Ultimate Oreo Dunks | D-trix

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  • IISuperwomanII
    IISuperwomanII 6 days ago +2870

    You're so incredible.... Oreos.

    Dom, you're aight too x

    • Violet Brooks
      Violet Brooks Hour ago

      IISuperwomanII l love you so MUCH😮😮😮

    • Brenda Marquez
      Brenda Marquez Day ago

      theDOMINICshow OMG!!! You're in Alvin & the chipmunks : The squeakquel!!! I was just watching and I saw you and your dance group dancing

    • Kae Kae
      Kae Kae Day ago


  • Violet Brooks
    Violet Brooks Hour ago

    At 0:49 the guy did the rude finge😮😮😮

  • Leslie Abreu
    Leslie Abreu 3 hours ago


  • C.D. Scales
    C.D. Scales 3 hours ago

    What up? New fan. (Add a dancer) Keep up the great work.

  • emilyboma
    emilyboma 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or did the toothbrush part make ya burst out laughing

  • Sammy Markoe
    Sammy Markoe 4 hours ago +1

    In some shots you can see all the crumbs from their failed attempts 😂

  • The X Effect
    The X Effect 4 hours ago

    When u never played with food all ur life cuz of ur mom but now when ur an adult... Just throws Oreos and they land in the milk

  • Michael Aguayo
    Michael Aguayo 8 hours ago

    If you look closely at the board at 0:25 there is a comparison between Spider-Man and Wonder Woman's powers in a Venn diagram

  • blippetyblip
    blippetyblip 8 hours ago

    So funny!!!

  • lilia :p
    lilia :p 9 hours ago

    my new fave video on the internet

  • 331 sahar
    331 sahar 9 hours ago +1

    To all the people who talking about Kids in africa could've eaten those oreos and stuff like that I wanna say to u go by urself and Travel all over the country to africa and give them oReOs and let people work and make money for living
    Lol what a shitty mentality

  • Natscchan
    Natscchan 10 hours ago

    THE FANTASTIC THREE!!!! love u guys 😘

  • Faiza Chan
    Faiza Chan 10 hours ago

    The best and most amazing video ever Man U guys have so much swag and are so cool man I wish I was as cool swag and funny as all u guys

  • Garcia Coral
    Garcia Coral 11 hours ago

    Plz tell me no Oreos were wasted in this video like thrown away

  • Mickey
    Mickey 14 hours ago

    I wonder how many oreos has gone to waste 😂

  • E4kre
    E4kre 16 hours ago

    This video is not sponsored

  • Danielle Soileau
    Danielle Soileau 16 hours ago

    I literally can't stop laughingXD This is amazing.

  • Monika Khadka
    Monika Khadka 16 hours ago

    The efforts put in this video..Dom deserves a lot more subscribers.

  • TTD: Time To Draw
    TTD: Time To Draw 19 hours ago

    enough to trigger a oreo lover(me)

  • Honey Jayawon
    Honey Jayawon 22 hours ago

    Disclaimer: no oreos have been harmed on the making of this video.

  • Daniel Valdecantos
    Daniel Valdecantos 23 hours ago

    you should have entered the oreo dunk challenge okay

  • Zacrodioz
    Zacrodioz Day ago

    Why is this video so underrated

  • reyondlucky
    reyondlucky Day ago

    How many oreos did u guys use lmao?!?!?!?

  • Tweedie Edwards
    Tweedie Edwards Day ago

    Do a parody Of decpacito

  • kawaiineko671
    kawaiineko671 Day ago

    It must be a pain to clean up a ton of milk and crumbs.

  • Gabrielle Gibson

    So good

  • Roraima Colina
    Roraima Colina Day ago


  • Cree Monk
    Cree Monk Day ago +1

    How much moneu do you think d-trix has spent on oreos?

  • WoodyTheSamurai
    WoodyTheSamurai Day ago +1

    thr next TREND!

