Here's why there are mysterious giant barcodes across the US

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  • If you fly over certain parts of the US, you can look down and see massive "barcodes" spread throughout the land. Most of the barcodes are about 78' wide and 53' long, and their origin dates back to the late 1950s. Here's how they got there — and what they're used for.

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  • Lion Stylo
    Lion Stylo 9 days ago

    at least that's what the government makes you think. tan tan tan

  • Gregory Hart
    Gregory Hart 9 days ago

    not barcodes, smh

  • Scott Jostad
    Scott Jostad 9 days ago

    that actually makes perfect sense.

  • sexy korean girl
    sexy korean girl 10 days ago +1

    learn something new everyday

  • JoeAnim IDN.
    JoeAnim IDN. 10 days ago

    Now I can calibrate my drone gimbal and compass, big thanks from DJI.

  • iinRez
    iinRez 10 days ago

    Essentially they're for visual navigation

    Just like the Nasca lines ;)

  • Disasteroid
    Disasteroid 11 days ago

    I found a swastika in google maps in aerial view before

  • ky sputnik
    ky sputnik 11 days ago

    thats just the price tag of earth

  • Vincent Hildebrand
    Vincent Hildebrand 11 days ago

    imagine if someone put a blanket over half of one of them

  • David Reynolds
    David Reynolds 11 days ago

    I'm not saying it's aliens, but ..........

  • Akshay Dixit
    Akshay Dixit 11 days ago

    US wasted billions for technology which never helped US.

  • Prince Jraxson
    Prince Jraxson 11 days ago

    is earth for sale???

  • Casseendee Styr
    Casseendee Styr 11 days ago +1

    Lol, I thought it says "baricades"....

  • Valmer Power
    Valmer Power 11 days ago


    shit! just cant get over that meme from my memories....

  • Cubic5
    Cubic5 11 days ago +1

    What aircraft is it at 0:35?

  • Akshaj Tyagi
    Akshaj Tyagi 11 days ago +1

    Mohave dessert... cicada 3301?

  • The Saturn Rings
    The Saturn Rings 12 days ago

    1:46 I think the turtle lost its shell

  • Gola Motswane
    Gola Motswane 12 days ago

    why the clickbait circle

    SGT QAAS 12 days ago

    Is it boneless?

    mMMM SNIpPERCLIPs 12 days ago

    "The barcodes are actually aerial photo calibration targets used for calibrating aerial cameras"

  • Collin Pugeda
    Collin Pugeda 12 days ago +3

    The barcodes are used for aliens so they know what planet they've check or not.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 12 days ago

    We're for sale

  • Mr Zain
    Mr Zain 12 days ago

    I met an alien and he tells me that this is fake

  • Unanimous0001
    Unanimous0001 12 days ago

    but does it end racism?

  • AɹɔǝnsMɐɹ
    AɹɔǝnsMɐɹ 12 days ago +1

    but is it *_🅱ONELESS_*?

    John SMITHY SMITH 12 days ago

    "These are used for aerial photos"
    "Like aerial cameras" no fucking shit
    "Like cameras on planes" NO FUCKING SHIT.


    ┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬

    hurry get behind the wall before the government sells us as well

    ᕙᓄ(☉ਊ☉)ᓄᕗ. the strong gorilla will protect us!

  • Ty The White Guy
    Ty The White Guy 12 days ago

    I was here 13/7/2017

  • Ty The White Guy
    Ty The White Guy 12 days ago

    and they are on mars also

  • Rikkan
    Rikkan 12 days ago

    the Blackbird is a fucking technological anomaly the more you look into it, it's simply too advanced for the time it was made, the engineers and scientists responsible for it were brilliant and also sold their firstborn soul to Satan

  • Wenwen Xia
    Wenwen Xia 12 days ago

    But they look nothing like barcodes...

  • Omar Monnoo
    Omar Monnoo 12 days ago

    Music? Please...

