Chef Makes One of Gordon's Dishes and He's Not Happy | Kitchen Nightmares UK

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    DEEZ NUTZ 7 hours ago

    "You're like a hemorrhoid in my ass"
    -Ramsay 2006

  • aleks no
    aleks no 9 hours ago

    I wish Gordon would tell me I'm very hot

  • Carsten Stahl
    Carsten Stahl Day ago

    4:07 hes such a fucking savage lmao :D

  • TheRedAdmiral
    TheRedAdmiral Day ago

    "Where d'ja get the idea for the scallops?"
    "AH 4 FUX SAKE!!"

  • Captain Clemont
    Captain Clemont Day ago

    That fish soup must've smelled... FISHY

  • Garcrow A
    Garcrow A Day ago

    I love how the uk version is so calm

  • R. Joshua Field
    R. Joshua Field Day ago

    "Where did you get the idea for the scallops?"
    *Shits his pants as he realizes*

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 2 days ago

    I bet he hated growing up with his mom yelling "Eat it!" At him.

  • Kevin Wu
    Kevin Wu 3 days ago

    He messes up the pasta...

  • FmS
    FmS 3 days ago

    'You're like a hemorrhoid in my arsehole' holy fuck that's unreal

  • JayyRain
    JayyRain 3 days ago

    King's Lynn!

  • Morgan Honer
    Morgan Honer 3 days ago

    No hate or anything but ... when the waiter was waiting for him to finish one of the dishes his response was a bit OTT . Like he is severing you at least stop swearing and use manners ! But I love this channel so much ! ❤️❤️

  • Kevin Kwok
    Kevin Kwok 3 days ago

    Gordon taste bud is like a Demi god

  • Ashlee Egge-Daborn
    Ashlee Egge-Daborn 3 days ago

    Uploaded on my birthday ayyyy

  • Carsen LaPierre
    Carsen LaPierre 3 days ago

    "You're like a hemroid in my asshole." Done

  • Logan Harris
    Logan Harris 3 days ago

    0:55 secret flirting

  • RedragonXGamer
    RedragonXGamer 3 days ago

    You know what the scariest thing about owning a shop is when Gordon comes to your restaurant and your like Oh no

    Like if agree

  • Tree Hugger
    Tree Hugger 5 days ago

    Waiter "it's already been chilled"
    Gordon"okay no ice"
    Gordon "smartass"

  • mirela d
    mirela d 5 days ago

    Now most of Gordon Ramsay's fans are meme obsessed teens lmao

  • xFade_OG
    xFade_OG 5 days ago

    Smart arhs

  • Legion563
    Legion563 5 days ago

    ''Where did you get the idea for the scallops''
    ''Oh, for fucks sake!!'' ahahahahhahaahah that bit was amazing.

  • unknowndeoxys00
    unknowndeoxys00 5 days ago

    I appreciate how much "quieter" the UK episodes are. None of the pulse-pounding music, no crazy editing sweeps, no one screaming at each other...

  • ___ Tomwiggins
    ___ Tomwiggins 6 days ago

    The chef and Gordon sound EXACTLY the same. Not just the accent.

  • Jess Marie
    Jess Marie 6 days ago


  • Neshyane Vlogs
    Neshyane Vlogs 7 days ago

    4:08 killed me he was so savage and honest at the same time XD

  • phoebe han
    phoebe han 7 days ago

    Owner : well I really really really hope he likes our food
    Me: well he ain't

  • The Miscellaneous Channel

    Poor chef looked like he wanted to cry...

  • Yesenia Ortiz
    Yesenia Ortiz 8 days ago

    4:13 Hahaha I'm dead!!

    What a savage 😂😂😂

  • Angel Amalee
    Angel Amalee 9 days ago

    "Smartass" I giggled.

  • Tyuzoki
    Tyuzoki 9 days ago

    Gordon makes a ham sandwhich with lettuce and special cheese, a restaurant sells ham sandwhiches with lettuce and cheese.

  • TheEnixSquared
    TheEnixSquared 9 days ago

    Gordon is less angry in this version, however he's much more hostile

  • Black Goku
    Black Goku 9 days ago

    how's matilda

  • Ricardo AssLips
    Ricardo AssLips 10 days ago +1


  • Tashwampa
    Tashwampa 10 days ago

    Now that i think about it...aren't these criticisms about taste somewhat subjective? I mean yeah, some things are obvious, if food is too salty or whatever. But like, maybe that sauce was meant to be on the sweet side. And anyway, in the US version when he tastes food, has he considered European food is different from American? Don't we season slightly differently? Like I'm genuinely asking

  • crazymammoth
    crazymammoth 10 days ago

    is it my imagination or was he being slightly nicer to the UK chef?