  • Makayla T
    Makayla T Day ago

    Pause at 1:04 lol😂

  • Víctor González

    hey D-Trix you are my favorite YouTuber of sorry I got gum in my hair right now I got out super super weird yeah I know God super weird Prima Jammer favorite the something I say it cuz I don't know and got

  • tropical tom
    tropical tom Day ago +2

    That was so funny lol like if you agree

  • AnonymousHuman *

    Who the hell puts a glass of milk in the oven? (´・_・`)

  • AnonymousHuman *

    Oreo's are nasty, never liked those things. (Oh dear, here comes possible hatred, if not..phew) \( ̄<  ̄)>

  • Young Doggie King Kong Da Savage Pom

    so much spilled milk aaaaaa 😭

  • A-Zone
    A-Zone Day ago

    These are hilarious

  • GamingNoobie
    GamingNoobie Day ago

    My goodness all those contaminated Oreos I'm dying

  • Mr Coolman
    Mr Coolman Day ago

    Great video :)

  • Sophia Harvi
    Sophia Harvi Day ago


  • manna _xo
    manna _xo Day ago

    Can you please do a ultimate dance challenge with the Dolan twins!!

  • Hello World
    Hello World Day ago

    The last one is really funneh

  • Alexia Hurst
    Alexia Hurst Day ago +1


  • Who needs churros when you have Kookies and Tae

    No milks were harmed in this video. This joke is overdone.

  • Nor Afif Fitri
    Nor Afif Fitri Day ago


  • alexus XD
    alexus XD Day ago

    Haha when it does not occur to you to record so you look for publicity

  • Big Sean
    Big Sean Day ago

    Ok is it just me or has dom changed a lot like i miss his old videos when he was just tryna make people laugh now he just trys way to hard and doesnt realize we loved him for who he was now is just dances artistic vids and all the other crap

  • Yanira Mercado
    Yanira Mercado 2 days ago

    Please post bloopers !!!

  • Aimee Xiong
    Aimee Xiong 2 days ago

    And btw awesome video!!!! Your hard work is greatly appreciated and loved by us 3

  • Aimee Xiong
    Aimee Xiong 2 days ago

    Omg guyssss great to see you guys backkkk togetherrr!!! ^·^ its just awesome ya know! Its like a warm feeling inside when ya see old friends again right?!!!! I always love your videos Dom! And jmo, and green...XD stay foreverrr awesomeeeeeeee and keep up the nice work :3333

  • Sal Fishman
    Sal Fishman 2 days ago +1


  • Hey It's Karina
    Hey It's Karina 2 days ago

    incredible, creative, talented stunning, funny, and delicious👅

  • Archer Elite
    Archer Elite 2 days ago

    Every time that milk splashed, I cringed.

  • Tyler Joseph YT
    Tyler Joseph YT 2 days ago

    wanna be dude perfect.

  • Nia Gonzalez
    Nia Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Is there a trick

  • yongychong
    yongychong 2 days ago

    guess what

    no you have to guess

  • Isabel Cripps
    Isabel Cripps 2 days ago

    Please do a blooper vid PLEASE!!!

  • Yandeh Saidykhan
    Yandeh Saidykhan 2 days ago

    How many packages of oreos was that

  • A.D.A. TV
    A.D.A. TV 2 days ago


  • Benjamin Kleiner
    Benjamin Kleiner 2 days ago

    How many glasses did you break or spill?

  • nellymacias2002
    nellymacias2002 2 days ago

    You made this vid on my sister birthday can I get 14 like?and I am just say can I have like because I never get any like👍🏽and d-trip awesome vid🙂(edit: dang it still no like)

  • Kristina Rivera
    Kristina Rivera 2 days ago

    Who knew 😂

  • PineGamer
    PineGamer 2 days ago

    Kids in Africa couldn't have eaten all of those Oreos

  • alex nguyen
    alex nguyen 2 days ago

    That's a lot of milk to clean up, damn,

  • JayDee Crdstry
    JayDee Crdstry 2 days ago

    I fell for the cancel button twice😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Flaming Ninja Beast
    Flaming Ninja Beast 2 days ago

    Could you do ultimate dance challenge with Alex wassabi and rio wassabi

    MMKMORGAN 2 days ago

    Recently I had the most vivid dream that I was dating Dtrix and now I can't look at him the same. Not a sex dream, but a completely and utterly romantic and wonderful relationship with this man.