  • Florianna Quirante
    Florianna Quirante 12 days ago

    "They aren't used for shopping" well no shit

  • Thomas Paul Berger
    Thomas Paul Berger 12 days ago

    They are not used for shopping ... you don't say 🤦‍♂️

  • CQBB454 NymousTRs A. K. A. 45471

    order up from UPS

  • Find TheGap
    Find TheGap 12 days ago


  • nicktohzyu
    nicktohzyu 12 days ago +3

    not barcode, and no shit they aren't for shopping

  • Varun Krishnan
    Varun Krishnan 12 days ago

    They must be checking those barcodes at standard height / altitude for calibrating the camera, does anyone what that might be?

  • Jie Chen
    Jie Chen 12 days ago

    What's the song

  • Irfan Danial
    Irfan Danial 12 days ago +2

    *They aren't used for shopping*

    No shit sherlock

  • DewClarke
    DewClarke 12 days ago +2

    $14.99... ripoff

  • Jan
    Jan 12 days ago


  • Yusof Johan
    Yusof Johan 12 days ago

    walking in the mojave makes you wish for a nuclear winter

  • Joe Bob
    Joe Bob 12 days ago +10

    Hi id like to buy texas please.

  • Rick James
    Rick James 12 days ago +7

    clearly its for aliens

  • Daniel Christian
    Daniel Christian 12 days ago

    34°48'35.8"N 117°53'52.5"W

  • Generic account
    Generic account 12 days ago +12

    Honestly tech insider is a great YouTube channel. Nice short videos with fun music easy to read subtitles and no annoying voice. Plus really interesting content

  • Amintas Neto
    Amintas Neto 12 days ago

    The truth is out there

  • Queen Spades
    Queen Spades 12 days ago +1

    That moment when you dont like to read the words for info and to understand whats infront of you ...That suck yo

  • Himanshu Doley
    Himanshu Doley 12 days ago


  • Alex K
    Alex K 12 days ago

    I don't feel like reading a YouTube video

  • Its The Jr
    Its The Jr 12 days ago +102

    Nope this is wrong. I still beleive that aliens scan them so they know that Trivago looks into over 1,000,000 sources to make sure you still get the best Hotel deal. Definitely for shipping.

  • Articuno 711
    Articuno 711 12 days ago

    When you didn’t even know there were bar codes across the U.S

  • Ferdie Barrientos
    Ferdie Barrientos 12 days ago


  • MhaMED
    MhaMED 12 days ago

    Allowing snowden to get tracked that s probably the reason:/

  • TeaKayOS
    TeaKayOS 12 days ago

    i didn't know these existed...

  • Rick Flaherty
    Rick Flaherty 12 days ago

    Nice X-21 shots. Both of them are out here on the photo line.

  • Saint Laurent™
    Saint Laurent™ 12 days ago +25


    Person Shooters are fun.

  • Hurricane800
    Hurricane800 12 days ago

    probably a Bunker

  • Dany Blogs and gaming
    Dany Blogs and gaming 12 days ago

    Very interesting

  • Christopher Wood
    Christopher Wood 12 days ago

    I wish I knew it was not for shopping had to get a helicopter only to get told by the Barcode reader on my phone to watch out for missiles leave this air space

  • Grace Merritt
    Grace Merritt 12 days ago

    no fucking shit they're not used for shopping

  • uwillnevernoewhoiam
    uwillnevernoewhoiam 12 days ago +180

    *puts on tin foil hat* stop lying to us. this is actually the US government trying to sell parts of the USA off to aliens. the barcode actually tells the aliens how much that piece of land is in space dollars. wake up you sheeple

    • IAm NoOne
      IAm NoOne 4 hours ago

      *puts in a weak and easily frightened mind* yea, and don't ask questions! The government loves us and protects us. Stop trying to make them look bad. Watch television and escape all the noise and life will be better. We promise ;)
      Oh, and always believe that your government loves you and that the mainstream will never lie to you.

    • Eli Mayen
      Eli Mayen 7 days ago

      space dollars? you mean space credits right? No one in their right mind would store their wealth in dollars while in space

    • pete parker
      pete parker 8 days ago

      you mean it only costed an 8 stories tall crustacean from the paleolithic era about three fiddy right?

    • Brian Fantana
      Brian Fantana 10 days ago

      It only cost those xenomorphs three fiddy though.

