Alien Covenant Neomorph Footage - Back burster throat burster scene

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  • Initiate Test Eighty-Five

    Not to be rude. I didn't enjoy it.

  • Valeshia Lloyd
    Valeshia Lloyd 2 months ago

    i love the movie

  • TNd
    TNd 2 months ago

    Clickbait much?

  • AibattFlyff
    AibattFlyff 2 months ago

    By far my favorite scene of the movie, wish that more of the movie could have been like the backburster scene.

  • Kale P
    Kale P 2 months ago

    Man this film was hot garbage.

  • Omega HDGaming
    Omega HDGaming 2 months ago

    Gotta say one thing, this movie was fucking brutal, like holy shit this movie was absolutely brutal with some of the deaths. I have no idea how the movie got a 16 rating in my country.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 2 months ago

    Tennessee wife was a total dumbass. She locked her partner in the room to die. Got a gun only after her partner is dead. Ran in like a dumb ass slipped on the blood, then ran back out and shot a gas tank and blew up the damn ship. She was an idiot

  • John Buoy
    John Buoy 3 months ago

    It was disgustingly good.

  • Jacob Nilsson
    Jacob Nilsson 3 months ago

    This video was posted on my birthday 😊

  • BetaMalePodcast
    BetaMalePodcast 3 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the neomorph is better than the xenomorph at least with the way it spreads? Gently brushing against a small mushroom releasing the parasite instead of walking near an egg.

  • unk77nown77
    unk77nown77 3 months ago

    next the ball burster

  • EdPerfect1234
    EdPerfect1234 3 months ago

    i mean ive watched alien covenant 2 times but i cant understand it.

  • EdPerfect1234
    EdPerfect1234 3 months ago

    why do they keep addin more aliens like i never heard of a neomorph alien and that was the little white creature that burst out the back of that man in covenant they probably just added more aliens because david kept creating

  • Miranda Anderson
    Miranda Anderson 3 months ago

    this movie didn't explain anything at all. it doesn't have a story either the only thing that seemed to matter is that AI's are the new god. I'm serious it has no backstory or nothing. this movie is supposed to be based ten years after the Prometheus but hell it doesn't give us any answers. It does give us gruesome deaths and terrible descions!

  • II satans rum
    II satans rum 3 months ago

    this scene was insane, my heart was pounding, jaw open and the whole audience had their mouths covered as they watched in complete silence. the constant build up of intensity was one of the best ive seen in a really long time

  • dust sans
    dust sans 3 months ago

    will they make a sfm model of the neomorph so I can use it in my animation

  • Isaiah Buelna
    Isaiah Buelna 3 months ago

    that scene made me so uncomfortable and I'm not even squeamish i was so uncomfortable throughout the whole movie that I actually liked it. I haven't seen a movie in a while that's made me feel that way

  • Finkardop
    Finkardop 3 months ago +1

    most disturbing scene in the movie.

  • Elohmn
    Elohmn 3 months ago

    The scene sucked. It was lame cgi and very boring.

  • Marcelo Rodriguez
    Marcelo Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Wow!!!! Too gory!!!! I can't wait to see it.😀🙋

  • 1911Drew
    1911Drew 3 months ago

    Can't wait to see it!

  • Michael Mccloskey-Ooi
    Michael Mccloskey-Ooi 3 months ago +1

    Please next time don't put the word 'footage' in the title if you don't acc have the clip in the video. It's probs clear enough for most people but it may be misleading for others.

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      I guess people shouldn't search for illegal footage then.....

  • Daniel Scott Jr
    Daniel Scott Jr 3 months ago

    Thanks for the spoiler

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +Daniel Scott Jr I do warn In the video...

  • 576Dragon
    576Dragon 3 months ago

    seen the film first time in along time a film has actually caused my heart to pump in my chest cause by the well design story great movie

  • Died
    Died 3 months ago

    David will fake them out and be the main force behind bringing the Aliens to life.

  • Ste Entwistle
    Ste Entwistle 3 months ago +1

    This whole scene in the film was the best bit about it. The acting and the sense of urgency and fear was really well portrayed. It is the most intense scene in any Alien film and just a jaw dropping few minutes.
    I've seen the film twice now, once in 4DX and tonight I am going to see it in IMAX.

  • King Will
    King Will 3 months ago

    damn man, the way you described it makes me feel sick to my stomach..i actually feel like throwing up..IM SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Mark Griffiths
    Mark Griffiths 3 months ago

    Guess what? It's not very good. What a surprise.