  • Jasminerocksk
    Jasminerocksk 3 days ago +1

    Now I feel like Oreos

  • Kinto the Tiger
    Kinto the Tiger 3 days ago +1

    Im kinda mad but theres no use crying over spilled milk

  • Khushi singhal
    Khushi singhal 3 days ago

    Dude this was lit!!!!

  • Mr CS
    Mr CS 3 days ago

    Who else thought it was the end of the video? Lol

  • Karenx joy
    Karenx joy 3 days ago

    Lol I thought the vid crashed cuz youtube closed itself . Nemind

  • Osvaldo Calderon
    Osvaldo Calderon 3 days ago

    So hilarious

  • Go Fuck Yourself
    Go Fuck Yourself 3 days ago

    Damn this is dope af! Shut up n take my views

  • Abby Thao
    Abby Thao 3 days ago

    Miss you Dominic!! Kinda wishing there was a bloopers.

  • Mlg mystic gaming meme // MMGM

    Make a the hills weekend parody

  • kangourouuu1
    kangourouuu1 3 days ago

    All the oreo pieces scattered around most shots do for two things. 1 : showing how much trick shots depend on repeated trial. 2 : making you wonder how they could be "failed" oreo on the table at 1:12.

  • Ramona Strachan
    Ramona Strachan 3 days ago

    Oreo got to sponsor them

  • keyshia Kargbo
    keyshia Kargbo 3 days ago +1

    i don't have an i phone i have an LG

  • Aaden Phan
    Aaden Phan 3 days ago

    Suddenly your mom walks in while ur doing one and says "your making a mess d

  • Vince Vicari
    Vince Vicari 3 days ago


  • Vince Vicari
    Vince Vicari 3 days ago

    This made my whole week. Thanks for putting a smile on my face, fellas! ^_^

    DAAVE 3 days ago

    Kids in afrika are suffering for this vid

  • Merwise Hamidi
    Merwise Hamidi 3 days ago +7


  • Maya H
    Maya H 3 days ago

    this was incredible. i can't imagine the number of hours they put into production and editing. oreos should sponsor!!

  • alex sanchez
    alex sanchez 3 days ago

    I'm not mad but

  • alex sanchez
    alex sanchez 3 days ago +1

    Dom why won't you post 2 video s every week

  • Honour Felix
    Honour Felix 3 days ago

    This video is so addictive... I dont know why i just wanted to know how it ends.

  • Dr. Shroomy
    Dr. Shroomy 3 days ago

    nice Oreo commercial

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 3 days ago

    All those dislikes are lactose intolerant little fucks

  • Through The Veil Productions

    I bet their place stinks from all the spoiled milk they couldn't fully clean up.

  • digi moto
    digi moto 3 days ago

    This is why YouTube was invented!!!! Mind blowing!!

  • Rocki
    Rocki 3 days ago

    All I'm thinking is why are they wasting so many good oreos?

  • Gian Reyes
    Gian Reyes 3 days ago

    Daaaaaaaaaamn broo!

  • Steve Boom
    Steve Boom 3 days ago

    Random guy in the internet: Who's eating Oreo while watching this?

  • Shuaib Ashfaq
    Shuaib Ashfaq 3 days ago

    Background music name?someone?anyone???

    HACKER ANSH 3 days ago

    Omg when I see this I feel that I whant to drink Oreo shake

  • Gavin Helgeson
    Gavin Helgeson 3 days ago

    Forced perspective.

  • llDarktrickstars Gaming

    dtrix idk if that was you in alvin and the chipmunks 2 that was dancing but idek

  • Jonny Bravo
    Jonny Bravo 3 days ago

    Oreos are artificial crap, start learning what you're eating you fools!

  • Sebbo1100
    Sebbo1100 3 days ago

    Where is gabi

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