    • /uwado
      /uwado 12 days ago

      Time to start a campaign!

  • Zeon Razer
    Zeon Razer 12 days ago +16

    I got lost in the dessert once found these barcodes well i took a dump on it

  • Ry Zeus
    Ry Zeus 12 days ago

    So how are these "inside tech"?

  • Codeah
    Codeah 13 days ago +10

    this channel is pure aids

  • Kai Mottley
    Kai Mottley 13 days ago


  • yung nan the trash can


    i want absolute death. Also, nice vid. Ya learn something new everyday.

    • windows_x_seven
      windows_x_seven 12 days ago

      what in the actual fuck was this comment with this absolute death bullshit, I was minding my own business, going to reply to a comment that I saw here but then I scrolled past this shit and though to myself "did I just read absolute death" scrolled back and found this bs what in the fuck my day was going fine all I was going to do was reply to a comment and you had to bring this subject up, god damn it my day has been ruined fucking hell god damn it why dude just give me a reason why you had to bring this up man do you have something against me is this personal or what dude I had done nothing to you yet you had to hurt my feelings like this I'm traumatized again now you know I have had bad experiences with that subject and you forced me to think about this again god I was almost forgetting about this but now I remember it all, god it was a dark day I can still hear the sirens and the screens, the smell of gunpowder and sweat after I ran that much fuck it was bad, I haven't even remembered this for more than a month now but now it feels like yesterday god damn it I think I'm going to cry, all those people and all the blood, god damn it why did I do that, fuck I shouldn't have drunk that much god damn it what if they know where I live what will happen to me and my friends they're going to gut them in front of me if they find me oh god why, fuck why did I remember this WHY my day was going so great I won't manage to sleep tonight ugh fuck you commenter

  • GabrielKnightz
    GabrielKnightz 13 days ago +21

    Someone should make a huge QR code the ISS could read, or the GPS satellites.

    • GabrielKnightz
      GabrielKnightz 9 days ago


    • AcEKiLLa 1224
      AcEKiLLa 1224 9 days ago

      GabrielKnightz that profile picture

    • GabrielKnightz
      GabrielKnightz 10 days ago

      Not a huge chance* that aliens would use QR readers but sure. Would be a funny thing to see on Google Maps atleast.

    • iinRez
      iinRez 10 days ago


  • vanz 2nd
    vanz 2nd 13 days ago +1

    thx alot,its no longer mysterious to people who are watching this

  • Arkosis
    Arkosis 13 days ago +106

    I mean I tried to use a barcode scanner on it.... it sent me a link saying "You A Dumbass Get A Life" True Story.... 100% Happened

    • Joel LEon
      Joel LEon 12 days ago

      Arkosis lol

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 12 days ago

      Arkosis clown!

    • Arkosis
      Arkosis 12 days ago

      CrCKLE pOps I know right

    • CrCKLE pOps
      CrCKLE pOps 13 days ago

      Arkosis that fact you're trying to be funny is so cringy....

  • Pedro Gonçalves
    Pedro Gonçalves 13 days ago +33

    who tf wants to buy the desert 😂😂😂

  • Kutlwano Sesing
    Kutlwano Sesing 13 days ago

    Donald Trump seems to have laid the foundations for the wall... just in the wrong places. Covfefe 🤷

  • Anthony Wyrostek
    Anthony Wyrostek 13 days ago +80

    Nobody cares about who is first

  • mark siasat
    mark siasat 13 days ago

    yes I'm the 6th comment

    • CrCKLE pOps
      CrCKLE pOps 13 days ago

      SC Android Kit Cat the price? You mean the prize you dumb ass

    • SC Android Kit Cat
      SC Android Kit Cat 13 days ago

      mark siasat
      wow, that's awesome ... I'll call Nobel to give you the price

  • evil_glass_wolf
    evil_glass_wolf 13 days ago +224


  • chris s
    chris s 13 days ago +39

    Youtube IS NOT DRUNK

    YOU GO HOME!!!! 😳

  • Mr. foof gaming
    Mr. foof gaming 13 days ago


  • Elias Kishelev
    Elias Kishelev 13 days ago


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