  • Edson Ubiratan Lopes
    Edson Ubiratan Lopes 3 months ago

    <no spoiler> I watched it yesterday in Brazil and loved it! For some reason they launched it here already. I really needed to see Alien Covenant to alleviate the bad taste Alien3 & Alien Ressurection left in my mouth. I was not a big fan of Prometheus either, although visually speaking it was a masterpiece.

    Considering there was so much anticipation and explaining to do in only 120 minutes, I did not have much expectations for Alien Covenant so I really enjoyed what they offered in this movie. I was engaged for the entire time, disgusted, scared and angry with the stupid decisions some of the crew made. That quarantine scene in the lab of the back buster was the best moment of the movie in my opinion! That definitely was scary shit and, in my opinion is one of the best moments of the entire Alien saga!

    I can't wait to see the sequel to Covenant!

  • Rikesh Shrestha
    Rikesh Shrestha 3 months ago +4

    Two tips to survive in Aliens franchise
    1 Never follow the beacon.
    2 Dont stare at the alien egg.

  • Erik Williams
    Erik Williams 3 months ago +1

    how many types of xenos are there?
    I'm expecting an Ass Burster soon....

  • Max Nason
    Max Nason 3 months ago

    im watching it tonight

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +Max Nason it's good, has some issues, check my review

  • PrimeOneHing
    PrimeOneHing 3 months ago

    Honestly, the movie was great, although i feel like the Xeno was kind of a last minute thing, they wanted to please people with them bringing back the alien, and I loved that, but they managed to kill them off too quickly for what previous movies had done, making them hard to kill and that much more scary. Ending was predictable from about half way through, can't wait for the next one.

  • kinkyfella1994
    kinkyfella1994 3 months ago

    Hehehh alreay watched it few days ago xD

  • teucimex
    teucimex 3 months ago

    Guys ! Don't listen to the haters this movie rocks. Just went last night and the plot line is twisted and dark, just like a good ol' dark horse comic lol. And the movie is pretty gory with new xenos !

  • The Nameless Moon
    The Nameless Moon 3 months ago

    Sorry to burst the hype bubble here, but this film is just not very good. I've purposely had it spoiled for me because I'm one of those sorts of people and I can say, as someone who loves the Alien universe that this film is a complete let-down in a lot of areas. Don't spend money on it if you're looking for answers to questions. If you're purely in it for the aliens though, then you'll be satisfied. I guess.

    I'd say most of the let downs in this film are stemmed entirely from the people who whined consistently about there not being any xenos in the previous film. So for all you fans out there who care only about the creatures and "scary", well done. You effectively made Scott butcher this sequel to please you.

    • The Nameless Moon
      The Nameless Moon 3 months ago

      +Mr H Reviews It just seems people can't handle there being a film set in the alien universe that doesn't a xenomorph in it. Now we'll likely never see the Space Jockeys again. Getting rid of Shaw was an error too, as she had some pretty good character development going for her. Oh well, I've said my piece. I hope you enjoy the film better than I did. I'll never be trusting Ridley Scott again now that I know he's willing to abandon an interesting story so some people can get their fix.

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +The Nameless Moon I can definitely see your issues and it is a shame they removed the Prometheus vibes from the franchise, all because of people's issues with it

    • The Nameless Moon
      The Nameless Moon 3 months ago

      +Mr H Reviews Like I said, those who are in it for straight horror and the familiar comfort zone of aliens are going to find this film decent and "going back to the roots" as it were. The interesting premise from Prometheus, is all but ignored and shoved hastily aside for the sake of "horror" and people being traditionally breathtakingly stupid.

      I have a lot of gripes with this film and by extension the crying fans who threw tantrums because Prometheus was not alien enough.. I'm so glad I look up spoilers sometimes for films I think look good, like Passengers or Fantastic Four. Scott was forced to abandon an interesting storyline and protagonist in favour of more gory horror. Very disappointed. I'd give this film a 5/10. Average.

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      I've seen it, was at the world premiere, its decent, has issues but its a good film

  • SouthernSamurai
    SouthernSamurai 3 months ago

    I wonder if it'll explain Xenomorphs if not maybe the next movie

  • JRLM
    JRLM 3 months ago

    your description was horrifying. probably more so than the movie.

    • Spright Mir
      Spright Mir 3 months ago

      Just watched it.Its horrific, His spine flops out when the neomorph falls to the floor.

  • SpiderDbber
    SpiderDbber 3 months ago

    There is a VR 360 about this is dat ur the alien and how it's like

  • Simplicity
    Simplicity 3 months ago

    What I'm confused about is in the fort Prometheus movie, the escape pod with the giant tentacle alien thing kills the creator and an alien pops out of its stomach, but that alien is still on that planet, so what happens to it? Will they come in contact with it or will it just be stuck on that planet?

