Fernando Alonso on his first Indy 500 practice

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  • benzman500sl
    benzman500sl 3 months ago

    That is so cool. The Indy 500 has always been #1 on my bucket list of things to see in person and being someone who loves both Indy Cars and F1 it is awesome to see Alonso coming over here and getting his feet wet at 227mph heading into a corner. Loved his honesty and hope that they can give him a car capable of competing for a top 10 for his first time there.

  • craig bolton
    craig bolton 3 months ago

    Great to see Alonso smiling again after years of frustration.

  • Ryan Saunders
    Ryan Saunders 3 months ago

    I hope that you do very well Fernando!

  • luis fontal
    luis fontal 3 months ago

    Uff! , Alonso, Montoya , Power, castroneves and Dixon , this looks like an amazing race, Alonso will win the triple crown of Motorsports if he wins INDY 500 , this doesn't happen everyday, looking forward to see this

  • German Villen
    German Villen 3 months ago

    He seems to be much happier in just one day than in his past 10 years.

  • Barnzey
    Barnzey 3 months ago

    rip birds

  • Himmien Cam
    Himmien Cam 3 months ago

    I honestly wish Fernando all the best.

  • Stormy Molnjavichen
    Stormy Molnjavichen 3 months ago

    GP2 driver.

  • Maz Amd
    Maz Amd 3 months ago +1

    Gp2 engine

  • Ночной Позор

    I am glad to see another European in Indycar. I wouldn't change living in Europe for everything but american motorsport is way much more spectacular now :D I have always seen both tho.

  • bum bum shoe shoe
    bum bum shoe shoe 3 months ago

    Good old Nando's having fun

  • Great Jamie
    Great Jamie 3 months ago

    Is 2:20 a good time?

    • StrangeDeimos
      StrangeDeimos 3 months ago

      he said 222... i looked up the pole from last year and it was 230mph.. so im guessing its pretty good for first testing ... the time in and of itself will get him nowhere on the grid if im looking at the final grid.. Im not really sure how indy qualifying is structured though..if its all out fastest or some average over a couple days.

  • 911gp
    911gp 3 months ago +3

    I found that he struggled in the left corner.

  • sultanabran1
    sultanabran1 3 months ago

    confident the best driver in the world can do a good job

  • rodentcafeteria
    rodentcafeteria 3 months ago +1

    You can tell Alonso is genuinely having a good time.  Having teammates and competitors alike giving him advice and wishing him well has to be a totally new experience for him.

  • James Maxwell
    James Maxwell 3 months ago

    E' evidente che ha fame di vittorie, farà scintille il 28 maggio. Agli "autisti" americani farà vedere i sorci verdi.

  • Miguel Negrete
    Miguel Negrete 3 months ago

    El número 1 mucha suerte mágic Fernando Alonso 👍👍👍👍

  • Alexander Wingeskog
    Alexander Wingeskog 3 months ago

    He must have seen the 2 birds he killed? Why not comment on that?

  • Marek Snopek
    Marek Snopek 3 months ago

    Indy return would be a nice idea if they didn't have hell of a lot to do with their current F1 performances, namely when they appear as a long term problem. Definitely a bad signal towards everyone involved in McLaren's F1 activities. I get a feeling that Zack Brown is neglecting the team, McLaren's main focus should be F1 under any circumstances. If he thinks that taking part in 500 miles somehow improves the picture of the team, he's doing it really wrong.

  • BarbaricAvatar
    BarbaricAvatar 3 months ago

    Wow, look at all the sponsors his overalls suddenly have on them!

  • vjollila96
    vjollila96 3 months ago

    alonso looks much more relaxed here than on f1 padock

  • vjollila96
    vjollila96 3 months ago

    thats weird way to measure laps

    • Christian Degges
      Christian Degges 3 months ago

      They are measuring speed, not lap time. Whoever has the fastest speed in training sits on pole for the race.

  • Max Blanck
    Max Blanck 3 months ago

    Ok brother?!

  • Rico Likesbikes
    Rico Likesbikes 3 months ago

    "my right foot got its own brain" ... great guy - hope he'll be successful. God to see him smile again.

  • William Hai
    William Hai 3 months ago

    That's a lot of sponsors on his overall!

  • David Martins
    David Martins 3 months ago +1

    Great to see Alonso happy again.

  • Javier Pérez
    Javier Pérez 3 months ago

    You guys from EEUU are awesome, so much love!!and less haters than in Spain.... you are awesome

  • Jim
    Jim 3 months ago

    He needs Ad-blocker for that jump suit. M'erica! Love them ads :P

    LUIGI LOREFICE 3 months ago

    Fernando the F1 is a way better you know ??????

  • DaveDeRaceEend
    DaveDeRaceEend 3 months ago

    Go Fernando.I really hope you'll win the Indy 500,you're a legend!