  • Holly Taylor
    Holly Taylor 10 days ago

    He's quite rude.

  • WindMaster1111111
    WindMaster1111111 10 days ago +1

    Wow that waiter took it like a boss

  • Krypton 114
    Krypton 114 10 days ago

    This vids from 2006 nothing's new sadly

  • kirbyroes typhlosion
    kirbyroes typhlosion 11 days ago

    Ramsy coment

  • Jordan Lyttle
    Jordan Lyttle 11 days ago

    "You're like a hemaroid, in my ass. Will you fuck off please?" That had me dieing.

  • Benjamin Hansen
    Benjamin Hansen 11 days ago


  • Fluffy Marshmallows
    Fluffy Marshmallows 11 days ago

    Your like a hemroid in my asshole. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brandon Gallagher
    Brandon Gallagher 11 days ago

    "Your like a henroid in my asshole"

  • Jessica Pisetsky
    Jessica Pisetsky 11 days ago

    That waiter was annoying me too, get outta his face so he can eat, I hate it when they hang around. He had nothing else to do though, maybe that's why

  • Gab -
    Gab - 11 days ago


  • Helen Valo
    Helen Valo 11 days ago

    "Smartass" DEAD

  • 2DGorillaz22
    2DGorillaz22 11 days ago

    lol you're like a hemorrhoid in my arsehole

  • TheDirtymikenation
    TheDirtymikenation 12 days ago

    These retards wonder why they are out of business lol

  • Pedro Piråg
    Pedro Piråg 12 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey doesn't eat the food only looking at it.

  • Phillip Smith
    Phillip Smith 12 days ago

    Can't believe this is 11 years old

  • Eric Cordeiro
    Eric Cordeiro 12 days ago

    i like the background music

    DELROYJOHNSON73B 12 days ago

    Holy sick... I'll never heard thid soup before! What poosed to know that came up to serve is "Fish Soup" for??? That's weird!

  • DeadpanSpider 23
    DeadpanSpider 23 12 days ago

    "You're like a hemorrhoid in my asshole." 😂

  • Monroville
    Monroville 12 days ago

    Anyone notice how much better the UK Kitchen Nightmares is compared to the US version? The UK version at least comes across like a documentary of a man trying to truly help out someone in need of help... whereas the US version comes across like a circus run by Jerry Springer, with fake drama, fake editing and overly dramatic soap opera music.

  • Natasha Mann
    Natasha Mann 12 days ago


  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    >Fish soup
    >It's just a half full coffee cup
    Gourmet shit

  • f00dify
    f00dify 12 days ago

    I like that Gordon knows the scallops are one of his dish, but doesn't say anything about it.

  • 800lb Gorilla
    800lb Gorilla 13 days ago

    Anyone notice both chef and the short haired chick have Rolex watches?

  • TheDragon Whisperer
    TheDragon Whisperer 13 days ago


    Give me likes.

  • angbitxh
    angbitxh 14 days ago

    Why have I been on a gordan Ramsay binge for the past like two weeks

  • An overly unnecessary long name For you to read

    Gordon Ramsay's wrinkles on his forehead gives me the chills...

  • Aleah Cookie
    Aleah Cookie 14 days ago

    "You're like a fucking hemorrhoid in my ass, do you mind?" Lmaoo😂💀

    aLOOF gOALS 14 days ago

    tfw im watching something from 2006

  • nika zaragoza
    nika zaragoza 14 days ago

    "You're like a hemorrhoid in my asshole"

  • Juan Marcos Urrutia
    Juan Marcos Urrutia 14 days ago

    Its a show.... of course everyone is badBeen to one of his restaurants and tje food was good ( not great ) especially his absurbd prices.... Who is the thief here?

  • Dmitry Golovko
    Dmitry Golovko 14 days ago

    drinks water:

    *spits it out*


  • Triple Chin
    Triple Chin 14 days ago

    The guy that sends nicks food walks like a fucking model

  • Triple Chin
    Triple Chin 14 days ago +1

    Ah for ffffffucks sake

    MOYSES ORTIZ-MORALES 14 days ago

    He's acting like child being a picky eater and not trying it

  • masterchief1080 I
    masterchief1080 I 14 days ago

    I don't know why people try to lie to or think they are better than Gordon Ramsey. He is a pro people! Show him some respect!