  • Chris Roberts
    Chris Roberts 3 months ago

    I can't wait to see this movie. Huge fan of franchise. But you totally click baited the hell out of everyone. :)

    • Chris Roberts
      Chris Roberts 3 months ago

      click baiting them? thats your excuse for that? lol whatever. seems you changed your title tho?

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +Chris Roberts serves people right for trying to break the law then

  • Eric Torres
    Eric Torres 3 months ago

    Im confused is it coming out May 19 or May 12?

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +Eric Torres depends on your country

    • Eric Torres
      Eric Torres 3 months ago

      I must know I was stupid enough to not see Prometheus and If I miss this movie I will severely question my intelligence

  • Laxus FT
    Laxus FT 3 months ago

    I've seen this scene at Napoli Comicon in Italy, awesome!

  • Corey Laurent
    Corey Laurent 3 months ago

    Shut up and take my money

  • Lewshizz
    Lewshizz 3 months ago

    I was so glad I made this event, the preview was outstanding

  • Connor
    Connor 3 months ago

    No disrespect to those who do enjoy this, but I have little interest in a body horror flick and am much more interested in the big questions of the universe of Alien and specifically what was interested by Prometheus. Not sure if we'll ever get that though.

  • edmund rimando
    edmund rimando 3 months ago

    thumbnail looks porn

  • Omega Freak
    Omega Freak 3 months ago +2

    and those fuckin IGN give shitty ratings. fuck those guys

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +Omega Freak that's the thing with ratings it's easy to disagree as it's definitive. Best to talk about the good and the bad and let people make up their own minds

  • KushielsDart74
    KushielsDart74 3 months ago

    Can't bloody wait! May 19th can't come soon enough. I promised myself I'd step away from the forums and youtube as I can't resist reading or viewing spoilers but wanted to get a feel for how those that have seen it are's made me look forward to it even more!

  • mnev 316
    mnev 316 3 months ago

    Lots of hype and trailers around this one, can't wait to see it on release!

  • Chaz's Dungeon
    Chaz's Dungeon 3 months ago

    I loved Alien Day, although I watching Prometheus before Alien was a horrible idea, I loved the footage I saw of Alien Covenant and the prologue. I felt as if the clip perfectly captured the raw feel of the original Alien, although added a nice isolated twist onto the atmosphere. I'm excited to watch the preview of the film on the 11th a day before the film comes out here in the UK.

  • Scott Barrett
    Scott Barrett 3 months ago

    This film sounds gross...I like it

  • SexyBeast69Tech West
    SexyBeast69Tech West 3 months ago

    Thanks for sharing, I really can't wait for this to be release

  • Chris Kang
    Chris Kang 3 months ago

    I love these type of movies. I don't know why, because I watch them with my hands over my eyes and then I have to sleep with the lights on for a week or two.

  • David Evans
    David Evans 3 months ago

    I think figured out what is going on. David formed his plan to take over the life destroying/recreating technology of the Engineers for his own as soon as he entered and started reading their notes. see the thing they left out of Prometheus is the fact David can see in more colors than humans can, as can the Engineers. And the ship had a lot of information available, but the humans could not see it. David could and he also translated it and understands how to use the tech.

  • Christopher Nedley
    Christopher Nedley 3 months ago

    You explained this film very well, you got me all excited lol can't wait to see it :) thanks

  • vrendus522
    vrendus522 3 months ago

    Technically, what this film is, is about the now time. If you follow the news release clipping which says, (Pentagon Scientist say we're going into another ice age), this was made during the Bush eras, then you will start to figure things out. With an ice age, you just don't get weather climate related change, but bio-evolutionary changes as well. This film is a transference of both that thought and situation, but in realty there's not so much blood guts and goes. Then again, this is also a film involving entertainment. The process of having one's wits scared out of them.Thanks

  • Mark miller
    Mark miller 3 months ago

    Don't think I'll be eating anything for this. But OH YEAH....IM HYPED

  • Gibson Weasel
    Gibson Weasel 3 months ago

    Someone has been VERY naughty and put this footage on youtube, not sure how long its got until fox kills the member!! wow, its BRUTAL!! the neomorph is a nasty, well, maybe she shouldn't have kicked him in the head as a welcome! enough there :)

  • Mattias Lindgren
    Mattias Lindgren 3 months ago +1

    its just another bs movie from Hollywood. only a better script than crap movie prometheus. its the same stupid scientists going into space planets to explore with there stupid ridiculous attitude. nothing new here ever.