  • Nicholas Papadopoulos
    Nicholas Papadopoulos 3 months ago

    Even if he doesnt win he can still say at least it didnt broke down.

  • Robert Yates
    Robert Yates 3 months ago +1

    Class act

  • gsg
    gsg 3 months ago

    mclaren should be ashamed branding another car. its a joke sort your own out

  • Chad Vercoe
    Chad Vercoe 3 months ago

    Dont be a motorsports snob. Better yet, if you think its 'just an oval' perhaps you should be able to dominate them all then. Theres millions in it for you at the top end of NASCAR and Indycar for you. Have at it. anyways, an F1 engine would probably shed its bits if it had to turn 12-13k rpm flat out for 500miles.

    • Chad Vercoe
      Chad Vercoe 3 months ago

      Least the Indycars would finish the race

    • Timon
      Timon 3 months ago

      Jeez, I wonder why an F1 engine wouldn't survive the Indy 500. It's almost like they aren't built to go non-stop full throttle on an oval track.

  • killer
    killer 3 months ago


  • Delta Green
    Delta Green 3 months ago

    if alonso dnf from indy 500 I will do something

  • Gaming PH
    Gaming PH 3 months ago +4

    He looks so happy and positive compared to when he was in F1. So happy to see our 2 time world champion that way.

  • Jason Batz
    Jason Batz 3 months ago

    Waiting for the new Indycar experts.

  • chad mathes
    chad mathes 3 months ago

    Robin Miller gets how racecars work.

  • Charles Nienhouse
    Charles Nienhouse 3 months ago

    What a brilliant PR move by McLaren/Honda! Wonder how many people will figure out he's actually driving a Dallara.

    • Johannes LaCroix
      Johannes LaCroix 3 months ago

      Everyone already knows that. Dallara makes the one chassis for IndyCar, and either Chevy or Honda supply engines. It's pretty obvious why Alonso is driving the car with a Honda engine.

  • Mohd Hanif Abu Bakar
    Mohd Hanif Abu Bakar 3 months ago

    Ferari should hired alonso back

    • Johannes LaCroix
      Johannes LaCroix 3 months ago

      Timon he wasn't. I was talking about the end of 2014.

    • Timon
      Timon 3 months ago

      Johannes, I wasn't even aware that Fernando was still driving for Ferrari in 2015 & 2016.

    • TheOneWhoMightBe
      TheOneWhoMightBe 3 months ago

      Fernando has burnt too many bridges for that to happen. Amazingly talented driver, but never seemed to know when to just stay quiet.

    • Johannes LaCroix
      Johannes LaCroix 3 months ago

      The very reason Ferrari became as good as they are now is because they got rid of Fernando Alonso.

  • shankster
    shankster 3 months ago +6

    "The right foot has his own brain." That's a classic!

  • meauxgeaux
    meauxgeaux 3 months ago +1

    Love that guy!!!

  • Society Unplugged
    Society Unplugged 3 months ago +12

    Great to see Alonso smiling again on the camera, haven't seen him doing that in a long time in F1.

  • VildStyle
    VildStyle 3 months ago +5

    It's so nice to see Alonso fucking happy and smiling and shit. I hope that if he enjoys Indy and can't get a seat somewhere decent in F1 that he makes the switch, he still has a career left.

  • Kaizoloren OP
    Kaizoloren OP 3 months ago


  • Jordan E
    Jordan E 3 months ago

    Man I bet his right shoulder must hurt like hell from all them left hand turn G's!!!

  • SUN SU
    SUN SU 3 months ago +65

    He finished more laps than his four F1 races combined, and with just one engine.

    • 1320crusier
      1320crusier 3 months ago

      F1 engines have much tighter tolerances. The Indy 500 alone is ~3 GP in length by itself not including practices and qualifying. I think the razor edge nature of F1 engines would hurt them at the Brickyard.

      F1 cars in Monza trim would produce a LOT more drag than Indycars in speedway trim. Then of course is the issue of harvesting energy. They simply wouldnt have the opportunity to harvest energy and they would simply have a hybrid system that is little more than added weight. They might have a little energy at the start and restarts but that is it. They would otherwise be as fast or slower than the Dallara chassis due to only having the ICE's power. Likely slower due to the added drag. Then theres the tires: Pirellis tires would not do well under those constant loads and we would likely see more stops for those cars and possibly more blow outs.

    • Lancia Fan Caleb
      Lancia Fan Caleb 3 months ago

      1320crusier it wouldn't blow up as the engines are very similar in build, the only thing they would have to worry about is cooling if there were cautions. A F1 car would be significantly faster around an oval anyway. More power and less drag than an Indy car.

