why are the buildings so short and tiny in England lol

  • Bunny Rabbit
    Bunny Rabbit 14 days ago

    "smartass" lol

  • ross 889
    ross 889 14 days ago

    and 9 months after they filed for bankruptcy, even with all gordon's help

  • Sammy P
    Sammy P 14 days ago

    Till this day I wonder why he was so rude to the waiter. He is usually super nice to the waiter/waitress. I feel bad for the guy. Gordon called him a hemorrhoid in his asshole, that oughta suck.

  • John Rubinetti
    John Rubinetti 14 days ago +1

    imagine gordon as a kid.

  • David Dou
    David Dou 14 days ago

    Been to Kings Lynn once. It was a shithole

  • Maxine Calinora
    Maxine Calinora 14 days ago

    Who's watching in 1843

  • Emmanuel F
    Emmanuel F 14 days ago

    5:32 I think she liked what she saw.

  • james jukes
    james jukes 14 days ago

    Is it cold? The ice is.... tool

  • Truman Sharp
    Truman Sharp 15 days ago

    "You're like a hemorrhoid in my asshole" lol im dying

  • Lazorinc
    Lazorinc 15 days ago

    Why was Ralph Sepe taking that shit food to Gordon?

  • Pughy2o06
    Pughy2o06 16 days ago

    You call that a restaurant? Its a fucking house with 5 tables in it!

  • Jad Jad
    Jad Jad 16 days ago


  • Usa Kiri
    Usa Kiri 16 days ago

    The moment the video starts Gordon walks like he's in a photoshoot

  • I'm Mildcat
    I'm Mildcat 18 days ago

    How to earn from 10 year old videos,
    Get Gordon Ramsey

  • Gabby C.
    Gabby C. 19 days ago

    why was the fish soup in a teacup

  • Javier Sanchez
    Javier Sanchez 19 days ago

    "you're like a hemorrhoid in my asshole" chef ramsay is a legend

  • Nick Konstant
    Nick Konstant 20 days ago

    "You're like a haemorrhoid up my asshole!"

  • Dora T.
    Dora T. 21 day ago

    poor waiter

  • burnstorm13579
    burnstorm13579 21 day ago

    The UK version is so much more tame than the American version.

  • NuclearNuke41
    NuclearNuke41 21 day ago

    477 dislikes were from triggered people that didnt get there "NINNOOO00000" at the end of there vid.

  • NinjaByNights
    NinjaByNights 24 days ago


  • Michael Mai
    Michael Mai 24 days ago

    This video is so old

  • Abby hernandez
    Abby hernandez 24 days ago

    its sad cuz the kids on chef junior are so much better than these adults that have been cooking for a much longer time!!

  • Claire Jones
    Claire Jones 24 days ago

    2006 episode.He almost got the Duck right...the sauce!

  • Tomas Aylward
    Tomas Aylward 25 days ago +1

    'you're like a haemorrhoid in my arse hole'

  • Alpha Gamer
    Alpha Gamer 25 days ago

    a hemroid in my arsehole lololol

  • Thunder Box
    Thunder Box 25 days ago

    I was dead when Gordon said smart-ass xD

  • HungryGamerHD™
    HungryGamerHD™ 25 days ago

    this video was made in 2006.. wow, around 10 -11 years late for an upload xD

    JEFF FFEJ 26 days ago

    The waiter was cute tho

  • Ethan Oczus
    Ethan Oczus 26 days ago

    I kind of like the uk version of kitchen nightmares better then the us it's uncensored the way it should be and has a lack of random instrument sounds like the us adds in

  • Rishi Rajan
    Rishi Rajan 26 days ago

    Ahhhhh...the incredible UK version!!!!!

  • Glenn Quagmire
    Glenn Quagmire 26 days ago

    lol this one was So calm

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