  • Liveapes Rule
    Liveapes Rule 3 months ago

    The Alien Franchise Is Back On Track!

  • Gene Code
    Gene Code 3 months ago

    Ah a slideshow

  • Melman
    Melman 3 months ago

    wait for the movie

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +Melman I've seen it and I saw this footage. What do you mean wait for the movie? That doesn't make sense

  • dlnnyc64
    dlnnyc64 3 months ago

    I agree 100%. It was v satisfying and it made me want more. Fantastic editing and coloration of the film. The birth scene was choreographed so well. Perfect blend of live action and cgi... seamless integration. You could feel the weight of the neomorph as it kinda fell out of its lifeless host. Gangly limbs for speed was mastered in seconds and it was all primal instinct to kill. Shades of Aliens (Ripley throwing the facehugger against the wall) when she kicked it and it came back more determined. Cannot wait!

  • pdub420
    pdub420 3 months ago

    You sound a lot like Colin Salmon.

  • {MGTOW}
    {MGTOW} 3 months ago

    I was going to see it anyway but you have sold me even more can't wait 12th may

  • Bluehat_Plumber
    Bluehat_Plumber 3 months ago

    Just hearing this makes me nauseous.... I'll be ready to see this in theaters, barf bag in hand!

  • eraldorh
    eraldorh 3 months ago

    Dont give a shit about this stupid neomorph im more interested in the zenomorph aka the real alien.

  • ChipmunkOW
    ChipmunkOW 3 months ago

    It's a silly scene, reminded me a lot of the stupidity of Fifield and Millburn. There is only so many times you can slip on blood.

    • toph1980
      toph1980 3 months ago

      Yeah, slipping twice on blood so you fall on your ass and shoot out the ceiling instead of the Neomorph, then proceed to miss all 5 shots on the Neomorph again and instead manage to hit a propane tank
      - blowing up yourself, crew members and the landing ship while the Neomorph get away in the last second - is utter realistic, and nothing alike the same old scary movie formula of having the dumb blonde stumple all over the house while trying to run away from the killer instead of simply running out the front door lol

      And I didn't even mention her jamming her foot in the door.

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +ChipmunkOW it's realistic, if you didn't slip on blood, that would be silly

  • NeoLudditevisons
    NeoLudditevisons 3 months ago

    Full on shit your pants alien action! About time.

  • Tokyo Swan
    Tokyo Swan 3 months ago

    I'm so fucking ready

  • Spiros Spinoulas
    Spiros Spinoulas 3 months ago

    one thing is for sure, david didn't create the xenomorphs because they already existed in AVP

  • websuspect
    websuspect 3 months ago

    According to effects with Adam Savage he coughed up 7 pints/quarts of blood.

  • drop shotting and jig fishing for perch adventures

    to say the least am a great fan of alien but this film what I have seen is making me nervous a bit scared lol

  • Agent Migs
    Agent Migs 3 months ago

    I'm going to have a fucking panic attack when I see this in theaters. Fuck.

  • PissedOff RebelinMI
    PissedOff RebelinMI 3 months ago

    If anyone out there has a mom like I do, who enjoys the Aliens franchise- MOTHERS DAY PRESENT!!!

  • Nick Mattio
    Nick Mattio 3 months ago +1

    Knowing that Mr. H is now truly impressed and reinforces with his sky high excitement for May 12 gives me an huge wave of euphoric confidence lol hey Ridley at 79 still looks like he's got it!

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +Nick Mattio I have my non spoiler review releasing in two days definitely watch it.

  • hiawa23
    hiawa23 3 months ago

    Alien, ALiens are my alltime favorite movies, so I have been waiting 30 years to get another great Alien movie. Covenant looks so good as an ALiens fan. Can't wait

  • Bucky Pinata
    Bucky Pinata 3 months ago

    One step away from having an ass burster....and those things are painful! Only thing worse is an ass burst from a Taco Bell meal.....

  • Anthony N
    Anthony N 3 months ago

    She's holding a knife and getting cornered to the wall as if the creatures are 2m tall.. Aren't they small when they burst out of him like in the alien 1? Why not stomp them with her boot or a tool lol..she's in the medic bay besides..lots of tools and saws there

    • AutisticWhale 2
      AutisticWhale 2 3 months ago

      Anthony N Because it is feral, quick, unpredictable, and very dangerous and because it most likely has acidic blood.

  • Chef Tal
    Chef Tal 3 months ago

    Great Upload, keep it coming until the 19th #stoked

  • Holdenmagroin75
    Holdenmagroin75 3 months ago +1

    Ive seen this clip & agree absolutely, I was looking forward to this prior to seeing this clip, but after it, wow i cant wait.