    • 1320crusier
      1320crusier 3 months ago

      Dont be a motorsports snob. Better yet, if you think its 'just an oval' perhaps you should be able to dominate them all then. Theres millions in it for you at the top end of NASCAR and Indycar for you. Have at it.

      anyways, an F1 engine would probably shed its bits if it had to turn 12-13k rpm flat out for 500miles.

    • Ryan Saunders
      Ryan Saunders 3 months ago

      SUN SU, saying "just ovals" trivializes the various challenges that exist between different types of racing. If you check out Alonso's interviews today at Indy, He makes a few comments that might surprise you! At any rate, enjoy the 500 this year!

    • Reydriel
      Reydriel 3 months ago

      SUN SU
      To be fair, these laps were just ovals where he goes almost flat out, not much braking or turning happens

  • Felipe  Phillips
    Felipe Phillips 3 months ago

    Ok, brother lets smoke :)

  • Gašper Dernovšek
    Gašper Dernovšek 3 months ago +1

    13 new sponsors just on the suit so far... great job :D

    • cabc74
      cabc74 3 months ago

      Gašper Dernovšek I do not see new sponsors. You have the same McLarenF1 sponsors plus the common Indy sponsors plus Andretti sponsors. Combined they are a lot.

  • Ano Niem
    Ano Niem 3 months ago

    Long time ago I've seen Fred so happy in front of the camera's. Good to see he's got his mojo back.

  • Burak Sadıkoğlu
    Burak Sadıkoğlu 3 months ago +2

    He is finally smiling!

  • robert alexander ho
    robert alexander ho 3 months ago

    God bless Fernando!

  • EarlW22
    EarlW22 3 months ago +112

    If his engine blows up on the formation lap I would absolutely lose it.

  • NewMotoring
    NewMotoring 3 months ago +31

    "At the beginning I have to be honest... The right foot had his own brain, his own power, and he was not connected to my brain! So I wanted to be flat out but the right foot has its own life!"

    • TheOneWhoMightBe
      TheOneWhoMightBe 3 months ago

      The right foot is all like "I DON'T FUCKING THINK SO!". :D

    • Ryan Saunders
      Ryan Saunders 3 months ago

      A quote that stood out to me today as well.

  • Hunter
    Hunter 3 months ago +16

    he is a murderer. He hit two birds whilst driving. instant roadkill. lol I love nando

    • 1320crusier
      1320crusier 3 months ago

      2 birds, 1 car.. win.

    • Ryan Saunders
      Ryan Saunders 3 months ago

      I beg to differ Mike. He is an efficient hunter;)

  • Cliff Lee
    Cliff Lee 3 months ago +27

    I love his humility go for it Alonso.

  • skunkymonkey13
    skunkymonkey13 3 months ago +9

    ok brother,Fernando wtf

  • David Oliver
    David Oliver 3 months ago +40

    I'd love to see 'nando do well here. He deserves a positive experience after bearing the weight of 3 years in the weeds with a poor engine in F1.

  • John Johansen
    John Johansen 3 months ago +33

    These are the ugliest racing cars ever created.

    • hexagon523
      hexagon523 3 months ago

      John Johansen Absolutely right. These Indy cars are beyond ugly, they're fuckin hideous.

    • Cee Infiniti
      Cee Infiniti 3 months ago

      Yep. And whats worse is the fact that you can also be covered in sulfuric acid.

    • Skunkor T-Wolves
      Skunkor T-Wolves 3 months ago

      John Johansen If a cellphone battery, which weights about 30 g, can produce a quite dangerous explosion, imagine what will happen if the 320.000 g battery of a Formula E explodes. That could be easily like a raginh inferno.

    • Cee Infiniti
      Cee Infiniti 3 months ago

      Tires. Batteries. Electrical components. Brake fluid. Electrical fires are especially dangerous as they require a special fire extinguisher to put them out. As someone who is in training to become an automotive technician, I have learned these things.

    • John Johansen
      John Johansen 3 months ago

      What's going to burn on an FE car? It's not like there's going to be a raging inferno.

  • james0807
    james0807 3 months ago +222

    So nice to see someone this happy doing something they love! Haven't seen him this happy for ages, good luck to him

    • Andrew Marriott
      Andrew Marriott 3 months ago

      Lee Pillay good info

    • Lee Pillay
      Lee Pillay 3 months ago

      I think it was a combination of factors that's lead to Honda's situation. Mobil was McLarens fuel partner and the 2017 engine was designed and dyno tested on Mobil fuel (no issues with the engine during this development phase). Fast forward to the first pre-season test in Barcelona and there was no fuel trucks for McLaren at the test.

      It's rumoured that Mobil and McLaren parted ways and McLaren switched to Castrol (aka BP Fuel) and this in turn had created the vibrations with the ICE and Honda hasn't been able to fix or sort since. It's apparently so bad that it's causing some of the electronics to vibrate loose which is why they are running it at less HP to try help with that situation.

