All About That Bass - Postmodern Jukebox European Tour Version

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    Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," in the style of PMJ ft. Kate Davis, of course. Not only does it feature vocalists Haley Reinhart, Morgan James, and Ariana Savalas rocking some Andrews Sisters- style harmonies, but it also features a sweet four hand bass solo by Casey Abrams and Adam Kubota.

    Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox:

    The Band:
    Casey Abrams - bass & vocals
    Haley Reinhart - vocals
    Morgan James - vocals
    Ariana Savalas - vocals
    James Hall - trombone
    Ben Golder-Novick - clarinet
    Adam Kubota - bass
    Chip Thomas - drums
    Scott Bradlee - piano

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Comments: 8 913

  • Cramathics Azazel
    Cramathics Azazel 11 hours ago +1

    I'm feel in LOVE with the 3rd women😙😙

  • J3ll0w !!!!
    J3ll0w !!!! 15 hours ago

    I never thought an ad would be my new addiction

  • J3ll0w !!!!
    J3ll0w !!!! 15 hours ago

    You know what Haley sounds like a grown sexy 12 year old

  • rufusprime99
    rufusprime99 22 hours ago

    LOVE seeing Casey and Haley together again. That shit just works.

  • Tabitha Sharpe
    Tabitha Sharpe 23 hours ago

    Only advertisement I'd look up 😍😍😍😍👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 amazing

  • Rori K.
    Rori K. 23 hours ago

    the video makes me wanna go and slap the singer and make them all stop for some reason ....

  • Charles3309
    Charles3309 Day ago

    This is a fabulous video and cover a nice song!!!!
    Great musical talent.
    Love that Bass solo!!!
    I have looked at several other videos of PMJ and esp. Haley and Morgan videos.
    I can't believe how different they look and sound in those other videos,??

  • Chris Skuller
    Chris Skuller Day ago

    I love how powerful Morgan James' voice is!

  • Lynn Peppa
    Lynn Peppa 2 days ago

    This is absolutely great with terrific voices

  • mattbasssparkes
    mattbasssparkes 2 days ago

    So much musical sex

  • Kitkat
    Kitkat 2 days ago

    great I'm being told by a bunch of skinny people that its o.k. to be bigger. well you dont have to worry about that, do you?

  • Javi GC
    Javi GC 2 days ago

    Haley all the way!!!

  • defresnay Jean
    defresnay Jean 2 days ago

    the biggest is the most beautifull

  • zarkondamean
    zarkondamean 2 days ago


  • Pure Mustang
    Pure Mustang 3 days ago


  • Fernando Brito
    Fernando Brito 3 days ago +1

    Simplesmente Sencional!!

  • Fred Alexander
    Fred Alexander 3 days ago

    Sure beats that rap crap

  • DJ B
    DJ B 3 days ago

    Anderson Sisters style harmony at the end is right! Love it.

  • EndurFreedomWwide
    EndurFreedomWwide 4 days ago +1

    Блондинка просто Агонь!!!!

  • Fawn Cockrum
    Fawn Cockrum 4 days ago

    Beautiful rendition of this song! The ONLY suggestion would be to have Haley (first female vocalist singing) totally enunciate her words. She says "photo shah" and "make it stah." 😳

  • Jn Lcz
    Jn Lcz 4 days ago

    Biggest! Respect from Hungary! Thx Girls, (&guys) :D

  • Billy Retamal
    Billy Retamal 4 days ago

    Como amo a esa mujer!!! Que voz tan exquisita Haley Reinhart!! <3 _ <3!!

  • David Hasselblad
    David Hasselblad 4 days ago

    Haley Rienhart all the way!!!!

  • J M.
    J M. 4 days ago

    I like their appreciation for vintage styles of music and they're quite talented. There is a new Facebook group that's for younger fans of music from the 40s 50s and 60s. It's for discussing and sharing pics, audio and video of the recording artists from those eras in music styles of Jazz, Adult Oriented male and female vocalists, Country, Gospel, Big Band, Swing and Classical.

  • Tatilie
    Tatilie 5 days ago

    simplement sublime !

  • Priceybay
    Priceybay 5 days ago


  • Julio Pio
    Julio Pio 5 days ago


  • Jon Saint Germain
    Jon Saint Germain 5 days ago

    It's a rare pleasure to listen to great music and read intelligent and witty comments.

  • Salwa Faisal
    Salwa Faisal 5 days ago

    Thanks Scott Bradlee!

