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  • Pundits are always selling the latest and greatest "future of education." But what if the answer is already in the room? In this illustrated video, I share some thoughts on the future of education. Enjoy this video? Please subscribe to the channel:

    Here are my thoughts on the future of education. Sketched out by hand.


    The future of education can’t be found in a gadget or an app or a program or a product.
    It doesn’t require a think tank full of pundits. No, the future of education can be found in your classroom. Your classroom is packed with creative potential. You have all the innovation you need right there in your room. You have the power to make it happen.

    It’s what happens when you experiment. It’s what happens when you give your students voice and choice. It’s what happens when you abandon the scripted curriculum and take your students off-road in their learning. It’s what happens when you teach to your students rather than teaching to the test.

    It’s what happens when you unleash the creative power of all of your students - when you make the bold decision to let them make things and design things and solve problems that they find relevant.

    Sometimes it’s messy and even confusing. It often looks humble.
    But understand this, that every time your students get the chance to be
    authors, filmmakers, scientists, artists, and engineers.

    You are planting the seeds for a future you could have never imagined on your own. And that right there is the beauty of creative classrooms. That’s the power of innovative teachers. And the truth is, that is why the future of education is you.
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  • Kadie Galewaler
    Kadie Galewaler 14 days ago +1

    Hey. My favorite teacher. (Math) This teacher she showed me my future. I realized how nice she was.. she took me and showed me my potential of being a math teacher. I never thought of ever being a teacher when I get older but now I know. She planted a seed now I'm a growing tree and everyday my tree trunk grows sending out branches of knowledge and I'm almost to me leafs.

  • Paula Byles
    Paula Byles 28 days ago +1

    Thank you so much. You articulate a very complex feeling into a simple explanation. I am giving a talk soon, can I show them this video? I am living in Borneo at the moment and part of a movement to change their education system.

  • Crash Force Tracks
    Crash Force Tracks 4 months ago

    You should really realize that technology is the future of education.

  • Christopher Lam
    Christopher Lam 4 months ago

    Thanks John! This is a great video to help us inspire other teachers to experiment with new approaches. We are trying to encourage teachers to set more empowering homeworks and give the students a choice.

  • Keri Kozerski
    Keri Kozerski 4 months ago +3

    You do such an amazing job with your videos, John! Where do you create them? Thank you for sharing such upbeat, positive messages with teachers.

  • Josue Aparicio
    Josue Aparicio 5 months ago +2

    What a whole bunch of nothing

  • Selen Qarajh
    Selen Qarajh 6 months ago

    Keep it up !!

  • Projects and Videos at SunEd High School

    I greatly respect the work of John Spencer and Geoerge Coouros. John has sparked creativity in my students who have seen his videos

  • Ms. Zadeh
    Ms. Zadeh 8 months ago +1

    I have been firsthand witness to the use of the internet and tablets in schools. It's a dream I had as a child to see educational institutions use technology to help enhance the way education is delivered, making it easier for a student to access up to date information, turn in assignments, communicate with teachers, communicate with other students, and turn in what could be their best work. Going off the map and learning hands on, will always be important, better known as student field trips. My love for children, young teens, and university students will remain consistent into my old age.

  • education 2now
    education 2now 8 months ago

    thank you

  • Cali Horton
    Cali Horton 9 months ago +3

    Which is why teachers need to have the power in the classroom they need to have the power to have the resources and the time to teach to their students

    • Harrier Education
      Harrier Education 6 months ago

      The future of education is out of the classroom.

    • Cali Horton
      Cali Horton 9 months ago

      John Spencer exactly I'm majoring to be a teacher and I've always believed this about teaching just from being in the class room as a student and as a helper now doing field work teachers need more freedom to do what they think will work for their students and to individualize their classroom to meet all of their needs

    • John Spencer
      John Spencer  9 months ago

      Agreed. And they also need the permission to use an approach that might fail initially.

  • Erin Schaffer
    Erin Schaffer 10 months ago +1

    John, I really enjoyed your keynote at the M3 2016 Tech Conference. It is always nice to be "reassured" that we are on the right path. Thanks for your video's and the time you put into them.

  • Maureen O’Connell

    That's a brilliant video shared by John Spencer. Innovative teachers and classrooms can really strike a chord in the minds of the young.

  • Tim Villegas
    Tim Villegas Year ago

    Fantastic John. Loving your videos. Keep up the great work.

  • Christine Klekamp
    Christine Klekamp Year ago +1

    As an alternative to standardized testing we offer Genius Week, based on the concept from Google.

  • Manisha Monga
    Manisha Monga Year ago

    Awesome! It reminds me the power of an educator in a classroom to make shift happen. Thanks for the wonderful video.

  • Jennifer Casa-Todd
    Jennifer Casa-Todd Year ago +1

    Very inspirational John! In particular, I love the reminder that students need to think like filmmakers, artists, scientists, historians, etc...for true learning and innovation to happen. There is great power in that and it might help uncover passions in students that they didn't even know they had! Thanks!

  • Garreth Heidt
    Garreth Heidt Year ago +1

    Hey John! This is wonderful. My 9th and 10th graders are embarking on a 20time project this week for the rest of the year (we did it last year, so I'm eager to see what the 10th graders come up with their second time around). My own "20time" project is the creation of an elective we're calling "Nova-Lab" based upon my experiences in design thinking and the work of Don Wettrick in "Pure Genius." I loved your "Launch Cycle" from last week as it feeds into the "Moonshot"/Sky's the Limit ethos of this kind of learning. I talked to A.J. Julliani about what he's starting at his new district (a neighbor to mine) last year when I visited him. I appreciate the work you do and share it constantly. Thanks.

    • John Spencer
      John Spencer  Year ago

      +Garreth Heidt That sounds like a really cool project, Garreth. And, thanks for the kind words!

  • Simon Miller
    Simon Miller Year ago +1

    I love this. Reminds me of the "This will revolutionize education" video. However, I think technology and access to information can really amplify this and make those opportunities and voices even more powerful. Once again, nice job John.

  • Kevin Hodgson
    Kevin Hodgson Year ago +1

    Another one to be shared with fellow teachers ... thanks!

    • John Spencer
      John Spencer  Year ago

      +Kevin Hodgson Thanks for the kind words, Kevin!

  • Justin Lamoureux
    Justin Lamoureux Year ago +1

    Nice video! We're experimenting using Instagram to tell a story. There are 4 stories that are going to develop over at @insaneteacher, @escapestorycrgr @escapedeathisland and @hockeystory

    • John Spencer
      John Spencer  Year ago

      +Justin Lamoureux Awesome idea! I'll check it out!

  • Drew Minock
    Drew Minock Year ago +1

    Awesome John

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