  • sellotape and Bublegum

    Ayy this is in my county

  • SH0R7Y
    SH0R7Y 14 days ago

    1:54 killed me

  • Veronica Crain
    Veronica Crain 14 days ago +1

    Is no one else freaked out by how dark and eerily silent the UK version is compared to the American?

    • Veronica Crain
      Veronica Crain 10 days ago

      Jensaw101 Thanks, I know. But I think that because I've seen so many American clips of the show that it just sounds weird to me not to hear that same music and drama. I appreciate being able to pinpoint what it is that's off to me though. I like both versions equally but I think I prefer seeing the American chefs being put in their place more than the calm and polite reactions that the English version brings. I don't mean to hate, I'm just stating opinion. I just didn't accurately word my previous comment correctly. Thanks for not taking it the wrong way!

    • Jensaw101
      Jensaw101 10 days ago

      It's toned down, but not necessarily eerie. The US version adds intense background music and cuts footage and audio together to maintain the volume of speech at a high level. It's less the difference between a normal situation and walking through and abandoned warehouse, and more the difference between a stereotypical teenage house party and a normal situation.

  • wojtek slusarczyk
    wojtek slusarczyk 14 days ago

    They must have been uploading this video with internet explorer for 11 years

  • Darren Ivano
    Darren Ivano 14 days ago

    Might as well go spit on his food for ffs that bastard

  • Jade UnLucent
    Jade UnLucent 15 days ago


  • RebelsHimself
    RebelsHimself 15 days ago

    Is it cold?

    The ice is

    yeah that is what I meant smartass, jesus

  • The Asshole
    The Asshole 15 days ago

    He violated the waiter lmfao

  • Dobby #FreeElf
    Dobby #FreeElf 15 days ago

    A hemorrhoid in my arsehole 😂😂😂 that sent the posh twat straight

  • 01102 01102
    01102 01102 16 days ago


  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed 16 days ago

    who is nino ??

  • John Galbraith
    John Galbraith 17 days ago

    Can I have a glass of orange juice, please?
    Is it cold?
    The ice? yes.

    I'd have walked out there and then and said fuck your restaraunt.

  • Sochy
    Sochy 17 days ago

    I've realized why this is so different from the American version.... there isn't dumbass music every time someone says something

  • Sarcalogos Tortolero
    Sarcalogos Tortolero 17 days ago

    You could get better food at outback these small restaurants better step it up and put some work and heart into their food

  • 181188 15141
    181188 15141 17 days ago

    ball hairs too

  • 181188 15141
    181188 15141 17 days ago

    bet there is nut on that couch

  • xEndiePearlx
    xEndiePearlx 17 days ago

    I would be rude to the waiter to. Like why the fuck are you watching me eat?

  • Bennerbench
    Bennerbench 17 days ago +1

    That's the most absurdly depressing restaurant Ive ever seen... It made want to RIP my eyes out!

  • Mister GT
    Mister GT 17 days ago +2

    Wait, this was filmed in 2006?!

  • Willi Republic
    Willi Republic 18 days ago

    Isn't the title applicable to every episode of Kitchen Nightmare.

  • Spencer Christie
    Spencer Christie 18 days ago

    The uk version is so much more calm Lol

  • Rafael Wijesekera
    Rafael Wijesekera 18 days ago +1

    Maybe i should also open up a restaurant in my living room

  • Daniel
    Daniel 18 days ago +1

    thats some quality video for 2006

  • tristan engen
    tristan engen 18 days ago +1

    Waiter was actually nice and dealt with Gordon's intimidation well

  • The Branimated Page
    The Branimated Page 18 days ago

    Brit food is so weird

  • Pancakes 89
    Pancakes 89 18 days ago

    It's just food the reason why he rates its bad because
    He a really high class chef and he used to fancy food

    • Oddbrother
      Oddbrother 13 days ago

      The customers should expect the same from such a restaurant.

  • Depopa
    Depopa 18 days ago

    i want to see the full video!!

  • AnonymousBanana
    AnonymousBanana 18 days ago


  • TrotelHD
    TrotelHD 18 days ago

    The chef fucked up as in almost every Kitchen nightmares. 🤣

  • Tanner Li
    Tanner Li 18 days ago

    He's always not happy

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