  • Makeup4mimi
    Makeup4mimi 5 days ago

    Casey kicked ASS in tonight's concert in Concord. He ran right In Front us.

  • joe f
    joe f 5 days ago

    Neither 1 of them are thick or have booty

  • Viri Antonio
    Viri Antonio 5 days ago

    U que feo cantan es una culeria esto se oye mas mejor el origuinal si fuera el origuinal le daria 👍

  • Capitalist Regime
    Capitalist Regime 5 days ago

    Tormund wtf get off that bass. You're supposed to be part of the Jon Snow A-Team

  • Bo Raulow
    Bo Raulow 6 days ago

    Very strong voices and hey - good looks too ;-)

  • JpTech 49
    JpTech 49 6 days ago

    3 part harmony
    killed it !

  • DeAnna Z
    DeAnna Z 6 days ago

    Casey just sittin in the back staring at all that bass, happy hahah i love it

  • Raúl Fernández de Lara

    Haley Reinhart you are simply and simply wonderful, extremely sensual, you sing like the Gods and your Vintage style with Blues and Jazz is Extraordinary ... I fell in love with you in that incredible voice; Tell me about your Mexican fans. I Love you Haley¡¡¡

  • Camille Tolentino
    Camille Tolentino 6 days ago

    I Thank God I found out this channel D-:

  • r33sus
    r33sus 6 days ago

    holy mother of christ reinhart, her voice is just AHHHH pretty as fuck

  • Cashmir Pangandaman
    Cashmir Pangandaman 6 days ago

    Super Like!!!

  • Mike Wagenblast
    Mike Wagenblast 6 days ago

    Good lord please hep me! Magnificence all rolled into one fantastic package! Can't wait to see you folks in Seattle. Thank you for your talents, endless practice and the whole list. Wowza!

  • Rokel JV
    Rokel JV 7 days ago

    I so need to see them live...

  • Jabbabax x
    Jabbabax x 7 days ago

    tbh, this sounds worse then the original

  • K Serole
    K Serole 7 days ago

    Oh my goodness. Just GORGEOUS.

  • canal la floresta
    canal la floresta 7 days ago

    from Uruguay oh my god. Morgan and Haley amazing

  • sonali sheeva
    sonali sheeva 7 days ago

    wow.. they really turned some of the lyrics to make a more polite version.

  • Neil Dunbar
    Neil Dunbar 7 days ago

    only Father Christmas could have wrapped that much talent in such an attractive package

  • Jack Mail
    Jack Mail 8 days ago

    I love this song and all the ladies are beautiful. Wonderful singing voices..

  • hansjes1956
    hansjes1956 8 days ago


  • Denise Fisher
    Denise Fisher 8 days ago

    Love this version

  • Ukulele Kaya
    Ukulele Kaya 8 days ago

    Saw this on an ad then I dies

  • TinkerUTube
    TinkerUTube 8 days ago

    Fantastic!!! Omg Beautiful!!!

  • Herbert Erickson
    Herbert Erickson 8 days ago

    Morgan's strong vocal on this tune blew me away. She delivers.

    ILINCA WOLFF 9 days ago

    You guys are amazing! Ladies, great voices!

  • Steven Stanley
    Steven Stanley 9 days ago

    1:41 to 1:48 lol watch haley

  • Channel One w/ Slowmovinman

    Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top, BUT, it's all about that bass.  BTW - the woman in red is Ariana Savalas - for those of you who remember him, Telly Savalas' daughter.  Check out her other songs on youtube.

  • Orlando Reina León
    Orlando Reina León 9 days ago

    Better than the original hehe

  • Trevor Morris
    Trevor Morris 10 days ago +1

    Classic PMJ. Fine music, the best version of "Bass" I've heard, but it also manages to incorporate a healthy slice of humour. The "choreography", the stylised slinkiness and sultry looks of the girls, the crazy bass duet, and that final wink from Haley just after the girls' last note finishes it beautifully. Great entertainment.
    important to me because it was when I came across this that I first heard, and heard of Haley Reinhart.

  • I hate u sorry i love you

    Okay better than original but this doesn't that hard😂😂
    I hate 'barbie doll'😂😈
    The first girl was better

  • Terrell  L. Howard
    Terrell L. Howard 10 days ago

    So sweet

  • Altan CENGİZ
    Altan CENGİZ 10 days ago

    great Show....