    Its such a fresh way of 'delivering' the alien, the back buster scene is a masterpiece & horrifying when it actually comes out.
    Really excited for Covenant.

  • Toby Kirkby
    Toby Kirkby 3 months ago

    What if that is not a BackBurster, what if its a mutation, not a birthing. The spikes on the Neomorphs back match up to the bleeding wounds on hid back. It may be the first stage of the mutation beginning. And the Neomorph does look like the original Fifeld (spelling) Mutation

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      having watched it, the actual footage, it is a birthing. similar to a chestburster being a hybrid of both xenomorph and human, the neomorph is the same, a hybrid creature

  • Trauma Child
    Trauma Child 3 months ago

    I saw it too, it was amazing.

  • Sparks Six
    Sparks Six 3 months ago

    Marvelous summation. Thank you for posting this, I'm subscribing to you as well.

  • the true alien
    the true alien 3 months ago

    I'M WATCHING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colonel Lingus
    Colonel Lingus 3 months ago

    It's a rehash of the first alien but to make it scary for modern audiences they've made it more graphic. Because scary these days means things have to be more bloody. Just take a look at this scene. So now instead of just chest bursting it's almost a whole body burst lol. ....just rehash of the original plot lines with updated cgi effects. I don't have high hopes for this

    • geronimo162000
      geronimo162000 3 months ago

      Colonel Lingus so far the only things similar are a xenomorph, a space crew, a synthetic, female protagonist and weyland-yutani (outside of resurrection, but still mentioned). Things that are constants in every movie in the main Alien franchise. In all of the dozens of time I've seen Alien I don't remember a mad scientist synthetic, a planet infested with the black goo, a destroyed civilization of an ancient race or neomorphs. but whose to say maybe I'm wrong and the trailers are completely misleading and it is a complete retread of the first one. I wouldn't know though since I've yet to see it yet.

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +Colonel Lingus did you like force awakens? Beat for beat a new hope

  • thatbear huggerguy
    thatbear huggerguy 3 months ago


  • anthony cooper
    anthony cooper 3 months ago +8

    I have an anal buster when i drink a lot of guinness and too many bags of bacon fries!

  • Fredrik Grende
    Fredrik Grende 3 months ago

    I wonder if the Neomorph will have acidic blood like the Xenomorph does

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +Fredrik Grende it doesn't seem to, from what I saw

  • M Phylo
    M Phylo 3 months ago

    Certainly a lot of horror lightweights in this comment section. The baby Neomorph was far from scary, closer to cute honestly. If it weren't for the excessive amount of blood this scene wouldn't have had the shock value it did.

    It's also hard to take the scene seriously when both the Neomorph and the crew act so stupidly.

  • 231jopancho
    231jopancho 3 months ago

    awesome the hype builds!!!

  • Tommyth
    Tommyth 3 months ago

    I promised myself that I wouldn`t, but still, I did. I found and downloaded the full 10 min sequence, and I watched it. Oh. My. Fucking. God. The horror

  • Condemnedya
    Condemnedya 3 months ago

    damn man, the way you described the scenes made it all pretty clear, i feel nauseous

  • Grzegorz Durda
    Grzegorz Durda 3 months ago

    I dislike the World War Z Scene with the Alien.

  • juhabaka peci
    juhabaka peci 3 months ago +1

    i refuse to give any praise to this movie till I view it with my own eyes.

  • José Baby
    José Baby 3 months ago

    is the CGI good? OMG how about the sound effects? OMG OMG OMG!!! *coughing* *dies*

  • gums79
    gums79 3 months ago

    Cheers for spoiler

    • gums79
      gums79 3 months ago

      Mr H Reviews Yeh same and I used play quake that's going back years now

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +gums79 used to play the old avp and avp2 along with primal hunt. Incredible games

    • gums79
      gums79 3 months ago

      Mr H Reviews your channel is sweet liked and subbed.. BTW did u ever play Avp games on pc?? I always used to play as the xeno

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews  3 months ago

      +gums79 lol ah okay, man, you have no idea how many people have given me hate saying​I spoiled it! Couldn't believe it lol!!!

    • gums79
      gums79 3 months ago

      Mr H Reviews your videos are getting me hyped up. I can't wait for release day

  • zambot3
    zambot3 3 months ago +12

    Scrotum burster is much more frightening . I mean come on, back burster? Why?

  • The Reasonable Extremist

    Bout time a movie made audiences feel genuine disgust and dread without being absurd or edgy.

    • AutisticWhale 2
      AutisticWhale 2 3 months ago

      The Reasonable Extremist Aliens can do that to people.

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