    • james0807
      james0807 3 months ago

      Lee Pillay So pretty much, the engine is shit. It's fairly amateurish to have vibration issues when they have admitted they only did single cylinder tests on the dyno! Shocking project management

    • Lee Pillay
      Lee Pillay 3 months ago

      It's actually MGUH, heat recovery system of the hybrid and bad vibrations from the ICE (Internal combustion engine).

    • Ryan Saunders
      Ryan Saunders 3 months ago

      From what I have gathered the main problem now is not the transmission, rather the MGUK system ( part of the "hybrid" system that relates to energy recovery and electric motor power delivery).

  • JKH
    JKH 3 months ago +90

    Weird how Alonso is easily happy here to his last three F1 seasons.
    Wait, why did I say weird?
    He's finally back to where he should be, in a race winning car and no more DNFs killing a 2 Time F1 WC.
    Get the experience & win Indy within the next few years, for sure

    • Niels Oosting
      Niels Oosting 3 months ago

      Ann Teak valentino rossi is not on the best bike at all. The yamaha's are pretty bad this year the hondas are pretty much faster. He is the best rider so he will be competitive

    • Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm II
      Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm II 3 months ago

      Ann Teak LOL you really have no idea of what we are talking about here 😂😂

    • PaulGBass
      PaulGBass 3 months ago

      Alexander Rossi won the Indy 500 at the first attempt in 2016. That was not a reference to Valentino Rossi...

    • Ann Teak
      Ann Teak 3 months ago

      Rossi is on the best bike in MotoGP, Alonso is driving a piece of crap.

    • 1320crusier
      1320crusier 3 months ago

      Andretti has had some gremlins bite them in the ass this season. Keep your fingers crossed.

      However, notice how the car didnt break down and need to be carted to teh pits xD

  • Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th
    Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th 3 months ago +9

    Right footitis. Bryan Redman said he had to push his knee down to make his foot go full throttle in the Porsche 917 on the Mulsanne Straight.

    • Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th
      Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th 3 months ago

      It was funny. He is being honest. Most drivers deal with it.

    • DoctorGoFast
      DoctorGoFast 3 months ago

      Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th Really loved the comment about the brain in his right foot. laughed so hard I was crying

  • Hélder Caridade Pires
    Hélder Caridade Pires 3 months ago +6

    The proof that he never recovered from the 2015 testing crash.

    • Hélder Caridade Pires
      Hélder Caridade Pires 3 months ago

      Nothing right and all left, that's Indy. lel

    • Canadian Indy
      Canadian Indy 3 months ago

      Hélder Caridade Pires He's a world champion. What are you exactly? Nothing right?

    • Hélder Caridade Pires
      Hélder Caridade Pires 3 months ago

      1320crusier It should mean something if some F1 rejects end up in oval racing and even winning.

    • 1320crusier
      1320crusier 3 months ago

      Ovals are inferior huh? That means you should be able to dominate tough guy. Put up or shut up.

    • Ryan Saunders
      Ryan Saunders 3 months ago

      He is already well proven on circuits...not yet ovals. I can't wait to see him race at Indy!

  • Skender
    Skender 3 months ago +5

    The best!

  • juanito506
    juanito506 3 months ago +5

    first to claim "first"

  • Digital Service
    Digital Service 3 months ago +166

    I think top motorsport should be more global, f1 must have pauses for indy 500 and 24 hours of le mans for the pilots have the opportunity to race this events, i talk about not 1-2 persons i talk about 5-10 guys!

    • Máté Ágoston
      Máté Ágoston 3 months ago

      We can also add 24h of Nürburgring, Dakar Rally, Isle of Man TT to this list. :)

    • Daniel K
      Daniel K 3 months ago

      Digital Service I agree. It gives drivers a chance to improve their driving experiance, and develop their resume. Racing series' would get more exposure and fans of one series would explore other racing series, much like what is happening now.

    • Lee Pillay
      Lee Pillay 3 months ago

      Montoya thought he was F1 WC Material only to be in championship contending car and have his butt handed to him royally by one Kimi Raikkonen! Even through the start of 2006 he was no where near Kimi hence why he gave up and moved on.

      So I hardly rate Juan Pablo average to good perhaps, not F1 WC material not even close.

    • sbaker190189
      sbaker190189 3 months ago

      David JR All motorsport with the exception of drag racing, involves "driving in circles" as you put it. Besides if there has been any driver who was good enough to race in F1 but chose to race against rednecks was Juan Pablo Montoya who left F1 midway through 2006 to race in NASCAR

    • David JR
      David JR 3 months ago

      No one who is good enough to race in Formula 1 is going to choose to drive around in a circle with a bunch of rednecks, Alonso is only doing it because his car is utter shit

  • IcelandBlobfish
    IcelandBlobfish 3 months ago +29

    not first

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