  • Саша Саша
    Саша Саша 10 days ago


  • Dammon Dammon
    Dammon Dammon 10 days ago


  • polo sunara
    polo sunara 11 days ago


  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 11 days ago +1

    The faces the bass player make gives me life

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 11 days ago +1

    We almost unlocked the drummer, almost.

  • James Showers
    James Showers 11 days ago

    Hailey is so beautiful and sounds so good! #inlove 😍

  • Peggy Sorrento
    Peggy Sorrento 11 days ago

    'I see those magazines workin' that Photoshop
    We know the stuff ain't real, come on n' make it stop .......'

  • Sergei Kesselman
    Sergei Kesselman 11 days ago

    Очень сильно! Греет!

  • Peggy Sorrento
    Peggy Sorrento 11 days ago

    The bass boy is soooooo sexy.

  • The Someawesome
    The Someawesome 11 days ago +1

    Two years later and I'm still laughing at the fact that Casey just goes and sits there in the back HAHAHA

    • Trevor Morris
      Trevor Morris 10 days ago

      +The Someawesome
      After a couple of years I just noticed for the first time, after many replays, that wink from Haley immediately after the last note of the vocals. That creases me up. It's so unexpected, I suppose because I've watched it so often and never noticed it until now.

  • Stephen Altemus
    Stephen Altemus 11 days ago

    Man we need place in Houston that plays music like this :)

  • Mike Wagenblast
    Mike Wagenblast 11 days ago

    Wowz me each and every time...Wowza to the moon and back!

  • Sandra Effert
    Sandra Effert 11 days ago

    The blonde girl looks a little like ivanka trump

  • Tony Koyot
    Tony Koyot 11 days ago


  • Brandon Chai
    Brandon Chai 12 days ago

    Amazing singers

  • Prospect Gaming
    Prospect Gaming 12 days ago

    I actually like this version of the song. The era of yhe 1920s-60s was a good musical era, and theyve just done well at capturing a very jazzy feel

  • Jajaziel8amtz
    Jajaziel8amtz 13 days ago +1

    I hate this song, even if it sounds how it should have since the first place. GOOD JOB Gals fuck that original pop slut singer in the ass.

  • Daniel Foland
    Daniel Foland 13 days ago +1

    Until you have personally experienced this song performed live, like tonight in Texas, you have not truly lived. Show up. It is amazing...

  • KrushRoc
    KrushRoc 13 days ago +1


  • Mary Meister
    Mary Meister 14 days ago +1

    Can't get it out of my head, so it may as well be in yours too, LOL ! Luv it.

  • Diego Jimenez
    Diego Jimenez 14 days ago

    muy bueno... que buen comercial...

  • allan batista
    allan batista 14 days ago

    No words man.... you're the best!!

  • Sturmchaos
    Sturmchaos 14 days ago

    PMJ are amazing!

  • L Land
    L Land 14 days ago

    This is my all time number one favorite!

  • William Freeman
    William Freeman 14 days ago

    All I can say is WOW! Incredibly talented, all!!!

  • Itz Rainbowtastic
    Itz Rainbowtastic 15 days ago

    Pure Fallout 4 Style

  • Audra McKean
    Audra McKean 15 days ago

    What a show! I'd pay to catch this live. Fabulous!!!

  • Mary Olson
    Mary Olson 15 days ago

    As much fun to watch as they are to listen to!

  • Carl Ambridge
    Carl Ambridge 15 days ago

    are you kidding me? this has to be one of the best music videos ever made! watch it over and over and see things you didn't see before, like the horn players digging on the four handed bass playing, and the drummer saying hi near the end

  • SomeCreativePhandonNameImToStupidToComeUpWith ツ

    I got an ad on this video and I fell I love.😍

  • Rikkyb Bax
    Rikkyb Bax 16 days ago

    Haley Reinhart should have done all of it

  • candelaria alsina martinez

    Que swing tienen , me gusta mucho como la cantan .

  • Panic! at my chemical Fallout 5SOS

    I love how Haley's the only one that actually has that "booty" they're singing about hahaha

  • CristaL Wang
    CristaL Wang 16 days ago +1

    Haley Reinhart stole my heart💓

  • Michael Dade
    Michael Dade 16 days ago

    Perfecte Wowen. I hop they get an Husbund in my broken English

  • Russell Parrick
    Russell Parrick 17 days ago

    Be. Still. My. Heart... 😍

  • wags115
    wags115 17 days ago


  • Yinch Tan
    Yinch Tan 17 days ago

    Haley found her cup of tea 😀

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